Studio Movie Grill
5336 Docia Crossing Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States

Review №1

Great atmosphere. The food was good. I had two margaritas, Im not sure if they actually had alcohol in them. The wait staff must have been busy, because they kept forgetting to bring us food and drink items that we ordered. However, this is the first week of opening and some things can get off track.

Review №2

First time going to this theater. Tuesdays, all day is $5 + tax. Beautiful facility and very roomy. Bathrooms were nice and clean. Full size bar with flat screen TVs. Roomy booths and tables in bar area. The servers were very nice and knowledgeable of the menu. Leather reclining seats and nice size attached tray with service button. Extensive food and beverage menu. Flatbreads, sliders, burgers, salads, wraps, fries, tacos, popcorn and more. Beer and cocktails are also on the menu.The only reason Im not giving 5 stars is because the theater temperature wasnt comfortable. This was January and the temperature wasnt warm inside. I was glad I wore a sweater. Also, it took 20 minutes for them to bring my husband his beer. He was almost finished eating by then.The place is less then 5 minutes from where we live so I will definitely be coming back.

Review №3

My wife and I decided to give this place a try based on the fact that it’s a restaurant and movie theater. While the movie theater was fine, the restaurant left a lot to be desired.The good:The theater was clean and the overall appearance was modern and inviting. The staff were all friendly and helpful. Reclining seats and stadium seating were nice touches as well although most theaters offer this nowThe bad:While the concept of ordering from your seat is a novel idea, the practicality of of trying to read a menu in the dark while shouting your order over previews or the movie itself wasn’t the bestThe ugly:The food was sub par at best. The food came out warm (not hot) and tasted more like fast food than a sit down restaurant. The appetizers came out after the entree. At no time did anyone check on us to see if we needed anything (refills etc.) and the plates were not cleared but were still sitting there when we left. The prices were way too expensive for middle school cafeteria grade food.Overall:It’s fine for a theater but don’t waste your time on the food. You can eat better elsewhere for less

Review №4

This brand new movie theater has great new features, but is still working out some kinks. The servers didnt close out any tabs and all of us after the movie had to seek out someone to help us pay our bills. The food is the same microwaved food you find at other SMG locations. Our fries and burgers were lukewarm. It was nice to be in a brand new theater with seats that reclined all the way though.

Review №5

The concept is great and once the servers are trained and comfortable, itll be 5 star worthy. We waited 45 minutes before we got our drinks. We got all of our food before we got our drinks and had to ask for them at least 4x. Seats are comfortable and movie experience is decent - no issues there! If you buy your tickets online, you still have to go to the ticket counter. The QR code is not your ticket.

Review №6

Went to see 4pm movie, awesome experience. Greeted upon entrance, sat at bar until theatre was available. Bartender was great! Entered theatre placed an order, server was very attentive food came out before movie started. Reclining seats, soft comfy. We enjoyed ourselves. We will be back, only 7 minutes away from us.

Review №7

Just found out about this place as I just moved to the area. Nice clean theatre. Image and sounds quality is pretty good. Comfortable chairs. They bring food to your seat and that works pretty well... Except then you have to deal with eating in the dark (which is just the nature of the game) they also serve alcohol, which is great if thats what you like

Review №8

Have been to this location of SMG twice. Both times have been great. Be aware that servers will be in and out, and they do try to be unobtrusive, but just saying: its probably not the best place to see a quiet, serious movie. The biggest challenge is actually not getting food on yourself, because youre eating in the dark! Popcorn is a favorite movie snack for a reason. The front desk and servers have been very polite and helpful and I enjoyed the food & drink. (The strawberry lemonade is delicious and large.) Food and drink prices are on par with other movie theaters. Seats are comfortable and they definitely keep this place clean.

Review №9

Second time here and both times the same thing. Movie theater is nice. $5 Tuesday makes a great movie night. Too bad the service leaves a lot to be desired. You order and you may or may not get what you order. Even after asking multiple times. Would love to say something good about food but we dont seem to get it served or it was so late it was cold by the time you get it. Go for the movie but beware on service.

