Regal Starlight - Charlotte
11240 US Hwy 29, 11240 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Review №1

I always love coming here, miss the movies and hope to see the older gentleman who scanned my tickets with a smile

Review №2

Had an extremely good time first time coming to this particular theater

Review №3

This was one of my favorite movie theaters to go to prior to the pandemic. It has very nice seating and all of the latest movies. It is also clean and serves alcoholic beverages.

Review №4

Great theater. Comfortable recliners. Always friendly staff. Spoiler alert....Regal is switching to Pepsi products. Wont be the same without a delicious Coca Cola product and those great Coke/Regal sponsored Theatre School commercials.

Review №5

What a great place to watch a movie!! Plush, fully reclining seats with trays for your popcorn and candy. Stadium seating so your theater experience is uninterrupted. I will definitely be back!!!

Review №6

Very clean easy to get in and out of. Chairs are also comfy, adjustable seats. The staff was very accommodating with assisting me to carry my extra popcorn and sodas. This was my first time there. I reccomend this place.

Review №7

Empty, clean, good. Service had too many staff sitting around and one cursed as he was telling another co-worker a story (had children with me so I did not appreciate it). More respect for the consumer would be appreciated if we went back.

Review №8

Easy to get in quickly and hardly ever a long wait at concessions. I love that I can reserve my exact seat ahead of time. Rewards program for the frequent visitors

Review №9

First of all, the staff is very friendly. Tickets are very easy to get whether its at the theater or online. The chairs at the theater are super comfortable! They are oversized chairs and recline with the press of a button. Theres also a swinging tray in addition to the cup holders. They have a program to where you can pay $18 a month for unlimited movies. Two tickets generally cost $18. when my son is a little older, I will get the $18 per month subscription so that I can take him several times a month and save money. I would highly recommend this theater!

Review №10

The Lion King was amazing! Great picture. Perfect sound. Great food. The nachos and the popcorn were delicious. Sat in the very front second row from the screen. Sitting in that area caused some discomfort with the way the chair was positioned, but I was still able to enjoy every second of my favorite childhood movie!

Review №11

Always a great time. Easy to park, fast concession lines. Recommended buying your tickets via the app before you go so you dont have to stand outside!

Review №12

Love the reclining seats! Very comfy. Bathrooms are always a bit dirtier than expected and sticky floors in the theaters.

Review №13

Good place to see movies. i did not realize they call itthe big screen because the movies are projected onto a very big screen. the screen is very big. larger than my laptop screen. it is even larger than the television screen at ,my home. . i was very upset that they wouldmnt let me smoke a cigar inside.

Review №14

So nice to avoid the mall. Easy to get to. Love that theres assigned seating. Only complaint is that even when full its cold. Just bring your favorite blanket.

Review №15

The overhaul the did was definitely a great investment. They may need to do a little up keep to bring it back to that level but all in all its my go to movie spot.

Review №16

Nice Theater. Great being able to put your own butter on the popcorn. Friendly staff.

Review №17

Probably the least nice movie Ive been to. While in town for the holidays, my wife and I went on a Sunday evening. The entire place was in need of sweeping/vacuuming. At the theater itself, no signage letting you know what movie is showing. When we got to our seats, they were filthy. Obvious the theater wasnt cleaned between showings. Luckily, the movie we saw was good, but this place needs some help.

Review №18

Since their renovation few years ago, it is a fantastic theater! Comfy recliner seats and far and away cleaner and more “regal” than it used to be!

Review №19

Got a chance to see The Joker in this clean, cozy, and spacious theatre. It was very good experience. Whenever I wanna get out of town again, Ill definitely come here to view movies.

Review №20

I love this Theater. Will drive across Charlotte to see a movie here. Needs better alcohol selection, dont care so much about the price, just want what I want.

Review №21

Ive always had a positive experience at Starlight. Perfect place to grab a snack and enjoy a movie on the big screen while in a comfy recliner.

Review №22

The reclining seats are the best. I love their butter for the popcorn. Its always fresh.

Review №23

Not a good first time experience. Trying to enjoy my Sunday and catch a movie and fights break out. Staff could not handle situation. Gladly no weapons were produced. Dont feel safe at all. Questionable about whether to return or not.

Review №24

The theater seats were comfortable enough, and clean, so kudos to the staff! The only thing I would suggest is more deals good for concessions, or better pricing. Ive been to nicer theaters that had cheaper prices. Other than that, not too much to complain about.

Review №25

Vary spacious movie viewing room with reclining chairs. Concession area is in the middle of the theater with plenty of room for service. One can even have kid parties at this location.

Review №26

Its a good movie theater thats not so crowded. Nice working reclining seats.

Review №27

A bit dated, but everything was suitable. They have typical refreshments as well as an assortment of wine and beer. The seats are comfortable and reclining.

