AMC Park Terrace 6
4289 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Review №1

Pretty impressed with the renovation at the Park Terrace movie theatre. All the seats are full recline and heated. Plenty big as well. Best to reserve your specific seat in advance as these types of over sized loungers mean fewer seats in the theatre. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the AMC awards online before booking your tickets. For a family of 5 it saves us $10+ each trip to the movies. Food is ok. Would give 5 stars but think there is a little room for improvement on the food, recognizing it is a movie theatre after all.

Review №2

This is a beautiful theater recently renovated. They have a bar and have some food other than right your theater food. Its reserved seating but the seats are large very comfortable they recline and they are heated also they have a large drink holders. This is without a doubt the prettiest remodeling of an old theater I have ever seen.

Review №3

This was a B2B transaction as Rite Lite installed this wonderful Park Terrace pylon sign. Thank you for your support and we wish you all the success!

Review №4

I went the 2nd day after it reopened. Overall great experience. Seats must be reserved in advance. I love reclining heated chairs. The theaters are small so you could be sitting very close to the screen if you arent aware. I didnt know it was raining in the particular theater (5) I was in so sound was great and not too noisy.

Review №5

Staff is friendly and courteous. Quick service. The seats in the theaters are very narrow! Which makes it very uncomfortable. If you’re a bigger person or not under 150 lbs then it’s going to be a tight fit in the seats. All other AMC locations are more comfortable with their seating.

Review №6

Great location. Friendly service. Film projector either needs cleaning or adjusting B/c some frames in film were blurry. Dont drop anything under seat you may never find it with all the trash and old popcorn stacked under there.

Review №7

Great little place to see a movie. Lobby is smallest of any AMC I have ever been to & ticket booth is a machine that you have to self-serve. Same high prices that we have to pay to see a movie. Nothing new in that respect.

Review №8

Although a smaller AMC & a newer location for them. It is really nice. Seating is comfortable. Staff at concession stand very friendly

Review №9

I had a good time at AMC Park Terrace 6. I saw the movie Harriet it was outstanding. For those of you that have not seen it you need to see it. Also just for your information she may be the new face on the $20 bill.

Review №10

The guy at the front with the pink hair had terrible service. He rang us up and walked away, didn’t give us our tickets, drink cups or let us know popcorn was cooking (all of which we paid for). The movie was great and the seats were great but during the movie I used the rest rooms on the upper level and their were tampons on the floor and toilet paper everywhere. I have never been more disgusted. I know this theatre recently opened but for the part of town this theatre is on, you’d expect it to be kept a little more nice with better service. I gave 2 stars because I hope that this place gets better with time.

Review №11

The location of the theater is great! There’s a lot of parking and restaurants around. You can eat before or after your movie. This theater was newly renovated so it’s pretty clean. The seats are recliners and are also heated! You’re able to reserve your seats online. As an AMC member (free one), you’re able to get $5 movie tickets every Tuesday!

Review №12

They have recently updated this place and it is really nice. The seat can be heated and reclined. There is a bar, the bathrooms are nice. They also have snakes that are more sort of ish on the dinner side

Review №13

This is a very nice new theater, but theres a maintenance problem, especially as regards the bathrooms. The ladys room has had a broken hand dryer, [3-6 - now fixed] electronic soap dispenser, [fixed, I think] and toilet for over a month--maybe longer. [3-6 two toilets still have their metal caps off near wall.] One set of bathrooms has closed off for monthsl.[ 3-6 heard they are re-constructing due to past plumbing issues] In general, I feel the management is STILL not paying attention to cleaning of floors, etc. [ 3-6 ] It would be a shame to have this beautiful facility deteriorate due to lack of attention.

Review №14

Enjoyed the smaller movie theater experience and they had nice HD screens.I would say improvements needed are more cashiers at the concession stand and a better sound system, since our movie looked great, but the sound didnt match the experience.

Review №15

I’ve had some great experiences at this theater but today’s visit was pretty gross. Seems as though they’ve stopped cleaning. The bathroom and theater were both filthy.

Review №16

Ive been here about 3 times now and I can officially say this is my favorite movie theater (is it weird to have a favorite movie theater?) I LOVE the heated reclining seats, and so far everything has been clean and the staff has been super friendly!Be careful though be this is a TINY theater, so you have to buy tickets in advance, and its best if you buy them the day they come out if you are worried about getting a good seat, or getting multiple seats together.

Review №17

We were eatly for a movie with 2 mobility challenged people. There was no place to sit to wait and we were not allowed in the theater. Instead of watching the movie we got a refund and went elsewhere. We used to love Park Terrace but the remodel is unwelcoming and there is no one to ask questions of if you are unfamiliar with kiosk purchasing as psrt of our party was.

Review №18

The front row, at least in theater 1 are way too close. Bathrooms are dirty. Otherwise its fine.

Review №19

Great theater post-renovation with reclining / heated seats and a full bar.

