Cinemark Movie Bistro Charlotte
9630 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270, United States

Review №1

Our family rented out a theater for 100 bucks for a surprise Birthday party for my oldest sons wife.. EVERYTHING was AMAZING ! We pulled off the surprise flawlessly ..the concession staff and all the other staff were fantastic!! my wife and I got the Truffle fries, Hotdogs, popcorn and sodas and all were delicious and brought to us at the theater door !!! what a FUN, GREAT TIME we all had !! the movie quality was Great !! this is a fantastic program they are running and we hope it continues long after covid is gone!!! KUDOS !! having a theater all too yourself ( and friends and family ) is FREAKING AWESOME !!

Review №2

One of our favorite theatres, the reclining seats are comfortable and large, with tables on each one. Service is quick, and the truffle fries and pizzas are the best! I also like that you pick your seats ahead of time, so it is easy to sit together as a group, and Tuesdays are $6 tickets.

Review №3

Love this movie theater. They are doing their best for times like this. Staff was wearing masks. Movie theater was very clean. We went on a Monday and were the only people in the theater. I do hope this wonderful theater makes it through. Food and drinks are very limited right now.

Review №4

It was a nice enough establishment. The outside looks really nice but the lobby has the occasional popcorn and candy wrapper on the floor. But its cool. We ordered some food and got the beeper that lets you know when its ready. Which is cool by the way. But it took longer than anticipated to ring so the movie had just started by the time we got the beeper ready. The food was surprisingly pretty good. I got the fury fries. Salty, cheesey, goodness. With hot Cheetos which I dont care for that much. But I made do by crunch them up really small. Which bring me to my next point the screen: Then I noticed that the screen didnt get any bigger. Sad but true. It was relatively small compared to some theaters I have seen that also have recliners but okay. Which bring me to my next point the seats: they were pretty nice pleather recliners with a table. Comfortable enough but the material could be cold for some. But my biggest gripe: I wish they reclined a tiny bit more. To give you maximum comfort. Now the sound was actually the best part crisp and clean several speakers. Loud but not blow your ears out loud and had some good positions so when the sound goes around it sounded clean and even. And I was impressed Until the movie got to a quieter part and you could clearly hear the sound and explosions from the other movie playing next door. To the point where it got to be super distracting. But I digress. All in all pretty good but some things I found to be subpar.

Review №5

This is my favorite theater and i have been going here for over a decade.. I love the comfy reclining seats and the food is delicious. You can order lunch or dinner. Check them out!

Review №6

Visited on Fri I believe. The staff was very sociable and kind. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Review №7

Not bad. I enjoy the upgrades but the food is meh. Other than that, great movie theater. I wonder how everything will operate due to COVID. I haven’t been back since the pandemic began.

Review №8

Clean theaters. Very nice selection of food, soft drinks and adult beverages.

Review №9

Very friendly staff and great movie theater seats especially the front two rows.

Review №10

Love it here, they have a slight discount on their films and a huge discount on their snacks right now. They no longer offer meals. Popcorn, cans, soda, and beer only.

Review №11

Great social distance & cleaning. Staff was nice and friendly.

Review №12

Really like this place. Its small but very retro. They have leather love seats with foot rest. Very comfy, feels like your watching a movie in a home theater. They will also bring your food and snacks to you. They have a large selection of offerings more so than most movie theaters, they even have alcohol beverages available. Nice place will attend again.

Review №13

Awesome...very comfortable and popcorn is the best movie theater popcorn Ive ever eaten

Review №14

The place has a cool atmosphere. they have so many great reviews for a reason.

Review №15

Nice place to meet and catch up with family. The staff was friendly and sociable.

Review №16

Loved the amenities, the customer service and the food and drinks where amazing.

Review №17

Loved it! had a wonderful time

Review №18

Excellent even doing private parties

Review №19

My favorite theater around town including Concord. I love the food selection and variety. My salads are always fresh and tasty. Love the wine selection. It seems as though they change it up and the selection is good quality. If you love going to the movies at least once or twice a month definitely check into the monthly movie program. It is worth it, and the savings are great on food and beverages. The staff is very friendly and the service is prompt. I have never had an issue at this theater. They are never understaffed either, which is a huge plus.

