Heidis Jazz Club
7 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States

Review №1

Nice place. Excellent service. Excellent food. Excellent music. Had a great time. I felt that it was kind of a classy atmosphere, so we dressed up for the evening, I suggest it, but its not a requirement. Its nice to dress up on occasion.

Review №2

Great jazz and Sunday jam with amateurs and yougmng artist great. The steak was perfect, lobster bisque not good. They say masks on when youre not seated but do not enforce it...our server Peter was next to us at another table and just took off his....they will tell you they are compliant but do not...otherwise would have 5 stars.

Review №3

Sybil Gage and her band were great! Wonderful, fun, mainly jazz , some rock and roll plus original songs. Dance floor was crowded often.Dinner was excellent and large portions.Go for an enjoyable evening of jazz and good food!!

Review №4

Very nice! We ordered appetizers, They include the $10 entrance fee on your bill so I my bill was $40 for a glass of wine and two small crab cakes not including a tip. The food was good but unfortunately we were still hungry after we left. My friend had a ginger ale and shrimp cocktail her bill total was $30. Its a little pricey for my taste but if youre looking for upscale, ambiance and good music this is the place!! I gave it 4 stars because we were still hungry, they were short staffed and it was humid inside (October is always extremely humid). All those things aside it was still a nice night.

Review №5

Was here about a year ago. Great service, awesome vibe, good music. Will definitely be coming back again!The food was excellent. Love the european dishes!

Review №6

I dont understand how Heidis Jazz Club does not have a 5.0 Star ranking. Without being accused of hyperbole, I firmly believe Heidis is a world class music club in quaint Cocoa Beach. A diamond in the rough. Ive been hearing about Heidis for 5 years, I finally got a chance to enjoy dinner, drinks and a world class act Sybil Gage on Thursday evening August 27th, 2020. From the moment I walked in the front door I was welcomed as a long lost friend by some regulars (Michael is the name I remember). I waited on as if I was a member of US congress, but also the way I like not over attention just like a friendly good host would (Alisha was my server and new friend too). The most impressive part was the MUSIC, 5 couples could be seen dancing at a time on most of the songs, Sybils act was outstanding from the start. The mystery MC (later found that he was her manager / husband of 27 years) introduced her and the band in grand form. I later made friends with Bill Gage and with my humble tip jar contribution he sent me away with a strong sense of connection and 4 CDs. Heidis was highly recommended, it exceeded my expectations and I understand it is my new favorite world class Jazz club in down town Cocoa Beach Florida. Thank you all for making my night unforgettable.

Review №7

Excellent cuisine. Greeted the chef/owner. Interacted with the jazz musicians performing.

Review №8

Such a great way to spend an evening! The food was great and the music was even better! Ron Teixeira Trio were exactly what we needed for a relaxing but fun evening out! We will return again!

Review №9

Let me start by saying I have never been made more welcomed than at Heidis . The patrons and staff are wonderful with first class food and entertainment .

Review №10

Excellent cuisine, quiet atmosphere, worth the cost. Highest quality. Definitely worth the trip for a special night/day out!

Review №11

Went to Heidis jazz club two times during my vacation to Cocoa Beach. Both nights were Wednesday night with the liquid Groove project performing. It was a fantastic experience, I made reservations for 7 p.m., if you make reservations via Google make sure that it is for the jazz club and not the regular dining room. Best thing to do is give them a call instead of letting Google do the reservations. The food was very high quality and well prepared, service excellent as well. You can understand that as a jazz club you are paying for not just the meal, the drinks but also the experience so keep that in mind when going. They do not have tap water available you have to buy bottles, which again I can understand being the nature of the establishment. But let me get back to the band they were an amazing group. They played songs that you know in a jazzy kind of way, as well as modern Jazz favorites, and some classics, instrumental and vocals. Amazing performers, we had such a good time. We go down every year to Cocoa Beach and this will be a new tradition for each visit.

Review №12

Very clean. Live music. I will definitely come again. Awesome people. Fast service.

Review №13

Wanted to pop in for just a little bit and sat outside to have some wine and appetizers before dinner and didnt plan on being there very long. Great wine, good food, but very poor service. We still rang up a $50 bill, but that wasnt good enough as our server ignored us to wait on the nearby tables instead. After asking for the check, he visited another table 3 different times. We had to get up to ask the manager for the check, but she was equally as unhelpful. What should have been an hour adventure turned into 2.5+, half of it waiting for our server so that we could leave

Review №14

Loved the trio. Hela got the room so hot we had to dance. Loved the house plate and a couple of pilsner beers.

