Regal Cinebarre Arboretum
8008 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Review №1

Ive visited a few times and the food is quite good! Its a nice combination of a dinner and a movie! The popcorn has free refills and it is a huge tub to begin with. The number of seats in the theaters are reduced to compensate for the tables. You can order using the paper and pens provided or you can tell the server directly.

Review №2

Cute place. Id rather eat elsewhere. They dont ask many questions about how you want food and the default is not ideal for me

Review №3

We love going to the Cinebarre to eat and catch a movie. Last night we saw It Chapter 2. The senior tickets were only $7.60 each. We had red, white & blue burgers and for dessert we had Creme Brulee Cheesecake. It was so delicious I couldnt believe it. A must have dessert. You get a good view from anywhere and their staff is very nice. Clean restrooms. Up front they have a bar and pool tables. One craveat--they only allow babies or toddlers on Tuesdays. That is good for me since they wont be disturbing us during the movie. The movie was great also. I am posting photos of the menu as of 9/19 since I could not find a menu online. Also, they are running a promotion where for $18 a month you can watch unlimited movies.

Review №4

This Theater/Diner is a full scale Regal Cinema location with great service and wonderful menu options that they serve right there in the theater! Our server Rose, was wonderful and very quiet as she came into the theater to take our order before the movie began and even so as she brought us our drinks and food later on. The theater was well clean and the movie experience (sound/picture/accessibility) was excellent. I look forward to exploring their menu and watching many other movie there in the future. *Quick tip: purchase your tickets online through the Regal app to gain points and rewards, this location uses the QR from your ticket purchase to sign you in at the right side of the horseshoe bar as you walk in.

Review №5

Someone was in my seat and it took a bit of doing to straighten things out. Rows are well marked (till lights go out) but seats are not. Seats are amazing... The seat warmer is heavenly. But good thing it was a high action movie or id have slept through it!

Review №6

Really enjoyed the experience at this Movie Theater. Nice screen. Decent seats. The staff was very attentive to my request for food and drinks (refills). (You press the red call button and they bring it to you.). Will be back soon.

Review №7

One of the rare movie theaters that actually serve food to your chair. Excellent service, good food, good place to take your date, children, or family

Review №8

Situated in the NE corner of the Arboretum Shopping Ctr on Providence Rd. Multi-Screen theater, clean, well maintained, with generous parking. Cinebarre, serving food and beverages (including adult drinks) at the counter and at your seat. Ample leg room with approximately 40 seats per theater.

Review №9

Great prices for Regal members (free!) and I like being able to have a meal while watching the movie. However, the quality of the movie we saw wasnt very good because of the lights they leave on for the servers and the screen not being bright enough to compensate. It was very hard to see what was happening during the dark scenes.Also, not surprisingly, not very many vegetarian options on the menu other than fried potatoes if thats of any interest to you.

Review №10

I really enjoyed myself. Was on a date & we seen Bad Boys 3, We had drinks & ate pretty good plus the staff were friendly & the bathrooms were extremely clean. I will be back, Awesome Experience!!!

Review №11

I gave it a 3 cause the movie was great. But we go in and sit down, another couple comes in they get waited on and did not come to us at all for our order. We had to go out when the movie was about to start and get our drinks and popcorn because we couldnt get waited on. Not a very good experience. We have been to this theater before and didnt have this problem, so I was very disappointed. The movie was at 7:20pm and it was 7:24 when we had to go get our own, cause she never came back in. When we went out to lobby she was just standing around.

Review №12

Great staff and the fact I can stuff my face while watching great movies is awesome! Cocktails, pizza, burgers, snacks and dessert all at the press of a button! The staff is always friendly and great service.

Review №13

What a cool business in a cool place. The whole theater bar concept is such a great idea! I am glad that the Regal Cinebarre Arboretum brought this to the area. Keep in mind that if you go here you will be in the Mathews Arboretum where there are plenty of places to go and things to see.

Review №14

Great movie theater where you can order food to be brought to you. Most of their screens are okay but they have one theater in a corner that has such a small screen. Otherwise it’s a pretty good theater.

Review №15

The movie theatre set up is decently nice. I wish the seats would be more comfortable. The bar staff however, were not hospitable. It was our first time there and when we mistakingly tried to order at the bar, they werent helpful by explaining how the ordering process works.

Review №16

I enjoy coming here with friends. I watched joker and our server Tyler was awesome. He was gracious enough to ask the people sitting next to us to not put their bare feet on the counter. I mean people come and put their food there and it’s Unsanitary so if there is some way that can be Enforced. Besides that it was great and Tyler was great.

