Escape Cocoa Beach
5675 N Atlantic Ave #114, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States

Review №1

Lots of fun! We did JAIL BREAK as our first time ever in an Escape Room. Highly creative with a multitude of clues and areas to explore in the room. Awesome customer service. Very clean. Free parking. Got our picture taken at the end!

Review №2

We booked a room as part of a team building exercise for my management team. From the booking process to the actual day of the event we had an amazing experience. Both on the phone and in person the staff was super friendly and helpful. By the time we were done my team was saying we should do another one. We will definitely be back.

Review №3

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The staff were so friendly, understanding, and respectful! Cypress, at the desk was awesome. The Black Dahlia was definitely a brain challenger and I loved it. My team did not succeed but we felt so accomplished. It was fun and I would definitely go back! I’m ready for Round 2!

Review №4

We took our family of 5 and were looking for a fun activity that we could still safely social distance in. This was definitely it!! Our kids are 13, 11 & 7 and they all had an absolute blast! The puzzles were challenging and extremely well done but not “too much” for the kids. Great experience and Cypress (our host) was very helpful with hints!

Review №5

Had so much fun doing the “Jailbreak” escape room. There were only 2 of us & we got out with 10 minutes to spare with the help of some clues. It really was super fun! Totally recommend!!!

Review №6

Love this place! The owners were very kind and appreciative to see us there. The props were particularly good and accurate for the stories and time period. This is not some chain room, they designed and wrote their own rooms and it shows in the care they take to make their customers feel welcome.

Review №7

Great place, wonderful staff. We did the rocket science room in which we escaped. Liked the iPad way of getting help very smart. The place was very clean and well maintained. Will definitely be back, and would definitely recommend.

Review №8

Cyprus was delightful, so patient and very kind with our group, and the room was challenging and lot of fun! We had a last minute reservation but they were able to take all seven of us within the hour and we had a room to ourselves! Definitely plan on returning to try all the rooms!!

Review №9

I did the Black Dahlia escape room. It was amazing. Shout out to Cypress for making my experience incredible.

Review №10

My family and I had fun at this place escape room. First time ever doing this lol it was definitely a good experience I will never forget. We had fun and will be back. The staff was really nice as well.

Review №11

First of all, I called early in the day to book a room for that night. Tried to pay over the phone, and the man who was helping me had some trouble getting my card info. Told me he would give me a free shirt for the trouble. (which really only took an extra 5 min of my time, barely any trouble at all.) I could tell already they valued me as a customer. Once I got there that night, I was told that my girlfriend and I would be participating in a room with another group of 8 (as this was my first escape room I didnt realize this was common practice). I asked if we could book a different room with less people, and the lady at the front, I think her name was Carla, immediately obliged with no hassle. We ended up going to the Black Dahlia room instead, just the two of us. Mike was great with the hints. He had perfect timing to chime in when we were taking a bit too long on a single puzzle. We ended up finishing the room even though we had to use all 3 clues. All in all it was an amazing first escape room experience. Big shout out to Mike and Carla, very nice the entire time. If we didnt live so far away we woulda booked for another room that night. Thanks guys!

Review №12

Cypress was super friendly and explained all of the rules and precautions great. We did the black Daliah the props and puzzles are super impressive and would totally recommend.

Review №13

As a group of 15 individuals, we had a blast. The owners really took an interest in going out of their way to facilitate a wonderful experience. 10/5 stars

Review №14

We happened upon this place when we looked up some things to do in the area. We called to see if we should have booked before but the gentleman on the phone said they had some open rooms and to come on in. Cypress was the man working and he was a really awesome guy. He made the whole process simple and fun and we would absolutely come back, especially with him there. The room itself wasnt too challenging to the point of frustration but it also took a lot of brain power too. Thank you Escape Cocoa Beach!

Review №15

We all had such a fun time here! Well definitely be back! None of us had ever done an escape room before, and we ended up in one of the harder rooms, but we still managed to make it out (with a few clues) just in time.

Review №16

Had a great time getting through the Rocket Scientist room! Game host was awesome and did a great job!