Review №20

I would probably give it five stars but my husband has the same last name as I what does wallet and another pair of pants therefore we didnt get to see the movie. That wouldnt be the worst of it I think what upsets me is that most of the time no one wants to see our IDs and then when youre with someone hes been married to for 25 years and you have the same last name are you going to see the same movie at the time you think someone with the brain yeah Ive left my wallet behind before 2

Review №21

This place is small but really nice. We Love it! They have gourmet popcorn and heated seats.

Review №22

Delightful time at Little Women.....after they got the right feature showing on the screen. Nice seats and clean space.

Review №23

I have seen 3 movies here. The theatre itself is awesome. Seats are great. Buying tickets online is easy. The sound in the theater is terrible. Has ruined two of the 3 movies for me. Volume is too low and seems out of sync.

Review №24

Nice, clean theatre in an easy to get to retail center. This is now our favorite theatre to go to in the Charlotte area

Review №25

Snacks were expensive and the snack bar area was a disaster. Trash everywhere. However, the theater itself was nice and comfortable

Review №26

Good lord! Saw a movie today and the theater sits about 20 people. Most seats are right up on the screen. And the over-stuffed chairs gave my neck a huge pain...all day long. Who in the hell designed that place...I was disappointed. It could have been a nice recreation of the MCM era....

Review №27

The seats are nice but the screen in our theater was not only out of focus, but the image was cut off at the top and bottom so much it was impacting the scenes

Review №28

Snacks are super expensive but theater and seating is good. Love reserving seats when I buy my ticket. Ill go again.

Review №29

Very sad. This wonderful old theater is now just like all of the new big mall theaters. Some may like the huge oversized seats that lean back like recliners, and 5 foot isles. But I dont weigh 400 pounds. I miss the old theater. I like the ability to sit next to a friend and be within 3 feet of them.

Review №30

I went today and really liked it! Everything was very clean, new, great seats, no problems at all. Didnt buy any food/drinks so Im not sure how that cost compares, but its a great way to see a movie without having to travel far

Review №31

Hadnt been here in years but it was very well maintained. Theater was flipped quickly and concessions moved at a reasonable pace

Review №32

Still working out the links. Under-staffed, one of our 2 seats did not recline. Great sound and picture resolution.

Review №33

Print or scan your barcode to avoid a line. Ticket guy is great!

Review №34

I’ve been to this theater twice (we saw Aladdin & Yesterday) since they reopened and both times were great! The seats recline and are very spacious. The bathrooms are clean and the staff is friendly! Can’t wait to go back!

Review №35

Love the new theatre. The only problem is the new reserved seating and the need to purchase tickets in advance.

Review №36

Great Experience! Very nice renovation! Bar was closed???

Review №37

Have not gone and wont. Showing all the crappiest commercial blockbuster type movies. Where can we go now to see good films like the ones that used to show there? I have to drive 40 minutes to Ballantyne Village. Mainstream box office beats quality and intelligence apparently. At least mix it up please. Give me some reason to go there.

Review №38

Bathrooms and drink area were dirty, service was fine along with the seats.

Review №39

Nice place in general. Not fully up to speed at this time. Obvsly new business model for them right now. Full bar (a plus for me). Bistro type theater with recliners but slightly more compact than most & no food delivery. Interesting business model. Hope they do well.

Review №40

Nice movie the large adjustable seats

Review №41

1st time loved it! Probably my new fav!

Review №42

They re-did this theater and it is so refreshing. Nice chairs, lobby, etc. And the picture is sooo much clearer than the ones at Regal theaters. Plus you cant beat $5 movie ticket Tuesdays with the free AMC Stubs account sign up. I will definitely be going back. My new go-to theater.

Review №43

I like the redesign from the old park terrace with how the lobby looks and it has the most comfortable recliner seats Ive ever sat in at the movies plus they have a button for heat! I wish it was stadium style because even sitting in the back I was looking up at the screen but everything else was great

Review №44

Very nice place. Its cool that you recline the chairs and it also have a seat warmer

Review №45

Nice place and a little get away from my area.

Review №46

The service and the venue are awesome. The prices are ridiculous. One ticket at 4:15 pm, 1 regular popcorn, 1 regular drink = $28!!!

Review №47

Clean, friendly, nice seats and good viewing space even in the front rows

Review №48

I love this place because it is in an area with restaurants and shops, so you can enjoy your time while waiting for your favorite movie. And also,the theater is very comfortable!

Review №49

Grreat layout......polite staff.....welcoming atmosphere.

Review №50

Theater was clean and staff was nice. On the plus side, the restrooms were clean too.

Review №51

Very glad they opened this near me. Only dont like that it only has 6 screens. Also no more small popcorn so forces you to buy medium size! I never finish it.

Review №52

The customer service was good and the seats are really comfortable with heat option. The only problem I have with the theater is the prices for food and drinks. So I give all theaters a 4 star.

Review №53

Really upscale place. Watch a movie in comfort with your favorite libation!

Review №54

Dont believe anything on the website. They dont have any food and I paid $20 for 2 domestic beers. I will not go back!

Review №55

Wow. words cannot capture the amazing experience I had at this amc. the cashier—Karina—was an absolute legend. she was so friendly, helpful, and kind. hire more people like her!

