Hamilton Skate Place
Goodwin Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421, United States
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Nice place to skate but all the staff working are teens which usually I applaud and love to see but this time it kinda made it hard to get help. Would not recommend the arcade games. Many were broken and two took our money. Which we did not get back. When we turned in our tickets we had 68. The teen working the counter said my daughter could pick items. He only gave her two items which were clearly marked “ 5 tickets each” when I asked about it he said “ we were good” and she could not get any more. She was only given credit for 10 tickets even though her receipt showed 68. For that reason a lone I won’t go back. You get more for your money at other places like jump parks with arcade games. But if you are looking for just a place to skate it would be fine. It was clean and they made sure to have hand sanitizer available for your use.

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It was great. The staff took care of everything. The pizza was very good. The kids and adults all enjoyed the experience.

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Kids loves it here always haveGreat atmosphere and love the variety of music

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Hamilton Place Skate is a fun and family oriented place. Skating rinks havent changed much in the past 30 years... Snack bar, video games and skating. The prices here are very reasonable and I would highly recommend.

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Great place and very clean. My kids and I love it. Everyone is always pleasant that works there.

Review №7

I go there almost every Tuesday and the floor is great for Speed skating

Review №8

Kids love this place

Review №9

This is a fun place for the family for sure. Staff is always nice, Good food free pizza Friday from a certain time to another so thats cool. Rent or buy skates. lots of fun times here,We love it!!

Review №10

Such a fun place! Who doesnt love a good roller skating rink! Have been going here for years and its constantly been clean and the employees have been polite and helpful. Have had birthday parties here also and they have been a hoot! Thankful to have a well run roller skating rink so close!

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Fantastic Christmas Break skating sessions for kids to get indoor exercise during the cold and rainy season.

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This rink is very nice and clean, I have been many times and I recommend you go here. if you think this one is bad go to the one in Lafayette! My cousins work here and they work behind the snack bar and they are very nice. This is the best roller skating rink I have ever been to!

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Manager and staff very friendly

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Had such a awesome time with family before winter break ended. I really liked the skate helpers they had for the small children. No other skating rink that I know of has skate helpers.

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Its good on Thursday and Sunday. Too many kids on weekends with no parents running wild.

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Need better songs but other then that its awesome!

Review №17

Went two days in a row and skated for 9 hours on a Saturday, all for $10! Best rink Ive skated in. The staff are nice and friendly; drinks and food are reasonably priced! Shall go here from now on!

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I have been to this rink a few times but, when we went last night for a fun night out it was terrible. None of the children was chaperone, the rink was absolutely trashed, and drinks and food were allowed on the floor. If I could possibly give this a negative star I would but, that is not an option. I’ve been to so many skating rinks in the US and it absolutely disappoints me that in our own backyard this was one of the worst.

Review №19

Rude guy at the counter with the shaggy hair

Review №20

Great place to take my grandkids to skate and enjoy the music. Excellent attentive staff ..very well run.

Review №21

They always have security and kids activities! You can stay assured that ur child is safe! Good grpup of kids go every weekend.

Review №22

Had fun with the kids.

Review №23

Had my birthday there spent 5 hours there and best 5 hours Ive had in a while. They had very nice staff and really fun person that did the races. Will definitely be back next weekend

Review №24

Best skating rink Ive ever been to. Amazing DJ.

Review №25

Had a great time. Clean the carpets and the bathrooms, please.

Review №26

This is a fun place for the kids to skate around and goof off. The hard wood can be a bit slick for inline skates trying to make sharp turns be careful out there

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Always fun

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So amazingHad so much fun and won the adult race and got a free skate pass.

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Fun place to bring kids...good atmosphere. They have walkers on wheels that you can rent so that the little ones can get comfortable with skating without taking too much. The only reservation I have about this place is that the music sometimes gets a bit to loud when youre skating but otherwise highly recommend it. Be sure to checkout their website for what times they have their different events and themes

Review №30

Our kiddos had a blast and I didnt have to worry about them seeing inappropriate behaviors from unsupervised teenagers. We love to skate and well be back to this location.

Review №31

It was exactly as it was 15 years ago literally and Im not complaining! My daughter and I had so much fun!

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Its a great place to hang out with your friends especially on saturday which is hip hop night!!

Review №33

Clean, nice floors, but to many little little kids out late skate. Skating not what it use to be. Good work out though

Review №34

Great work

Review №35

80s skate night was a blast!!

Review №36

I bring my great granddaughter here several times a year. She always has a good time and we meet some of the nicest people.

