Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen 4DX, IMAX & RPX
7824 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Review №1

Worked here for 3.5 years then transfers to Ballentyne village which closed February 2020. After they closed they put me as ineligible for rehire. I would love to come back to this theater when they reopen after COVID. Great staff, always clean even when I worked there, wish corporate was more responsive and cared about their employees.

Review №2

Awesome cineplex. I am a huge cinephile so I go to see movies all the time and in different states when I travel and this is by far one of the nicest theatres I have ever been to. I was amazed at how huge it was and how many screens they have. They have RPX,IMAX and regular screens. The seats are super comfortable electric recliners that go all the way back. Lots of options for snacks and foods including self serve drink fountains and candy machines along with full service concessions. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Bathrooms and theatres were spotless. One of the cleanest cinemas I have been too. Huge arcade with lots of different games to play and a photo booth to add to the fun. Plenty of parking.

Review №3

I believe this is the best theater in Charlotte. The facilities are very clean, all the chairs recline, and they provide Frozen Minute Maid. This is the ultimate movie snack, and Regal Stonecrest is the only theater that provides them. The screens are great, with surround sound and excellent sound quality to go along with it. The best day to go is on discount Tuesdays. The only gripe about this place is having to purchase tickets online in order to get a seat before the show gets sold out. They always tack on a convenience fee, so it makes the pricing more expensive, but the movie viewing experience blows the nearby Stone Theatres out of the water. Overall, Regal Stonecrest is the best theater in Charlotte. Just remember to purchase your tickets ahead of time.

Review №4

Super nice theater, with great safety measures in place. A little pricey, but a great experience!

Review №5

This is a very nice theater. There are 22 screens and a wide array of movies to choose from at any given time. They offer reserved seating the screens and movies are high quality in picture, and the seats are quite comfortable. They recline and have a foot rest!They even feature IMAX for a few of the movies. It’s not far off from the freeway so it’s easy to get to.

Review №6

This was our first time here, but the service was friendly and quick. The concessions line was a little long, but the manager said more lanes were open, which made things move so much faster. And as always the popcorn is always the best at Regal!

Review №7

Great Movie Venue!Clean, comfortable and well laid out theater.IMAX, 3D, RPX and standard screens available as well as recliner seating.Small food court inside the theater too.Staff customer interaction was slightly off, but not rude.Located in a shopping center with multiple retail and restaurant options.Recommended.

Review №8

Great Movie Theater with reserved stadium seating! Has many screens including 4D, IMAX, RPX, etc. Clean, comfortable and well laid out venue. Seats are adjustable electronic recliner seating that’s very comfortable. They have typical movie theater snacks, drinks, and candy. Also has small arcade with a few games near the entrance of the theater.

Review №9

This is a great location! The seats are reclining and leather so they are cleaner then others and less likely to get anything. Very clean place and everyone was super friendly! Loved this location and will be going back.

Review №10

I see movie with special friend with the hedgehog blue go fast. Very good time! Theater very very fun. I see movie and chair move! Special friend say we in future now seat move! So happy! Wind! I use bathroom so clean! Eat nacho good! Some one bring dog in movie. I say no dog in movie! Lady with one eyebrow talk like a stroke victim say dog very very special show me paper. I say dog no eat my nacho no problem!

Review №11

Great experience at this theater! I havent gone to the movies in a long time but loved i could purchase my ticket and select my seat ahead of time. Also the seats reclined and there was plenty of space.

Review №12

Regal Stonecrest is a movie megaplex with lots of theaters. So its a great place to see any of your favorite movies that have just come out. Lots of good snacks and refreshments as well. Large theaters with comfortable seating. Stadium and reserved seating.

Review №13

The movie was great quality, customer service was great, drinks were perfect, only downside was a few of the theater seat recliner buttons were worn and would get stuck. So youd have to tap the buttons rather than hold them down. I felt janky seats in an elite theater was a little trifling but overall we enjoyed our time.

Review №14

Anytime i wanna go out with my man we pick this theater. Love the comfortable seats an the bar. Having a drink or 2 while watching the movie makes even a semi good movie great :)

Review №15

Clean place great seating with the reclining chairs, and I even believe they have a was midday Tuesday when I went but it is off to the right as you enter.