Review №20

Pretty good venue, good food pricing

Review №21

Its a pretty great movie theater. The food and beverages very pricey but movie quality is great. Seats are fairly comfortable. I would say its worth a visit

Review №22

Went here to See The Movie Cats Based off their Musical

Review №23

Total disappointment. We wont be returning. The food was burnt and uneatable. We had to go get our own food from the counter. This isnt anything special.

Review №24

First time visitors. The theater itself is beautiful, great seats. For the price of movie snacks, popcorn especially; it should at least be fresh. Three stars for atmosphere, seating and cleanliness. Seriously though, it was FREEZING in there, thank god I told the kids to bring sweaters but it was still too cold. Other people were complaining about the temperature as well.

Review №25

My favorite theater in the area. Buy your tickets in advance and no worries about having to rush to get a good seat. You pick your seat and it is waiting for you. Wide comfortable recliners. Typical over priced concessions but that is to be expected. Love their popcorn and beer selections. Typically the theaters are kept on the cooler side so we usually bring in blankets and cover up for the show.Matinees are offered frequently and can save you a few bucks on tickets. Check their app.Most movie goers here are respectful and are quiet and turn off phones. Most!

Review №26

Love the reclining seats and the swiveled eating tables. Sound quality is good and so is the picture quality. The seats just need little repairs here and there. So just a little better upkeep, thats it. Great theater, especial for matinee on Saturdays.

Review №27

Ive only been to the one in Davidson before, but I can tell you without a doubt that this one is better. The seating is much nicer, and the food is better by a landslide. The only thing that would make it even better is if they had servers like the other locations. Here, you have to pick your food up from the front. All in all its worth it though.

Review №28

Went to watch the joker. Great theater, comfortable seats, good food. Nice staff. Only reason i gave four stars due to the fact that I did not enjoy the majority of the movie because of a guy in there who was drugged out of his mind, making to much noise, and when employees confronted him, he cursed and threaten us decent folks trying to watch the movie. I felt like action should have been taken sooner. Instead of a peaceful environment it was hostile. Not bashing but I hope this doesnt happen often. Employees can do so much. But overall really great theater.

Review №29

Good, worthwhile place for your cinematic adventures. Not overly pack with the seating, very comfortable chairs,with ottoman for your feet. The food was hot, fresh, and very tasty, abd the popcorn was top notch. Staff is very friendly, and pricing is no worse than any other movie theater. I will give them the edge on ticket pricing, as its moderately less expensive.

Review №30

This place has a really good atmosphere. The food is great and the employees are so kind and down to earth. If you think the concessions or the tickets are a little pricey here, I would like to recommend Cinemark Movie Rewards. Its about $9/month and you get discounts of up to 20% on everything from tickets to concessions to merchandise. You can download the app and when you buy a ticket through it, you get points and coupons. Every month, you get a free ticket to whichever movie you choose, and the free tickets rollover! So if you have one free ticket and wait 2 months to use it, then you have 3 free tickets. The only thing I can say that may be a hindrance is the amount of Cinemark theaters around. Im from Charlotte, so there are only 2 that are within driving distance even though there are technically 3. The last on is about 40 miles away in Salisbury. It may be hard to find a Cinemark near you in order to use this membership and its benefits. But if there is one near by, I highly recommend the app.

Review №31

One of my favorite places to watch movies. Big bucket seats with foot rests and amazing food.

Review №32

This facility is showing it’s age. The seats my wife and I were both in terrible shape. On my seat the power foot rest wouldn’t come up and my wife felt like she was sitting in a hole. We are probably going to start checking out the other theaters around us for a better option.

Review №33

The look of the place is unbelievable. It is gorgeous, modern and fancy. It is super clean, has a beautiful full bar, the seats in each theater are all clean and working and the place looks so high class. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because the food was not worth the amount and in fact has had my friend and myself sick all day. The quality of the food isn’t high but it’s previewed as if it was. If the overall experience didn’t include the low quality food I would have given a 5 star review because the place is gorgeous and the staff was outstanding.

