Neighborhood Theatre
511 E 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

Review №1

Saw New Potato Caboose last night. It was the first time Id been to Neighborhood Theatre. It has so much character and a more than friendly staff!Its a must see venue if you are in Charlotte. This stage has been added to my must play on bucket list. Cheers!

Review №2

Really had a great time at the Neighborhood theater. The crowd was sizable but we still had lots of room to move around. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Will be coming back to this venue!

Review №3

We saw Jake Scott and Sawyer perform here last night! *Fantastic* performance!! But Im here to talk about the venue: it has a great setup acoustically, and a perfect location in an up-and-coming little neighborhood that was super easy to find. There was quite the bar (though I cant speak for what drinks they offered, I know the bartenders were very quick with service when we needed waters, and lots of people were enjoying canned beverages), and a nice little shelf lining the opposite wall, so people who were far away from the bar also had places to put down their drinks. The restrooms were clean and well stocked, the staff was very efficient with getting people in the door and with cleanup, and the space was nicely set up for the size of this concert. I would come back here for another show!!

Review №4

Great place for live music. Small or larger bands have the best of both worlds with the intimate upstairs stage or the larger big stage. Good sound and decent bar staff.

Review №5

The bartenders were so sweet and help each other as they work. They seem like they love their job. The music was awesome and surprisingly the bathrooms were super clean and had plenty of stalls, not typical for a music venue. Ill come back again Im sure.

Review №6

Incredible venue for smaller concerts. Absolutely adore the aesthetic inside. With the rugged indoors and homey vibe, an immediate feeling of comfort and casualness takes over. The bar was wonderful and had a fairly good variety of beers and mixed drinks. 10/10, would come back again.

Review №7

While a few of the bartenders are more surly than most, the majority of the staff are friendly and helpful. The various stages in the theater provide good views from any seat. The sound system is loud and clear, avoiding the reverb and distortion found in most small clubs. Overall, I really enjoy seeing bands here. This is especially true as the intimate nature of the venue attracts lesser-known or more niche acts that often are surprisingly good.

Review №8

Great, intimate venue! Excellent drink options and staff!

Review №9

The Seats in the Balcony are slightly scary. Certain bartenders can make very good drinks go to the guy with the pony tail. Great entertainment I had VIP seating my name was on my seat everything was well organized plenty of security...

Review №10

Surfaces put on a great show! Thought the venue itself was a bit stingy... Charging an extra $3 for minors~ and then charging for water as well!! I have never been to a show that didnt offer a free water station! The guy behind the bar was kinda an *** about it too

Review №11

Decent small venue at reasonable ticket prices. Fairly small as it holds approx 1,000 guests. And its not particularly clean or modern. But it has nice character and stage viewing area is pretty great, especially with the floor sloping towards the stage. Parking can be interesting and I dont think I would recommend parking in the paid parking deck behind the theatre. Its a very convenient location but it is pricey. I parked from after 4 PM to after 11 PM and it cost $25.

Review №12

One of my favorite venues to see live music, everything from acoustic to metal. The vibe is great and the setup allows for being in the mix or seated up top if you are willing to pay extra. No food or drinks are allowed inside, easy parking down Alexander street.

Review №13

What I appreciate most about this music venue is how reasonable the drink prices are. If you go to any other concert venue in pretty much any other city you can expect to pay $15 for a diluted, terrible quality cocktail. Here though its just like a regular bar. The stage area is nice too and they always have good bands.

Review №14

Great venue. Easy to get a beer even when crowded. Love seeing Dinosaur Jr. play there.

Review №15

A really great venue to see live music. No bad seat in the house, but I always get reserved balcony seats, which are great! Good prices on beer, too!

Review №16

Bar service was top notch! Need more toilets... and a better way to them from front of house

Review №17

Saw the band On the Border. Great Eagles cover band. Theatre has plenty of bartenders and plenty of space for patrons to listen or dance to live bands.

