Ayrsley Grand Cinema
9110 Kings Parade Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Review №1

Comfortable seats and the sound inside #10 was just right. Sometimes theater sound is so loud. Good popcorn and friendly staff. Floors were a bit littered with stray popcorn. Could be cleaner. Overall a 4!

Review №2

Saw Tenet here last night. Super friendly staff and I was assisted by the GM and another team member for concessions. Clean theater that didnt smell. They have the comfy recline chairs, tons of parking and good C-19 protocols in place for social distancing. Enjoyed the experience.

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Review №4

I havent been inside as of yet! I was dropping a customers car off. He explained to me, the reasons why I should visit here. So... When it is once again safe to venture out... I do plan on paying them a visit!

Review №5

Best movie ticket prices. Reserved stadium seats that recline. Place is a little run down though.

Review №6

Yess I love it...Im going back next week..

Review №7

Love this place and the white cheddar popcorn. I cant wait to go to the movies again.

Review №8

Empty theater. It was great.

Review №9

I always enjoy going to this location. The atmosphere is great and friendly employees. Parking is not bad either. They have really good movie times, too.

Review №10

Had such a great time. The people were respectful, and quiet when watching the movie. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing. Oh and the recliner seats are just heaven.

Review №11

Relatively clean, friendly staff, lower priced than others in the area. Standard reclining seats are nice. Overall a great place for a matinee!

Review №12

They have reclined seats and the best thing is it’s cheaper compared to other cinemas in town. If you are a student, they have a student discount for you! One advice though, you might need to bring jacket as the cinemas are really cold especially if you are like me who gets cold easily.

Review №13

Loved this place. Great prices, from tickets to food. Love seeing throwback movies during Halloween, and great summer movies for the kids.

Review №14

This place rocks! Ticket price is awesome! Refreshment prices are pretty good too! I love the seats recline giving you lots of room. Comfortable seating. Clean restrooms and friendly staff.

Review №15

Great theater! Our family enjoyed it comfortably and the popcorn flavors are the best!

Review №16

Such a great Cinema first time visiting the place and i really liked it. The recliner seats are amazing. People is very respectful and Nice.

Review №17

This is my favorite movie theater, I have an obsession with this place. I almost never see a movie anywhere else unless I’m attending a screening. I always bypass the lines using fandango, an option I highly recommend because it’s easy to pick seats ahead of time to beat the rush. Also, they let you shake your own flavor on your popcorn, other places don’t even have it. It’s better than butter & it better be especially since you won’t be getting any here.

Review №18

Best theater and concession prices in Charlotte area!

Review №19

The people in the theater is nothing like home (Charleston) way more lively...entertaining thats for sure. The staff was more business oriented. Wanted to quickly get customers served. Understanding that it was busy...I thought that could be why cleanliness was a bit ignored. (In the lobby) But after the movie the lobby looked we exactly the same. So I had to drop one star.

Review №20

The best of the best places in town to relax and enjoy a movie especially on *Tuesday only for $5 all day & $5 for a combo for one= large popcorn and drink unlimited.

Review №21

One of my favorite places

Review №22

Its a rare treat to go to a movie theater like this. Im never going back to the huge chains like AMC. The staff were wonderful, the prices for food and drinks were reasonably priced ($5 white zombie beer, yes please) and their screens and seats are fantastic. The chairs recline and are comfy. I cannot praise this place enough. Forget AMC, just go to Ayrsley

Review №23

Always a fun time. The inexpensive matinee showings are the best. Nice reclining chairs

Review №24

Comfy theater seating and nice location. But the restrooms are always so yucky and you always have to wait until the children behind the concession counter finish their side conversation before they service you

Review №25

Love this theater, best daytime prices so even if we cant make matinee I dont mind paying the evening prices. Snack bar service is always friendly and usually quick

Review №26

Typically Ive been pleased with coming to this theater without incident- however today I was disappointed. I went to see the movie Black & Blue and there was no heat in the theater. Its 54 degrees outside and it was freezing in the theater. I was just out done that tickets would still be sold to patrons considering the temperature inside without alternate accommodations.

