Regal Phillips Place
6911 Phillips Pl Ct, Charlotte, NC 28210, United States

Review №1

Restoration Hardware is a beautiful experience. You must go if you have not been!

Review №2

This theater is nicely tucked away behind a bunch of high end shops and restaurants in Philips Place. As a theater goes the seats are comfortable and the place is pretty clean. The concession area is pretty small for the size of the theater, especially since only one of the two stands seem to be open most of the time. Parking is pretty easy and close as there is a parking garage right next door. The smaller theaters sizes are nice since you dont have to cross 20 people to get to an end of a row. Overall the draw to this theater is it is right next to a few restaurants so it makes an easy date night.

Review №3

The movies are no longer listed on each marquis making it very confusing. My friend had a broken foot. A recliner would have been nice.Normal average movie experience.

Review №4

I have sat in church pews more comfortable than the seats in this cinema. I felt like I’d traveled back to 1998. The entire place is a relic, and for the price of movie tickets and concessions these days, it is intolerable. Charlotte has more than enough modern cinemas to pass this place over. It was hot, the sound system was so poor you can hear someone eating a skittle three rows back, and the seats are worn, uncomfortable, and packed together. Places who have not updated their seating in the past 20 years should have to list a disclaimer before you confirm your ticket purchase.

Review №5

I wasnt at all impressed. As mentioned in earlier reviews, you can hear sound from the other theaters. The seats were not comfortable at all.However, they were well staffed and the staff was courteous.

Review №6

First come first served seating!!! I hate having to choose seats looking at a chart just to find when you get inside, theres someone else sitting in your seat!At Phillips Place you are free to choose any seat thats open. Very kind staff!!

Review №7

Nice location of theater. Nothing special about it though. I dont really care that theaters seem to be requiring that you go to the concession counter to buy your tickets. Takes to long with people buying popcorn and drinks and you have to wait to get a ticket!

Review №8

The seats have gotten more comfortable, but the theater is classic, so its a little dated. My understanding is that theyre still in the process of sprucing it up. Over all, not bad.

Review №9

Primarily come here during the advance movie screenings. Unfortunately their food machines are usually out of order. Seems like theyve gotten that taken care of. Pretty good location.

Review №10

I live in Uptown Charlotte, and did a lot of experimenting when I first moved here to try to find the best movie theater near me. While Studio Movie Grill is about a block away, I don’t like the waiters coming and going the entire movie, and all the other theaters are too far away to make them practical. This is your standard run of the mill movie theater like you probably went to when you were a kid, before theaters had lazy boy chairs, alcohol, and a full kitchen. So it’s nice and comfortable. Definitely your best option for a theater if you live in Uptown.

Review №11

Nice, clean theatre. Not much offered on the way of concessions. Pretzel machine was broken and most other items were out of stock. Would have given 5 stars if not for that.

Review №12

I been here today to watch a movie and I had a pretty bad experience here. I had a large tub of popcorn where I paid $10 literally. When I went for a refill no one was there at the register not a single person. This is absolutely ridiculous how can you not expect your customers to come for a refill. I literally feel that I have been ripped off I didnt even had a single refill of my popcorn. May be someone should have been there the time this incident happened was around 9 PM I had a feeling as if I was in a haunted theatre with literally no one.

Review №13

This phone number is listed as a local number for the Phillips Place Theater. When called regarding difficulties purchasing a ticket for a certain film, I was informed by a robot that I have to listen to the list of theaters to be connected. I patiently waited. When my Theater was named, I pressed a number. It rang for 4 min. Nobody answered. The call was just dropped. Disappointing. Very disappointing.

Review №14

My grandson and I visited your theater is was a very nice and clean place to watch a movie

Review №15

There customer service at the consession stand has improved a great deal over the last year. Good job.

Review №16

Saw Downton Abby. It was very clean and comfortable. Intimate, old fashioned space. I liked that it wasnt crowded and my seat was dead center!

Review №17

When I give reviews for places Ive visited, I try to be as detailed as I can about MY experience. Well with Regal-Phillips, Ive been here often (about 7-10x) this year, and each time I go its a pleasant experience.Aside from the basic hospitality that businesses should show their customers, the employees here generally seem to be excited about helping you. The cinema is always kept clean when I come. And service is pretty long wait in concession lines. Its listed on a decent side of town. Id definitely recommend this theater to those inquiring.