Review №28

Lovely updated rooms. Very comfortable reclining chairs. I love this cinema. Its a breath of fresh air, so much more dignified than the often-crowded nearby mall cinenas.

Review №29

I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars because their closed captioning equipment is getting worn out. I have been going for years w/ no issues. However I just went a few days ago and my captioned glasses were not working. Missed first 10 minutes of the movie. Employee was very apologetic, he said he has told his manager that the devices are getting worn out and need to be replaced but it hasnt happened yet. Thanks

Review №30

Nice theatre but the lobby and food area was disgusting popcorn everywhere and workers basically just standing around like they didnt even want to be there. One of our seats had some sort of liquid all over the chair and food table and when we asked for someone to clean the employee barely wiped anything up. Who knows what this was snot, spit, or lord know what else. I dont think we come to the movies to clean!!! Well at least the movie was good Bad Boys For Life

Review №31

Comfortable recliner seat. I enjoyed it but sometimes you hear sound from another theater beside you.

Review №32

The only theatre I go to unless I have another choice.Beer, electric reclining seats and you can choose your seat. Been visiting for well over a decade.

Review №33

Seating is good and reclining looks a bit cheap quality. reasonable ticket prices.

Review №34

I really like this theater and it normally is my favorite to go to but the removed the tray tables on the seats now and the last couple times I have been here the seats have seemed in need of repair. The bathrooms also have a lot of broken toilet paper roll holders and overall feels like it is really in need of maintenance and repairs. Hoping it improves in the near future

Review №35

My spot!! Love this place, Starlight has been my movie spot for 12 years♡ Love the growth Ive seen, always a pleasure to see the staff and movies!!

Review №36

Cost a lot but what movie theaters dont? Nice place and a good place to catch a movie.

Review №37

My husband and I come to this theater 3 to 4 times a month. The staff is friendly, the theaters are nice and clean. My biggest complaint is the Icee machines are always down. One out of 4 visits I am able to get an Icee. They even went and bought a second machine and it’s still an issue. It’s so frustrating especially when they advise a customer go to the nearby gas station to get one. Ugh!!

Review №38

I am very disappointed. This is normally my go to theater. But, after last night, that has changed. My friends and I had plans to see the movie “Little”. It was advertised on Fandango for 10:10. When we get to the theater, we ask for tickets, we were told that the movie is no longer being played because they needed a theater for “Avengers”......WHAT? We could still see the movie is still being advertised on the display, but they weren’t selling tickets for it! They then tell us that they weren’t selling tickets on Saturday night for this movie either. I have NEVER seen or heard of anything like this before. Disappointed is really an understatement. While I understand how big the movie Avengers is, there obviously should have been better planning on behalf of this movie theater.

Review №39

Starlight is cool. Its close to home, they have beer and popcorn, that makes the movie better

Review №40

I attended a 10:15pm show, so maybe because of the time there were limited staff members to assist customers. I almost missed the beginning of the movie due to a very long wait at the concession stand. In addition the ladies bathroom was in horrible condition and needed to be thoroughly sanitized.

Review №41

Great theater. Even though its was packed I still got my popcorn and snacks to not miss the opening credits

Review №42

Wow. Best movie theater in charlotte. Seats are super comfy, recline and a really good seat no matter where you sit. Clean and fun waiting area. Will be returning.

Review №43

Pretty dirty and we heard the movie next door really well. My chair was slightly broken when i reclined it was tilted

Review №44

They need better concessions food and service but love the reclining chairs and theater rooms are always clean.

Review №45

We always go to this theater.Not in a shopping mall, so has easier access. Good closed caption glasses for hard of hearing patrons & reserved seating makes for a good theater experience.

Review №46

Really nice seats that adjust. Little table for food, if needed. Very clean, nice staff.

Review №47

Bought a medium diet coke today, all soda stations ran out while they were pouring. They offered a different drink but since they said it’d only be a minute to change the syrup I said I’d wait. About 5 minutes later they told me they were completely out. I don’t like other sodas so I asked for a refund. Gentlemen brought me down to a register and I asked for a cup of water. He poured the water from the tap handed it me and started walking away. I said “What about the refund” to which he said “Do you want a refund or the cup of water, you can’t have both”. They were the truly going to charge me $6.19 for a cup of tap water. I asked for a manager and she said it was their policy. Also called corporate and they confirmed it was policy. Corporate had the audacity to give an example that if they had ran out of hotdogs and gave me a sandwich instead I wouldn’t get a refund. I explained that that scenario is completely different than giving me a cup of TAP water instead of a Diet Coke. Said it was an unfortunate circumstance but was policy nonetheless.Turns out they did have Diet Coke and changed the syrup so I got what I paid for. Just can’t believe ANYONE would think it’s ok to provide tap water in-lieu of a $6.19 fountain drink.Edit: Normally enjoy this theater. My wife and I go to 2-3 movies a month. Only complaint normally is the icee machine hardly ever works.