Review №10

Nice layout. Service needs a lot of work. Paid for tickets online. Was told to be at theater 20 minutes early for 9:00 show. Arrived early as requested. Was not allowed into theater until 9:10. Ordered food. After 30 minutes, food never came although everyone else around us that ordered after us were served. When asked about our meal, we were told the kitchen was behind because they were so busy. This happened on 2 other occasions throughout the movie. Food never arrived. But the bill for the food did come towards the end of the movie. Really??? Will stick with regular theaters. #done

Review №11

The theater is beautiful and very clean.. seats were comfortable,but the service was extra slow.. we ordered our food before the movie started and did not receive our meals til the movie was half way through the movies... we asked for a refill of our drinks and we didn’t get it til the movie was about to end...the only thing that came out quick was the bill...

Review №12

Love that we have this nearby! Modern, clean, fun, convenient, comfy, great service and good food. What can i say other than go check it out for yourself. I see my husband and I being regulars here. Keep up the great work

Review №13

This place is awesome. Staff is professional and always smiling. The staff appearance is nice and neat. Facility is clean including the bathroom when I came in last night I felt the positive energy. The chairs are comfortable. The ice cream Sunday is great I will continue to come to this place because its wonderful. They have a bar and a grill prices are reasonable. I think everyone should come out and give this place a try my new spot

Review №14

Saw star wars with my son the other day... was one of the best movie experiences we have ever had. Staff was amazing, friendly, and very helpful. The food was great and servers were on point and fast. This is going to be our new go to place for movies. Highly recommend!!!!

Review №15

Great experience. Staff is wonderful, especially Andre at the bar. Very cool concept, no concession stands but has full bar and restaurant with seating where you check in. Order all food from a big menu any time in theater up until last 15 minutes. Just a heads up, they pre-auth your card when you place your first order and even after the final charges clear, the initial hold does not until days after the final bill clears - so just so you know you may have extra holds on your funds until the pre-auth drops off. Otherwise, great experience. Seats are electric for footrest and has a tray. I do wish they had some kind of dim light on trays as it make it difficult to see your food in a dark theater. Brownie sundae was amazing and popcorn was decently priced compared to most. I was actually surprised at how reasonable the prices for the menu were considering the nature of the service.

Review №16

Its a better theater compared to a similar theater we recently went to. In comparison, its new and updated. Food was ok and competitively-priced. We went for the first time and was relatively pleased in spite of a little technical problem with the reclining chairs, which was oddly not working. A helpful staff member tried to find a seat where we can move to, but odd as it was, whole row behind us and ones below us were all non-functioning. We ended up at the very top row. Also, our server was on-training, so that added to our little adventure. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Great option for a date night especially when seats are working!

Review №17

Ehh microwave food ...service is okay. I will come here for a movie as the seats are comfy and atmosphere is cool. But if you’re looking for good service and good food this ain’t it. I asked for condiments 3 times 3 different people ... an hour and a half later still no luck on condiments food is cold at this point and they didn’t seem to care when I complained. They’re new so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt but I’ll never order food again.

Review №18

I love the atmosphere here. Great job with the design and furniture. The service still needs to be watched and tuned. Even though it appears there are a number of servers to assist, the ticket times are still very long.

Review №19

I had a very nice experience. Everything was clean. The staff were friendly and helpful. The seats were nice in the theaters as well. I wish the seats reclined a bit but they were good over all. I cant wait to go back.

Review №20

I am a huge fan of Studio Movie Grill and I was excited the moment they announced they were going to open at this new location (back in 2018). I finally got a chance to go there tonight. The place was very nice and clean. They also have a dine-in area so you don’t have to see a movie if you don’t want to. However, my order took around an hour to arrive (it was fresh though). This is the only complain and I made sure to communicate this with one of the managers, and he was very friendly and professional.

Review №21

This was a horrible experience. I went to see a movie with my husband and we ordered our food during the previews. We ordered the 2 for $28 deal. This game with appetizers, two entrees, and a dessert for $5. The movie was an hour 45 minutes long. Midway through we received our drinks. After an hour we received the wrong appetizer with no napkins or utensils. I hit the button for service and someone showed up 15 minutes before the end of the movie. I explained how we paid for our meal and did not receive it. The waitress said ok and left. No one came back. Once the movie was over we had to wait in a line to speak with a manager because we weren’t the only ones who had a terrible experience or missing food. Unfortunately this theater is 5 min from my home and my family were excited to have an awesome place in our neighborhood, but I’m not happy with the result.the bathrooms were disgusting as well.