Review №17

Great place for adults to go for dinner, drinks and a movie. It does have a bar in the lobby, so if you are entertaining minors, you may want to chose a different location to watch “their” movie. The staff is super nice, service is prompt, the prices and menu offerings are what you would expect. The theaters and bathrooms are clean and the seating is comfortable. Its a perfect break from routine either alone or with that special someone. Nice neighborhood movie theater, not too big or too small.

Review №18

The food here can be quite pricey and the service isnt always great. However it is a great place to play pool and watch a great movie for fairly cheap price! I would recommend this place if your looking for an economical night out.

Review №19

This place is great, I get to take my daughter, eat while we watch a movie and sometimes I can even indulge and have a cocktail if I feel like it. All the staff are super friendly, would definitely recommend this place one hundred percent!

Review №20

Yes enjoyed. Pop corn way to expensive. 4 tops! 1st time i have decided to buy. Movie great. Suggest 2 dollar hot dogs.

Review №21

I have arrived at Regal Cinebarre Arboretum 12pm to see Harriet. The guy the sold me the ticket was very pleasant. I had past two servers having a conversation. Neither one of them had greeted me. It is now 12:18pm and no one have came to take my order. My movie starts at 12:20pm .....smh......I had just took a 34 minute drive to get here on time. This is my second time here because of the great service I had received the first time. I will not come is now 12:22 pm no movie nor previews. What is really going on??

Review №22

We took the kids to Cinebarre for our sons birthday and so they could watch Avengers End Game. The staff were amazing. The place was packed but they treated us as though we were the only ones in the theater. I was also shocked at how good the food was. The kids got the standard pizza, chicken tenders, french fries and even milkshakes. My husband and I were able to get grilled chicken spinach salads and they were great. Overall our experience was first-rate.

Review №23

Enjoyed appetizers and some chicken pizzas with family served to us during movie. Good change up experience from the now more typical recliner atmosphere. Will come again when in town.

Review №24

Very good floor lighting... nice employees...teo out of three people thought theater #8 had unusual odor

Review №25

Clean and fully staffed. Food and drinks ordered and delivered right from your seat. No more missing previews or part of the movie for a refill. Just push a button and within minutes someone is there.

Review №26

Excellent customer service. Clean and well maintained. Great selection of food, drinks, and movies.

Review №27

Great experience over all. Food is good, service is awesome and seats are comfortable

Review №28

Amazing place. Great atmosphere. Nice, attentive, friendly staff. Nice to sit outside, or play pool or just chill until your movie starts. Even better that there is a shopping center right beside it with lots of places to go eat at. Recommend.

Review №29

I went to go see a movie with a group of friends, all under the age of eighteen. We had to order tickets online, and as we went into the theater they informed us that we could not see the movie because they sell alcohol. They said that we could not enter the movie unless we were accompanied by some over the age of 18. They continued to tell us that they could not offer us a refund because it was less than an hour before the showing. Normally, I would not be upset, but they had no information on their website warning us about the age restrictions. So we are now out $70 and waiting out in the cold.

Review №30

Having a different theater experience is nice. Food is your average greasy finger foods. Pricey for what you get. In other words, this place lacks value for the consumer.

Review №31

$4.35 for 12oz fountain drink. Only one size of popcorn, gaint refill. Seats dont recline. And 30 minutes of previews. Not going back.

Review №32

The parking is ample and easy access. Friendly staff. Theres a restaurant/bar which serves from a limited menu featuring burgers,fries, pizzas and some sandwiches. Popcorn, of course. The is also service of wine and beer, along with the usual soft drinks. These are served by a waitress at your seat. Seats are comfortable and there is a comfortable shelf to act as a table. Prices are average.

Review №33

Very cool, retro feel. Comfy seats. Cozy theater.

Review №34

Downhill. Drinks are now in plastic cups, popcorn in a tub, no good local beer rotation, very little food choices now and tastes totally different. Pointless. We will just go to the regular theater from now on.

Review №35

Loved the old school feel. Great Thursday afternoon movie spot. The added touch of classic movie posters and 1950s diner vibe was really great. Enjoyed excellent service as well. And any movie theater that has a bar and burgers is ok with me!!