Review №17

Friendly staff who gave us a few hints when we needed them. The room was fun, and I look forward to escaping another!

Review №18

Lots of fun, we really liked the theme and the clues in the Rocket Science room. Just hard enough that we two made it at the last stretch. Take a group to keep from sweating so hard!

Review №19

Had a great time solving their Rocket Science room. Challenging puzzles, our group had to use a clue or two to get through.Main drawback was the radio they had playing. It was fairly loud, which did take away from the experience at times. I would still definitely come back with friends to try their other rooms.

Review №20

This place was well worth the stop! Cant give any clues so no pics from the inside. Before you leave Cocoa, see if you have what it takes to..ESCAPE COCOA BEACH!! DO IT!!

Review №21

Had a blast, very creative in planing the escapes for the room. Loved the jail heist.

Review №22

Escape Cocoa Beach was FUN! My company booked a room there as a team building exercise. The facility was clean and the room challenging. The staff is AWESOME! These are great people, providing a very unique experience. I would recommend this to anyone, especially companies looking for new ways to encourage teamwork and analytical thinking.

Review №23

We played the mystery of the black Dahlia. The room was pretty and the puzzles were cool. The owner seemed really nice and excited and passionate about the game. The game master MAKES the game in a lot of ways. Unfortunately the owner wasn’t our game master. We were left with a woman who really ruined our experience. Twice she ignored our calls for clues (making us waste about 4 minutes). I had to actually leave the game and walk to the front desk to ask her to pick up the FaceTime. Each time we called for a clue she took about 2 minutes to answer and then after that gave hints such as “Okay this is easy, just look around. Good luck.” Useless and really frustrating. We spent 20 minutes trying to solve a puzzle and when FINALLY she came in and told us “someone broke that yesterday. It doesn’t work, just ignore it” that would have been great to know before we wasted our time on it.The atmosphere and story were fun. It would be great to see more game masters in the future (seemed as though she was our game master & running the front desk at the same time- which is difficult for anyone). It really could have been a 5 star experience, but the staff member who handled our group really frustrated us. :(Edit: I would like to edit my star rating as a reflection of the facility/game- not the particular employee. So i am adding a star. However, please take into consideration the impact the game master had on the experience.Reply to owner- being busy is understandable! But personally, I feel paying 160$ for 1 hour warranted a little more attention. I would also like to let you know we received no extra time - I have no idea where you got that.. We attempted to find you after completing our game to discuss our opinion, but were unable to.

Review №24

Played the rocket science room with my mom, dad and wife. We try to go to a room whenever we get together and this one just wasn’t that great. The room wasn’t completed secluded and they played music and just ruined the experience from the start. I could tell the there wasn’t much thinking required but more searching if that makes sense from the get-go. This may be fun for some but I don’t personally enjoy that type of room. I like my brain to be challenged and the props just weren’t done well. Seems like someone just hid some keys in the room and you had to find them... No real thinking or puzzle solving and not much story to it all either... This was my experience here but yours may be better.

Review №25

Great experience! Cyrus (staff) was awesome, very helpful!

Review №26

Great family fun with a 10 and 12 year old, Jail break was a great escape story for us. Game master attentive and helpful. Would definitely go back again.

Review №27

Really awesome place. My wife and I loved it. The staff was very friendly to help us. We enjoyed our experience although we weren’t able to come up with the clues. It was difficult, but the staff was kind enough to give us clues and help us find some to go to the next steps. We were super close but didn’t end up solving the case. However, it was still enjoyable and it was a tremendous experience. We will definitely come again !

Review №28

My son and I had a great time. We almost got out in time, thanks Cyrus. Well be back.

Review №29

Very fun time doing this for the first time with my family. We did the easiest one but it was still challenging enough to be fun. Escaped with 3 minutes to spare!

Review №30

Came in last night with a group of 7. Staff is great, happy, engaging, knowledgeable. We have been to this location 4 times now, finishing up with Black Dahlia. All rooms are challenging and fun, great props and of the era in which the mystery was created. Prices are cheapest weve been to and even got room to ourselves. Thank you Carla, for making our experience fun. Thank you to rest of staff for helping things run smooth with our group. Of course we had to stop at Coasters for some cocktails!