Review №34

If you havent been out to the theaters in a while (like me) let me enlighten you to the fact that youll pick your seats from outside at the ticket booth!?!? It was so weird but kinda cool. You can see what seats are available and where they are in relation to the screen. The seats were super comfortable. Beige leather/pleather recliners with attached tables that you can swivel out of your way or closer to you. Cup holders were still available in the armrests as well. The theater was clean and the staff was friendly enough. We spent about $40 for just 2 of us but I expected to spend $20 on concessions anyway. Id definitely go back.

Review №35

I really enjoyed my visit. The employees were very knowledgeable and helpful with explaining the Movie Club benefits and rewards. I will definitely join!

Review №36

Very much good

Review №37

The screen seemed smallish given the size of the theater, but the sound was good, unfortunately the ambiance was spoiled a bit by the large cockroach crawling on the back of the seat in front of us. Also, during the credits the cleaning crew yelled for us to leave the theater. Oh, and the boisterous (possibly drunk) movie goers were somewhat obnoxious.

Review №38

This is a really inexpensive place to watch some of the newest movies and thats what makes it so popular. It has comfortable seating and good view from any angle. A perfect place to enjoy the next summer blockbuster or a smaller indie hit.

Review №39

Great enviroment, just the seats had old pop corn on them. Great sound. Employees were very polite and prices are good for tickets

Review №40

1. Seating reservation map doesnt match theater layout2. Expensive food was served cold3. Expensive beer was flat/stale4. Staff look like they hate life5. 1 star given because seats are comfortableVisit 1/10/2020

Review №41

There was very comfortable seating and it was good screening... I highly recommend this theatre for a good family experience or even alone.

Review №42

This is a great place with the most comfortable recliners ever!!! They have a full bar and food service as well. They page you when your food is ready so they don’t actually bring you the food to your chair but it’s still very convenient. The food is delicious and reasonably priced for a movie theater. You can get reserved seats ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line. Very fun movie experience.

Review №43

Comfortable reserved seating. Never packed. Great concessions (including beer)!

Review №44

Easily my favorite theater. Best food of any theater and really great vibes. Oh and they have great drink selections.

Review №45

Favorite theatre in town. Comfy seats, good popcorn and a beer if you want it. Who needs more?

Review №46

Great theatre, the seats are comfy, and they have everything you need for children as well as adults. From food, to adult drinks. They have recliner chairs, as well as sofas to relax and enjoy a great movie. Tuesday is a great day to go when the prices are reasonable, like $5.95. It was a little chilly in there, but nothing that a blanket or jacket couldnt take care. I enjoyed my date here as I watched the movie US.I cant wait to come back for another visit.

Review №47

Me, my boyfriend and his kids come see movies here every other weekend almost. Its clean with comfortable seating, not to mention how you can order food, (Not just popcorn and candy) & have it brought to the theatre doors so you dont miss any of the movie. I enjoy booking our choice of seats in advance. We are also members of the Cinemark Movie Club, which I highly recommend everyone who goes to see movies becomes one too! For less than $10 a month we get lots of reward benefits with every $1 we spend but also we automatically get one free movie admission a month that can be rolled over to the next month, so the membership fee pays for itself off gate. The Cinemark Movie Bistro is a wonderful family/date night event!

Review №48

Pretty good food.....freezing auditoriums

Review №49

Real shame what Cinemark has done to this theater. No maintenance has been done since they bought the location a couple years ago. The employees are really nice. Management is a different story, in the past i have seen them be very abusive to their employees. When I made a complaint about the projector in our movie being out of focus, I blown off.Make this place awesome again, your customers deserve it. They way its going, this will be a $1 theater soon.

Review №50

Wow! I was impressed by the service! Great place to enjoy a movie. Comfortable seating

Review №51

Love this theater and all the upgrades. Comfy seating and bought tix online and able to skip lines. Great date nite with my hubby.

Review №52

This movie theater is great! I give it 5 of 5 stars because the service was great, the inside was very clean and the overall experience was good!

Review №53

Wonderful reclining seats. Good food. Perfect place for family movie night.

