Columbus Gold
5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus, OH 43235, United States
Review №1

Had a blast me and my wife went out for our anniversary to Columbus for a night out and definitely happy that we chose Columbus gold the staff was all very friendly and helpful the women were absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Cant wait to go back again!

Review №2

Its awesome place they even have discounts and plenty of girls over there try it for sure

Review №3

Great club. Pretty girls. Even during the day its pretty hopping with Elaine bartending. Management is professional and the place well maintained.

Review №4

I highly recommend Day Shift! Great laid back attitude, good times. Elaine, the bartender is the greatest. Lots of fun and great service. The dancers are all fun to spend time with. Oksana, Eve, Sadie, Chennel, and all the rest are fantastic; you wont regret it.

Review №5

Awesome place. Sadie is the best. Elaine is the hot bartender. Best club in Ohio.

Review №6

Day shift is the place to be! Tons of girls, eve, oksana, kimora, there almost every day and beautiful.Elaine is the best bartender I’ve seen in a club. Service is spectacular. Shots don’t go empty!

Review №7

Pretty girls. Clean safe place. Elaine behind the bar will take care if you.

Review №8

Eve is the best dancer had a blast come here often always a good time 10/10 would recommend

Review №9

This is my new go to place since theyre now open at noon during the week. They have some pretty girls and the happy hours beer specials are cheap. Their wings are surprisingly good. Great place near my work to stop for lunch, or after work for a cold beer.

Review №10

Very nice place. There were some talented pole dancers, and they’re super friendly

Review №11

So this was a stop for us when we were on a Party Bus ride for a 30th birthday. Unfortunately I had to wait for about 15 mins at the bar just to get a drink which was kind of disappointing. The place wasnt even very busy. It wasnt my favorite strip club and we ended up leaving after being there for 30 minutes.

Review №12

The fun bartender is Elaine the day shift bartender! Chuck is awesome too!

Review №13

Great place!

Review №14

I come to Columbus Gold often with a group of my work buddies and we always have a great time! The bartenders are friendly and fun. The service is great. One of the best clubs in the area.

Review №15

I have a great time everytime I come in this place. Bring cash because like all strip clubs, they charge a decent percentage at the ATM. They have happy hour, $2 beers, and $5 shots of patron or something.. Smoking patio. Bar food. Beautiful ladies. Be ready to spend, but all in all have a really good time.

Review №16

I went out here with a group of my golf buddies last week. They are active regulars here. The experience was good ! Lovely ladies and they are beautiful ! I left the place to find a tiny bug crawling on my clothes!!! As beautiful as your ladies are I don’t think I will take my chances. Check your clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №17

Had my bachelors party here last week. They have a large variety of girls working and we got amazing bottle service! I will definitely be recommending this club for a few other celebrations!

Review №18

Great staff. Beautiful dancers.

Review №19

Elaine and Oxana are amazing!! Best club in Columbus!

Review №20

One of my favorite places to be! The entertainers are beautiful, and the bar and wait staff are beautiful as well. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. Tuesdays are my favorite days because of the $10. dances. I love that this club is located in such a nice and safe area of town. If youre looking for a truly classy gentlemans club, Scores is definitely the place to check out!

Review №21

If youre looking for sexy girls and cold drinks you will be very pleased with your experience at Scores. The girls are gorgeous and the service is great. They had great drink specials and dance specials. Management takes great care of the guests and everyone is really friendly. Go check them out for your next night on the town!

Review №22

Tried, to rob me tonight dont go there held my debit card. Bartend will take card and say you dont not have tab. Security/ management will defend and lie for the staff. Save your money do not go, did not feel comfortable spending my money here very sketchy. Please contact Chuck.

Review №23

Love this club! The girls are hot and the vibe there is great. The drink prices and dance specials are awesome! Friendly staff. This definitely my favorite spot.

Review №24

Pricey, good fun.

Review №25

Best strip club in Columbus by far. Girls are pretty and easy to talk to, waitstaff is professional and friendly. Wasn’t expecting to get the great hospitality I received. Had a few too many and the staff made sure i got in a cab and didn’t drive which I really appreciate. My buddies and I decided we’re making this our regular spot. I also recommend ordering some wings while you’re there, they were delicious!

Review №26

Dancers are good but the manager is racist particularly Chuck. Don’t leave your Card open as they overcharge your card and if you ask the proof he would argue with you even when he is caught for wrong charge on your card. Management has to go lot of improvement

Review №27

VERY OVERPRICED. I asked for a dance once and the woman told me 200$

Review №28

Really nice club. Very well run and great employees. Great place to catch a game or UFC fight. Good food too.

Review №29

Scores was a total blast! The women are beautiful! Everyone was very friendly. The wings are to die for, my glass was always full. Very clean unlike some places Ive visited in Columbus Ohio. Definitely going to go back!

