2830 Johnstown Rd, Columbus, OH 43219, United States
Review №1

Went in on a Monday night a couple months back. Read the reviews and was expecting a rundown club with non attractive ladies.Upon arrival, was greeted at the door by a friendly door guy. Walk into the bar and to my surprise it was clean. Sat at the bar and was served in a timely fashion. Was pleasantly surprised with a laid back atmosphere and good looking ladies.Ive been in the club industry for 23 years and didnt see any of the negativity from the reviews online. A lot of potential to be had from this club so i accepted a job here to help tweak some things that could use some improvement.

Review №2

Great place for old white guys and under 30 year old black guys. 37, walked in with 1300 cash in my pocket and spent $42, decent looking good luck other places even normal non strip clubs. Go to sirens and x caliber

Review №3

I was in earlier this week. It’s a nice place to relax and spend your evening. The staff and dancers were all friendly, and accommodating.I had a dance from Daisy, she had a rockin’ bod and a lovely smile, she seemed to be lacking on confidence, I think she should have more faith in herself.

Review №4

The girls are beautiful & the staff is very friendly in this place definitely give it a shot if your in town

Review №5

Love this club, great place for about any occasion. Just getting off work and relax, parties, or just out and looking for something fun to do... this would be the hottest spot in Columbus by far. The girls are beautiful. Management is amazing, bouncers are on point. Tyre food is great drinks are made perfectly. It is the go to spot

Review №6

Loved this place. The girls are beautiful, theyre not rushing you to tip them, but you must have patience and determination though because a lot of the beautiful strippers are very seductive. Relaxed environment and decent prices. Some really nice girls here, they will come and talk with you sometimes. I loved it.The bartenders were great! Food is really good with good prices and value.If youre looking for a fun place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks while being entertained by lots of beautiful women, then this is the place to go!

Review №7

Me and my buddy came through here last Sunday night. There wasnt alot spectators at first but several showed up throughout the night. It was clean well lit and upbeat place everyone was nice and friendly and never pushed any extra dances on us. We had a great time with all the staff and barmaids.

Review №8

To be perfectly honest, I come here all the time by myself. I usually come by myself because I don’t want my girlfriend to know. I would actually bring her if she was more open minded, but like most girls, she’s too jealous. I used to be really embarrassed to go out alone anywhere. When I go there the girls are friendly. The waitresses are friendly. It’s not weird at all, a lot of guys go alone. There’s always an amazing show on stage going on. I like the dancers not doing too much on the poles. They spend time showing off themselves and then you get one and it is most of the time, worth the time and money. I think Tuesday nights are the best during the weekdays, mainly because they have a lot of very hot girls working that night for some reason.

Review №9

Terrible experience. Sketchiest staff I have ever experienced and I have been to many clubs. If you enter, first experience the comedian with the metal detector wand joking about your weapons. It only gets worse from there when the manager joins in on the scam to steal your money as well as taking it from the dancers. Avoid this dump! You will thank me.

Review №10

Great beer specials. Girls are good. Atmosphere is great. Sports on the TV. Recommend.

Review №11

Great dancers nice and hot awful bartender very rude served me 3 drinks in the same glass very unprofessional served me a drink other than what I ordered then refused to make it right and was extremely rude and unkind

Review №12

I felt EXTREMELY good in this club. They treated me like a pure VIP just by walking in the door. I love it. I come in, at least, once per month. Further, I like the security here that is professional and polite. In other cities, they are rude and overbearing. The last time I flew in, I stayed at the Marriott and they called over and had the club van pick me up, which kept me from driving my rental which saved money. I appreciate that which is why I’m writing this ad. I had a good time and I’ll be back, guys.

Review №13

I loved this place, it was my first time going, but it wont be my last. It was a great atmosphere to be around, all the staff and management was excellent. There was never a dull moment!