Review №15

First time guest. First impression was excellent. Great performers. Great food. Great atmosphere. A refreshing musical experience away from the loud in your face rock bands. Here you can actually have a conversation without yelling at each other. Love this oasis of a place.

Review №16

Heidis jazz club is the only true dinner dance club on the Space Coast. Offering a fantastic Jazz Trio while you are eating dinner. And then a perfect place to slow dance or Jitterbug with your partner. The food is chef quality. I had the filet mignon Madagascar with a perfect peppercorn sauce. My wife loved the escargot appetizer. The shrimp cocktail was worth every penny. I would recommend adding Heidis jazz club to your restaurant rotation in Cocoa Beach.

Review №17

Great local jazz in a relaxed, classy, listening room. Excellent food. Nice place for a special occasion

Review №18

A great place to not only hear local and nationally known Jazz artists. The interior is very conducive to the Jazz club vibe. We often go and sit at the bar to have a few cocktails and listen to local Jazz artist. I would highly recommend reservations for more “known” Jazz artist as seating is somewhat limited and sells out fast. The food is good but is generally based on German / European cuisine. Not bad at all, but just a little different. Before the main artist they have a piano player to entertain. He sometimes takes requests. I have a very found memory of a time that I had requested what I knew of as Dave Brubeck’s version of “Stardust” He gladly obliged and after his set stopped by our table to ask what I knew of the arrangement of Stardust. I explained that this was one of my favorite Jazz compositions. He explained that Stardust held a personal place in his memory as the original composer lived in the same town that he was raised in and knew him personally. This was such a nice addition to good live Jazz music, good food and a memory that I will always cherish. A great place for Jazz and food.

Review №19

I came to this restaurant not knowing what to expect and left in complete amazement and astonishment! I had a magical experience here! The ambiance makes you feel like you’re in a scene from an old movie. Nothing could have been any more perfect; amazing music, service, food and drinks! Unforgettable!

Review №20

Great vibes, talented musicians, and friendly staff. The food and drinks are delicious and perfectly prepared.

Review №21

This place has excellent food and a great atmosphere. Sip a glass of wine while listening to the jazz music. Next time Im in this area I will make it a point to have another dinner here.

Review №22

Every visit has been wonderful!Very sorry to hear of Heidis passing last night, it was very bittersweet...we were there for Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, and the place was packed and it was a FANTASTIC show! Special appearance by Joe Coleman, lead singer from The Platters....Heidi wouldve approved!

Review №23

Returned Saturday to see Hella, and all I can say is Wow! Hella is a complete floor show, singing and dancing, an incredible deal for $10. I would much rather enjoy a real show on a Saturday night than spend $10 at the movies. Entertainment was top tier, drinks prices were typical for top shelf and service was prompt and friendly. All in all, we had a great time. Will visit again for dinner next time.

Review №24

Amazing Sunday night jam session....Wow!!! The food was unbelievable too. Great prices! We are coming back Friday night!

Review №25

Jubilee does a wonderful job. Just the right amount of attention.

Review №26

My favorite place to go in town by far!

Review №27

Do not Heidis. Feel like you are in an intimate supper club in New York! Music is great....catch Sybil on Thursdays. Music quite danceable.

Review №28

We love Heidis. We go every Thursday to hear Sybil Gage and her band.Food and drinks are great and so is the service

Review №29

Nice expérience ! Incredible atmosphere ! I recommend !

Review №30

Great atmosphere! We came here not knowing what to expect but it was awesome. I felt underdressed in jeans and it was more of a 50+ crowd but I had a great time. Live music and delicious food.

Review №31

The staff..... ExcellentThe food...... Super and tasty and reasonably priced. Great portions, good selections.The Jazz Club ....... 5 The server..... 5 The bartender and libations .... 5 And mosr important..... LIVE LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS MUSICIANS..... 100 No canned or recorded stuff, Ron and his group were second to none.A wonderful experience in Coco Beach

Review №32

Not a jazz enthusiast but it was a fun experience. Music wasnt rowdy. Background for female vocalist. Meals were good to very good. $25-40.