Review №22

Kayla Who works at the front is so sweet! She convinced me to get gift cards as gifts for this holiday season. Theater is super clean, chicken tenders were amazing. I live 2 minutes away and love having a movie theater so close.

Review №23

Keep in mind this is being written after less than a month of them being open. The theatre itself is great. Its comfortable picture was good, sound was not overwhelming - a good movie experience. The food itself was good, my daughter and I both enjoyed it. The service suffered a bit, I think mostly due to the newness of the place. The staff were doing their best, but they do have room to improve particularly in keeping up with orders in a much more timely fashion (I also overheard a few incomplete orders.) I expect that improvement will come with experience and will iron itself out over time.

Review №24

This place was great! We were greeted as soon as we walked in and the girl at the counter offered assistance immediately. My fiancée and I saw Star Wars last night and the experience was unlike anything we had before- we ate popcorn and drank a pitcher of margaritas! The staff made sure everyone in or theatre was taken care of and they were so discreet that I was never aware when they were waiting on someone else during the movie. Ava was my our server and she did a wonderful job! We will definitely be back!

Review №25

Overall, beautiful theatre and our server was phenomenal. I am giving two stars because near the end of the movie another high school waiter grabbed our check and double charged us. Had to cal bank to get the second charge reversed. I’m hoping this was a lack of communication and not some knuckle head trying to make extra cash.

Review №26

Cleanliness and food quality was worthy of 5 stars, but the service was below a 1. It took 30 minutes to take the order, then another hour to get food and drinks never came. Had to go get them myself. When leaving many people were online to speak with the manager. I understand if you are in a situation of being understaffed, but you should let people know upfront that there will be great delays if you order.

Review №27

Amazing experience here. Reclining seats, fast & friendly stuff. Amazing food and drinks. Parking lot is super small. Will definitely return

Review №28

Very clean new movie theater with nice atmosphere. Food Service is average. Food is expensive but the lemonade is really good. Waited until exact movie time before they seated us so no need to get here early.

Review №29

Friendly staff! Clean theatre! Wish the screens were a little bigger! Would love to see more healthy options on the menu.

Review №30

This place is so nice. Staff is so professional and kind. We had my mother in laws 80th Birthday gathering here. Over 40 people in our party and everyone was taken care of with the up most care. The food was great, and the sits were comfortable. Great experience.

Review №31

Best experience ever! I love to eat and the menu has a GREAT variety, oh and don’t forget the reclining seats!! Will be back to visit, staff was great! Thank you Studio Movie Grill Prosperity!

Review №32

Brand spanking new movie theater (you can smell the new leather seats when sitting), looks sophisticated. its possible to get the theater to yourself (Im assuming until everyone hears about it). Has a bar/mini restaurant setup as well. Now for my negatives: seats do not fully recline like other theaters, arm rests do not fold up. And rotating mini table top, attached to arm rest, can be bothersome. Otherwise great spot.

Review №33

I had a wonderful experience at studio movie grill my food came on time and it was nothing short of delicious. A handsome young man named ej helped me gratefully and I enjoyed his charismatic attitude towards his job. Definitely will come back to see him.

Review №34

Its a clean facility. My drink was good. I ordered popcorn with pickle spice. Once I recieved my popcorn it was cold and tasted regular. When I got my refund I seen that the waitress didnt charge for pickle spice but she repeated in my order. Ughh! Oh well I guess I wont get to taste pickle popcorn from them. The employees are well mannered but I never got my popcorn for the movie which made it a bad experience. I usually love eating popcorn while Im watching a movie. I whether go somewhere to pick up my popcorn than to be serve.

Review №35

My daughter and I went here 2 days ago. She gave them her debit card for the food and drinks which came to $48.00. They took $96.00 out of her account. When she called them the lady told her it is a known issue they are aware of and not to worry it will refund in 5 business days. Why in the world would any business not warn their customers and they know this is happening?