Review №18

Ok place to check out a movie. Not crowded. Not many concession choices like other theaters. Seats are older and do not recline. Basically the Same thrater you would have visited 20 years ago..

Review №19

Beautiful room. Staff was wonderful. We will be back.

Review №20

Saw a great movie arranged by the JCC. Very convenient but Ive heard thru the grapevine that the theater might be closing. Id hate that but it desperately needs an overhaul.

Review №21

I little old fashion. Definitely needs updating.

Review №22

I am an anxious person when it comes to being on time and finding seats; I dont think the evolution of assigned seating at theaters helps this. I was extremely hesitant to go to this theater as it has no assigned seating however, I went an it was somewhat nostalgic. The theater was packed but I was able to find a seat. The seats semi-recline and are alot closer together than I remember but there are definitely alot more seats than the newer assigned seat models.Concessions are minimal and mainly popcorn, candy and soda.

Review №23

Very nice movie theater, however I dont think it has ever been renovated since opening. The seats are comfortable, and there is lots of space. other theaters in town are much nicer because they have been renovated. Overall a good theater. Staff are friendly and accommodating

Review №24

Old and dated. Place looks like it’s stuck in the 1980s. Theaters have an old musty smell to them. Theater screens are small. No alcohol sells either. Go elsewhere such as SMG or AMC.

Review №25

Clean movie theater in a nice shopping center.

Review №26

Went to see Captain Marvel. Theater was clean and the concession stand was nice but while watching the movie the lights stayed completely on and the seats were uncomfortable and outdated. With most theaters having the new, renovated seating it also makes it easier online to order tickets due to being able to reserve seats but this theater didn’t have that option. On a positive note, the woman working the concession stand Friday night was very friendly and outgoing.

Review №27

It was ok. A bit of an older movie theater in Charlotte. Unfortunately their oven wasnt working which wasnt great for my company. The

Review №28

Whats not to like! I always have an awesome experience here !

Review №29

This is our favorite theater in Charlotte! Not many people seem to know about it (hopefully this doesnt change that too much...), so its never overcrowded. Its clean and just generally great.

Review №30

Very helpful employees ... we had contacts with 5 employers and all were attentive and efficient

Review №31

It was in a nice area. Although, the interior of the theater was outdated.

Review №32

The theater itself is fine but the seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in. There is a built- in headrest that is supposed to be helpful but it just angles your neck down so it was impossible to look straight at the screen. For the entire movie I had to alternate leaning to the right and left just to see.I give it a 1 star because comfortable seating should have been a given in this business.

Review №33

I like that u can sit anywhere u want.. And it really feels like a old fashion setting for u and your family.

Review №34

The overall appearance of the theater from walking in the door, to inside theater and bathrooms were nasty. Definitely not what I expected for the location. Other than that, enjoyed movie.

Review №35

I decided to surprise my wife by taking her to the movies. At the suggestion of the concession stand worker, we chose to get a large popcorn and drink because they stated the large size has free refills. The popcorn was so salty and old that we could barely eat it. When we went to the concession stand to get some fresh non-stale pop corn and a refill on the beverage, the concession stand was CLOSED without a single person in sight at 9 pm. What kind of movie theatre closes the concession stand as movies are still actively playing and scheduled!? We will drive father to go to another theatre in the future. With so many theatres in Charlotte, This one is falling behind with customer service and basic service.

Review №36

The staff are very nice and the place is very clean, even the bathrooms. The pricing isnt too bad either. This is my favorite theatre to come to.

Review №37

It’s been two years since I’ve been to Phillips place theater. There is a noticeable deterioration in seats, and cleanliness. Time for updating and newer seats. The theater had trash everywhere, seat covers cracked and didn’t have much support. When they first opened up, this was a wonderful theater in a great location, now it’s just a great location!