Review №31

Very very fun, with great employees! Im 100% going to return to have a go at the other rooms, thanks for the great experience!

Review №32

We went to the later room @ 9:15, the front desk lady was also helping another costumer getting gift cards. She started our room late. She was very rude when our time came to a end and we wanted to see the correct code that we were typing in correctly the whole time . She refused to let us try saying she wanted to go and we had to leave . She was very very rude and we will not be back again. She shouldn’t be working if she doesn’t want to be there .

Review №33

We had so much fun.

Review №34

Great puzzles and lots of fun, the staff was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely return.

Review №35

Had a good time with the family solving our escape but it’s a bit pricey

Review №36

We absolutely love this place! The owner is super sweet and the challenges are awesome!

Review №37

For reference: I played the space-related escape room.The escape game itself is good. I thought the puzzles were right in between easy and challenging (Which works for a group where 2 of the players are new to escape games) and well-done. But this was the first escape room Ive been to where the room itself was not completely separated from everything else. This had the unfortunate effect of my team having to talk over the rock music playing at the main entrance.When Im playing these games, I like to (for lack of a better word) escape into the scenario and really feel like Im a part of the story. And Im pretty sure the secret area of a space museum would NOT have todays Top 40 playing over it.Im sure thats not something this particular company could control. Im assuming they leased out the space, and did what they could with the area. And they did a great job in that regard, I just think its very distracting to be so closely-connected to other games and the main entrance. Other places Ive been, sure you may hear the screams from a neighboring room, but aside from that no other noises get through. It usually makes for an amazing atmosphere that this escape room just did not offer.That being said, we all enjoyed the game, and if we were in Cocoa for more than a couple days, wed probably try more of the rooms. But if youre like me, escape rooms are great for two reasons: Puzzles and atmosphere. This game had a whole bunch of the first, but lacked in the second

Review №38

We did a team-building thing here and it was a blast. Time flies when you are doing one of these. Lots of fun to do in a group.

Review №39

This was Such a fun experience! The workers were wonderfully helpful & very personable. When making reservations we worked with the owner & he gave us a deal for our group. Our family of 10 worked diligently & escaped with 10 minutes to go. This was the first time in an escape room for many of us.

Review №40

This was an amazing escape room expierence!! Difficult but doable!Friendly personnel and accommodating.I recommend this location!!

Review №41

NO STARS from me but google is making me put one anyway just to post this review. The owners are very rude and highly childish. My experience at this place was a waste of my time and I will never give them my business again and I recommend no else does as well. The escape room in cocoa village is way better and the owners are awesome. Just a bad experience all the way around for me and my friends.

Review №42

My first time visit. It was very well played out. Only thing need to fix is the 2 magnets wasnt being connected to open the metal under the microwave. Other than that it was fun.

Review №43

Me and the wife spent all day here yesterday. We played all 4 rooms they have and had a great time. John did a great job hosting us and is a really cool guy we laughed a lot with. We got addicted to the games and couldnt stop. I highly recommend this place. We beat the Dahlia room with 3 seconds left. We had a lot of fun!

Review №44

This was so fun! I enjoyed exercising my brain. The team there was very nice and helped us a lot. When she gave us clues she didn’t give us a straight answer, instead she gave us hints on what to do. I think this is a fun activity to do with your friends or family because it shows teamwork and practices cooperation.I enjoyed this and would definitely go again.

Review №45

We had a great fun night in the escape, it was very lively. The service was great and fun. Super exciting. Wanna come back for more!

Review №46

It was really good! The people were very nice here. We escaped the prison break with only 5 minutes to spare. The room was great and they are very good at hiding objects. I would definitely go back!