Review №33

The food is out of this world! The entertainment was awesome as well. All around great place.

Review №34

Very pricy. they do not serve regular have to pay a lot for bottled water. a la cart plates from mid 20s to mid 40s. Easy to drop $150 for a meal for 2.They will also add 20% for tip on bill. Make sure to review bill.good live music. nice setting.

Review №35

Beautiful piano playing , wonderful food, fabulous service!

Review №36

Great service, good music!

Review №37

Enjoy the band that playedWe had no idea what we were getting into. The food was actually prepared well and the drunks were good too. The staff was friendly and very attentive.

Review №38

Good vibe !There is a dancefloorThe food it is expensive and not very relevant

Review №39

Shout out to Connor Mahoney and his skills on the piano. Went on Halloween and everyone was dancing in costume. Not a cheap place, but a fun atmosphere. I hear it changes a lot depending on when you go, but it sounds like its always a good time.

Review №40

Great Food, Band and atmosphere!

Review №41

Good older timers night

Review №42

Had a wonderful night! Great atmosphere.

Review №43

One of the few delights in a podunk beach town overrun by retirees and yokels. The performance of the band the night of my attendance was simply sublime. Equal parts classy, smooth, cheeky and accommodating. The drinks were strong and properly poured. The food was a delight with the menu offering a wide variety of options. The service was a tad bit slow, but they were busy and seemingly understaffed, so forgivable. Ill probably never find myself in Cocoa Beach again, but on the off chance I do Ill certainly spend another evening here - and if you find yourself in the area Id highly recommend stopping by.

Review №44

Great food and service

Review №45

Nice chill spot. Great live music and food. Tartare, lobster bisque, and Wienerschnitzel on point.

Review №46

Everything but the service was great. The music was great, the food was great, however, the lady at the door that seats you told us that all tables were reserved and she sat us at the bar. A beautiful couple came in and she sat them at a table, and they didnt want to even be at a table. The couple gave us the table because they wanted to be at the bar. We ended up ordering a $70 meal and also asked another couple to sit with us that we didnt know who also ordered food and was put at the bar. It was just an odd situation and even the waiter seemed unfriendly. Staff was snooty with the exception of the bartender, everyone else including the patrons were very friendly.

Review №47

My husband and I had lunch outside on the patio today and it was just perfect. Rose was very good, cold cucumber soup was delicious and my toasted cheese sandwich was one of the best Ive had. My husband said the same thing about his Reuben. No music for lunch but we have enjoyed the jazz in the evening as well.

Review №48

Had dinner st adjacent restaurant with live piano music then moved to Heidis. My wife classified the evening as the best she can remember. And that with 48 years marriage. Great food, service and entertainment. Equals great management

Review №49

A true Gem! Great atmosphere; keep it up.

Review №50

I havent gone to Heidi s jazz club in a long time. The food was wonderful and the jazz was soulful. Ill beer going back soon.

Review №51

This place has been here for a long time and has a wonderful atmosphere. This would be a very romantic date spot. Great service and the food was delicious. We want on open mic night and it was fantastic. They have some great musicians coming through Heidis.

Review №52

Food and the service was wonderful!!! My friends and I loved our waiter, Joe. He was so knowledgeable and great attention to detail. Great place to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

Review №53

The music was wonderful, the band and singers very talented and friendly to the audience. I also got the brie appetizer which I highly recommend, it was just enough for three people to share. The drinks are also really good. We sat on the bar and club side of the restaurant.The only thing that was off putting was the woman at the front was a little rude but after we got past that we had a great night.

Review №54

It is a stylish restaurant given the beach area. Known for the live music...Sunday is sit in night and you never know who will join the bands and play.

Review №55

Old style band and good food.

Review №56

Super great atmosphere and the service was fantastic I highly recommend this place

Review №57

Great food good music

Review №58

Great Jazz Club!!! Excellent single malt scotch selection. Bartender was great. Most of all, the singer and band were the best! I love jazz, and Heidis is a top notch Jazz Club. I went with a friend for a drink and a couple songs and stayed for several drinks and a few sets. If you are in Cocoa Beach and have any interest in Jazz, you must visit Heidis Jazz Club. Next trip Ill try the restaurant. Look for that review!Update to my review- back in Cocoa Beach and spent another wonderful evening at Heidi’s. Entertainment was unbelievable. Great scotch.