Review №36

What a wonderful experience! So much fun to watch a movie and eat dinner at the same time! Staff is super friendly and helpful! Cheers to Ava and Jackson for their awesome service!

Review №37

Never again will I come back to this theater. Manager was rude. Customer service was horrible. Prices were ridiculous especially for how horrible the service was. Entrees came out before appetizers and had the nerve to be cold and dry. For the salad that was super dry that I ordered, the server told me it would be extra for dressing. The nachos I got had dried up cold cheese on it. And no one ever came to check on us throughout (refills etc) but when I pressed the button for them to come, they had attitudes. The bill was super high and the things that I returned because it was horrible I had to still pay for it. Never ever again. And even after I paid, my change was never given back. The manager stated they didnt have change. I had to laugh and leave and I just know never will I ever recommend this movie theater. The movie and seats were great. But the service was horrible. Save yourself a trip and go somewhere else. The studio movie grill on e trade st is way better. Go there!

Review №38

Figured I would give this place another try after horrible first experience. Again, disappointed with service. Drinks came out last, no utensils or napkins. First experience desert came out first, and appetizers last with no napkins or utensils. Seems like a simple fix but same issue 2x in a row. Today, my daughter had to eat her fruit bowl with her hands. Being a chain, I would think management would know how to run a place like this. Sadly, will not be returning.

Review №39

2nd time here. Facility is super nice. However kitchen seems to struggle. Both time our orders have been wrong. Tonight it took 25 minutes just to correct a wrong drink order. Then brought the wrong one again. There was only 10 people in theatre. Employees are very nice. Need to get the quirks worked out.

Review №40

When we entered the building, the door had text that was mirrored and it did not look like an entrance door. It looked like an exit only door; luckily there was an employee coming into work at the same time and he opened the door for us. An employee assisted with printing out our tickets. Before the movie, the mens restroom was out of soap. Yes each dispenser was out. I pressed the red light button to signal that the bathroom needed attention. When the movie was over, the red light was still on and the bottom still had no soap. Very disgusting to think about touching anything since no one was able to wash their hands. When the food came out, we were not given any napkins. I had to press the button and ask for them. When I asked for the napkins, I also requested an additional ranch dressing and it took over half the movie to get it; I had to press the button once more and remind a staff member that we were waiting. For the price for the movie and food, it was a disgusting and aggravating experience.

Review №41

First the good:– the staff was super friendly and helpful– the seats were comfortable– everything was clean and newNow the not so good:- the hamburgers were dry and bland- the macaroni and cheese tasted off- the quesadilla was overcooked- I bought the tickets early by going to the theater. I showed a military ID and they said they were giving us a military discount, but there was no discount on the receipt. I didn’t realize it until I already paid for it and got back out into the car. I didn’t feel like going back in to have it corrected so I don’t know what they would’ve done or what the ticket price should be for veterans.This was our first time here and we decided that we don’t like eating in the dark. It’s a little creepy not being able to see the food.There’s no way of knowing if there’s hair in it or if the hamburger is cooked through without turning on a cell phone flashlight.It’s a nice concept to eat during a movie, but it doesn’t seem practical to eat in the dark so we didn’t care for it. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there for a movie and popcorn.

Review №42

This is such a beautiful place with beautiful people. I actually prefer this style of movie theater over AMC!

Review №43

A fun family outing with great food and drinks. Love, love, love $5 Tuesday!! I will definitely be back and look forward to a girls night out next time for 25% off all wine bottles.

Review №44

Cant wait for it to reopen.

Review №45

Great new theater option! Really glad we went while its fresh and new. Great staff, friendly, clean and food was good. A few different options from downtown location.

Review №46

Seats are great.Bar service in lobby was slow but drinks were good.Food was okay. Burger bun was hard as a Rock... I wwill definitely try again.