Review №14

My wife and I had a very good time at Easton and went looking for some dinner fun. We wound up at the Centerfold Club due to going back to our room near the airport. We went in to find a very upscale strip club that was not on our radar before. We sat with a couple of dancers and had a very nice time. We were able to buy drinks for the girls and watch the stage where they had some pretty hot looking babes. The wife got a private dance and that was fun as I was able to go back and watch. We stayed a couple of hours and left happy.

Review №15

This place is awesome! Great atmosphere. Classic Rock! The dancers are pretty. I like the location near the airport as well. I want to recommend this place to everyone. I definitely will be back every time Im in town.

Review №16

This is generally my go to place -especially for weeknights. They made some updates: new women and an entirely new set of vip rooms by the patio. The drink and prices are reasonable. The club is pretty laid back; customers arent trying to impress each other by throwing money. The $10 dances on Mondays, alone, are worth a visit.

Review №17

Sexy women, consistent staff, and overall the best gentleman’s club I’ve been to in my lifetime.

Review №18

This is a great place to bring my husband - we have so much fun here! The girls are really caring and attentive and understanding. We are always welcomed like we are coming home for the holidays - LOVE IT!!!The private dances are awesome, as me and my husband do them together. Some clubs we go to wont let my hubby and me go back together to the private area. I think thats wrong. If we are paying the money, then the club should add to our fantasy dance, not try and control it.Thats why we keep coming back, as it gives us a nice little spice in our hectic lives.

Review №19

The food is awesome. Also the stuff is super nice. I have been here for year they never disappointed me ever. Definitely worth the money . The owner is great too ;! )

Review №20

Its a decent club to spend some quality some time. Drinks are moderately priced and club has got great girls too. Girls are polite and friendly, Only con is you are compelled to take $40 lap dance which is little pricey. Overall it`s a good place to hang out if you don`t mind shelling out few extra $$$.

Review №21

I had a fantastic time here. The strippers were very in tune with my level. The only thing missing was the music (according to a stripper). This was on a Monday. Overall,Iwas extreamly happy with the crew. The crew deserves 5 stars. The rest need some pole dancing school and the club should have a bigger pole flore. Not that that must be reserved for latter times or anything. I’m happy with my experience here.

Review №22

The cook is even hot at this club! Other than her, there are a great selection of many girls, for all types. There are always at least 3 or 4 girls that are drop dead hot. The rest are definitely well above average. Bartenders are friendly and the drink specials are very nice. Cheese Sticks are favorite off of the menu.It is a very nice club, Ill definitely be back, probably tomorrow.Id love to play some billiards on the beautiful 9 foot Diamond pool table.

Review №23

Its a very nice place .very good on the drink prices and the girls are so sweet but watch out for the one with the pink hair

Review №24

Been there twice and both times were great ,Love music the employees are wonderful.But what I love the most is how last night my wife lost a $900 cell phone and today it was there waiting for us to pick up when they opened. I honestly did not expect the phone to turn up but this shows that there are good people out there still, and some of these people obviously hang out at Centerfold Club . I deffinely recommend this place for men and women who love this type of fun.

Review №25

Stopped by on a recent Saturday night around 10pm and paid $5 cover. There were 18 girls working and I liked 8 of them, a lot. The other 10 were okay but I am an ass man and the ones I liked had asses like you would see in Vegas. You have to go up to the stage and stand there and tip them which is kinda odd but give them a buck or two at the stage and get to check them out. The songs are in sets of two. The stage could use some brighter lighting. Back room dance for $20 is priced okay for one song on a Saturday. 15 minutes are $75. I wish Ohio clubs didn’t require nipple tape.

Review №26

This place is nice and clean. Not a very big establishment, but there are plenty of girls working the room for the size, so overall good ration between women and men. The staff and the dancers are also very nice and respectful as long as you are, like any place. The prices are nonmal, 5 dollars for cover if you are over 30, (which is awesome), 2 dances for 40, or 75 dollars for 15 mins. So overall grateful place.