Review №54

Good movie theater, couches with ottomans, could use an update. Food concessions are top notch

Review №55

I visit here often. I didnt order any food this time. Customer service was good. Bathroom was acceptable. Movie was clean. Enjoyed the movie and atmosphere. I wasnt able to lay back and relax in my chair because it was broke. I love their seats. Eventually 20 minutes into the movie I figured no one was showing up for empty seat beside me so I occupied it making my movie event perfect. Gave 4 star because seat was broke.

Review №56

Never been to a movie theater wear shoes are expected to get lost due to comfort.

Review №57

Weve been going here for the past few years, and we really enjoy it. Some of the theaters could use a sprucing up as theyre looking a little worn, but that hasnt changed the experience. And if you see a few movies a year, the club is well worth it. I didnt think we needed it. But weve saved quite a bit since we joined.

Review №58

Place needed to be cleaned. I am guessing they were short staffed but lobby had popcorn all over floor. Similar to theater. I had to wash my hands after putting it in mysterious fluid on my seat recline button. Of course that made me take out my flashlight app and found seats all cracked. Just needs a little TLC.

Review №59

Love this theater, never a long wait. Always have seats available. Friendly staff

Review №60

The price of food was high and very nasty. The seats was roomy & that was the ONLY!!!! Thing I liked....

Review №61

If you want cheap tickets, good seating, good food, beer and wine come to this place. Although the service is a little lacking its a place you need to go to.

Review №62

Its just lacking. Back in the day when it was new and chic. Only the ones who either had the money or time went. Now bathrooms are nasty. The food is greasy. The chairs dont work or are sad.

Review №63

Very good place to watch a movie.I would recommend it

Review №64

Enjoy seeing movies here. Food is a bit pricey, but that is expected from a Bistro Seating is comfy and spacious. Definitely recommended.

Review №65

Chairs are comfortable, my hubby loves this places. We were able to get tickets a week prior to the movie. Great overall experience!

Review №66

I love this theater. The food is good. Employees are willing to help with the app. Its clean and very comfortable.

Review №67

Always a good time until they start hiring kids with attitudes. Other that that everyone is great! Always clean too

Review №68

What better way to watch a movie than in comfy seats. Average price for admission and refreshments. Also had plenty of parking.

Review №69

Fast Service and Friendly Staff....seats are stylish and somewhat comfortable

Review №70

Chile cheese fries are a great idea if only the fries werent burnt

Review №71

Pros: Nice selection of treats, clean theater and usually quick check-in and fairly nice selections of adult beverages as well. Good focus on the projection.Cons: sound system could use a bit of improvement. Loud isnt necessarily quality.

Review №72

The seating is so awesome, that you feel like a real V.I.P. Leather loveseats with ottomans to prop your feet up and the best tasting popcorn. Plus, military discounts.

Review №73

Great location, facilities are very friendly, mens and womens restrooms are clean; seats are comfortable. Food and beverages are delicious. Screens have good size and great image. The sound system is also of high quality.

Review №74

I really like this movie theatre. The best truffle fries ever. This last time I went to see Captain Marvel with my youngest 2 are ages 3 and 5, at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday, some rude, disrespectful male shushed my son when he asked me to open his candy. He shushed again while my son was eating his candy because I guess the bag was loud. It was only maybe 5 small groups of people in the whole theatre. Once the movie was over, he made it a point to say rude things about a man who must have been sitting near him, about him being a loser and snoring while the movie was playing. Then he said that people need to leave their kids home. 1st of all this is a Marvel movie and thats what we do. I didnt miss a word or scene. If anything, his aggressive, negative energy was uncomfortable. We only go to weekday matinees with our children but it seemed this guy and his wife were looking for trouble. Maybe put people on notice to keep negativity away from a family business because this WAS the only theatre I felt comfortable at.

Review №75

Very cordial staff, seats are super comfortable and they serve

Review №76

Loved the seats and the food. Im definitely coming back here again.

Review №77

As a beer connoisseur I appreciate the selection but you really need to clean your lines and maintain the beer. Ive had 2 beers now and they both have not been what I ordered or very dirty lines. I watched the beers poor so I know it wasnt the wrong tap. Soooo .. yeah .. please manage your beer.