Review №16

I really love that! IMAX Theatre is very comfortable for taking some action blockbusters! The chairs is adjustable so you can watch amazing super wide content like at your own home! Service is good, prices is normal too.

Review №17

The theater is really huge with lot of screens but the only issue is most of the Indian movies run on the smaller screen. All of the seats are recliner which is comfortable. The popcorn and other snacks are pricey but I guess it’s same every where.

Review №18

Drove 30 minutes for the 4DX. Loved it. Theatre always clean attendants are help and courteous. I will be returning

Review №19

Great theater! Clean with upgraded recliner seating. Very comfortable! Reserved seating makes movie going more relaxing for me.

Review №20

This is passable, but that’s really it. Nothing special. The main gripe is the quality of the screens and sound. There’s nothing quite so off putting when watching a movie as a dirty mark on the screen. Auditorium 12 in particular is pretty bad. If it’s a light colored scene - you’ll see them. And a crease. As for sound - speakers rattling is ridiculous.This could be about the overpriced food and usual movie theater things, but these issues shouldn’t be issues and can be fixed. At $18+ per person, someone should be able to go into the theater each morning and make sure the speaker grilles are screwed down, and clean the screens.... If not, I’ll just do what I used to do and wait for the Blu Ray.

Review №21

This is the best place to watch movies! their seats are so comfortable and I love that you can get drinks before the movie.The bartender guy was super nice and made me a really awesome drink when I asked for a recommendation.Did I mention their seats are leather and recline - honestly the best movie theater in this area

Review №22

Theaters are nice and clean, but my customer service experience was NOT GOOD. When me and my wife arrived, the cashier named James was not friendly. He didnt greet me or anything instead he had his phone on the register watching YouTube. Unbelievable.

Review №23

Clean and well maintained movie theaters. The selection of movies, snacks and watch times is great and staff is always accommodating and friendly.

Review №24

Definitely not what I expect from a regal cinema. The theater was completely filthy and trash stuck inside the chairs. Took the wife and kids to see a movie after dinner and entire movie was ruined with a couple in front of us talking and on their cell phones. Not a good experience

Review №25

We saw Call of the Wild in Auditorium 20 and my recliner seat E4 wasn’t working and the staff were very unprofessional and not nice. They didn’t work with me to find another seat.

Review №26

Worst movie theater in Charlotte as far as customer service is concerned. Rude staff and poor management. Will never set foot back in this place. Crying babies and teenagers talking on their phones constantly. Management cared nothing about all the noise in the theater. The manager failed to take action and was nothing but rude. Save your money and go elsewhere. This theater used to be nice years ago. Not sure what happened but it’s gone downhill.

Review №27

The theater was very clean and staffs were friendly and polite. I would definitely continue to come back.

Review №28

Enjoy all kinds of movie ....

Review №29

A bit overpriced as all theaters seem to be now. Seats clean and in good working order, comfortable. Personally I dont think putting a bar in a theater is a smart choice, youre just looking for trouble.

Review №30

Best movie theater in the Rock Hill / Charlotte area. Most comfortable seating (recliners) and premium screens including IMAX, RPX, and my favorite 4DX which is like a ride at a themepark that you ride for two straight hours! Great staff, easy reservations, help yourself drink stations, and for the adults, a sit down bar right inside the foyer to enjoy cocktails and beer as you reflect on what youve seen or about to see. Beautiful architecture and the cleanest facilities of any theater I have been in. A 30 minute ride for me to see a movie there and worth every extra mile I drive. If the movie experience is something you love to do in your spare time then you can definitely ramp up your weekend by visiting Regal at Stonecrest where even a bad movie is still a good time out. John

Review №31

This is a nice clean place with a nice theater, I recommend it.

Review №32

This theater is one of the new upgraded ones with the large, comfy, reclining seats. There are no heads in your way anymore and nobody kicking the back of your seat, which makes it an ultimate theater experience. It has great surround sound. You either pick your seats at the ticket window, or choose them in advance online. If youre going to a big, popular movie, I suggest getting your tickets online for a better selection of seats.

Review №33

Nice seats. Good food. Very epic

Review №34

Dont go to the movies often but Sonic was amazing. The cinema staff however was rude, disinterested, and disrespectful. I dont like the movies but go see Sonic. It deserves your money.