Review №59

Good vibes

Review №60

Excellent food and wonderful entertainment.

Review №61

Tonight was one of the great nights in music at Heidis Jazz Club. Along with Hella were a new generation of artists that simply were brilliant.Musicians playing together tonight for the first time like they had been together for years.Come next Wednesday and be part of it.!!!

Review №62

I just dont know where to start with this. I was here vacationing with my wife and celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. Steve Kirsner and Friends were the entertainment and all I can say is we were treated like royalty when they found out it was our anniversary. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Their music was fantastic the food was exceptional and the mood was something you just dont find anymore! Go here if you are in need of soulful Jazz and you wont regret it. TY again to everyone who made our night so unforgettable!!

Review №63

If you get during early bird time and only wants drinks, sit at the bar or outside. We were completely ignored after the waiter gave us the drink menu and he never came back to acknowledge us or even serve us, so we left after a good 15-20 minutes.

Review №64

We started going to Heidis last fall to hear our friend sing! We love it there! They have yummy food, dancing and the jazz is a nice mix up from the usual live bands you hear at the beachside restaurants.

Review №65

If you like New Orleans music and Carolina swing dancing this is the place on Thursday nights.

Review №66

Wonderful group of old duffers playing jazz and standards. Many guest musicians and singers. Sunday is open mic night. Good food, too!

Review №67

Great atmosphere and music! Will definitely go there again on our next visit to Cocoa Beach.

Review №68

Always enjoy going to Heidis when were in town! Great music, cozy environment and friendly folks. The band is always so fun

Review №69

Outstanding band performance and dancing experience. Service was superb, as were our drinks and dinner. Atmosphere conducive to socializing with entire roomful of patrons.

Review №70

Incredible place! The music was mind-blowing! Food was delicious.Heidis Jazz Club is the very definition of a diamond in the rough. In a nondescript building on a nondescript street in old town Cocoa Beach, I found one of the best jazz clubs in the country - rivaling New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ive traveled all over the world and never have I heard such extraordinary, soulful sounds. Musicians and guest singers range from veteran performers (Im guessing from earlier famous bands - theyre so good) local high school prodigy guitarists, Junior College horn players, a young New York sax player who should be signed to a recording contract asap and a lanky University of Florida student (bio chemistry major) pianist (latter on trombone) who reminded me of a young, lanky version of Oscar Peterson. There was a dorky looking young bass player who could easily have played with Dave Brubeck - even dressed in the style of the era. The talented jazz pianist and leader is a brilliant scout who puts everyone together. A grey-haired man wearing a regular-guy short-sleeve plaid shirt and khaki trousers sounded like Charlie Rich meets Ray Charles singing Stormy Monday! Talent scouts, tourists, everyone in the World should treat themselves to this experience. Heidis is one of the best reasons to go to Cocoa Beach!

Review №71

Music is fabulous as is the food! Love Heidis & will return often. Service is also superb

Review №72

Love this place

Review №73

Great food, great music

Review №74

I love Heidis! I really enjoyed the live JAZZ! The music was top shelf, world class. I was able to dance and have a great dinner. I recommend it if you like great jazz and superb food....

Review №75

We stopped in with our three kids and sat on the restaurant side, not jazz club side. We were a bit worried about bringing our kids but we were assured by the hostess kids were welcome. They had a kids menu but we all ate from the adult menu as is our custom. Everything was delicious. We had the crab cakes, fried Brie, escargot, and lobster bisque to start. All delicious. I had beef stroganoff and my wife had filet Madagascar. Both great. We ordered haddock for the kids and they divided it between three plates unasked. Also very good. We had apple schnitzel, chocolate torte, and Magellan(sp?) torte. All were very good. The service is what really impressed us though. Very attentive waitress. Really good with the kids. She let them feed the fish. The owner/head chef came out and introduced himself. We were very happy with the experience.

Review №76

Amazing ambiance! Great service, delectable food and great music. More than I was expecting. One of the coolest places Ive ever been to.

Review №77

Food was traditional German and good if you like that. Music was disappointing as it wasnt really jazz but a variety of oldies pop. I would go back but only if I was familiar with the band. Prices are on the high side.

Review №78

The food was excellent, and what a great atmosphere.