Review №48

Probably the 1 least crowded theatre due to location. However I take advantage of that :) PRICE : ️️️️ matinee (before 3pm) tickets are the cheapest and usually have less of a crowdLOCATION: ️️️️ right off the interstate and next to QT gas station ️ doesn’t get any better than that I’d say - plenty of parking too SEATS: ️️️ small theatre room; meaning electric power seats go fast and usually set up is 2 seats side by side all the way down the row. However they’re usually really clean seats !️FOOD: ️️️ not sure ...hit or miss depends on the day and honestly the workers lol CLEANLINESS: ️️️️️ have not ran into a cleaning issue at all yet over last year I been here!! Keep it up the crew comes in soon as the ending credits start hahaha

Review №49

The recliner chairs were great. However, I have never been in a movie theater where you can hear the movie next door playing. It was loud and disruptive. Unbelievable.

Review №50

Nice and clean theater. First theater Ive been to that doesnt have popcorn and drink combos. Concession prices are high compared to other places Ive been to.

Review №51

Love the recliner chairs and the space in this theater. They have chosen to make it comfortable for their customers, instead of packing in as many people as possible. Nice. Thank you, Regal Starlight!

Review №52

Good place to go if youre not able to make to an AMC theater! HOWEVER..... the Snack prices as well beverages are INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE... $8.00 for small popcorn...? Needless to say for small beverage, small popcorn and 2 snack size candy bags $27.°°I get it... its the experience right! But there was no expections, The staff ...? Lets just say youll get more interaction and feedback from an electronic kiosk

Review №53

Its the neighborhood theater. Never had an issue with parking. Very nice staff. Small arcadish area that I never see anyone use. It has reclining chairs. People spill more popcorn than necessary on the seats.

Review №54

Great place and comfortable seating, but omgness it was extremely cold, and I had on a jacket, long pants and had a blanket, the other guest that sat around us were complaining as well. My husband was so uncomfortable that he wanted to leave, but I insisted we stay because the movie was awesome. They atmosphere was nice, not loud talking or anything, just extremely cold, like a freezer. The last time we visited this theatre it wasnt that cold. My husband doesnt want to visit again because of how cold it was. The place was clean and they had great customer service even though I purchased my tickets online.

Review №55

I love this theater! They have reclining chairs and we pick our seats when choosing tickets. Although it sometimes can be busy its usually great and I always find parking.

Review №56

Best overall theater value. Comfy seats, good popcorn, friendly staff.

Review №57

Our Favorite Theater. Recliners, and Friendly staff. And we love the new unlimited plan. Great place to enjoy movies :)

Review №58

Loved this theater! Customer service friendly and very clean.

Review №59

Strong PotentialVery courteous staff. A little slow on filling an order, but it was Fathers Day. Brisket and burnt ends were very tasty. Sides were inconsistent on this visit, cornbread dry. They were out of butter at the condiment stand and did not restock while we were there. Will definitely give them another try.

Review №60

Been going to Starlight for almost 4 years. And those reclining seats

Review №61

Cool place. Movie theater numbers should listed bigger and clearer

Review №62

Dont judge a book by its cover! My wife and I prefer this theater to any in Charlotte even though it isnt the closest one to us. While its not the most fancy looking one inside or out, the staff is always pleasant and the reserved seating with reclining chairs is crazy comfortable! 9 out of the 10 previous movies weve seen have all been here. Love it!

Review №63

Theater is alright, and they have many showings for a large selection of movies. But it kinda seems dated and the area it is in is somewhat rough. There is also a musky scent in parts of the place. The seats recline and are comfy. If you had to choose a theater, I would recommend AMC Concord a few miles away. It’s nicer, newer, and you can walk around concord mills before or after the movie.

Review №64

I have been coming here for many years as I am a huge fan of movies in the theater. Ever since they changed to large recliners and less crowded theaters, this has been my go-to. My family and friends love going here. Plus, love the ability to purchase tickets and reserve seats in advance. Takes a lot of stress out of the experience. I also adore Mr. Adam at the front...we speak to him each week we see him.

Review №65

Love this place! We always order through the Fandango app, walk right in, get some popcorn and head into our movie. Great recliners, friendly staff and very clean theaters.

Review №66

Theater is in transition. It is beginning to look more modern as the property owner upgrades it.

Review №67

I Absolutely Loved it... lines were moving sliw at the concessions stands.. but the experience was Great.

Review №68

Nice theater. We brought sweaters but didnt need them. Nice to find a theater that doesnt freeze you out

Review №69

A good place to watch movies..Really good quality of sound ..

Review №70

The place is very good worth go and watch movie. But the prices is higher than other theatres.