Review №35

We had a pretty bad experience today I come here very often and this is the first time Im trying to post a review since things didnt go as I was expecting. I was here last night to watch a movie and it was a bit warmer than I was expecting inside the screen. when I brought this is to one of the theater staffs attention he told me that he was going to let the manager know about this. I told him where I was seated but still it didnt help it was like a hot furnace inside. I felt a bit embarrassed to ask over and over again. It shows the lack of customer service Regal has, it looks like your associates arent even trained properly to handle this kind of situations. I would like to have one of your supervisors look into this issue immediately so that it doesnt repeat with anyone.

Review №36

Love the reclining seats. Food prices are typical of theater prices, outrageous, but cant do much about it. Do like the free refills and self service soda counter.

Review №37

Always professionally inviting. Just recently experienced the 4DX! Wow is all I can say! Watched Bad Boys!

Review №38

Worst customer service I have experienced in over 50 years of movie going. At 1:50 pm on Saturday 1/11/20 there were two people selling tickets at the inside counter. One was a man, the other was a woman. My wife and I spoke with the woman. She was extremely gruff. She scowled, and rolled her eyes at me when I asked a question as if she thought I were an idiot. There are plenty of theaters in Charlotte where I can go without being treated that way.

Review №39

We enjoyed a who done it Knives Out. Really a great movie, you should see it while it is still on the big screen!!

Review №40

Great movie experience. Fresh popcorn, nice seats. Comfy!

Review №41

Stadium seating with recliners! I highly recommend planning ahead and buying tickets in advance for the best seats. Row A has the worst view of the screen.

Review №42

I enjoy seeing good action movies here. Parking is pretty decent and theater is kept clean.

Review №43

Liked the seating, and enjoyed the movie. Also had great service.

Review №44

Reserved recliner seats. Clean with good prices on tickets and concessions. Alcohol is served here as well. My go to theater when I am in town.

Review №45

My favorite movie theater in Charlotte, and Ive been to most. Since its opening, it has consistently gotten better with each visit.

Review №46

Great theater that has a large selection of movies. The snack options are also pretty wide. Theyve got sour Skittles, which is my favorite candy. That alone makes me keep coming back here. Lol.Parking is a total nightmare though. Very far away, and no, being in Asheville isnt an excuse for bad parking.

Review №47

The BEST multiplex in South Charlotte, more than 20 awesome auditoriums with reclining seats and a variety of screening types - IMAX, 4DX, RPX, 3D, 2D.. and it has a dining area and huge concession stand! Also it is located in Stonecrest Shopping Center so you to see a movie, dine, shop and just have a great time with your family and friends!

Review №48

I always enjoy my visits here. The process is easy, the staff has always been friendly, the theaters are clean, and the overall theater experience is comfortable.

Review №49

Nice theater with good concessions. However, other theaters have $5 Tuesday tickets, but at this one its $6.13 per ticket. Also, the leather recliners are nice, but the headrest tilts forward, which was uncomfortable for my neck. Im 52, so not sure how they are for someone taller

Review №50

The bar tender is not all that so if you want to feel a buzz or get a little refreshment before going into the movie. Pregame other than that nice recliner seats and great movies. Dark phoenix was an okay movie however i went to see Aladdin and it was the most nostalgic movie.

Review №51

Great food and very soft relaxing seats. There is almost no wait to buy a ticket if a new movie comes out or something because the staff makes sure the lines keep moving so that you get in to see your movie. The restrooms and the overall building itself is very clean with attendants making sure of it. I love that it is an IMAX movie place and I love the number of movie that can be showed at this place with 22 theaters.Thanks,A Wilson

Review №52

Awesome reclinable chairs, clean, theres no sticky floors and popcorn all over the place like at some theaters, friendly staff, option for regal membership of unlimited movies! Totally worth it

Review №53

This theater is very popular for a good reason. It is large and has quality sound, picture, and especially the recliner seats. You can set up your tickets at one of many self-serve kiosks which help keep lines down and give more control over the ticket experience. The restrooms and theaters are also clean.