Review №36

Great staff! Very friendly and helpful. But!.. the concessions are on the high side. And Im not talking about the alcoholic beverages. Those prices are understandable. Rather, the popcorn (9 dollars) and lack of refills on the soda make this place seem like a less worthy location to catch a flick when regal stonecrest isnt that far away. And has a more affordable concessions. But to be fair, the ticket prices at stonecrest are higher. So that is something to consider

Review №37

Love the concept of cocktails and noshes at the movies. The service can be a bit slow, but the servers deserve big tips for negotiating the stairs in the dark without being an annoyance.

Review №38

You can get lit af in there and they bring you out your food and liquor drinks

Review №39

Great food at a reasonable price. Comfortable seats. Very clean.

Review №40

Always a great time here. This establishment delivers good service consistently.

Review №41

I thought with this being in an upscale location it would be nice. It was absolutely ran down, food was nasty, and the bartenders mixed drinks that they literally put together themselves. I would never come back.

Review №42

One of my favorite theaters, but they keep making bad decisions to like it less each time. They first cut the most popular pizza from the menu, now they cut the serving glasses for the drinks to use some very flimsy paper cups. Why? The things that make me want to come keep getting changed to things I can get at any other theater. Dumb move. guys. Stay with what make you unique.

Review №43

Aladdin was a lot of was clean and crowd was in good spirits...Casey our server was awsome...he made great suggestions and took extra special care of the kids we brought. Everyone had a great time and the food was great and service was fast! Burgers, wings, pizza, and cheese sticks were delicious....loved the whole experience

Review №44

I love this theater. Each room has wait staff that will bring you whatever food you order during the movie. And they have real food thats reasonably priced. No $10 popcorn here. You can get a real salad, a burger, or anything else youd expect from an American restaurant without leaving your seat. These guys do it right.

Review №45

I loved the theater and I loved the movies available AND the fact that you can hang at theater to drink and eat BUT their service lacked. When we got to our seats we pressed the button to order our food and drinks for movie but it took almost 15 to 20 min for someone to actually come and take our order. AND then we only got our popcorn sans drinks. After 10 min (yes movie had already started) I had to press the button again to get someone to come to our seats and finally bring our drinks. Perhaps they were short staffed I really dont wanna think their service is always bad considering EVERYTHING else was perfect.

Review №46

Chairs pretty comfortable. Online purchase ticket doesnt reserve certain seats. So you need to come in early pick and hold spot. Too dark inside to eat food really dont know how many times I dropped my wings on floor. Cool system of pushing button and and order food and being served all while chillin in your seat. They have early show discount.

Review №47

Very nostalgic feel to it. Food service was prompt and correct. Theaters seating is a lil stiff and dated. But outside of that it has a classic theater experience to it.

Review №48

We have been a Cinnebarre customer for years now but that all might be coming to an end because of the menu change. :( For years our favorite item was the fried pickle chips which they have now changed to spears and they just arent the same. With that said, Friday night we saw Lion King and the food was good and the service was great. Hopefully someone sees this review and changes the menu so we can return for our favorite food!

Review №49

Highly suggest going to a nice steakhouse and then here, without ordering food. You will be even better off with another theater for sure. Food was served cold. Food is not good. Food is expensive. Service is marginal. Seats are tattered and torn. Movie sound is poor. Picture quality is substandard. And too many distractions to actually enjoy the movie.

Review №50

It need to be remodeled. The seats are old style and the bar for your food blocks the screen. The drink I had was good but the chicken was way to salty and not crispy at all for hot wings. The popcorn was dry but was supposed to have butter on it, they must have put a teapoon of butter in a sack of popcorn. My son did enjoy his french fries though. I dont think I will go there any time soon.

Review №51

The entrance and lobby is great. The posters from old movies was great. The pool tables was a fun touch. Having the ability to order great tasting food is clutch. The theater itself is small but that is understandable with tables for eating. I do wish the seats were more comfortable and the food a little less expensive, but overall the experience was great. And their classic mojito is one of the best Ive tested, on par with mojitos from Aruba. Highly recommend this theater.

Review №52

Nice concept, and decent food. Sound system in theater 2 needs work.And as usual...for any theater, just because you spend all that money there is no guarantee some troglodyte wont sit behind you and talk on their phone, crinkle cellophane for five minutes straight or let their kids roam freeYou take your chances

Review №53

Came here a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend to kick off our vacation with dinner and a movie the night we got into town! Yeah! Right?No.We watched Rise of Skywalker (which we enjoyed) and got an unnecessarily pricey meal. ($80 for 2 burgers, 1 app and a drink?!) And then I went and got food poisoning from my guacamole burger (I know it was this because it is the only food I had that my boyfriend didnt have and he was fine.) Que 2.5 days of vomiting and shivering and sweating and pedialyte to start off my vacation. Not the way I had planned to spend it. If you just want a movie, its fine. (Although Im sure there are cheaper theaters.) But I would never order food from here again. Bleh.