Review №47

Very nicely set up. Bar area near the lobby with TVs. Good drinks too. Friendly staff. Nice seating and theatres. Screens arent as large as AMC but still very nice

Review №48

Overpriced food and drinks. The manager was the only person who actually assisted. Bartenders were in their own world, had a poor attitude and repeatedly complained about the fact that it was busy and there were too many people. Well... it was Valentines Day, so what did you expect?Overall, they should hire more staff with a bit more experience, less complaining from staff would help as well. And definitely look at the price of your food and the small amount you provide. Might be my first and last time going there.

Review №49

The place looks fantastic. My only proble was that the waitresses portable card machine wasnt working. In the middle of the move she came over and brought my check, took my card,and came back like it was a regular restaurant. In the middle of the movie mind you..

Review №50

Seats are super comfy. The food is pretty good. Glad that I dont have to go all the way to the Epicentre anymore to enjoy Studio Movie Grill.

Review №51

Best movie experience you’ll find in Charlotte, NC! Definitely try the Coconut Tenders with Thai Chili when you go - best thing on the menu. Can’t wait to come back.

Review №52

Feature movie was great. The Invisible Man...however our Server was not so good. The burger and nachos were bad. Burger was dry and luke warm. Not worth the $15.00. However manager was empathetic and professional when told the situation. Ill give it one more shot....

Review №53

Great place. Fantastic service. Great food. Something for everyone on the menu. Well be back often.

Review №54

Great movie experience and our sever was awesome.. front door experience wasnt great, though.. very unclear what to do with fandango tickets and the person working the front wasnt into handing out free advice

Review №55

The one thing I can say about SMG is that service is consistently poor. We went to Epicenter location once and hated the service, but thought we would try this new one on Prosperity. I can promise we will NEVER be back. Seeing a movie is an experience (especially at todays prices) so poor service and employees that seem to hate their job as us customers inconvenience their lives is not worth my time or money.Since this is consistent I have to assume the issue is at the top. I advise leadership to begin valueing employees and teaching them to value us customers.

Review №56

Theyre still working out kinks (in my opinion) with the efficiency of the food delivery...but other than a few snags I encountered-it was GREAT! Impressed with how the old BiLo is now a SMG! I watched a movie in the dairy section ! I love the entire set up...its nice! The restaurant style booths, the bar, the self service kiosks, the comfy chairs, the spaciousness!!!! Great job!

Review №57

Clean and nice setup, perfect for a date night. It’s brighter and has more modern decor than the uptown location.

Review №58

The theater is very nice and new and seats were very comfortable. Food was not good but everything else was great.

Review №59

Clean. Friendly and welcoming staff. Great food. Seriously, this isnt your typical movie theater food at all. Coconut chicken tenders rock

Review №60

Great place. Very nice theater with a pretty good sound system at a good price. Didnt try the food.

Review №61

I am from out of town and went to a movie. I got thier early and had a seat at the bar. I was met by Jessica the bartender with a big smile. I was afraid to order my favorite drink but I did. I ordered a Old Fashione which no one makes wright. But to my surprise it was perfect. So if you want your drink made wright go to Jessica you wont be disappointed

Review №62

Everything was great but food was kinda so so. But everything else was spot on. Would definitely go back.

Review №63

Very good, service was great and the food was fantastic! The cookies were warm and delicious. Also, Sonic movie was quite epic.

Review №64

Great experience, we have been a couple times. Just a word of advice, service during the movie was great and very quick when the theatre was about 70% full. We went back for Bad Boys for Life and it was nearly sold out, and I dont think they had enough servers to handle the crowd. Had to wait around 10-15 just to get some ketchup. Then ordered a refill on my Diet Coke it took about 5 mins for them to come see what I needed, at least 10 mins to get the refill which turned out to be Dr Pepper instead of Diet Coke. But every other time we have been there it has been great.

Review №65

Servers/employees themselves were friendly and smiling and apologetic, but service was horrible and they deserve a grade F. Takes 1 hour for your food to come out after you place your order and then when it finally arrives its cold like it had been sitting under a heat lamp for 30 mins. Do not come hungry, eat prior, or you will regret the waste of money on their food. Atmosphere was clean. modern, and inviting. Seats recliners were comfortable, temperature was on the cooler side, bathrooms were plentiful and clean, and parking was close and convenient.