Review №54

I was here recently here on October 9th, 2019. The white short lady near the ticket check out by the name Haley was a bit partial towards me. Since I had my laptop bag with me at that time she said that my bag needs to be inspected in order to make sure there are no weapons since she doesnt feel comfortable with the bag. I have been here couple of times before I was never stopped in this way even though I had my laptop bag with me before. There was a teen age couple before me and I have noticed that this lady didnt check the college girls bag just because she was White it means you can get away with it since I come from a different ethnicity background I am I subjected to this kind of racial profiling how fair is this.? This particular incident happened in between 8:15 PM- 8:30 PM. I would have appreciated that even if this lady would have checked the other persons bag before me rather than being partial towards me. I was wearing a Yellow Polo shirt so that if you pull up the video recordings so could you trace me I feel this is very unacceptable.I think the owner/operator only responds to the local people reviews but since my name sounds a bit different he is not even ready to react on it this proves the quality of service you provide to your audience based on their demographics. Someone posted a review 2 weeks ago exactly at the same time when I posted and he reacted to the other persons review. He/ she doesnt even seem to care about it wow.

Review №55

I hadnt been to this location in a while. Everyone send to have stadium staying so thats no surprise. I like that they offer adult beverages including beer wine & liquor.

Review №56

First of all, their kiosks are working. The theater is clean. They have a lazy boy but not as wide as AMC’s. The audio is good and even though I’m short I was still able to see the bottom of the screen and considering that we sat at the close to the top level.

Review №57

Bad boys for life was an insane movie. Such good plot line. Hasta la fuego

Review №58

Love, Love, Love this theatre! I cannot gush about the leather reclining seats enough! We drive 20 minutes out of our way to go to this Regal because of the seats and the fountain refills they now offer!

Review №59

Always pretty clean, love the reclining chairs! I feel like a movie isnt a movie without reclining now. Cant wait to try out the new 4D IMAX out

Review №60

We had a disappointing experience with the RPX theater. The sound quality in our seats was terrible. When I complained to corporate, they said they “apologized” but since I didn’t complain that night in person, then my concern was meaningless. Apparently, you need to leave the movie after less than 30 minutes to have a valid complaint. Since I’m not willing to cause a scene in person, or didn’t drag my kids out of a Disney movie, my concerns were irrelevant. All I asked for was the difference between a standard ticket and a RPX ticket. Very disappointed.

Review №61

Havent been to movies in a while but I was pleasantly surprised at all of the upgrades. Reclining seats, a bar area, wider selection of snacks. Enjoyable experience! I also like the options of the different theaters.

Review №62

We saw Bad Boys for Life. The theater was clean, nice, and comfortable. Food was good.

Review №63

It was good place.I am frequently visiting the place.Love to watch movies in Regal.

Review №64

Staff is always extremely helpful and theaters are always clean. BEST PLACE to go see a movie!!!!

Review №65

This is one of my go to theatres. Its ideally located because kebab je and dish it out are right here. Love the reclining seats. I cant go to any theatre without them. I cant comment on the food because I usually have dinner before. My only problem is that no theatre serves tea so I have to grab it at Starbucks before watching my movies!Another great thing to have at this location would be Pino Gelato. Trust me, it would be a hit!

Review №66

The staff was friendly. The theater was clean. The movie was the best.

Review №67

Enjoyed the 4D room. Seats move it was a great experience!!! Going again tomorrow!!!

Review №68

Very nice theater! It’s the only one I go to in Charlotte. The seats are comfortable and it’s cleaner than most. The location is great — with so many shops and food nearby.

Review №69

This is a really nice movie theatre. Its always clean and the staff is always polite. I love the reclining seats and how the rooms are seat up. Highly recommend this movie theatre.

Review №70

I wouldve gone this place a five star rating had the no been so greedy with the slurpies! We pay big bucks for our movie treats..... So only four Stars. Pavilion 22 has unlimited slurpies and recliners as well. Better value elsewhere

Review №71

Went to see RUSH. Orders 2 drinks and a popcorn. I filled the drinks and went to put a lid on and it wouldnt fit. So I kept trying and tried new lids and non worked, I went to concession and asked for a new cup because I could get the lid on and the manager and another employee, informed me the lids do t fit any cups.I asked again at the customer service desk and again was told it was a known issue. They do t have lids that fit. So they sell giant buckets of drinks that when you go to pick up the lid pops off. It was ridiculous to be sitting in a theater and see everyone with drinks lids either missing or just hanging on by the straw. This is a huge company.....I have never had this issue at any other location....seriously overnight new lids and fix it.

Review №72

Great seats, but hate the new seating scheme where you have to select a seat before purchasing that you havent seen. What a serious annoyance.