Review №54

Food, booze, and movies. Food can take a while on a busy day so order right away

Review №55

This was my first time visiting Cinebarre and Id definitely return. The service was fast, friendly and the theater clean.

Review №56

Great beer selection and plenty to choose from off of the menu. Servers were attentive, polite and very helpful. Servers come right to your seats, take your order and bring the drinks right away. Definitely would recommend to go watch a movie here. Can get a bit pricey for the food but not absurd.

Review №57

Good theater, clean, good food, and decent prices. Just a touch dark when you are eating and watching the movie just wish they had a small light but youre there for the movie not really the dining experience

Review №58

Fun place to go on date night with your hubby.

Review №59

This is a theater that offers food and beverages. When we went the automatic call buttons to call the waitresses on our entire row or not working. We got to the movie 15 minutes early and with many others in the row struggle to get wait staff to come and take our order. By that time our orders were being taken the movie had already started end it was difficult to try to watch a movie while explaining to your waitress what you wanted on your salad and what beverage you wanted.When they finally began bringing out food they were getting almost all of the orders mixed up and bringing the wrong order to different people. My partner and I ordered a salad in a small 10 inch pizza. The salad and bacon in it onions that were very strong in the salad was extremely salty. The pizza was that bad. Just wish it would have been bigger. I had a beer in my partner had a mixed drink. Total bill for the evening came to almost $50!Generally I enjoy going to dinner theater type movie houses, but I am sure I will not be going back to this one.

Review №60

Me my husband and our 3 daughters were all ready to see frozen 2, tickets purchased, excitement full blast. Walked in and the place looked pretty great. This was all well and good until one of the staff member asked how old are youngest was which she is 1. Well then he continued to tell use unfortunately children under 4 cannot enter the theater! What?! Maybe this was because of the bar which was centered in the middle of the establishment which makes no sense as this isnt the only theater serving alcohol and they have no restrictions. My problem is, if there is such restrictions please have this warning before a parent buys their tickets online as it was a HUGE inconvenience. I mean why even have childrens films played at your theater?!. With all that said the management understood and gave us free passes for the inconvenience. I just wanted to bring this to everyones attention especially those in our shoes with little ones.

Review №61

Its very nice place for eat and watch movie. They serve food while you can watch movies

Review №62

Nice to eat, drink & watch movie but food has gone downhill lately.

Review №63

I miss this place, hopefully itll reopen soon!!

Review №64

Loves everything about this theatre. We go there all the time and love the service. Our server tonight was Greg, an aspiring actor who had great hustle and motivation on the job! The food was great, the seating was spacious, and the audio visual quality was exactly as expected.Most of all, the environment when walkig in and out is AWESOME! All of the posters inside are from classic movies- the only ads are on the walls outside the building. When you walk in it feels like a place that is run by movie lovers, not simple minded businessmen.This is the only theatre we go to. More theatres need to be run like this one!

Review №65

We went to see Aquaman. The theater was clean, popcorn was fantastic (and bottomless), the staff is very friendly... especially Sarah (like from the Breakfast Club, her words, not mine). Also, her 21st birthday is in June, go and tell her happy birthday!Id go back.

Review №66

Great snacks delivered right to you as you watch movies, couldnt ask for more.

Review №67

Great place 2 watch movies. Eat food brought to you like a restaurant. Good prices. Fun for All.

Review №68

Went to see Goosebumps, although the movie theater was empty we enjoy our time. Aside from the 25 to 30 minute wait after we push the buttons to be serviced were in then I had to get up from my movie to ask someone where the hostess was. The manager wasnt exactly too friendly but I took that. Upside from that the hostess came right in and received our menu options, also food was fresh and done in a timely manner.

Review №69

Great place to what a flix and get some food and drinks

Review №70

Great experience with great food. They seemed a. Bit short staffed while I was there but that may have been due to the holiday season. The staff that was there were quick and helpful. Seats where OK and the theater was clean.

Review №71

Quality of food is okay. Movie quality isnt anything special. Service is nice and flows well. Not a bad place to go to a movie alone, but for date night I might pick somewhere else (like the Philips place).