Review №66

Overall I would give a B -; its new, so it was clean, not a lot of people, and my family enjoyed the movie. I was disappointed in the service and food. We ordered pizza, fries, and 2 small popcorns. The food was bland at best, but time .ay be needed to perfect the process.After receiving the pizza and fries first, we waited 10 minutes or so for the popcorn. Popcorn never showed, so I pushed service button and no one showed ... See the pattern. I had to search for someone to assist and she said she would check on it.After waiting an additional 5 minutes, I pushed the service button again, and someone showed to notify me the popcorn machine was broken and they had to fix it. Finally, after waiting approximately 30 to 40 minutes, my children and wife had their popcorn. SMG was kind enough to comp us for the popcorn and we enjoyed the rest of the movie.

Review №67

Went to have the dessert and sliders. Just visited the bar; the bartender (Joshua) was 100% on point and the manager (Deanna) was upbeat and great.

Review №68

Love that they put one in a different place. However I do light the one at the epic center better for a night out/ date night.

Review №69

The place is nice loved the reclining seats however the service is much to be desired! The food is just ok and drinks are hit or miss. Either their watered down or very strong. Oh I cant forget about how I show up for the movies 20 minutes early and they wouldnt let knowone enter the movie theater until 10 minutes after the movie was suppose to start! They said it was because the theater wasnt ready....not a good experience at all!

Review №70

Great movie experience. The staff was personable and very attentive. The seating is plush and extremely comfortable. Highly recommended.

Review №71

Only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was because my burger was slightly overcooked and a little dry, the service was great and employees very polite and professional. Be prepared to spend a little money when you go but absolutely worth it great experience will definitely go again!!

Review №72

Im loving the new SMG its a lot more space. Has more options for seating. Great Staff and the food tastes better surprisingly.

Review №73

Its pretty cool how they were able to transform an old grocery store to a movie theater however...the service is very lack luster. Not sure if its because theyre under staffed or because they are still new but the service is extremely slow and disruptive to the movie and experience. Some items we ordered did not come and the food is just okay.

Review №74

Ive given it only 3 stars for now as I feel the owners may have rushed to get this place open and didnt do enough with training on how to handle order mistakes properly. Perhaps couldve used with a couple of weeks of mock services and issues(?) Many mistakes from not only our orders but from the people sitting next to us as well. I feel once they grasp how to handle issues better that the overall experience will get better. It was too distracting and made the actual movie experience unpleasant. I have no idea what happened the first 30 minutes of our movie.Otherwise, the staff was extremely nice and I know all of them were doing their very best. Just need more training is all. Will give it a try again but may just order popcorn and a drink

Review №75

Nice modern decor. Food tasty a bit pricey. Enjoyed movie.

Review №76

Great movie experience overall. Seats are not as spacious as the SMC in the Epicenter but still recline. Food was delicious. Staff was helpful and made an effort to stay out of the movie screen.

Review №77

Amazing theater! Had such a great time. The service was outstanding and the recliners to watch the movie in were great too!

Review №78

So happy its in the neighborhood. I hope business increase so they wont go out of business.

Review №79

Service was not good. Was billed incorrectly for $18 entree that I didnt order or get. Of course they bring you the check in the middle of the movie asking you to pay it so didnt get a chance to review it. food we ordered came out at random times. I was done my food when my sons arrived. They need to get their stuff together here.

Review №80

Here visiting and they definitely live up to the Studio Movie Grill name. Definitely the only place I go to get drinks with the girls and a date with my man!

Review №81

Horrible on Valentines night food was never delivered to table drink ended up watered down waiting. No fund still its Monday. Didn’t enjoy movie because that was suppose to be our dinner for the night after leaving bar I was most definitely hungry and disappointed. So Dolittle was about? Dont know watched movie attendees walk around telling lies to everyone.

Review №82

Movie was great, atmosphere was great, facility was great. Service, not so great. They never bought my food, although they did check on my order, it never came out! ZERO stars!

Review №83

Really nice movie theatre. Love the dinner while watching a movie aspect. Friendly staff.