Review №27

Been here few time already, as i enjoy some occasional night out, cant really complain as the drinks are reasonably priced, girls are pretty and the music is also something that i dont dislike so it works out for me. also really enjoy that its really clean, as im pretty pedantic. overall service, foods, drinks and the work of bartender is really nice. also the strip club side of this place is one of the best out there. heard that the VIP room experience is fun as well, but i never tried it. overall i would totally recommend it, even for someone that never been to place like this!

Review №28

I really love going here! This place is HANDS DOWN the best gentlemans club of Columbus Ohio. Girls are HOT, HOT, HOT. Most of them will dance with women and couples too! The happy hour and weekend specials are very reasonably priced. They even do $10 dances (per song min. of 3) Sunday through Thursday. $40 dances the rest of the week, you wont find anything better than that especially from a CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL woman.I come here OFTEN, its my second home. If you come here you will ABSOLITELY have an amazing time. Just make sure to bring a good bit of money to spend on the girls. Remember it is there job and they do work hard!My favorite girls:Luna ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Emma ★ ★Summer ★ ★ ★

Review №29

Was in town for the Buckeyes Spring Game in April, was recommended to centerfold, so me and some friends went on over. Drinks were cold and not watered down, girls were smoking, even the bathrooms were clean! Girls didnt rush, and dances were exotic. Highly recommend Cenerfold to anyone looking for a enjoyable night out with the guys.

Review №30

This is my favorite show bar in Columbus. The girls are attractive and always friendly. I can sit with a girl and carry on a good conversation with her. I do not feel like I am being hustled. There is a pool table which is always kept in good condition and there are usually good players to play against. I like playing pool and I like looking at the scenery.

Review №31

Is zero stars an option? I just tried to get into this club and they wouldn’t allow me and my 2 friends because we didn’t have a male escort with us? What kind of strip club doesn’t allow women who are wanting to spend money at your establishment to come in because we don’t have a male with us? We’ll spend our money else where, thanks for nothing. :-)

Review №32

I came here with a few friends for a bachelor party. Great atmosphere, the girls were super friendly, dances were worth what paid, the girls dont just rush off trying to make their next dollar, bartenders were amazing and kept the party going, they hooked us up with shots, let us sample a lot of liquors, food was amazing, no need to go elsewhere after the club. I will stop in regularly now.

Review №33

Great staff and friendly beautiful entertainers. Had bachelor party there and returned for second night to party. Worth ever dollar spent. Management was exceptional. They made our weekend one never to forget.

Review №34

During the day, time is just rockin. The bartenders are great and the DJ is awesome. When i go to a strip club, I want to hear 80s music, not hip hop blaring so much I cant enjoy a nice sensual dance. From my perspective, this place needs to keep doing what its doing because we older guys like the place as it is. Rock is amazing during the day; but on nights, play that 80s music for those of us who like our private dances a bit slower. I come hear for the girls and the music: I can get booze anywhere.

Review №35

I really enjoyed Centerfold Club of Columbus Ohio. I work in Las Vegas a lot and this club really showed me respect. The atmosphere is top notch. They play the best music. The club is also located very close to the airport, so if you are traveling this is a great spot. The food is good and the service is outstanding. The dancers are very pretty and there is never a shortage of them. I really enjoyed the private dance areas too. This place also has a pool tournament every Sunday. I dont play pool but I thought it was pretty cool. This is not the biggest club in Columbus Ohio, but Ive been to them all, and I think its the coolest place, with the best atmosphere... by far!!

Review №36

We have here the best bad service ever!Girls not being attractive, no kitchen, terrible service, bad Music, bad Location, negative Atmosphere, not Clean, bad Drinks.If i can give 0 stars i will do it.

Review №37

I was very impressed with Centerfold. Not only were the dancers good looking and friendly, the bartenders and bouncers were friendly and made me feel welcome.I did get the cheese sticks off of the menu and they were delicious. Both cooks are very very hot and personable as well.Ill definitely be visiting there again very soon. Im looking forward getting a dance from Diamond, Alex, and Maria.