Review №72

Great place to enjoy food, drinks and a movie.

Review №73

I attended Cinebarre Arboretum for the first time this evening to watch Frozen II with my daughters at 7:10pm. I place my order for concessions at my seat. I inquired about drink sizes and was informed that there was only one size. I also ordered the popcorn and pretzel bites. When my order arrived, my pretzel bites only had the beer cheese accompanying it. I requested service to get me the mustard. It was brought. Service was called again to see about the refill policy. After being informed that you could only get a refill on popcorn, we made that request. My bill was brought to me and I still had not received my refill. I made the request again and was assured that it would be brought to me. The movie ended and I still did not receive the popcorn. I went to the concession stand and waited for assistance. While waiting, my attendant Zachary walks by and acts like he didnt see us at the counter. I spoke with another employee about the drink sizes. She seemed baffled on why I was told there was only one size. She offered that I speak with the manager. The manager informs me that the sizes are age regulated and small cups are for children 12 and under. Well, Ive never heard of such!! He did not hesitate to ask me if I settled my bill already and offered me a half hearted apology and a bucket of popcorn for the ride home.

Review №74

The drinks are not so great—more on the super sweet side. Service was great!

Review №75

It has taken me a few months to calm down enough 2 even post a respectable response about my familys experience at this theater. If you ask me the policy about not allowing children under 3 to watch a cartoon is crazy, but what can you do about it? When the policy changed we were able to take my son, but not my daughter. We stopped going to the theater for over a year until my daughter was old enough to get in. So we finally return and while watching the movie there was another young child seated with his family near us. That child got bored quickly and was playing around in the isle. He got my daughters attention and she started playing around a bit too. We had gotten her to calm down and she was in my lap talking and giggling when a manager with a nasty attitude shows up. The other child had literally just sat down before the manager walked in. She tells me that someone complained and we had to leave. She finished with a nasty She is not supposed to be in here anyway because she is not three. I explain that she is three. She is small for her age. Instead of making a scene we go to the lobby and wait for my son and his father. When the movie was over my son and his father joined us in the lobby. I fully explained to my sons father what had happened. He went to a manager to inquire about the situation as to why our daughter was asked to leave when she was not the only one that had actually been causing the commotion. Yes she joined in, but she had gotten herslf together. She just happened to be sitting in my lap giggling when the manager walked in. Obviously whoever made the complaint did not give details on which child or all of the children that were involved in making noise. My childrens father said okay we can accept that yes she was giggling when they walked in, but the other child who was actually causing the issues was able to stay. The hardest part to accept though was the fact that the manager was nasty and was saying that she wasnt supposed to be there because she wasnt three. This other manager profusely apologized but did not offer to give free tickets did not offer to refund our money. To make this fair were not the only ones that should have been ejected from the theater. A better solution would have been to ask both families to leave but they didnt. Other patrons came out of the theater that we had been in and walked past us and simply made eye contact and shook their head as if to say that was wrong what they did to you all. My daughter already has difficulties with constantly hearing from people comment on how small she is for her age. She is healthy, just petite. I may never know how hearing this again and being told she was not supposed to be there will effect her, but I am sure she wont forget being asked to leave. Trust and believe this theater will never get another penny from any member of my immediate family, extended family, friends, or anybody that knows me. Do we now have to start taking your childrens birth certificates into the movie theater?

Review №76

Good place to watch a movie and grab a meal instead of usual theater fare. It looked like renovations to the lobby were underway. The movie we saw did not have the newer luxury recliner seats like others nearby do, but if it did, they would probably get filthy with food and drinks, especially beer. Convenient location and later showtimes make it an attractive option for people who may want to go outside the Friday/Saturday crush. I have ordered food here before and it is pretty good.

Review №77

The movies are great but the service is very hit or miss. Sometimes we go and its great but than others its like what the hell.

Review №78

Decor was cool, food was a little underwhelming. Did not show the end credits scene on the Spiderman Far From Home movie and was not offered an explanation. Seats inside the theater are a little torn up, pinches your legs if you are wearing shorts.

Review №79

Clean space & testrooms. Expensive food, but tasty, comfortable seating.

Review №80

Very clean and well kept facilities. I love the drinky drink options at the bar which are reasonably priced. The big stainless steel bowl of popcorn is delicious as every popcorn has a touch of butter. Somewhat pricey but worth the money for such a big fancy bowl with free refills. Although this cinema doesnt have recliners, I feel this makes for a better experience since there are tons of seats and you dont have to stress or fight for a seat, or pay the rediculous fees to reserve a seat like at other places. Overall, I enjoy coming to this place.