Review №18

Small and cozy. The building has seen better days, but a fun place for concerts

Review №19

My favorite venue in Charlotte! Ive been here a handful of times...during the day when they had the All Arts Market, and for music in the evenings. The Neighborhood Theatre has that old vibe of the early 90s Alt-Rock scene in Chicago. The place is clean, but still has that dirty grunge feel to it, and Ive found it to be the perfect setting to go and see a blues set. The most recent being Jonny Lang.The staff is friend and professional, and the bar gets busy, but you are served quickly. I hope they never change a single thing here.

Review №20

Paid extra for VIP, waste of money considering there was a speaker in the way and could not see, even after we moved our table. Pretty disappointed that the solution was we could move over to general admission section.Bathrooms reeked of urine, which we could smell from our seats. They did clean the bathrooms after we complained, so the rancid smell did get better after dealing with it for the first 45 minutes.

Review №21

Came to see Michael Franti and The Pineapple Thief - both amazing performances in their own. NT knows how to be a great venue and I cant wait to see what other artists arrive here!

Review №22

Great sound, good bar and service. In a progressive, artsy part of town. Huge fan keeps the audience cool. Bathrooms are kept as clean as you would expect at a music venue. Have felt safe both times weve been there.

Review №23

Great time! Reminded me of a venue I grew up going to. Bartenders could be friendlier and actually pretend like they were happy to take your money. I would have been thrilled to be behind a bar like that making bank.

Review №24

This is a small venue but I like it because you can become personal with the artist. We went to see rapper Scarface and had a good time!

Review №25

Night in rio production was pretty well organized good even and even space .

Review №26

Love it there. The music they bring there is so awesome.

Review №27

Favorite music venue in CLT. Love the atmosphere and the bands they bring in

Review №28

Great venue, the sloped GA area makes for a great view no matter where you are.

Review №29

Sound still needs to improved. Otherwise I love this venue. Great service, room to move around and always a good view

Review №30

Great place to see a band, plenty of room to dance & sit, if you need

Review №31

Another great place to see a show. One time I even saw a clown riding a unicycle juggling T-Rex Eggs here. The truth is that dinosaurs are very real but I am not sure if clowns have gone extinct.

Review №32

NodaGREAT location. Small intimate venue. Neighborhood seemed well taken care of, clean and lots of businesses. Door Staff was very friendly and professional. Bar Staff....not so much. 2 beers $13 ($4 & $9). Venue is well loved. Main floor can be a little tricky as it goes down to a slant. We will be back for sure.

Review №33

Awesome. I would see any concert there. You need to go.

Review №34

Awesome little place. Theyve removed most of the seats since the last I was there so be prepared to stand through the whole show.

Review №35

Went to tomato festival a lot of fun but was a little salty. Wasn’t organized very well, almost like they weren’t expecting such a big crowd. Tried to buy tickets on line the night before $10 vs $15 at door. Web wouldn’t let me purchase ticket. Went to theater and tried to buy tickets the afternoon of the day before show. Lady at door said I had to buy online and didn’t offer any help when I told her it wouldn’t let me buy online. So went day of and paid $15.00 at door x’s 2... so cost $30. For an Ice tea and a tomato sandwich apiece. Will rethink about going next year.

Review №36

My friend and I were looking forward to seeing a band here. Unfortunately the manager/ bartender was beyond rude. We (temporarily) sat at the bar to get drinks, but were never served. We tried several times and he would walk away, serving a few other customers. Eventually a woman walked behind the bar and never asked if we wanted anything, even though she was standing right by us (and we had no drinks). This was before the band started and not a lot of people. So it wasnt because they were overwhelmed (just seemed to not care). The band was in the upper part of the theatre and way too loud for a small room and not a large crowd. Disappointing!

Review №37

Really cool venue. Saw Penny and sparrow here, very intimate and great sound quality/lighting

Review №38

The show was so good Major

Review №39

Fun time! Good crowd, great staff. Definitely going back!

Review №40

Great blues venue. Good folks!

Review №41

Small but a sweet location...great fun...crazy funny ....yipppeeeee!

Review №42

Cool venue. General admission is standing room only, so wear comfortable shoes.