Review №30

My husband and I came in a few weeks ago. Everything was fine when we were there. Although my husband and I felt they lacked diversity compared to Scores in NYC back home.We done a few dances all of which were paid in cash and we enjoyed the stage shows. It was when we got home to find out our credit card had been overcharged. We had more than enough cash to tip and do dances. I recommended my husband to keep a tab open to avoid us constantly needing to go to the atm. Now I regret my decision...with these charges you would of thought we came as a group. What a way to spend my morning. I really hope there is just a glitch in the system and that the club isnt stealing from customers. We definitely didnt spend almost $300 worth of drinks.

Review №31

I have visited this place on Saturday 19th Jan, 2019 with my office friends. First of all place was crowded but somehow we got the bar. Stripers or ok but they will ask you to give more money. They have promotion offers and during promotions good looking strippers will not go for a dance. Second if you are on bar you have to keep ordering else you cant sit on bar. There is one bartender lady, she is very bad. She asked us to order beer continuously else leave the bar when we denied to buy more beer she cleaned the place assigned to us, went to their manager and started complaining about us that we didnt buy anything. When manager approached us and we asked him to check purchase on our cards she said their card reader is not able to read my credit card and when I asked can you try in front of us she said their internet is not working now. That girl is a BIG BIG LIER.... KICK OUT SUCH BAD BAR TENDERS WHO LIED TO THEIR CUSTOMERS

Review №32

My girlfriend and I went last night for the first time, since it was Columbus Gold. The layout was OK. The lighting sucked. Too many strobes and flashing lights. Our server was way better looking than the girls dancing. They had plenty of girls but only one on the main stage and no one on the second stage. Just a horrible experience. Drinks were good just very slow getting them and our change. If you like mediocre fat women, then have fun. But we will never return to scores. Waste of time.

Review №33

Hot girls from staff to entertainers. The $10 dance specials on Sunday and Tuesday are awesome and the wings are great here. Definitely the place to go if you’re in town.

Review №34

I went in with my boyfriend and had an amazing experience! Very beautiful, respectful ladies around there. And to top it all off, management treated us like family. Very personable!

Review №35

I thought they would have both men and women dancers. Disappointed.

Review №36

Horrible just horrible service. Drinks are horrible. Probably using cheap liquor to refill premium bottles. Bad smelling environment, unorganized and horrible management.

Review №37

Great place to be. Nice management. Nice dancers. Nice bouncers.

Review №38

Let me preface this by saying it is 2017 and I respect women. Therefore I do not condone strip clubs.My wife, Billy, and I brought her parents (Jill and Tonya) and our kids to this fine establishment after our bi-weekly group therapy session (Billy has some serious issues with hoarding, but that is a completely different story). Immediately upon walking in, I caught a smell that reminded me of when Billy didnt shower for 3 weeks. Perfect, I thought. Im in the right place.Tonya is very into strip clubs and he told me that the girls here were to DIE for. The only problem was he couldnt get his lady to stop twerking on his catheter, which caused some issues. I personally come for the food and environment, and let me tell you... the Sunday meatball sub special is out of this world. The smell reminds me of home and the vintage decor on the walls brings me back to a simpler time. A time of good morals, god-fearing men, and my alcoholic step-uncle screaming at the tractor to get back in bed.I would give this establishment 5 stars, but they wouldnt let my kids in. We had to leave them in the car, which resulted in a hospital trip afterwards for heatstroke treatment. Maybe Ill get reimbursed....

Review №39

The ladies try, but some are extremely limited in the art of the sale. One tries not to be rude but the same canned speech lady after lady becomes annoyingly drab.Watching the manager is like watching a giant creep show. Always staring down someone and always seems to be looking for the next take.Some of the ladies were hard to watch with zero rythem and shabby outfits. It also appeared that most if the ladies were already too drunk or on something.I guess a desperate man would enjoy this place.I was there with a buddy and he was having fun but I would have left sooner if I could have.

Review №40

Dont go before 8 pm, girls dont make money before then so most arent even there.Wife and I went, a first for both of us. Decided to check out the $10 dances. Alcohol a bit pricey. There were a lot of nice girls there. Strom came over to our table to talk and we ended up getting a couples lap dance from here and it was amazing. Wife cant wait to go back.

Review №41

Great location, polite security, hot bartenders, love the atmosphere. One of my spots to stop by on the weekend. Wings are just as bomb as the service! $10 Tuesday’s are my favorite.

Review №42

One star is all it allows me to give or it would have been zero stars. What a pathetic excuse for a strip club. Made simple statement and comment. And was asked to finish my drink and tab out. This is what the manager ask of a guy eho did 7 deployments to the middle east to protect their pansy asses. Well strip clubs are no different than real life. Dont ask a question if you dont want an honest answer ladies. But it was also a great experience because I walked 150 steps and stepped into Vanity which treated me with great respect.