Review №84

This was my first time at SMG and I was very excited. I had been waiting for the theater to open since its originally scheduled opening date of December 2018. The facility was nice and clean. They tell you to arrive 20 minutes before your movie starts (I guess to get food orders going) but we had to wait until 10 minutes before the scheduled movie time because our theater wasnt ready. The lights are dim in the theater so you have to use your phone to review the menu or know what you want to order before you arrive. For some reason, I thought there would be an electronic order and payment system directly at the seat but there isnt . You press the button at your seat and someone comes to take your order and start a tab. The staff were friendly and helpful. We received our food and drinks in a timely manner. All throughout the movie, the staff was walking back and forth down our row to a)take orders b)deliver orders and c)obtain payment. Though the staff is very discreet, it was still distracting because this happened throughout the entire movie. They come to take your card like at a restaurant because I guess the ordering device doesnt give them the ability to do this chair-side, which would be a better option. Ill know next time to bring cash. The chairs dont recline fully like at other theater. I believe there was only one exit in my theater instead of two. Also, when I ordered tickets and chose my seat, I chose a seat on the right side of the theater near the exit per the seating map, but when I got in the theater, the seats were actually on the opposite side and it indicated the row would be just above the walkway but it was just below. SMG is very close to home so Ill be back but it wont be my first choice of theater. I think it would be less of an interruption if the theater was organized in groups of four seats with vertical rows between each grouping of seats. That way the staff doesnt have to walk in front of movie goers to to deliver food and drink.

Review №85

Recently opened and everything is fresh and clean. I was shocked at what they were able to do with this old Bilo grocery store building.

Review №86

Lovely environment clean modern look. A nice layout of the open bar.

Review №87

Women bathroom wasnt clean. You couldnt enjoy the movie because servers were walking and taking orders during the whole duration of the movie. Why dont they have a cut off is beside me. Cinebistro in ATL has a cut off right before the movie starts. The seats were uncomfortable and not a full recliner. The food and drinks were good and the bartender Jordan was Awesome thats were the two stars come from.

Review №88

Don’t be deceived by the beauty of the venue! Nice smiles, but horrible food/drink service due to short staffing. Waiting’s an hour and half for my food befor the movie even started! Then the food was cold!!!! Ordered two drinks and waited 30 minutes for our drinks! Paid with a credit card and waited 30 minutes to get my card back!!! If you go to watch movie “only” then . If your going to eat/drink, go to Epicenter location for better experience!

Review №89

Appearance of the place is nice but the AC unit is old and needs to be replaced. Hard to focus on a movie while the AC unit is louder than the speakers. Horrible experience, trying to tone the vent noise out. Spoke with a server about it, he said he would have to let his manager know...nothing was done. Horrible experience for the amount spent.

Review №90

Food was good, but they brought items out without napkins. Had to ask for some, more than once. A bit disorganized as far as food.

Review №91

1st time going an it was a very comfortable environment the service was great food was good an the place was clean no kids running around seatings were good we will be going back.

Review №92

The theater is beautiful however I had to wait 45 to 50 minutes before i received my food. They credited me back my money for the meal. Thanks to the sista who followed through.

Review №93

Service was slow. And it took 4 different servers to get ketchup and napkins for burgers and fries. So food was cold by the time we ate. Security was obsolete. No one checked if we had purchased tickets. Seating was great.

Review №94

The service was not good at all.I order my food and did not get it. I did talk to the manger and they gave me and my husband passes to come back. The place is rellay nice but the service is bad.

Review №95

Beautiful theatre with courteous and professional staff. Ive been there 2 times and I will definitely be returning.

Review №96

Great experience! Much better than downtown location! Clean and hot food!

Review №97

Food was good, but I had to ask for napkins and silverware. Napkins more than once. The service for food was a bit disorganized.

Review №98

The service was slow, at 1hr into Bad Boys 3, we ordered a drink, as the credits were rolling signifying the end of a 2hr and 23 minute movie the drink that was paid for upfront had yet to be served. 45 minutes later I was reimbursed for the cost of the drink. Terrible service. Great movie, terrible staff.

Review №99

Good service. Good food. Comfortable seating

Review №100

Roomy seating. Good service. A little too dark to see my food though. ,

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:5336 Docia Crossing Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 980-217-3432
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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