Review №79

Worst service and music within 100 miles. Pretentious, overpriced, ride, obnoxious -- but at leat the food is nasty, yuck! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE.When I asked to speak with the manager about the awful food and service, two police officers showed up and demanded that I pay for the inedible food or go to jail. I paid $80 and filed a chargeback. do not waste your time or money at Heidis. They cook awful, tough food and treat the customers with disrespect. MY WORST DINING EXPERIENCE IN 20 YEARS.

Review №80

Just awesome. Good food for decent prices, good live music. Call upfront for the line up. will definitely visit again.

Review №81

Absolutely lovely! The food, the atmosphere, the service, all above and beyond. This is a go to spot for special occasions, date night or if you just need to spice things up on a weekday.

Review №82

We treated our ourselves to some GREAT FOOD! No where else in East Central Florida can you get Jazz and Fine Dining just a block away from the Beach. It is fantastic. And the appetizers are so fine dining. It was so classy and has a Dance Floor. Yes a lot of the crowd is mature but I dont mind being the young one.

Review №83

This is the best deal in CoCo Beach. The food is good and catch Syble Gage. She is a great jazz performer. She is normally there on Thursday.

Review №84

Will definitely go back when in Cocoa Beach.

Review №85

Marvelous food and atmosphere! Very romantic and very classy! We will always come back

Review №86

Atmosphere is amazing and the live music is just perfect

Review №87

Food was amazing! Prices and entertainment Not so much!!

Review №88

What can I say the FOOD IS AMAZING..I was left speechless, we were starving tourist from Chicago. This restaurant was superb. The chef is an expert in fine dining and the fish was esquisite my husband had pork which was so tender. Deserts were amazing and everything homemade. The piano player was wonderful.

Review №89

Wonderful place and time!

Review №90

Waited 30 minutes for waiter to bring us a drink menu, once we ordered our martinis he disappeared for 25 minutes and that is outrageous. He returned with the our drinks but gave us each our wrong drinks. We told him that we were leaving and he said that was fine because he knew he was slow. Be aware there is also a cover charge for the band, they didnt tell us when we made the reservation for 8pm. Additionally when we told the owner Heidi about our disappointment with her service, she decided to yell at us and justify why her service was late and didnt once apologize for the delay in service or anything. We were the customers the charges for the drinks we never drink be aware that is really

Review №91

Heidis offers an old school jazz vibe. I enjoy it tremendously.

Review №92

As one of the FIFTY (thats 50) remaining Jazz clubs in the United States of America, Heidis brings to our area highly talented musicians and singers who will provide you with a memorable evening of superb entertainment, dining and dancing. The clubs room is wonderfully retro, the food and service are excellent and the entire package could not be better. We go virtually every weekend. Make reservations. Comparable entertainment and dining experience at the Hotel Carlyle in NYC would cost you over $600.

Review №93

The food and service are second to none. It is always a wonderful time eating an exquisitely prepared meal while listening to some live local jazz musicians!

Review №94

Had a wonderful time, great service

Review №95

Very nice, had a very good time with friends the entertainment was amazing.

Review №96

Great atmosphere! Jesse Jones and Terry Myers were terrific .

Review №97

Great music, great win....

Review №98

Great place for the older set. Steve Kirchner has a very good band that plays on Wed 6 to 9 and Fri 5 to 8. Food is unimpressive . Prices are too high for what is provided. Service is typically less than impressive. Best advice is to go, have a drink, dance, then go out for Thai.

Review №99

If you are near Coca Beach, on five nights a week, you can depend on a fun time at Heidis. Come by and have a few drinks and listen to the array of music. You will hear swinging jazz, sing along songs and dancing music. After the first two times, the waiter will know your drink order.. it just show up with a big smile. If you want to join the music.. see the leader and before you know it, you are staring in your youtube video. There are very few places in the country where you can drop by, enjoy conversation and good music... oh yea... the food is great too. If we are in Florida Space coast.. we get into Heidis at least twice a week.

Review №100

Entertainment there was amazing lady from New Orleans singing blues and other genres but very talented

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  • Address:7 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 321-783-4559
  • Jazz club
  • Continental restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • German restaurant
  • Night club
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–11pm
  • Tuesday:11am–11pm
  • Wednesday:5–11pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:11am–10pm
  • Sunday:11am–10pm
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Upmarket:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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