Review №78

Usually my higher reviewed places are based on mostly quality of service however, thats not necessarily the case here. Service is good, Ive had great experiences and Ive had okay experiences. The four stars is mainly based on two things; reserved seating and food/beverage selection. This isnt a five-star restaurant but given the venue the options are nice.

Review №79

Comfy seats, friendly staff, clean bathrooms.

Review №80

Cold inside and not warm and cozy!!! It was so cold in the theater we couldnt enjoy the movie. I explained to the staff it was so cold they did nothing about it. Didnt offer courtesy tickets or nothing. Just an horrible experience! Wont be visiting this theater again!

Review №81

Love this theater. Comfortable seating, great set up .

Review №82

The cinemark is a very good place to go to have fun and relax.

Review №83

I enjoyed going to the movies at this theater. I was not happy with the fact that I ordered 2 tickets on line, but it kept saying unable to process the payments. My husband and I got to the theater early to purchase our tickets. Im in the theater and I went to check and make sure that they didnt take money out of my account but they did. The manager on duty was very nice and reimbursed me for the tickets I purchased on line.

Review №84

Chairs will put you to sleep, so comfortable.

Review №85

I can honestly say that I love the movie but the theater was small and felt like a lost in time place to see good movies. Not many good choices for food to choose from or drinks. Im a Pepsi person. But overall if you like small and not crowded then you will love this place.

Review №86

Great theater hailed as a bistro. Adult beverages are available if youre into that. The food is ridiculously expensive though. The theaters are clean and modern, seats are wide recliners too.

Review №87

We try to always go to Cinemark Movie Bistro on Monroe as the staff are always polite and helpful. The reclining seats are also a big draw for us. I hear they have great food but am a popcorn fan myself. We always have a great time there!

Review №88

Customer service was great atmosphere was awesome and the chairs were just oh so comfortable.

Review №89

Nice stadium seats for the price. And they sell alcohol.

Review №90

Its like catching the latest releases from the comfort of home, very convenient one stop entertainment

Review №91

Great theater. Clean and comfortable seats

Review №92

Love this theatre. How can one complain about a theatre with a generic lazy boy lounge chair as your seating?The food is tasty. The staff is very polite. You pick your own seats, and Tuesdays are half price all day.I will say if your phone dies, only one of all of their electrical sockets work. That is odd because they are all over. They might want to have an electrician check that.If they would better schedule the timing of the films so that there werent 45 minute to 1 hour gaps, I would see more some days.Also, there is Chinese food, a nail salon, a Pizza Hut and a few other places you can go in the parking lot right after you have your fantastic movie experience.You will love this theatre. Enjoy!

Review №93

The staff is always nice and the seats are comfy. The food is good.

Review №94

The staff were all smiling. The seats we got were great. The theater was clean. I was very impressed with how they handled the crowds. I will definetly be returning to this theater. They were also really accommodating to the younger kids that parents had. The staff seemed happy to be at work. Even the restrooms were clean. I was impressed.

Review №95

I’m a single mom and I wanted to take my kids for a nice movie night out, to ensure we all enjoyed the movie together I was going order my tickets on line to reserve our seats. When I wanted to check out it was charging me about 6 dollars for some nonsense they call “ON LINE FEES”!!! Wow! So I guess no movie night for me and my kids, when I can barely afford the tickets they want to charge more for no absolute reason. I truly feel disappointed.

Review №96

This is supposed to be an upscale cinema experience. However, the price is very high for worn out chairs that don’t operate well. We had to rebook our seats due to issues in the theater. The manager offered a gift pack for all the trouble, then there were no staff around after the movie when he said he would have it available. The headrests on the seats were very worn and dirty looking. It was generally a letdown. We did stay for the whole movie and made the best of it despite hearing all the sound effects from the movie next door during the quiet part of our movie. Maybe we should have gone to Redbox?!

Review №97

Great staff and food comfortable seating.

Review №98

I always have a good experience here!

Review №99

Had a wonderful family time. Helpful staffs. Very comfy theatre

Review №100

Shout out to the staff that worked tonight 08/21. Special thanks to the young lady that found my sons wallet and turned it in. Management should be proud of having honest employees. Thank you!!!!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:9630 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-847-2031
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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