Review №56

Finally took my family of 5 here to see Avengers Ender’s Game and it was an absolutely amazing experience, even though my youngest yelled out the spoilers in the car ride over. too bad i can’t leave him a review lol. Friendly staff. Fair prices on large popcorn (free refills!!). Warm seating!! Again, absolutely loved the heated seats. An overall beautiful theater that is so nice to see restored and revamped. Glad to see Charlotte is finally keeping some older, historic, buildings around these days. Cannot wait to see every movie here!

Review №57

Having a nice evening with family. Walked up to midwood for dinner. Had some leftovers and AMC made me throw them out. Told me to put in my car. Didn’t have a car. Pretty weak.

Review №58

Love this theater! New seating with plenty of space.

Review №59

The movies playing no longer include anything independent or unique for the location. So disappointing that AMC isnt taking the need for more variety! But maybe they will listen. If not, its Manor, Ballantyne and Piper Glen.

Review №60

Great sound, great seats, very clean and great friendly staff

Review №61

Your web site is terrible...hard to navigate and takes forever to find movie times...Regal is far far and away superior!!!!

Review №62

Good place but less screens and last show is mostly around 7.15 pm

Review №63

Horrible experience so far. When my family and arrived they only had one person working the front concession stands. They slushee machine were all out and the extra butter for the popcorn was not working as well. Out movie start time is 12 and right not at 12:15 the previews just started coming on. My seat was also not working as well. I don’t know if I’ll come back.

Review №64

Bought tickets through the AMC website to see the Averager on May 11. We went to the theater but they wouldnt let us in because they were having plumbing issues (flood). They werent give us a refund because we bought it through the website. I requested a refund from the website and got my refund but they wont refund the service fee. I wont be going to this theater ever again nor will I use AMC website. I closed my account with AMC.

Review №65

Lovely theater with heated seats.

Review №66

Since the remodel you can now truly relax with the reclining and heated seats.

Review №67

Seats too comfortable! Lol I fell alseep

Review №68

Glad there is a theater again and its restored somewhat to original - but did anyone there do any research? The whole reason this was a money maker was because it was an independent film theater. You can see Avengers at 21 other theaters in town!

Review №69

Clean, neat, great seating, great sound system.

Review №70

Great retro spot in a cool area

Review №71

Posh movie theater with upscale feel.

Review №72

Small theater, but I loved it

Review №73

Love the food and the seating was very comfortable

Review №74

Glad to finally have an AMC close to my home which is as good as the rest of them

Review №75

Redecorated ,great seats good movies

Review №76

Upgraded nicely. Fabulous seating, sound quality!

Review №77

I visited today just after their reopening as AMC two days ago. It’s sparkling new which is fantastic, as it’s not often you get to see movies in the absolute latest tech and absolutely clean theaters. So it was mostly a good experience, esp since the employees were all really friendly and helpful.On the down side, it’s still a movie theater that charged me $13 for a small popcorn ($8.50) and a bottle of water ($4.50). Blerg. And how the employees don’t notice the shrieking timer/alarm thing going off at the concession counter is beyond me. You could hear it over the movie during the quiet bits. Finally the exit lighting is extra bright and noticeable throughout the movie, so it’s hard to be immersed with the constant distractions.Even with the critical feedback, I don’t want to turn anyone off of going there. I’m going to try again and hope they work the kinks out after a few weeks of being open and getting into the groove.

Review №78

Always enjoy this theater.

Review №79

Horrible experience. We went to see Avengers and a storm rolled through. We heard the rain and two hours in they cut the movie off and kicked us out the back door in the rain (so we had to walk around the entire building), saying they needed to evacuate due to flooding. When we walked out, all there was was water in the lobby. We were only offered one pass which didnt effectively refund us the money because they dont cover 3D (like what we were seeing) and doesnt even come close to compensating for the inconvenience and the fact that to watch the hour we missed, we have to sit through the two hours we already saw. Horribly handled, poorly explained and wont be back if this is a potential outcome and customer service.

Review №80

Great place to see a movie

Review №81

Awesome to have a new theatre so close!!

Review №82

Easy in-and-out convenient

Review №83

Bar closed early and the drink machines were out.

Review №84

Really nice theater!

Review №85

Its close home! We like it a lot!

Review №86

Love the new theaters.

Review №87

Loved heated seats!!

Review №88

Nice updated theater.

Review №89

Very expensive, the staff was out of it, and limited options. Its fine if its the closest movie theater option

Review №90

Great place️

Review №91

Love the heated seats

Review №92

Newly renovated, comfortable reclining seats

Review №93

Glad they reopened as a movie theatre!!

Review №94


Review №95

Ive never been to an AMC theater that required an ID to get IN THE THEATER

Review №96

Small but cozy

Review №97

Great 5 dollar movie

Review №98

Location is the main perk. The employees here struggle and the restrooms are pitiful

Review №99

I the heated and reclinable seats! My new movie spot!

Review №100

Good theatre

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  • Address:4289 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-323-5892
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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