Review №47

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Rudest people Ive ever met and theyre oblivious to the fact that they treat their customers like trash. This place wont make it with their customer service the way it is.Response to owner: If you have to accuse me of a smear campaign because you have no other excuse to defend your rude behavior go right ahead. But anyone decent enough and with basic knowledge of customer service would know this is not how you respond to TRUTHFUL reviews even when they arent five stars. Change how you treat people and reviews like this wouldnt have to be posted.Response to owner: The evidence you are looking for is multiple experiences. Whenever someone has anything bad to say about your business you insinuate its a conspiracy theory and respond to them in a way that should never have happened. You treated my mother and brother poorly. If you have to email my father to ask him to remove a review it is obvious you are trying to hide your mistakes. Dont insinuate I dont know anything about business when I obviously have more education with basic business concepts such as customer service. Each of my family members are entitled to post whatever review they want when the service we received was so horrible and full of ignorance. You can keep responding trying to defend your actions but I think your time will be better spent trying to improve how you treat people.

Review №48

My family loved this!! We had a blast. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for fun.

Review №49

What a fun place to play at! I love the flying baby decor in the front also! This is a one of a kind escape room for sure. I havent been to one as fun as this, thanks Carla and Autumn you girls are the best!

Review №50

Me and my wife had a great time figuring out the rocket science escape room. I would recommended this room to someone who is looking for a challenge. Looking forward to comeback and try the other ones. Front Desk was super helpful and nice!

Review №51

This was GREAT! I had an amazing time; the guy at the front was very helpful when we needed it & he never gave away any of the answers. We did the Black Dahlia room & it’s really cool. This room is the hardest but it’s completely worth trying. We weren’t able to finish the room in time and he allowed us to stay until we figured it out in order to get the experience. You are told in the beginning where clues WOULD NOT be hidden; such as moving furniture or taking things off the wall. They elaborate what is to stay in the place it’s in. I recommend coming here, I had a great time!

Review №52

Visited with family/friends while on vacation, did the most difficult room and had a blast. Was well put together! Finished with 2 minutes to spare

Review №53

In no way do I take pleasure in leaving a sub-par review. The staff were very respectful and the owner was very nice.That being said, I’d like to be honest in my review, escape cocoa beach was the first escape rooms I’ve done. Jail break, black dahlia, etc.back then, those rooms compared to other escape rooms I’ve been too, even in Orlando.but I went back recently, things have changed, and not for the better.We won our escape room within 20 mins, this one I’ve never done before, this in itself isn’t a concern. But upon arrival we were informed that we would have to wait on another family, because they do “movie theater style”.With the 10 different companies I’ve participated in escape rooms with, I have never heard of “movie theater style”, now this wouldn’t be a problem, except Escape cocoa beach was one of those companies that didn’t do that before.This is bad, especially since more people means less to solve per player, or are needed for an individual puzzle, sometimes even no participation happens. This is not that we purposely exclude team members, but some people take longer to solve some things, and when someone gets the answer we all move forward, leaving others out who paid 30 bucks to be there and get involved.I felt horrible for the family with us, I tried to get them involved as much as possible, but my team kept finding the answers even though we tried to re-hide the clues for them to find, so they could have the satisfaction of at least finding something.And when I found a code I would ask them to input the code for me, to at least give them something to do, if not be able to solve things.As for the room, it’s not terrible, but it wasn’t good. This isn’t a comparison to other escape rooms either, this is in comparison to your own escape rooms back in your first two years of operation.Some puzzles were broken.For the sake of the escape room and my teams enjoyment, I had to pretend that some things did not just come apart. And I urged the others to find the clues that would solve, something that was already opened.This isn’t to shame Escape cocoa beach at all, this is an honest review from someone who genuinely enjoyed going here at one point in time.

Review №54

Cypress was really helpful and patient 10/10

Review №55

Awesome spot! Fun for the whole family. Looking forward to next years vacation. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №56

This place is great. We were in town visiting friends and they made the reservations to try it out. Im usually not up for places like this but I had a great time. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №57

BEST ESCAPE EVER!!!! I really had a great time with my friends, we had handcuffs on and was AWESOME, we really felt that we were locked up which makes the experience better. We had an excellent service , they really help us out with clues!!!!! Thank you so much guys for that, definitely coming back for more!!!!!!