Review №81

Always great place for movies and snacks love it !!

Review №82

Great experience! Open bar as soon as you walk-in to order drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) if you choose. Or you can order your food and drinks with the push of a button inside the theater room. Not a fan of theater food but to my surprise it was decent!Staff is friendly and courteous. Only downfall for them would be the cleanliness. The bathrooms, theater seats, floors wasn’t too presentable the last few visits.

Review №83

Saw Star Wars last week with pizza and beer, popcorn and candy. Had a great time!

Review №84

This is a family movie place. They have a large bar and full menu which can be ordered while watching the movie. Now if you like waitress walking in front of you during the movie it better be a good movie. Do not see a movie here alone because the prices are outrageous.

Review №85

Im from the northern part of the US. The combination is a thing up there but not nearly as popular.Food, drinks (with alcohol), candy delivered any time throughout the movie. I mean, how can you go wrong?I guess driving home.Make sure to call an Uber.Click it or ticket

Review №86

Great food and beverages. A little expensive but hey, its a movie theater! Friendly staff as well.

Review №87

Prices are a bit high, but the food was always good sized and good tasting . NOW A RIP OFF. Pretzel nuggets were just a large.pretzel chopped up and the cheese sauce is almost a solid. Milk shake was 1/2 the size it used to be.

Review №88

Good picture but not to much of a fan about the prices also dont like the table in the middle right in front of the chairs.

Review №89

Good food, good service

Review №90

Good food for theater food. Its a bit pricey and they dont have recliners. But the service staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №91

They changed the food and I am sad. If you want to watch a movie and have drinks you are in for a treat. Unfortunately there has been a major change in the quality of the food. 2 years ago, I would purposefully not eat before going to Cinebarre because the food was great; from the salad to the pizza and burgers. Now, not even my 14 year old son will order the pizza again. I dont know what happened or who they are contracting with for the food service but I wont eat there again. A movie and wine or a shake is all that we will order. I hope they go back to how it used to be. : (

Review №92

Love it here! Table service at your seat.Their food menu is well above the quality of most theaters. Well above. Burgers are bison full sized thick burgers. Fries are perfection. Full drink menu and bar. Full variety of well made pizzas and all kinds of other items on there.. Order from your seat and they bring it all back fresh, hot, and without interruption of your movie. The reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is because they havent converted to the recliner chairs yet that weve seen most other theaters have nowMixing recliner chairs with their food service would be the ultimate movie experience. 4DX motion activated seating would be the only other thing thats better if you ask me. No one offers that in NC yet though.

Review №93

I really look like the oversized movie posters displayed around the lobby and corridors. The theater was clean and comfortable. Neverending popcorn was tasty.

Review №94

Popcorn too expensive!! No reclining seats. Nice theater.

Review №95

I felt there couldve been more selection of food and some seats were torn, broken or outdated. The staff members were very polite& attentive So my overall experience wasnt too awful although the place could use a little TLC

Review №96

Fantastic place to watch a movie. Good service, good room in the seating area, and the food is delivered to you. Food is okay, it is standard pub fair, but one of the best places to watch a movie in Charlotte.

Review №97

Cheap tickets offset by slightly higher popcorn. But that is offset by the bottomless nature and table service! Thoroughly enjoyed our time, and will definitely go again!

Review №98

You can buy unlimited popcorn that is brought to you and dont have to leave the movie for refills.

Review №99

It was ok but cannot compare to Stonecrest and others. The fact that we had to buy a large popcorn and spend nearly $10 on it upset me. Then, I dont care to give my credit card to someone in the dark. And, get my receipt in the dark.

Review №100

If your sitter/nanny is under 21 you cant send them here with your children. I did not know it was a bar that showed movies. If they updated their page that shows on Google to reflect their policy I think that would have helped me decide on a more appropriate movie theatre. My little one wanted to see a chiilds movie and I wanted to get a photo of him in front of the poster, but because this place is geared towards adults, there were no child-friendly movie posters. The place was very clean, and the staff were very, very nice. The seats were comfortable, though they did not recline. Thankfully I was able to get some of my work done on my laptop in the movie theatre while the movie was going, I think the staff realized the stress i was under to get work done, so they accomadated me in that way, which I appreciate.

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  • Address:8008 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Dinner theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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