Review №38

End up here for another crazy night for a party.Great place to come with my buddies.Not very big, but very clean and organized.The dancers are super HOT

Review №39

I read the review from ciera Hendrickson. I thought no way. I called and verified with an employee. Women are not aloud unless with a male escort. I will not support your business. Do not support this place. There are other good strip clubs in Columbus.

Review №40

I went here on a Friday night with four friends. It was my first time ever being to a gentlemans so I was a bit nervous, but the night turned out perfectly! The bouncers were respectful and greeted us warmly as did the two ladies behind the registers when we paid our cover fees. Being my first time, I wasnt sure what to expect. The amount of beautiful women was outstanding. Not only were they beautiful but they were kind as well which was a plus considering I can be a bit shy around beautiful women. Some of them were a pushy with trying to get you to buy a private dance but again, thats part of their job and if this bothers you, youre at the wrong club. The music and atmosphere was on point and that combined with beautiful women made for a night I wont forget. I honestly cant wait to go back!

Review №41

I fly into the area a few times per year on business and I must say that this place is a really great club, love the variety of girls, great hospitable and friendly atmosphere and just an all-around well run establishment.

Review №42

This is a great club. I like the atmosphere. Lots of pretty dancers too. I like that its by the Columbus airport. Its clean and the staff is friendly. Fred is a great guy too. I really like centerfold club.

Review №43

Very impressed. Seen a couple new faces on Friday, wasnt as busy per usual but I take thats because of the festivities going on in Cbus. Really enjoyed Aria performance. Her eyes are very exotic and she has an innocent girl next door personality..with a slight alternative rock n roll style. I suggest everyone go meet the girls at this club! Very classy ladies.My favorites are***** Aria**** Silver*** EmmaGet a private dance with them ladies and you wont be disappointed! (Or take all 3 to the champagne room for some amazing extra fun)

Review №44

Sadly this isnt a BYOB club, like one of my favorite in central Ohio. But the early bird dinner special is reason enough to come to this fine establishment. The pot-roast is to die for!!! But since 2017 is the year to respect women, I respectfully choose to stare at the fine art on the walls... I think they may have a Van Gogh piece or two.

Review №45

Great place just need more variety of girls and new dj...but other than that its a good one to go to even tho thats the only one Ive been to in Ohio

Review №46

I spent great night at this cllub. Everything was perfect, from beautiful girls to tasty food, pleasant staff and awesome ambient with big screen TVs, good music. I highly recommend Centerford Strip Club and will visit again If I will be near Columbus

Review №47

Hospitality was at 100%. They know how to treat their customers. The girls were great and hot. Also the food is affordable and good. Will be definitely be back!

Review №48

Minors in the club an two men with HIV work there sleeping with the girls passing it around like candy

Review №49

Hands down the best club in Columbus. Amazing staff, smokin hot dancers, great prices and an atmosphere that just feels like home. Bonus - pool table, killer subs and breaded ravioli from the kitchen and an enclosed smoking patio. Wouldnt want to go anywhere else.

Review №50

So i came up here to drive for lyft all weekend got an air&b and decided to go see the ladies of centerfold club. I thought if its like Canton or Akron the girls wont be all that!! Went in there and the Bartender Barbie was sooo chill and made me feel like i belonged!! I met a real chill staff!! Hung out till 10 !! I was seriously supprised on how pretty the girls were!! All of them friedly and easy on the eyes!! Will be going back . Met mynew trainer there as well little did I know! God bless america!!!

Review №51

Centerfold Club was a fantastic experience for me. Classic rock and a little classic R n B. The girls are very pretty and nice. Drink prices are average. Will repeat.

Review №52

Centerfold strip the best strip club in town. great music, friendly atmosphere, fun times with some good people.

Review №53

I like the atmosphere of the business nd the food was great some of the ladies were very sexy and had some great moves. Others were very disrespectful. My cousins and myself went there about two weeks ago and was having a good time until they did the 2 for 1 dances. Two of the dancers came to me and my cousins and asked us if we wanted to get a private dance. We replied not at the moment and they said that the reason we didnt wanna get private dances from them was because we were douchbags and black.