Review №43

I love it, it’s a great place to be at everyone there is warm and welcoming from the time that you walk through the doors ... beautiful and friendly women always have the sports on tv for you and if you get a little too drunk for having to much fun the whole staff makes sure there is a taxi or an Uber waiting on you it’s a great place to be at and a lot of people to talk to

Review №44

I had an amazing experience here at scores Columbus! I highly recommend it!! The staff and girls are super friendly!! This is a great place to travel to!!

Review №45

Had a great night there for my birthday!!! Kenzi was our server, she was awesome! Super cute and friendly

Review №46

Best club in Columbus by far. Super friendly staff, sexy ladies and great pricing!

Review №47

They are so rude to African Americans its makes no since because most the staff are black males lol and the dancers are mostly white but as a black dancer with curly hair they wouldn’t let me work with my hair half up and half down discrimination at its finest

Review №48

Awful, these dancers are subpar at best and the bartenders are rude. Some really think they are a kot hotter than what they actually are...

Review №49

Upon visting this location for a good time I was in complete shock with the management. I ordered chicken wings which were raw. The one man in charge Jose, came to my table looked at my wings and said they were not raw im not eating or paying for raw chicken. Futhermore upon my attuitude of his crassness asked me to leave. This man is an uneducated waste of space. The way he demands stuff from the girls its actually heart breaking . The way he breaks these beautiful girls down while they are trying to make a living should make anyman ashamed. One bright spot was an amazing girl with a big heart shaped butt she was amazing while working. I recommend coming for drinks but in the day time as Jose wont be there.

Review №50

I went there after columbus gold was sold and now is owned by a new owner renamed as score. Nice looking place. But there hopes are way to high. The women are straight up rude, aggressive and think they are made of gold. Drinks are expensive.. Why does the bartender have a stripper name. Silver I believe her name was terrible service and no personality.

Review №51

I cant believe scores has this rating, 8 out of 10 girls tonight are fat, have cellulitis and their tummies full of strech marks and saggy. And tonight is not the only night, Ive seen the same qualify before. This is why I dont come here.

Review №52

We went there one night and black bouncer was flirting with door girl and he was rude and talking down on us, maybe he is a racist or something. We went to club next door instead. I hope this place go out of business!

Review №53

Worst customer service I’ve ever seen in my life don’t come here...manager disrespectful smh I spent my money in here

Review №54

Tuesday and Sunday only $10 per song. One leg standing private dance is really joke. I do not like it. Girls are OK.

Review №55

Columbus Gold - new name - ScoresColumbus Scores - 5411 Bethel Sawmill Cntr.5/4/2015 evening appt.5$ cover.Manager was very nice and welcomed me like a gentleman, highly appreciated.I went in at 9pm, it was empty, first dance started in 15 min, nice short haired girl. DJ was good. All girls here wear pasties. Was approached by one girl, who was good for everything, got one dance with her, was nice. Dance rooms are nice but a little more privacy would be apt. Dont even think of extras here. May get a touch of your croutch if ur lucky, which I got. After Erika, I spent a nice time with a girl named Chelsea from Saginaw there and I felt really at home , as you all know, I am from MI. She was good, I had a good conversation with her. She really got soo cozy with me even though, after the dance, she disappeared, as was expected. The only downside to the dance was that the manager was constanly eyeing on us. I left at midnight and that night was not bad.

Review №56

Probably the worst go go Night Club in Columbus. Service and management wise.

Review №57

VERy nice lady talking on the phone

Review №58

Seriously, what kind of places charges the designated driver $5 per water and tells them if they dont have a fresh drink they have to give up a table.Came for ufc fight, tipped well, was treated like crap. Will never be back.

Review №59

Worst experience in Scores, They keep on pushing for drinks whole time. even when you are tipping on stage. The waitress told me its club policy that you cant sit here without ordering anything. Come on guys, instead of pushing everyone for drink, why dont u increase cover fee!!!, No need to mentioned that drink are over priced, water bottle 6$.

Review №60

I would not recommend you go here they are a bunch of thieves they stole money out of my wallet when occupied with the dancers and overcharged credit cards said one thing then when statement came in it was a lot higher.

Review №61

Money is the eye of the beholder. And you end up feeling like a joke

Review №62

Over priced as hell with mediocre girls do not waste your time

Review №63

God damn its the best there is️️

Review №64

Place is a total joke!They rob people!

Review №65

You are not safe here.

Review №66

Worst girls ever. Security sucks

Review №67

Not as good since the stage was redesigned

Review №68

The woman are great, some better than others

Review №69

Very bad experience

Review №70

No food truck

Review №71

Great atmosphere with beautiful woman music selection could be better at times

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  • Address:5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus, OH 43235, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-764-0500
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Disco club
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:12pm–2:30am
  • Tuesday:12pm–2:30am
  • Wednesday:12pm–2:30am
  • Thursday:12pm–2:30am
  • Friday:12pm–4am
  • Saturday:4pm–4am
  • Sunday:4pm–2:30am
Service options
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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