Review №27

By far one of the worst movie experiences I have ever experienced! People arguing over ASSIGNED seating, people just strolling the isles, one person was playing music out loud during the movie & its was so hot in the theater I was sweating & people were fanning themselves. I walked out & asked if the AC was working & an employee told me it must just be body heat because they have never had an issue before. I don’t care for excuses, turn the AC on! Like seriously! Hands down will never be back!

Review №28

Great place to watch a movie! Very comfortable recliner seating! Always love going here!

Review №29

The best movie theater that I have been to in a while. Very comfortable seating. Great customer service and very clean building.

Review №30

The best movie theater, in my opinion, in the area. The theaters are always clean, smell fresh, the seat recline and the matinee ticket prices and snack deals are great. Always our first choice!

Review №31

Matinee prices are great. Good selection of movies. Even have a few weeks in October that they show vintage horror films with decorations in the theaters. New renovation was needed and added adjustable and comfortable seats. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is the drink machine. Has flavor shots for the drinks but they are never in stock or are broken.

Review №32

Loved how close this theater was to our hotel. Great concession stand and they even provide free flavored seasoning for the popcorn. You have to buy your tickets at the concession stand and there wasnt a sign. We figured it out pretty quickly though. Laid back atmosphere

Review №33

Nice theater. Comfortable recliners. Nice people. We saw Star Wars here, and it was awesome.

Review №34

Fandango over book my family seats.Manager Brandon and his coworker handle the situation promptly and to our satisfaction. Excellent theater and great staff.

Review №35

Nice movie theater, last time I took my girls it was extremely cold in the theater, but no other problems.

Review №36

This is one of my favorite movies in my area. One thing that they need to work on is keeping the countertops clean and the floor from being so sticky. Give your bathrooms some attention on a regular basis. I know you have movies after movies. But you also have employees standing around talking or on there phone. Be mindful of your workplace. It should be a team effort for all. And mangers need to be aware of this at all times. Ayrsley is better than the movie theaters in my hometown. But I chose to drive to Charlotte

Review №37

Always a good experience. Great matinee pricing. Love reserved seats. Love the recliners. Loved Frozen 2.

Review №38

We went to a matinee. Great price.The reclining seats were great.Concessions great tooThe volume wasnt super loud.That was refreshing to not have to deal with that.

Review №39

Nice, clean, and the recliners will put you to sleep if youre not careful

Review №40

It was a good experience and the reclining chairs was the best comfort while watching the screen. I will be back.

Review №41

Times for Frozen 2 on 11/24/19 were incorrect online. We showed up for the 12 noon show with our two year old and three year old. Had to wait 50 minutes for the next show. Which led to my kids falling asleep and not being able to enjoy the show.

Review №42

Clean, power reclining seats and now they serve beer! Awesome place!

Review №43

Its so Cool

Review №44

My favorite theater in Charlotte. Has the small town, old school movie theater feel. Reasonably priced tickets and very reasonably priced concessions. The butter machines always work and they offer a variety of complimentary flavor seasonings for the popcorn. The theaters are always clean and the seats are comfortable. Customer service is always great.

Review №45

Great matinee pricing. Theater has very nice leather reclining chairs. Popcorn was delicious! The staff all seemed very helpful and friendly!

Review №46

Best big theater in CLT

Review №47

Went to see Glass on a Monday night. 10pm show, theater mostly empty which I tend to enjoy. Reserved seating is available with comfortable recliners. I usually like the top row below the projector, but when I reclined, the safety railing created a bar across the bottom of the screen so I moved to a seat below. Much better but on a feature movie on a weekend, such a move may not be possible. Popcorn was mostly fresh but the poppers had been shut down for the last showing. Not a complaint, just an observation. Ayrsley has a nice assortment of dining and entertainment options. There is a mix of hotels, businesses, and residences which can make this more than just a place to visit. I like the theater and parking was a breeze, but on a Friday/Saturday night with all businesses humming, parking COULD be difficult. I have experienced that at Wild Wing Cafe. Again plan ahead and get where you are going early

Review №48

Always come here to see the latest movies on the big screen with my lil nephew and his friends, a nice place to take your lady or guy friend out and a good all round family environment.

