5450 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States

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The ladies were all so sweet and beautiful. Good dj and bartenders were nice as well :)

Review №2

No cover charge is you go on Tuesdays around 1300hrs, sexy strippers are out there.

Review №3

Had a very good night! Drinks were strong that night as well :)

Review №4

Me and the wife had much fun in our vacation the bartender was very nice took shot with us the girls was talented and was never a dull moment on a Tuesday to my surprise nice crowds.. but especially con las Venezolanas gracias por una noche de éxito mi amors..... Cuídate

Review №5

Give this place 5 stars if you were there on Sat 9/21/19 please. I see a lot of bad reviews but they also seem to be a year or more ago. Maybe something has changed with ownership or the girls recently but I have a story to tell and how it was handled and I wanted to make sure the rating goes up overall and this stays at the top of any searches if there is a way for google or the owner of the establishment to make that happen. I doubt this is a place most people would review but I need to make an apology. I had a medical reaction last night to something unknown to me. I lost my grip on reality and I caused a scene but the staff handled things incredibly. I didn’t get in trouble or arrested I just embarrassed myself and no one got hurt but I caused a scene and I’m sorry. My wife was mortified but I cracked and it happens and sadly it happened there last night and I’m sorry to her and to the bouncers and to anyone else who makes their living their. I had an idea but I doubt anyone will listen and my wife thinks it’s illogical and she’s probably right. I like it here and I broke and the staff took care of me without being physical and without involving the law so I thank them and everyone there last night for that especially. I’ve had girls take my chair when I got the bathroom and it’s packed I saw that review too, it happens they’re only there a min or a few so let them sit and then when they leave you get your chair back. Ta da win-win for everyone involved. Been half a dozen times never seen anything negative until I caused it so 5 stars as many as possible please for this business.

Review №6

Would recommend if you want to get scammed and then beat up in the parking lot

Review №7

I thought the main purpose for going into a strip club was it feel like youre being treated like a king Ive never been treated so rudely in a strip club ever this little blond that was in there tonight thought it was okay to take my seat I asked her kindly to move her and the bouncer told me to go sit somewhere else so I left my beer sitting on stage and walked out about the only good thing about this place besides the scrawny anorexic looking broads that they have in there are the $5 shots they need to get rid of the trash that they keep having coming in there that gives you the urge to run a sandwich up stage and get some real drug free dancers if this is the best Cocoa Beach is got then I dont have nothing to do with it

Review №8

Very nice set up. A lil cold but lightning is nice and the decor is fancy. I would come again (Thursday night)

Review №9

Best place on the beach beautiful girls that know how to work there bodys was there last night and me and my wife had a great time they even showed my wife how to move like they do on my lap and her first time with a girl and i loved it and i got the better deal cause when we got home she rode. Me just as good as the strippers were thank you for teaching her now i can get a lap dance from my wife and that is just great my thanks to the few girls that helped her learn how to lap dance like a pro. Will be back next weekend.

Review №10

Its a good place to see some eye candy after a day of fishing or a day at the beach. Quite a variety of girls. Something for everyone.

Review №11

Had to pay 160$ for a dance just to be told by management that they were 25$.

Review №12

Apparently, those between 18 and 21 need to pay a $25 cover fee.

Review №13

I love going to a place that has girls of all shapes and sizes. Girls will come up and talk to you and are gracious for when you tip. Lots of talents, tasty drinks and candy for the eyes. Whats not to love?

Review №14

I always have a great time when i visit here, hott girls and friendly staff.

Review №15

Great place nice size an all different sizes an shades

Review №16

One star is too much for this place! But, I cant give zero stars its not an option. This is by far the worst place of them all. From their thug bouncers to to the trailer park dancers and even the methhead chick behind the bar. Stinks of smoke and disgusting restrooms. I would not even drink from their glass its a horrible horrible place. Save your time and money! Unless you are into trash then this is the place for you!

Review №17

Hot girls and a good time, where can u get a beer and free shot for only 3 bucks.The best girl is Sheila, hands down with her skills to get ya there. She loves herjob an does it very well, I am going back for her tonite.LOVE YA SHEILA,

Review №18

Here now in a Sunday night, 9:07pm. ONE entertainer. The bar staff is more attractive. Ah well, hits and misses

Review №19

I had a great time. I meet one of the lladies and she made me feel at home. Loved the atmosphere!!

Review №20

Big fat bouncer is a chicken shiv - afraid to deal or act on issues at club. Hire some real bouncers who can handle people when they act up.

Review №21

False advertising on beer specials and regular drinks charge more for domestics than advertised. Girls are ok for daytime usually atleast 1 good in the crowd.

Review №22

Its straight it was my first strip club but it was lit the 7× i went id reccommed it for your first trip to get you on deck and up to speed its lame now thou aint goin no more

Review №23

Love love love cheaters ! Best club on the beach, hottest girls, and they love to party and have a good time ! By far the best club in brevard

Review №24

For my first strip club the women are amazing. They deserve more, wish I could give it to them Schussler

Review №25

Were from the conservative state of ohio. We hoped for much better. Rude bouncers, and below average girls. Maybe diamonds is hard to compare to.

Review №26

Dude, let me explain my disappointment. This was the first real strip club I had been to, referring to the clubs in my city Orlando as fake because you cannot touch the dancers. I started coming here in 2014. And the first few times it was great and started declining in quality of dancers. Average dancers were 7 or 8. Now its more like 3s and 4s. I mean you automatically get a 2 just for having a heartbeat so thats not saying much. Half the girls are clearly drug addicts and one was even pregnant. Another looked like she just gave birth the previous day. And alot less girls are even there. Only 6 girls the most recent night on a Thursday April 2017. There is a Russian girl there who is an easy 9. A few show up sometimes that look decent rest are crack heads. Sorry. But I see no reason in returning when a good number of the decent girls from here went over to Lidos. Some girls are desperate for money and will let you touch where u shouldnt which is why they have someone in the private dance room WATCHING YOU all night he is there. Very uncomfortable and ruins the vibe. Drink prices and enterance fees good. Dancers, the thing you actually go for, not so much. Message to the owners stop hiring any crack head who wants to dance and hire ATTRACTIVE GIRLS. Hire me as an interviewer and Ill audition some good girls for you and get this place back to tip top shape.

Review №27

Killer place come in and check out the scenery grab a drink and have a good time.

Review №28

Wont answer my questions

Review №29

This is a very trashy establishment. It was a complete mistake just to set foot in this place. One of the strippers stole my very expensive designer sunglasses right off our table - you could not pay me to go back.

Review №30

Liars! NEVER go back for a dance. COST ME $150.00 tonight when I was told $25.00 and I am a long time customer!!! NEVER again!!!

Review №31

Got scammed by one of the dancers will never go back

Review №32

This club sucks. Its always empty. Girls looked like they picked them up off of the street

Review №33

The place is disgusting they have crackheads stripping and people sell coke and weed left and right including dancers I went inside the club and some girl literally said shell have sex with me for $300 the girls seriously do crack Im not playing its not worth anyones money

Review №34

Have a blast every time i go

Review №35

I give it three little stars

Review №36

Beautiful Cuban woman

Review №37

I rode my Hog here from California and was invited by the Warlocks to come here (Cocoa Chapter) we smoked some crack out back and then I dropped a load in one of the girls mouth while revving my motorcycle she now has Herpes Im sure of it

Review №38

I like this place I want see look like

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  • Address:5450 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States
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  • Phone:+1 321-799-3211
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