Review №54

Me and my buddies came in town for the red white boom in Columbus and after the fireworks, we ended up going to the Centerfold club. The club isnt really that big, but the girls were pretty and they played great music. Im kinda old fashioned (my buddies and me are all in our 40s..lol) I personally like clubs that know its customers dont like loud, hip hop music that makes you want to wear ear muffs..lol. we could actually talk to the girls without shouting! And the chick I talked to did some good dances for me (she also seemed like she had a brain...lol) I bought her a few drinks...hopefully I see you again Chanel ;) but, the club was clean, they had great music, great girls...Ill be coming back next time we come to town.

Review №55

Centerfold is the best strip club in columbus if you ask me. The dancers are gorgeous, the environment is fun, affordable & tasty food as well. The bartenders are cute & hilarious.. AND that cook is fine as hell just sayin

Review №56

Not so bad but not so good somehow. They do not do lap-dance. Away-from-lap-dance

Review №57

This place is great! $5 cover if youre 30 or over. Had a lot of fun there on a Wednesday night. The private dances are overpriced at $40, too bad, because it was a good dance, but too much to buy regularly.

Review №58

The Security is horrible. Honestly there is no word to describe it. Definitely not worth it.

Review №59

Well have never met such judgemental dancers in my life. If your not really old or dressed in business attire they just walk by. Sorry Im a hard working business owner who happened to come from work in dirty work clothes. Will never go vack.

Review №60

We end up at this club for one of my friends bachelor party.What a great place, very clean, the food is good too.And they have plenty of tvs but who would watch tv here lolThe dancers are very pretty and dressed with style.We had a lot of fun here :)

Review №61

Best club Ive worked at not only for employment but from a customers view as well.

Review №62

The worst experience of strip club for me. The dance costs 40$, seriously?? Havent seen any club with that cost and are not allowed to touch. The Girls there are told by the management that they have to bother the customers for a dance every freaking 10mins. I am not going there again and would advice you guys not to.

Review №63

I stayed an extra day in columbus and was looking for some good food and fun. I want to the Easton area. Melts was good. My uber was taking me back to the hotel . I drove by The Centerfold club and decided to try it out. The club goes for a higher quality customer over 25. I talked to Cassidy she had the longest legs and a beautiful smile. They had 15 minutes for $ 75 good deal and not pressured to get a dance.My uber driver took longer to pick me up, but overall pleasantly surprised. I will return!!

Review №64

Drinks are fairly priced no extras, music was terrible,girls were mediocre at best,

Review №65

I love comin here. The girls here are very respectful. I dont need to shell out hundreds of dollars to have a good time. Misty is personally one of the best dancers ive seen. Super attractive and very skilled. Food and drinks here are very well priced. All around a great place. I will definately be coming back and with friends next time.

Review №66

Better club than Sirens.

Review №67

Great music good looking girls great atmosphere

Review №68

Beware of using a credit card or debit card here. They tried charging thousands additional on a card, multiple times. Total scam. They also scam you on drinks as theyre commissioned.

Review №69

The girls are all gorgeous, the music was great & the atmosphere is great

Review №70

Never been. Heard of it once.

Review №71

Weak if I could give it a 0 I would music weak girls weak liquor weak

Review №72

Horrible experience ....

Review №73

Let me just start off by saying that the girl who answered the phone was extremely rude. and with that bad first impression I decided to not give them business. sorry :)

Review №74

Lovely ladies

Review №75

Pushy dancers to spend more money. Not the prettiest girls. Pricey drinks.

Review №76

Management will fix issues if the dancers rip you off.Congrats

Review №77

Nice girls but expensive drinks

Review №78

Bad dancers

Review №79

This place was horrible such a horrible attitude with the girls if you wont spend hundreds they are rude to you even the manger Brenda trys to take all your money and if you spend less than a hunder they kick you out, and a couple of dancers tried to pick my pocket!!!

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