Review №43

Kind staff and clean, artistic atmosphere! I cant wait to go back!

Review №44

Saw a great show here by Dr. Dog, and it is good that there is a venue in this vein in Charlotte. It is intimate with a funky vibe. But, this place could be a lot more with a little attention to customer service. Bathrooms do not get serviced (the womans room had an active leak) and the (bar) staff needs some oversight to remind them why they are there, namely to treat customers like, well, customers. And why is vaping still allowed?

Review №45

Not bad ..general admission and standing with the exception of a few seats. Good staff .

Review №46

Probably one of my favorite concert venues in Charlotte! If theres a bad you want to see playing here..its so perfect!

Review №47

Pretty cool place to see a show. We saw Kings X and the sound was much better than when we saw them at Amos South End. You can stand and totally jam out just feet from the band, or chill in the back where they have very utilitarian, but nice chairs. Either way, youre no more than 60 feet from the stage. Theres decent parking in the NODA area also. The Cajun restaurant near the Theater is quite good!

Review №48

Nice sounding venue. Floors a bit uneven, so the partiers in the crowd had a bit of trouble staying in their own lanes.Id go there again for live music.

Review №49

Very expensive drinks. Good vibe though

Review №50

Great place for all kinds of music.

Review №51

Great show in a great venue!

Review №52

Guster makes me happy!

Review №53

Good venue, great staff, a very good place to see a show! Parking is a bit of a pain but that seems to be the nature of places in Charlotte.

Review №54

Great place for live music. Easy parking and good crowd control.

Review №55

Saw Allman Betts Band. Great show and a great venue

Review №56

So I dont get out much, and when I asked the bartender if he had Guiness or Newcastle he just said no.... I had to ask him if he had something comparable. Is there something wrong with what I asked for? No. Is there something wrong with the bartender? Yes. If somebody comes up to the bar and wants to order something you dont just tell them no you try and sell them something else.

Review №57

Wonderful and friendly staff, make sure you meet their resident mascot! Amazing venue to see bands for a low ticket price and smaller crowd.

Review №58

Went to see Tommy Emmanuel at Neighborhood Theater. What a great show and the size of the venue is perfect for a more intimate experience with the artists.

Review №59

Awesome venue! Saw against me last night and the staff was awesome. Kids were slam dancing, crowd surfing and stage diving and no one got kicked out. You dont find that much anymore. Great show, the place sounds great and big open floor. Definitely will be returning next time a band I like is booked. Awesome venue!

Review №60

Great show with the amazing Junior Brown!

Review №61

Amazing venue. Icon for hire and veridia were off the charts.

Review №62

Decent place where you can get close to the stage. A good number of bathroom stalls inside.Place kind of smelled bad with a stench of bleach. It just felt kind of dirty to me.Had a size able bar with a lot of craft beer options. More than any other concert venue I’ve gone to.

Review №63

Great venue for live music! Small place with some tables, chairs and large open area in front of stage! Always a good time!!!

Review №64

Tab Benoits concert was amazing, but the lady at the door checking tickets was rude! Ive been here a few times and never had this issue. I showed her my ticket on my phone and she said, very snappy like, Turn the brightness on full. It already was on full. Then, after I told her as much, she took my phone and almost dropped it. She scanned the ticket and just handed my phone back to me without saying a word.The room was set up so backwards. I dont know whose idea it was to put seats in the back and have the rest of the people standing up in front of the seats, but those who were sitting down really couldnt see the stage. When I stood up, it was difficult not to stand in somebodys way, no matter where you moved to. Next time, either put the seats in the front or have none. You can still have a handicap section and do either.

Review №65

A great venue for smaller shows!

Review №66

Nice intimate space for concert. My sister told me the bar staff was rude though.

Review №67

My Favorite Live Music Venue in CLT.

Review №68

This is definitely one of my favorite local venues

Review №69

Great Venue, great beer selection, great band schedule. Great!