Review №37

I love hanging there with my friends every weekend !

Review №38

We had a great experience! Staff was kind and helpful across the board. I have a baby that nurses regularly hand they were absolutely accommodating in every way. My bigger kids (6&7) and husband had an absolute blast. We’ll definitely be back!

Review №39

We had a blast the day you had an event for foster children

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Great place to have fun with family and friends.

Review №42

Great facility for skating and kids birthday parties.

Review №43

Had a great time at my granddaughters birthday party. Havent skated in 20+ years and brought back such great memories as well as had a blast with the grandchildren!

Review №44

Great place to have fun with friends or even by yourself or family.

Review №45

Love this skate place! Nice n helpful workers.. Awesome owners!!! We take all our kids as much as our pockets will let us!!! Lol NOT SMOKEY!! KIDS HAVE A BLAST! NOT VERY EXPENSIVE EITHER!!! (++++)!!!

Review №46

Very helpful staff. Made for a good time.

Review №47

Best skating rink in Chattanooga!

Review №48

They have a helpful and friendly staff that are very patient with the kids. Prices are great and the place is clean. They have a lot of arcade games and will host birthday parties as well. Great place to hang out and take the kids.

Review №49

Nasty skates, broken vending machines and arcades, food still frozen, and they took my nieces birthday presents and gave them to another party to take home. Took 20 minutes to find them and the customer service people were ridiculously rude about the whole situation. Not going back!!!!

Review №50

The Roll in cafe staff was very rude I placed a order for 2 pepperoni pizzas and there was a long wait between the pizzas being brought. I asked staff for several waters none was given also waited 2 hours for sk8 helper after named was skipped over please hire better staff!

Review №51

Cheap fun for the family. Kids always have a blast!! The staff there are amazing

Review №52

Its was fun skating with family.

Review №53

Had a lot of fun.. great place..

Review №54

I spent 30 dollars for 2 dollars to skate i thought was outrageous but my kids love this place

Review №55

So, previously I gave a 5 star review; however, that was before I booked my daughters 9 year-old birthday party there. That was probably one of the worst experiences Ive ever had. I paid $140 to have no hostess cut our cake.... No candles.... And to be told I had to pay for WATER... OUT OF THE FAUCET! We literally paid for what?! 10 pieces of pizza and a pitcher or Sprite... Thats it. The party room is a joke. We opened presents and took pictures outside of the party room at the regular tables. Such a waste. The skating was fun but there were literally no other perks to paying that amount of money. Go skating here, yes. But, do not book a party here. It makes no sense.

Review №56

Had a blast! Been around 20 years since Ive skated and my wife and I had a really great time. Great family fun!

Review №57

Don’t go on a Friday night because lots of teens go there to vape and make-out. The staff did nothing about it and I bet things worse then that could happen when nobody is there so it is not the best place for kids on Friday unless you are okay with exposing your child to the stuff listed. Also the place is so unsanitary and I did not even want to go into the bathroom.

Review №58

We had a wonderful time the last visit... But this was an awful experience. People were packed on the rink, yet still trying to go fast. I caught elbows all night, my daughter was hit in the face with a skate as someone jumped over her, and people of all ages were pushing people of all ages. Texting and skating. We left early. Probably will not return until summer. That way, we can go during the week. I love this place... But we cant skate under those conditions.

Review №59

Great family fun is how I would best describe Hamilton Skate Place. Big enough skating area to accommodate 50+. They have plenty of coin operated machines for those who need a break from skating. The food is typical pizza, hotdogs and nachos. I ordered a slice and it was cold but they replaced it with a fresh hot slice immediately when I told them. No complaints and my lil girl loved it so we will be back.

Review №60

Dated but fun.

Review №61

A fun place for the family.

Review №62

Had a wonderful time with my little friends. Enjoyed watching and helping them learn to skate!!

Review №63

This was lots of fun, I would definitely recommend this place, coming again soon!

Review №64

Best skating rink in Chattanooga. Friendly staff, plenty of skating hrs and themed nights. Priced fairly, nice family atmosphere. They do offer cups of water for free. Rolling walkers for small children available for $5 deposit with a rebate of $2 upon return.

Review №65

Helpful staff, great prices and loads of fun! We had a group of mixed ages that had an absolute blast on open skate night!Feeling energetic?Participate in one of the events like a race around the track broken into age groups!Will you be the King or Queen of the rink tonight?!?Too fun!

Review №66

Nice staff great mixed crowd

Review №67

Fun place. Family night is on Friday.