Review №38

The movie was great! Hobbs and shaw. But the seats are horrible! Very uncomfortable! The popcorn was not all that great either ugh and i LOVE movie theater popcorn smh a shame

Review №39

Good place to see a movie.$17.00 TO GET IN 27.00 2 SMALL COKE 2 SMALL POP CORN LOL LOLLOL HA

Review №40

I love this area and this theater. Clean, safe, enjoyable.

Review №41

Regal has done a decent job of refreshing the theater over the years, but it is a little dated. Very convenient location although parking can be less than ideal. Staff is excellent.

Review №42

So my favorite movie theater, but this last visit might have be going someplace else. Customer service was horrible, the employees seem miserable, the concession area eas dirty, the floors were sticky, and the restroom was filthy.

Review №43

Im not one to complain online about things but the air conditioning unit in theatre 6 was making noises the entire movie. It was extremely distracting and was louder than the film itself (Avengers End Game) at most points during the movie. It is frustrating to pay $15 bucks for a movie and have those kinds of distractions. I will stick to my couch or find a different theater next time. Hopefully they will fix this issue ASAP

Review №44

Took my kids here and they lady at the ticket booth copped a attitude because she got my tickets wrong if you wrong your wrong i just wanted my kids to see the movie. My 3 kids went to see toy story 4 and myself and my niece went to see annebelle the manager was like i had to see it with her with a attitude and i told her that what i was doing and we went to the bathroom and my kids movie was over so i stayed out in the lobby with them the manager stood in the corner and just starred at me and my kids waiting to see where my niece was i had 20 more minutes left in my movie why would i leave them in the lobby alone just to see my movie hell no. So i waited for my niece to come out just wow is all i had to say

Review №45

The line at concession stand was long & slow moving, but otherwise this was a nice experience. Clean, easy parking & quick walk to ticket booth. Comfortable seating too.

Review №46

Prices are high but its nice

Review №47

This theater was selling tickets to Toy Story 4 on the evening of Saturday, July 6 and not telling customers in advance that air conditioning was not working. Only learned of it after entering theater. My son and his gf had already paid and bought concessions before being told. Very sleazy business practice! Are you kidding me? Ruined a perfect evening. Management needs to be held accountable!

Review №48

Enjoyed a great screening of the new Melissa McCarthy film Can you Ever Forgive Me excellent film so glad to have seen her in a dramatic role! She is another Cathy Bates. Deep, whitty compelling performance

Review №49

This is always a solid location to see a movie. While not my favorite theater in Charlotte it is always considered when my family and I are looking to see a new release. I try and catch a matinee and avoid weekends to skip out on the kids (always taking a risk with misbehavior taking away from a movie experience). Many options at the concession stand are nice and the employees have always been helpful and friendly. Alcohol is not currently served at this location. Consider visiting this theater for your next movie experience!

Review №50

I cant believe anyone would believe the seats here are comfortable! It feels like sitting in an airplane. They are stiff, do not recline at all and have a awkward head rest. I was sitting at a 90 degree angle for 2 hours with my head forced forward due to the head rest. They are also small. I can not return for another movie here due to the seats alone.

Review №51

Nice Theater, Needs Upgrades!

Review №52

Comfortable seating, ample seating and cleanliness of theater and restroom.

Review №53

Very clean and nice staff. Beautiful area to hang out infront of the cinema where there is a fountain. Overall wonderful experience!

Review №54

Not like this place, I find it alittle run down.

Review №55

The movie theater itself was nice! The staff was amazing, and greeted me right away! Will be returning!

Review №56

I dont come here often, but service was fast, even though it was packed. The theater was clean and chairs were comfortable.

Review №57

Great for shopping, dinner then a movie

Review №58

Nice cinema in a nice area! Lots of shows to choose from. Theater seating and viewing was acceptable for me. Popcorn was good too! I would come here again, unlike other cinemas in the area, who have assigned seating, there are no assigned seats here, if that is what you prefer. Parking is easy as well.

Review №59

Dated theater. Seats were very uncomfortable and the place has none of the upgrades that other area theaters have added recently. This location is overpriced due to its location - You definitely do not get your moneys worth.

Review №60

The worst movie theater popcorn I have ever had! The smell of popcorn is very misleading! It had absolutely no flavor! Be warned some of the theaters are extremely small....6 rows!! 6!!!!! Staff was fine and mostly friendly, probably won’t be back. Given where it is, I expected it to be a nicer theater.