Review №73

Nice clean theater. The people that work the concession stands are usually not very friendly.

Review №74

It was Great! Everyone needs to go and watch a movie in 4D

Review №75

The seating is very comfortable and reclining. Very clean atmosphere and upbeat attitudes from the employees

Review №76

Great place to view the latest releases. Recliners and stadium seating are a plus, and concessions are plentiful but pricey. Not sure I like assigned seats, I like pretty much the same spot in every theater - right under the projector. If you go to a blockbuster in its early days your seat may not be ideal, but this is a nice theater for families and all ages

Review №77

Good movie theatre overall, and one of the few in the area with leather reclining seats. I know another theatre in Charlotte does as well, but this one was bigger and less crowded as well.

Review №78

Love the reclining seats and NOT sticky floors!

Review №79

Great theater, has everything youd want. Seats are reclining and nice.

Review №80

At first the 4D theater was a bit distracting, but it became so fun and added to the movie. LOVE the comfy seats!

Review №81

Food was amazing . Fresh and tasteful . And the theater was very clean and comfortable. Loved it. Definitely coming back again.

Review №82

One of the best regal theaters in the Charlotte area. Very spacious, amazing customer service and quality. The 4DX is awesome if you havent tried it . Go with someone.

Review №83

Loved it we had watched House Full 4 it is a amazing movie I loved it

Review №84

Regal always has the best experience, I love going to all Regal locations.The seats are comfortable, never overcrowded and the drink sizes will always last you tell the end of the movie.Not to mention the real clean restrooms.

Review №85

Comfortable chairs, great picture and sound.

Review №86

Love this theater. Lots of screen options, clean seating, and ticketing is very easy. The people working the ticket scanner and concessions always seems to be in a bad mood so I try not to ask any questions.

Review №87

Used to like this theater but since they switched to assigned seating its gotten harder to be spontaneous you have to plan the outing and see if there are seats and if there are where they are if you want to go.

Review №88

Theater was clean, quality of the performance was wonderful, they were showing a live performance of Porgy and Bess from the Met

Review №89

This movie theater is incredible. I would absolutely recommend anyone to visit this location at least once to get a different cinematic experience. The staff are wonderfully friendly and approachable. Prices are fair, especially for how comfortable the movie theater is overall. Not just the comfort in the seating, but generally the atmosphere is very comfortable and inviting. Evenings will definitely get busy, but late morning and early afternoons will make for a great movie experience.

Review №90

Very comfortable.Great seats, food, bar.

Review №91

We had an enjoyable movie watching experience in very cozy chairs. However, everything is overpriced including tickets, concessions, and drinks at the bar.

Review №92

Wasnt cleaned before the next show time. We had to clean up someone else mess on the seats before us.

Review №93

Regal Stone-crest at Piper Glen Stadium 22 is my favorite movie theater in Charlotte, NC! This movie theater is equipped with a full bar and a good concession stand menu. It contains your favorites like nachos and cheese and popcorn but also personal pan pizzas. The entire movie theater contains seats that recline to give a comfortable viewing experience. There are several screen experiences here including Standard, Real D 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, and RPX (Regal Premium Experience) - which has better picture and sound quality than IMAX. I viewed both Scary and Actions movies at this theatre, in RPX and IMAX, IMAX 3D. The screens are very large so you can see details in the movie and feel right in the middle of the action!

Review №94

Love the seats. Popcorn is pricey but all movie theaters are.

Review №95

Got to love the IMAX experience!! Pretty comfortable seats here too.

Review №96

Loved their spiked blue raspberry lemonade made a scary movie enjoyable.

Review №97

Great location!! Friendly staff!! Awesome concession options!! Way overpriced...but what theater isnt expensive??

Review №98

Love love love it. Only theater in Charlotte that has 4DX moving feeling smelling water works chairs during a movie. They have amazing brisket fully loaded nachos, and more.. The staff is super accomodating and the stadiums are not dirty .

Review №99

RPX was definitely worth the couple extra bucks. Made the whole experience worth while. Took my 10 y/o and 3 y/o to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Customer service was amazing. There was a couple police officers there who were super friendly and made the place seem safe. Amazing experience and will be back.

Review №100

4dx is really cool, but expensive. Been to (3) 4dx movies so far

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:7824 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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