Review №49

I love this cinema! Great reclining chairs, my only wish is that they would install charger plugs or stations to the seats. THAT would be AMAZING

Review №50

The boys had a great time and seats were amazing for Dax’s premier movie.

Review №51

Very comfy seats, and good deals on concessions!

Review №52

Very, very affordable. One of only few theaters that offer matinee sale.

Review №53

Love this movie theater. Never have problems seeing a film at the time the family wants.

Review №54

Very Friendly staff. Great pricing. Reserved seating. And my favorite part...popcorn young flavors!!

Review №55

Bought 3 tickets for a movie at the kiosk at the theater all side by side I go in to find that the listed seats were not side by side, but in a handicap section and short a seat. I then go to the manager to confront him to see if there was a confusion. Was then throughly assured that I picked handicapped seats multiple times. Until he looked at my seats and saw that it was indeed an error on their end. So much for customer service...

Review №56

Still best prices around! Call ahead seating means reclining seats!!!

Review №57

Best place to spend time without a planning. The $5 ticket is the highlight. And yes the large popcorn for $5.75. Its really large.

Review №58

This movie theater is amazing. Been going to it ever since I moved a couple of years ago. It’s only a few minutes away and the staff is always nice. I enjoy watching movies here.

Review №59

Wonderful place! Super cozy, friendly staff, GREAT popcorn!

Review №60

Reserved seats with recliners. Floors have been updated and are clean. Its your basic, upgraded movie theater.

Review №61

Awesome theater!! Love the reclining chairs!! Best matinee prices in Charlotte!!

Review №62

It was great and Next Month I cant wait to see The Soinc The Hedgehog Movie and I have a question when are the tickets Coming out for the soinc movie?

Review №63

It was nice and all but for some people I will be cold.

Review №64

Its a good theater. The location is nice and the size is great. Parking is good as you can pretty much park anywhere in the shopping center and walk over. The theater itself and lobby area can be dirty at times and they really need to enforce reserved seating as it causes people to move around during movies. Distracting!

Review №65

Most of the chairs functioned properly and made the experience better than other cinemas.

Review №66

Saw Spider-Man Far From Home. Stellar movie! Love this place, and the movie prices on Tuesdays. Assigned seats, and they recline. Great place!

Review №67

This used to be my favorite place for movies. Do not like the stadium seating and having to make reservations and pick seats. Cleanliness has taken a real dive.

Review №68

Love it since they added the reserved seating and the reclining seats!

Review №69

I love going here there movies are great the place is clean Isle of the seating popcorn is hot employees are friendly and the price is great I love going on Tuesday

Review №70

Fast check.out, clean common rea, clean snack counter ter, very clean movie theater! One of my faves theaters to visit

Review №71

Heres what you came to find out: ayrsley has reclining assigned seats that you can purchase ahead of time, popcorn you can butter and salt yourself (I recommend the nacho cheese flavor), and drink machines so you can refill.Would definitely recommend it. I think the prices are reasonable, especially if you come for a matinee, but even regular price. And the concessions arent crazy either. Popcorn is tasty and not stale. Its important to have priorities guys!I will say that I have had a lot of trouble with their website and movie times in the past. Now that you can purchase assigned seating ahead of time on Fandango, its easier, but still when I hit the Google link it took me to November 2018 movie times and the Fandango website refused to correct! I had to go to the movie I wanted, search my area, then find the times for this theater. I say this mostly so they might be aware of it, but it is a minor thing. They are still my preferred theater!