Review №61

Ticket taker should smile more. Otherwise friendly & clean.

Review №62

I love this Place will recommend this place

Review №63

Its a place to enjoy yourself.

Review №64

Wouldnt be my first option the theatre is not updated and is sort of dirty and extermeley expensive

Review №65

Sadly this used to be a very swanky area to visit, now it is run down and in desperate need of a facelift.

Review №66

The girl at concession stand was so rude! She refused to turn off her phone while waiting on us. She was playing a loud video. She cut me off before I was finished ordering. We were visiting from out of town while on vacation. Kinda ruined the whole experience for us. We visit Regal cinemas regularly and never had an experience such as this.

Review №67

It was hot but good

Review №68

This was my very first time going to a movie theater and I was very impressed, the bathroom had a lot of stalls and was very clean and the movie room was big, you had room for you feet and the chair reclined back enough to be comfortable, the had plenty of lights on during the movie so you could see very easily how to get up and out if you needed too. All the staff I ran into was very nice and very helpful in telling me what room I was to go into and where to sit.

Review №69

Staff is friendly. They have plenty of seats. They havent upgraded to the new seats. But its still a great experience. I sincerely appreciate the staff. The bathrooms are clean. I havent had a bad experience yet and I frequent the theater.

Review №70

Quick to turn people away. The man at the door was excited and smiling to tell people the theater was sound out.

Review №71

Pretty waterfall

Review №72

Need to have a waiting area.

Review №73

Its a nice quaint movie theatre. Waiting for food is a hit or miss though as sometimes theyll have enough people and sometimes they will not. Otherwise its good, kept well seats are okay but they dont recline back.

Review №74

Always a great time watching the movie with their seating and sound.

Review №75

Worst movie experience ever. 2 friends and I were sitting one row from the back of the theater and were forced to sit in front of a group of 12 kids who talked the ENTIRE time. All we wanted to do was enjoy Avengers Infinity war in peace.After talking to the manager and communicating the issue halfway through the movie, one of the staff members talked to the kids and assured me that they were sorry and would stop. Well we ended up sitting for another 80 minutes sarcastic laughter and followed by more talking.

Review №76

First time visit to this movie theater. Watched the movie A Star is Born . Was not crowded so watched the whole movie without disturbance.

Review №77

Excellent theater but beat the crowds on the weekends

Review №78

Theater is clean and seats are comfortable. Sound quality and screen quality are standard. Four stars because the lights are not turned completely off during the movie.

Review №79

I went to Regal Cinemas Phillips Place 10 on a Friday night. My parents were watching the kids so my pregnant wife and I got the night off to enjoy a movie (the first in almost a year).Bought our tickets, bought a Large Popcorn and Soda (40 bucks or so, but we expect that). I asked the woman behind the counter for a large cup of iced tap water for my pregnant wife (it was 95 degrees in Charlotte, and my wife’s water bottle got hot in the car during dinner). The sales woman said she was going to charge us almost 8 bucks for a cup of tap water. She offered a 6oz plastic cup with no ice complimentary. I asked if they would make an exception for my expecting wife and just fill a big cup up with ice water so she wouldn’t have to get up 5 times during the film for a refill. She said no.I asked for the manager, he explained that the cups were inventoried and he couldn’t give us a larger size cup. I explained my wife was pregnant and that I appreciated their inventory, but managers are supposed to make exceptions for special cases. We weren’t asking for anything special. Just a cup of water for my pregnant wife on Mother’s Day weekend. He refused so we handed out tickets back and told him to refund us.As he did (behind glass) he chuckled and smirked the entire time he was processing the refund. This guy was a real piece of work.Way to go Regal Cinemas. I never really considered the theater I went to to see a film. I will from now on and I will ALWAYS PASS BY any theater bearing your trademark.On a good note, went to AMC Cinemas and had a GREAT experience. The manager behind the counter was more than understanding and provided a large cup for my wife.

Review №80

Won tickets to see Book Club. Great movie. Good group of actresses and actors chosen. Theatre was over crowded. Popcorn was fresh and buttery.