Review №68

All ages there

Review №69

Hamilton Skate place is one of my families favorite places to go in Chattanooga. They having skates, fun game section where you can win prizes, and snacks accessible for the whole family. Never a dull moment at this place. Also they have gospel night so you can chose what crowd you want your kids around.

Review №70

Its a good place to take the kids...good music and they dont tolerate any bad behaviors such as pushing in the rink or any kind of harassment from anyone towards anyone. Its a very laid back and enjoyable place to let the kids enjoy them selves for a bit. And on Fridays they have a great deal for skate time, skates and unlimited pizza and soda all for 12 bucks per person!! You cant beat that!!! Shoot we spend that much just to get pizza much less get to get out and have fun too!! I definitely recommend Skate Place!! My only complaint is theres really not enough seating for the parents that choose not to skate. I ended up sitting on the floor for three hours which wasnt real comfortable but it was worth it to see my kiddo have some fun!!

Review №71

Alot of fun but they should take song request

Review №72

Had my Grandsons Birthday [email protected] this place!!!Great for Children of all ages!!!!

Review №73

I Love it here everyone was nice. The children had an amazing time and so did I. Skating was fun. I loved skating although iCant skate. It was a great experience. Thanks you guys. It was a blast.

Review №74

Staff is awesome low prices and just straight fun

Review №75

New staff members are awesome!!!

Review №76

Great place to take the family. Thursday night Christian music

Review №77

SO much fun! I went here for a birthday party with my daughter recently. There is lots of parking the building is huge and clean. The music and entertainment for the kids and grown ups alike make it a fun time for the whole family. There is a cafe for food, plenty of seating and a huge rink for showing off your fancy footwork. Rolling support bars for kids let even little ones in on the action. I only wish there was a separate, smaller rink for small children to practice away from the pros. Rent some skates or bring your own. This was oodles of fun and conveniently located across from Hamilton Place.

Review №78

Great place, fun and clean, very friendly staff. Great place to take the kids!

Review №79

Nice rink but need better rentals otherwise great place

Review №80

It is always great to come out to skate, but the Halloween Jason Run event is not appropriate for children under 12 or 13. Several parents were complaining that brought children that were under 10 because they were dang near trampled by bigger kids. The skating rink advertised this event and signs were at the front door, but ppl chose not to read.

Review №81

Very good and fun

Review №82

We found the staff, the atmosphere, the food perfect for a day out with the kids. I love that they have skating classes on Sat 9:30. My granddaughter loves it. It has improved her self-esteem while strengthening her physically. We love the staff, they are so friendly and helpful. I would suggest there be a a stand on each table that reviews skating etiquette . Many...especially newcomers dont know so the family cant review with their families before they go in the skating rink. Many people dont know about the training classes that can improve a childs ice all confidence and physical endurance. The kids love it and its good family fun.

Review №83

Cool. Place to hang. Kids love it

Review №84

It was pretty fun, havent skated for a while so it was fun

Review №85

Kids had a blast- burned off all the excess energy!Good value and the pizza was honestly delicious!

Review №86

Love this place, staff is always friendly and helpful. Try to take the kids at least once a month and we always have a blast!

Review №87

My grandkids absolutely love this place, we go very often

Review №88

Fun place for a date and to take your kids... It brings back memories from the past! Check out their website, cause sometimes they have deals going on!

Review №89

Great value for the money! Roller skating is awesome!

Review №90

Great place for adults, kids and families. Fun and clean environment. Prices are reasonable. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №91

Very nice place and they have the best skating assistance for younger kids and just people in general that needs help skating.

Review №92

Worst place Ive been

Review №93

I truly enjoyed Adult only night.

Review №94

Had a wonderful time with son and niece. Fair prices on food, tickets, and prizes. Enjoyed blackout, limbo, and other games. Staff kept kids entertained.

Review №95

Me and kids loved it. It was our second time being there

Review №96

Great place to skate.Just wish the would not fool little kids - my daughter won the skate race and got a free drink, but they would not give a slush to her ($2). Just Sprite or Coke ($1.5). The did not even offer me to pay the difference of half a buck.

Review №97

My kids and I love this place

Review №98

It was a great family fun get together and the all you can eat pizza and drinks was a bonus we all enjoyed.

Review №99

You cant put rules on kids !! Very stupid it get sometimes.. They try to play games but very few cares about it , just skip the game time and let the kids do whatever they want . Its clean place and very friendly staff members also affordable really. It could have been a five stars but it has to be perfect and its not.

Review №100

We had a great was great.staff was very friendly and helpful.

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