Review №70

This is a great place to see live bands, the sloped floor means that there is a good view of the stage from the entire venue, and it isnt a big venue, with back wall only being about 50ft from the stage. There is a smaller stage in the bar area, but I havent seen anyone perform there yet.

Review №71

Fantastic concert venue. The bar is a bit pricey. Worth your time to get there early for seating

Review №72

Good sound, good drinks, nice layout.Hope to return.

Review №73

Best live music venue in Charlotte. Great vibes and awesome space. Get out and go. Now...what are waiting for?!

Review №74

Good place to catch a concert. So much better since the theater seats were removed.

Review №75

We had a fine evening watching my favorite artist David Bromberg. Highly recommended

Review №76

Want fantastic music and good seats in a great atmosphere? This is the place!! My husband and I attended a Corrine Bailey Rae concert here that was phenomenal... even with standing room only! They even had a place inside the theater in which you can meet the artists up close and in person. It was a truly great experience!

Review №77

Love the place , greT music venue

Review №78

Hiss golden messenger was great. Nice venue.

Review №79

Great place to catch live music

Review №80

Saw hard working Americans here

Review №81

Only one entrance in and out. So if you smoke, youll have to stand in line AGAIN. Good bartenders and drink choices with local beers. The seating in the balcony gives a better view, but youre not close to the action. They let Bone Thugs smoke weed on the stage so that was cool. Overall, I recommend!

Review №82

Always a good time, this venue draws real quality artists. Combine that with a great drink selection and accommodating staff to make for a fantastic concert experience. The venue has two stages of different sizes to match the size of the expected crowd. This is great for going to see a lesser known artist without feeling like youre standing in a big empty room.

Review №83

I loved this place, never having been before, and I cant wait to go back. There is a theater side for larger shows, and the smaller bar side stage, but the venue isnt big, so youre always going to get a great view of the performers, especially as the floor slopes on the theater side.

Review №84

Perfect venue. Friendly staff, low ticket prices, good (if not great) view of the stage, draws a lot of great acts; I always keep my eye out for whos coming around next! Also love the location. Always a great time!! Definitely recommend this venue to all those who love live music as much as I do. Cant go wrong with catching your live music fix here

Review №85

Had so much fun cant wait to go back.

Review №86

Great venue for up close and personal concert.

Review №87

Great historic venue for live performamce. Its lovely that is directly in the center of Charlottes Arts District away from the business and restricted parking closer to Uptown venues

Review №88

Really great venue for small-medium concerts and shows. The staff were all friendly and the place was comfortable.

Review №89

One of the best places in Charlotte for live music, also one of the better neighborhoods.

Review №90

Am excellent joint to rock out to your favorite band on my experience.

Review №91

One of the best venues in town.

Review №92

One of my favorite venues in Charlotte. Cool area with lots of bars in NoDa right around it. The venue itself laid out really well, bathrooms are fine, drinks average priced for a music venue. The stage is nice, I house production quality is good with two powerful laser projectors and some lighting above.

Review №93

Nice venue for small concerts. The prices are very reasonable.

Review №94

This is one of the best small venue music theaters I have been in in a long time. The layout is great, the staff super friendly and helpful, and the sound was perfect. All one could hope for, and you are close enough to the band to get splashed by their sweat!

Review №95

Great small intimate venue

Review №96

Very unconventional layout which has let us see some of our favorite acts really, really up close and personal without being elbows deep in a bunch of sweaty people! Not the greatest bar selection but great bar staff and prices, plenty of options around for food prior to any shows.They book an awesome eclectic range of music so you never really know what youre getting into with the Neighborhood Theatre but you can almost always count on it being a great night.

Review №97

Its really a big place I went to a Reggie concert there more then once

Review №98

Good music venue! Parking a bit challening...

Review №99

Performing artist (Minus the Bear) was fantastic. Folks at the front door, at the bar and running sound were professional and courteous. Womens restroom was clean and well kept. Beer was expensive.

Review №100

Great venue to see/hear live music. Sound system is excellent, giving a real concert experience in a revamped old theater setting.

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  • Address:511 E 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-942-7997
  • Movie theater
  • Live music venue
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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