Review №81

IF YOU COME TO THIS THEATER WITH FREE MOVIE SCREENING TICKETS AND THE MOVIE IS SOLD OUT, YOU WILL NOT GET A FREE HAND OUT. Just wanted to post this PSA for all those unsuspecting suckers who might think this place might have the decency to offer you a ticket to another movie because you made the effort to drive over here in the first place. Nope, sorry. Customer service level: ZERO.

Review №82

Recently attended a matinee showing of Detective Pikachu, we got there a early and it was busy given it was a matinee showing. We wanted to get food/drinks at the concessions, Regal has two concessions and only one was open and the line were backed up all the way to the door. I went into the theater to get our seats and my wife waited in line. Needless to say she missed the first 10 minutes of the movie, terrible experience and I hate she missed the beginning of the movie. Regal, get your act together and staff your concessions!

Review №83

Enjoyed Photograph and the popcorn

Review №84

Love the Christmas show!!

Review №85

Nice clean theater!

Review №86

Great seats & amazing screens! Service is quick, so you dont wait in line forever at concession.

Review №87

Nice clean theater. Sound quality is clear yet it does not hurt your ears. Pleanty if free parking within short walk.

Review №88

This isnt our go to theater, but were trying to see the best picture nominees and Ayrsley/AMC were no longer playing A Star is Born.Unfortunately, they only have one self service kiosk and it didnt have all movies/showtimes on it, so we had to wait in line outside in the cold.I found out that I had reward points and online it said I could use them to upgrade a popcorn size. When I tried to do this, the person at the concession stand wouldnt let me. Conveniently, they didnt tell me that until after they gave me the popcorn even though I told her thats what I wanted to do when I ordered it. I wouldnt have gotten a bigger size if I had known they wouldnt let me use points.On the positive side, they dont have reserved seating which makes getting a good seat without buying tickets online a lot easier. The seats, while they dont recline, are very nice and comfortable.Unlike other theaters that have some kind of good deal for at least the first matinee showtime of the day, they charge $10 for a matinee ticket.Given the high prices compared to other theaters and bad customer service, I probably wouldnt come back again.

Review №89

Service was very good. Seats are not reclining like many theaters have now and say too upright for my comfort.

Review №90

Great movie theater. Only bad thing was the popcorn. So many small broken pieces of popcorn and hardly any butter told them at the end of the movie and a gentleman that was on my side of the counter at a Regal Cinema name badge on said well that was probably from them scooping the popcorn too hard or too much and the guy on the other side of the counter said yeah that happens was not impressed next time I will not be purchasing popcorn not when you spend $10 on a bucket of popcorn and you dont eat it because its tiny pieces

Review №91

Love this theater. Jewel tucked away without the fancy seating and needed reservations.

Review №92

My favorite place to catch a flick. Super awesome staff and fair pricing. Seating is great and screens are nice n big.

Review №93

Great Customer service

Review №94

Clean and very good service

Review №95

This is a great theater with comfortable seats and friendly staff. The only reason for losing a star is because the AC went out a few times ago when I was there during the heat of Summer and there was no offer to come back and see the movie with a pass. Made the glue on my wifes shoe melt and her heel fell off! JK, that did happen while we were there but not because of the heat. We still go back often and have not had any problems since that one time.

Review №96

For being in an upscale location, this theatre needs updating. Temporarily in the area on business and on 3 occasions within a 6 week period theyve canceled showings without prior notification. Like I live 50 ft away? Not even a courtesy voucher

Review №97

It was amazing but cold

Review №98

So glad that seats do not have to be reserved at Regal Phillips Place. Thank you for allowing freedom of choice, if one needs to change seats. Have been watching movies here for the past two decades since Phillips Place first opened. Appreciate the consistency in customer service.

Review №99

I was with my friend sitting getting ready to watch the movie and they told us that The move was canceled because of a projector problem which is totally fine they gave us a free ticket but the next showing was in like two hours and I had nothing to do. I also had a big slushy that I could not take with me or else it would melt and they do not refund me on that. It was a big bummer and a waste of time.

Review №100

Small theater with friendly staff. Concessions are a bit slow though

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  • Address:6911 Phillips Pl Ct, Charlotte, NC 28210, United States
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  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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