Lido Cabaret
6400 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States

Review №1

The best caberat to be everyday of the week on the beach side. Hands down the best strippers in town the best bar service and the best security you can ask for. The Dj is so good with playing the right song for each dancer that goes on stage I LOVE IT! VIP dances are $20. Come with some money and enjoy drinks.

Review №2

Mike took care of us very welcome it was a over all good time. It’s the place to be always taken care of .

Review №3

Really only leaving this review for the guy in the bathroom dispensing soap for people washing their hands. Real cool guy. Had a great time hanging out in there.

Review №4

Amanda is the best waitress I’ve ever seen in my life. (Y’all and tatted). Never lose her or you’ll me.- the monster has risen

Review №5

Hey Dustin! The Guvna just ended Covid! The girls miss you!

Review №6

First time there and was very nice will be backShout out to Sabrina such a wonderful person and amazing and gorgeous you should go see her shes is all around amazing

Review №7

Shout out to Elizabeth, girl knows whats up. If you think its going downhill its either a) you havent been to one of these establishments before or b)you are scared of female contact. Its well worth the initial investment, just get over yourself because its worth the investment. That is all. For now.

Review №8

I know not a lot is open now, but I looked at the website and it said open....and I called and the message was Come on down, were I Uber there and the door is locked.Bummer.......

Review №9

Hands down the best club I’ve ever worked in. Club is beautiful and immaculately clean. Manager and the girls welcomed me with open arms. At $20 a song for a dance (dancer keeps all) I’ll be driving over from Tampa Bay to work here. Impressive- a definite must see!

Review №10

Great atmosphere beautiful girls will visit again

Review №11

Fun time. Reasonable drinks. Friendly bartender. And hot. Chevelle is simply gorgeous

Review №12

FYI...Beware of signing the form they give you if you deside to run a tab on your CC/ATM card. They place a $20 hold on your account and wont bother warning you. Management said that thats their policy. With all the different bars in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach I have never had a bar charge my bank card that wont come off for 3-5 business days. I would have given them a zero, but you cant. Go to Cheaters instead!!

Review №13

Terrible experience. I was dancing with a girl and she started to fight with another girl while dancing with me. The manager did nothing and instead was mean to me instead of apologizing to me. Keep your money and don’t waste it in this place.

Review №14

Has been my ATF for year . Never disappoints. exceptional talent and clean safe fun atmosphere

Review №15

Man this place is going down hill! I used to think this was the best gentlemens club in town. Seems like the atmosphere is changing. Used to have girls that would come over and sit and talk for a sec before asking for a dance but not anymore its turned into wanna dance? Lots of girls I will give them that but they all are the same body type and the bouncers are not the same the used to care about the customers and the girls now they dont care at all. Going down hill and fast!

Review №16

There are soo many things wrong with this establishment. For one the female door host that was there Wednesday night literally had coke on her nose/face. I went in with a friend who travels as an entertainer because she was interested in seeing what the club was like Incase she decided to work there. Before we even said anything to the coked out door hostess she says “ no we aren’t hiring”. We asked to look around anyway and when we did, we saw a dancer giving a hand job in the corner. We said the place was disgusting and left. As we were walking out the hostess yelled “ we definitely wouldn’t hire N*****’s here”. My friend and I are biracial. Avoid this club if you want class

Review №17

Had a great time! Nice place, very pretty girls!

Review №18

I find this establishment menacing/playful because of the way the optical suggestions of the spatial relationships brings within the realm of discourse the eloquence of their pieces.In short it was a lot of fun and would go again I came back to cocoa beach.

Review №19

Second time here. Great atmosphere and setting. Girls are pretty and friendly. Waitress passing by often asking if we needle something. Welcoming environment, plenty of parking. Drinks are great, dont get that quality service in Jersey. Highly recommended

Review №20

Found out last night that Chicago Mike is leaving and this upsets me a lot. I would consider myself a regular and could always count on Mike to make sure myself and the girls were safe. He is always professional and I never saw him do anything even remotely inappropriate. In the last 2 months or so the place has started slipping. A year ago I would have given them 5 stars but the atmosphere has started to change and not for the better. The quality of the girls has gone down too. Diversity has gone away, all the girls are starting to look the same.

Review №21

My wife and I had a really great time last night. Top notch club. Jessica the bartender was really fun to hang out with. She made good drinks and kept us laughing and entertained all night. Thank you Jessica! Alex the manager was very professional and took good care of us as first time visitors, always stopping by to see if we needed anything. Thank you Alex!This was my wifes first visit to a strip club and she had a blast. I dont believe that other review below about ignoring couples, that is just a load of crap. We were treated great. When I would tell the girls this was her first time they made her feel welcome, did not pressure her for her first dance and when she did finally get dances she was not disappointed. Milan even gave us a couples dance - amazing! All the dancers we had were amazing girls. A big BIG thanks to Milan, Rose, Mandy and another girl (who I cant remember her name, sorry). Especially Milan, your a sweetheart!Their website doesnt do it justice. Im sure the turn over in girls like at any club is high so they cant put them all on the site but let me tell ya they had a lot of girls and they were all hot.Even the bathrooms were clean and the mens had an attendant who was courteous, not pushy and johnny on the spot. Great touch.So keep it up Lidos! We will be back for sure! Thanks for the great night!Mike & Robin

Review №22

I live in Orlando but i have been to cocoa at least once every 6 months (as i was born and raised here). i have driven through about 15 states (and have stopped to check out similar places along the way) but tonight was the first time i have stepped foot in a club in cocoa and it was on par with the clubs in Philadelphia which were the best strip clubs i have been to to this day... you just have to find the right girland the bartender was amazing

Review №23

10-17-17Not a bad place.Good bartenders.Good looks gals. Not pushy.Will chat to customers.Fair drink prices.