Review №58

We had a great time! This is a good place to have fun with family. My kids had a blast. The staff was very friendly and proffesional. We are coming back to do the other 3 rooms.

Review №59

From the time we walked in to the time we left, we had a blast! We were entertained with the puzzles at the entrance, John was super friendly and helpful! We didnt escape but had fun trying!

Review №60

Most fun Ive had in along time. The staff there were nice as could be. great people great fun &will be back to do it again.

Review №61

I wasnt expecting to have as much fun as we did. I give this escape a 5 star for service and for the thought they put into it to make it so real. Thanks for the great time and we will be back!

Review №62

A group of us went on a rainy Sunday afternoon when our golf plans were stormed out, and it turned out to be a great way to pass the time!! Very fun concept and everyone got really into it and involved. Definitely recommend!

Review №63

We LOVED our time at the Escape Cocoa Beach!! We ended our day here after a long day at NASA. Naturally, we picked the Rocket Man room. There were four of us that did the room together, though we didnt book out the whole for ourselves, it just worked out that way. Two teens and two adults and we solved it with 5 minutes to go and only 3 small clues. We had a great time and would definitely go back!

Review №64

This place is so much fun. Family friendly. Dont expect to just walk in and be able to do an escape. Make reservations so no one is disappointed.

Review №65

This place was okay. It is on the smaller scale of escape rooms we have done. It does get hot in the rooms so keep that in mind. Staff was very friendly. We escaped. We will go again.

Review №66

We have been wanting to try an escape room and found them down here while vacationing in Cocoa Beach and we had an absolutely amazing time! Scott was an excellent escape master! He was so nice and made our first experience a blast! Absolutely recommended this escape room to anyone down in this area!

Review №67

1st time with Family it was great. We all had a blast and enjoyed it all. It was a unique experience with the family. I recommend it for everyone to do. We are planning to come back and do all the rooms. The owners were kind and courteous. The puzzles and hints were spot on. Thank you for your Service. Keep up the good work Semper Fidelis!!

Review №68

Had a great time, the staff was awesome!

Review №69

A great program to do with a group of friends, because the game has its difficulties, and the more thinking minds, the easier it gets. It catches your attention from start to finish. Ill go more often.

Review №70

AMAZING TIME WITH FRIENDS!We had a group of six and cannot count how many amazing laughs were had. We strategized together, laughed together, laughed at each other, and simply had a fun filled time. We will definitely be back to try another room.

Review №71

Such a nice, friendly staff! They made the experience great. Had an amazing time. Will be going back

Review №72

Wonderful place to go. Treat you like Family. Owners Ryan and Autumn make you feel special. Just took my 80 year old mother there today. She is still talking about it. Thank you guys we Live yall.

Review №73

John provided excellent service and made our experience beyond great. Very friendly, and enjoyable!

Review №74

We visited the escape room while on vacation. This was my first time doing an escape room but others in my group were veterans. The Black Dahlia room was a challenge as expected but was a lot of fun!

Review №75

When my wife and I vacationed in Cocoa beach we went to this Escape Room to see if we could make it out...Well thank God my wife was with me or I would still be locked in...They have 4 Different Escape Rooms and next trip here we will try another room...Had a blast..Thanks..!!

Review №76

This place had multiple different escape rooms to choose from!! My group and I did the Tremont st escape room and it was soo much fun!!! It challenged us while at the same time entertaining us!! I had a true blast and will definitely stop by next year on our family vacation

Review №77

Couldnt ask for more fun! My friends and I loved it and had a great time!

Review №78

They were really nice to us we went with our school and my small group liked it so much we went back to Escape cocoa beach later that day. They gave us clues when theyd see we were too stubborn to ask for some even though we were for sure stuck. I highly recommend

Review №79

Took my adult son and had a blast, the room was perfect for a night out! Thanks Ryan and Autumn, great service! Hope your foot gets better!