Review №71

Excellent theater! Easy access just off 485. Comfortable reclining leather assigned seats. Great sound systems. Draft beers. Bottomless popcorn and drinks (free refills). Its our go-to theater.

Review №72

First of all, its very easy to get tickets online in any time yu need it. Also staff is kind and friendly, its really important, I think. Cinema has got comfrtables chairs and good mini cafe. I like this place to visit wth my friends

Review №73

This theater could stand to be refurbished, but I really like its lower prices compared to other theaters around north Charlotte.

Review №74

Very nice seats and great visibility and sound. Parking can be hectic but great experience all around. Its a movie theater so things can be pricey. Overall, great experience. Will be back.

Review №75

Have always enjoyed this movie theater and will continue to come back even though i am farther away in Charlotte now and there are much closer theaters.

Review №76

I usually enjoy my time at this theatre, however, this past time was a extremely uncomfortable b/c the seat I purchased did not recline. As you can imagine sitting at a 90° angle w/o a foot rest can make it hard to enjoy any movie, especially since you paid for the whole movie theater experience. I emailed customer service requesting a refund and they sent back a generic email apologizing but completely ignored the facts I asked to be refunded. The customer service number listed is just a random number listed that spews out advertisements. Ive emailed again in hopes this will be resolved but at this point theyve gotten my money so Im pretty sure they dont give a damn.

Review №77

Love the reclining seats. Very spacious and clean. With little desk like tables for each chair. Black Panther was excellent. Love the experience.

Review №78

Facilities are clean. Stock a lot of snacks, food, and drinks. Movie, Midway, was good. Even though I knew the outcome from history class I cried.

Review №79

My only problem is I needed more than a coat it was so cold in the theater. Next time I must remember to bring a blanket.

Review №80

Note, if you decide to sit in the front row next to the handicap seating, the seats directly in front of you will block the bottom portion of the screen.This didnt seem to be a problem for the folks in our party who are in electric wheelchairs since they were tall enough, but it may also be a problem for conventional wheelchairs.Its your best bet to sit behind them instead of next to them if you want to enjoy the film.

Review №81

Big comfy seats. The only theater I patronize.

Review №82

Theater was great but i will never sit in front row again

Review №83

When youve enjoyed a delightful cinema, all you wanna do is smile!

Review №84

This place is awesome, the chairs are electric recliners, the price is middle priced in terms of AMC vs. the Dollar Movie, Free refills on popcorn. These days you know your going to get ripped off but at least they give you a little bang for your buck.

Review №85

Enjoy this place. It would benefit from a larger food selection. Subs, pizzà, various items delivered to your seat or bought at consesion... micro brews

Review №86

This is my familys favorite movie theater. They have large reclining chairs with electronic footrests. They serve beer and wine and even have a few varieties on tap. They keep it clean and the restrooms are spacious. I havent used it, but they have a birthday party area as well.

Review №87

Enjoyed selecting the seats that lay back. I felt as if the seat tilted down slightly so if wasnt as comfortable as Id like. Otherwise 5stars. Sound good. Easy parking. Id recommend.

Review №88

I would agree the food service is slow (and crazy expensive but its the movies) but everyone was very polite. Hannah issued our tickets and was super friendly and helped us pick our seats. I dont love the reclining seats because they remind me of a dental chair. They dont fully recline.

Review №89

Pretty disappointing when you pay to watch a movie with assigned seats and the seat mechanics are broken so you cannot sit back or recline. Has happened multiple times in a row. Needs to be prioritized and fixed ASAP. Very uncomfortable if you get stuck with a non-working reclining seat; it’s like sitting straight up. Told the staff and they didn’t seem to care much.

Review №90

Love this theater! So much better than concord mills!!

Review №91

Me & my bf go on dates here all the time. I love it

Review №92

Clean. Not too crowded. Good movie

Review №93

Clean theater with very friendly staff. Ive been here numerous times and have always had a positive experience. Most recently I took my daughter to see the My Little Pony Movie - she loves the reclining seats.

Review №94

The popcorn station was a disaster at 11:30 a.m., and they never dimmed the lights once The Rise of Skywalker started... the entire movie ran with the house lights up! Boooo.

Review №95

A nice place to go. Comfortable chairs, wonderful films, great atmosphere.

Review №96

They were pretty packed but the lines moved pretty fast, the attendant were very helpfull

Review №97

Love this place #) a great place to take the kids, recliner chairs!!!

Review №98

Recliner chairs here are much better than at AMCs

Review №99

Great experience, comfortable seats. Middle seats are worn out but outside seats are still useable.

Review №100

Dirty needs a good cleaning nightly, mop the floors nightly not once in a while. Remember you serve food here!!

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  • Address:11240 US Hwy 29, 11240 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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