Review №24

Im not a frequenter of mens clubs so dont have a lot of comparisons to make. What I can say is that the staff is friendly, most of the dancers amazing, and one in particular that gave Navy Dad some beautiful memories. When Im in Cocoa Beach again Ill definitely go back.

Review №25

Great club!!! Although I showed my appreciation to all the ladies. DO NOT miss the opportunity to get a dance from the very beautiful ALLIE. She was a pleasure to talk with and the dances from her were simply unforgetable!LOVE YA, ALLIE!!! SEE YOU NEXT TIME :)

Review №26

Its ok. It was better at 1 point. But is just average now. Its usually pretty empty. I gave it 4 stars because I had some good times in the past there

Review №27

This place ive been 3x its sold place to visit since ive started visit new clubs thou im more of a urban type club guy its decent theres plenty of girls mostly white some hispanic and black idk bout drinks cus i dont drink at the strip club my first experience here was meh the second time was lit 3rd time it was kinda meh not many girls that night it was Saturday the stuff is cool and its two way contact but overall its a ok clubThen i came here for new years it had alot of girls but wayyy to many customers and alot of em left cus ot was open til 4 it was a okay trip not that mind blowin

Review №28

Dancers are great. Rest of the employees were garbage. Tried to start a tab and only had my temp debit card because my wallet had just been stolen. Wouldn’t start one even with my ID. Always been able to do that anywhere else.The big Mexican bouncer snatched a full beer out of my hand and threw it away as closing time approached. My 3rd beer of the night. Then as we were sitting outside waiting on our uber he stole my phone. 15 mins later he walks outside with it and was smashed to pieces and says he found it. Dirt bag

Review №29

Worse bar ever in town moved here 2 months ago, staff and bouncers just want to steal your money they are right and your wrong always !!!!Joke

Review №30

Had a great time here! Some of the dancers were very outgoing but there was quite a few that just kinda brought the vibe down! Rude, didnt care to really dance even but for the most part it was alright my group of friends werent complainin!!

Review №31

Lidos is my fav place I cocoa beach. ROOOOSSSEEEEE!!!! Had the most fun out of the clubs in town. Girls are great layout is set.

Review №32

Well managed and the girls are friendly

Review №33

Went there friday last was my first time there bartenders were hot asf....dancers were nice and tiny and beer prices were decent.....good variety....cant wait to go back

Review №34

Well I first rated it a five star then I realized that when I got back home this place charged me three times on my debit card and then it charged two times for ATM charges so I wouldnt be coming back not with a card anyways.

Review №35

Best on the beach. Beautiful women and awesome bartenders! Other clubs do not compare, not even close.

Review №36

I have been to all clubs in the area and Lidos is my favorite. This is the only club where the dancers actually look happy to be there. Some girls dont look so good but they have a decent average of attractive girls. Unfortunate thing about strip clubs is nobody does this as a career so you mighy see a hot girl one week and a few months later she no longer works there. I dont like drinking too much where I have a lot of cash on me so Im not sure what the drink prices are. I belive domestic beers are $4. Entrance is usually $7 unless its a dead afternoon. Decent number of girls and honestly a happy good vibe environment. Dances are $20. Some girls are really into it and enthusiastic and a few just do the same move the whole dance and bore you but no place is perfect but this is the best in Cocoa area. Never had any type of problems or major disappointment here like the other places so I always come here now about every 3 or 4 months I go.

Review №37

Too expensive.

Review №38

UPDATE: Down to one star for an argumentative manager who swears that liquid cocane is a fireball.Lots of new girls who were supposedly told specifically not to pay any attention to couples. Me and my guy were told by girls things ranging from Im scared of couples to we arent suppose to waste time on couples, on top of being flat out ignored while tipping at the front. In fact, after being ignored by one stripper, she jumps back over to us and demands that we tip her because we were sitting in the front.

Review №39

Good bar service except a 45 YO stripper stole $160 from me when she said she had to change. Do not go to this place.

Review №40

Love this place!

Review №41

The day time girls are amazing pandora alice athena cassandra leighann are beautiful the drinks are great music is awesome great bartenders

Review №42

Best club in Cocoa. Chick are hot and the drinks are cold

Review №43

I was not impressed.Your entertainment staff is eh at best.

Review №44

DO NOT GO HERE!!! THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY! Atm was broken and took 50$ from me. Managment said they couldnt do anything about it!

Review №45

Alexis made our night. Wed never comeback without her.

Review №46

This place sucks compared to the inner room. The women are not as attractive and the music sucks too. I dont think I will come here again.

Review №47

Just seen a parking lot fight buddy pulled out the strap 5/7/16. The manager ole short sweaty ass, plus the bouncers were weak Af

Review №48

Happy hour, the best!!

Review №49

Horrible place. If I could give it zero stars if I could.

Review №50

Great girls fun to party wit

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:6400 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States
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  • Phone:+1 321-784-1022
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Night club
Working hours
  • Monday:12pm–2am
  • Tuesday:12pm–2am
  • Wednesday:12pm–2am
  • Thursday:12pm–2am
  • Friday:12pm–2am
  • Saturday:12pm–2am
  • Sunday:12pm–2am
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Upmarket:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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