Review №80

90% of the time you call the owner or Scott will answer and will be “out of the office” if you leave a message with one the other one will not know and will call AGAIN asking for a solution to their problem.Paid for a team bonding experience for my daughter. We debated on rescheduling since most of the girls had a last minute event come up. We ended up moving forward and were told we had 5 comp tickets since they weren’t all used. My daughter has done several room with other companies for team bonding experiences and she wasn’t too impressed. I called last week and set up a reservation for those 5 tickets on Thursday at 7. On Monday they called to tell me they cancelled my reservation. When I called back I talked with the owner and he said they had a corporate party coming and he needed the money, I guess it was forgotten that I had also paid. Escape Cocoa Beach please keep my money and my tickets, especially when you cancel on locals. We’ve done lots of experience with 321 Escape and was offered a discount when I told them how you cancelled us for a corporate event.

Review №81

I attended this facility on July 3rd, mid day. My party of 5 had a great time playing and overall a great experience. Even after some payment trouble and confusion they refunded me accordingly and took care of me as a guest.

Review №82

I highly recommend Escape Cocoa Beach. The staff is great and the experience is out of this world !! You wont be disappointed.

Review №83

The people are super fun and nice and the rooms are very well done.

Review №84

Had the time of my life doing these rooms I have done them all now because I love them! A couple of them are a little bit difficult but that makes it even more fun.

Review №85

Great fun! Great service! Weve gone to a lot of escape rooms and this one is top notch.

Review №86

We got out! The team had a great time. Inly needed 2 clues.

Review №87

Great room!! The staff is very nice!! I highly recommend!! We had a really good time!

Review №88

Friendly staff. Very nice rooms. Lots to do

Review №89

It was fun. I took my whole family. They have four different rooms, each with a different scenario. Its a little pricey, but its something fun and challenging that gets everyone to work together.

Review №90

Wouldve been better if clues were better and props were of the time period in which the story is based. Still worth the time and money, very fun.

Review №91

Great place!! I loved Black Dahlia room!Definitely i will come back

Review №92

Awesome place, amazing staff and super friendly. Will definitely be back for more!

Review №93

My first escape room. Was a great experience we escaped with 17 minutes left and only asking for 1 clue!

Review №94

The staff was terrible and didn’t even know what was going on. Great escape room but oblivious staff. Not worth the money!

Review №95

Great escape room, very well thought out puzzles. Very creative with varying difficulties. Staff were excellent and helpful. 10/10 would go again.

Review №96

Is a place where you can have a lot of fun go to the beet juice and lady and have a good time they got a lot of restaurants motels resources that you enjoy its a very place to enjoy your vacation

Review №97

Worst experience we’ve ever had. We called to book a room for up to 9 people, two of us weren’t able to make it as they weren’t feeling well but when we got the place the front ladies who were very rude told us that we had to pay for 9 people regardless even though our friends couldn’t make it. The front lady put us in touch with the owner who couldn’t care less and went ahead and charged us $32 per person. We never even went in, this absolutely ridiculous, find something else to do in Cocoa Beach.

Review №98

Escape Cocoa Beach was decent and did well to pass the time. However, my husband and I do these frequently and this one wasn’t super great. The clues were very basic and we didn’t find it very challenging. There was not much tech involved either. Our game guide often gave us too much help when we had a small question. We prefer to solve as much of it on our own as we can. We started with their hardest room and one of the locks had not been reset allowing us to easily escape towards the end. Also, there was only one staff member there which hindered our ability to receive clues in a timely manner when other parties arrived. Overall, a good start for beginners.

Review №99

Absolutely horrible. The lady gave me an attitude as soon as I walked in because I didnt understand how their iPad log in system worked. Then 10 minutes into the room the tattooed guy at the front desk accuses us of breaking something when it wasnt properly set up. They also promised us a full refund and we only received half. Go to any other escape room but this one.Response to Owner: No one in my party mistreated any of the items in your room. Next time set the room up properly so that we can have a good time and not be berated for something we did not do. As for the smear campaign you claimed against my sisters review, this is not a smear campaign. This is honest criticism about the business you poorly run.

Review №100

Pretty good. Four different rooms to do.

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