Review №72

We came to see Madea funeral but arrived late due to traffic so we settled for Captain Marvel. We loved the theater. The online price said $5.00 but it was $6.44 at 4:45pm which is still better than SC prices. The recliner seats were a dream. The combo specials were great too.

Review №73

The place was clean, had cushy reclining chairs, and plenty of foot room. The rows are so roomy that people can easily walk past you on the same row without you needing to stand up while you are reclined.

Review №74

Best seats in a movie theater. Recliners. Just like watching TV in ours at home. Also very clean..

Review №75

Newly remodeled theater will assigned stadium seating. 4.50 kids pack includes popcorn,drink, and candy. Polite staff.

Review №76

Great recliner seats, good popcorn + they have additional toppings to add.. just missing beer and maybe hot food for those that get it at other theatres. Good family theatre

Review №77

Good prices - all shows before 5 PM are $6. Theater we were in was redone so it has the reclining seats. Medium popcorn and two bottles of water was $13, so not too bad. Screens and sound were good - standard for theaters today. Had a good crew at concessions, quick and efficient. Can out your own flavored salt on popcorn, and they have a decent selection at concessions.

Review №78

Good theater, recliners could have been ever more better

Review №79

Love the prices and employees.

Review №80

They still have reasonably priced matinees and their October Retro Horror marathon is the only place in Charlotte to view old school horror movies.

Review №81

Great seats. Lots of movie showtimes. Early and late night showings. Usually clean. Concession items. Clean restrooms. Great surround sound. Never had any issues at this location. Knowledgeable staff. Kid friendly. May need to improve security due to several theater shootings across America. Overall, always a good time here.

Review №82

It`s my favourite place to go with my friends. Prices are reasonable. I would recommend coming and watching filma there!

Review №83

Best family theatre in town with full recliners at an affordable price.

Review №84

Good customer service and I loved the seats. Very comfortable, the seats recline Ive never been so comfy watching a movie in the theater.

Review №85

Those reclining seats tho!!!!! Theyre heavenly and although the ladies bathroom was a bit rank, I enjoyed my evening out watching Bad Boys 3.

Review №86

Love this theater. Seats are comfy and prices are amazing.

Review №87

Clean nice theater five dollars Tuesdays are the BEST!

Review №88

Comfortable seats and good screens. Usually pretty clean

Review №89

You cant beat the price for this upscale theatre! Leather reclining seats are awesome! Recommend going too this indoor cinema over anywhere else!

Review №90

Nice theater. Good popcorn. Friendly staff. However, the recliners were not comfortable. Do not fully recline like other theaters, and the head area keeps your head tilted uncomfortably forward.

Review №91

My favorate theater in The area. You Reserved reclining seats with plenty of room to spread out

Review №92

Smaller theaters with nice, oversized reclining seats. Nothing special here, but nothing wrong with it either.If youre lucky enough that your schedule allows for a weekday matinee, be careful in the summer. Unruly kids groups with few chaperones can show up and make your experience less-than-pleasant.

Review №93

Great theater,reclining chairs to watch movies,nice.

Review №94

Like this cinema, my go to when I want a good movie experience.

Review №95

I liked the theater, it was clean and the employees were friendly. The only thing is, my caption device for deaf viewers didnt work . I was too comfortable in my reclined seat to want to get up and ask someone to fix it. Next time I go to this theater-- and I will be returning-- Ill be sure to check and see if it works before I sit down

Review №96

Friendly staff! Great seats! Great prices!

Review №97

Always a great experience. Usually clean. Not too rowdy...i enjoy this theater

Review №98

This is a nice clean and well staffed theater. I wish the parking was a little easier to get in and out of the area

Review №99

Its the best cinema in the area, but the new reclining seats are actually somewhat uncomfortable.

Review №100

This is our familys favorite local theater. Reserved seating, power recliners and $5 Tuesdays. Worth checking out.

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  • Address:9110 Kings Parade Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 980-297-7540
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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