AMC Northlake 14
7325 Northlake Mall Dr, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States

Review №1

Comfy seats reclined and heated tickets prices are the normal going rate, checkin was quick, concessions need to be a little more swift..

Review №2

All theatres fully updated with motorized recliner seats (except IMAX) -- and entirely safe during COVID (cleansing wipes available, but no theater Ive been in has had more than 4 guests, affording plenty of social distancing space)

Review №3

Theater is ok.Seemed Covid prepared with wipes in two gallon buckets available everywhere for customers to grab and clean up their own areas. Seats are comfortable, clean and easy to use. Concessions were not available for a 645 show on Sunday night. Weird. One person checking tickets had a mask partly on (hanging from one ear) was busy slurping on a drink...weird cuz concessions were closed remember???Five people in our theater. Two talked throughout movie thankfully they were not close to us.25 minutes of commercials and video games before the movie.Soundtrack was extremely loud. No complaint there.Going to the movies is just truly becoming less enjoyable. Too expensive, unclean restrooms and noisy people....or maybe I am just getting old.... LOL.

Review №4

Came to watch tenet tonight. It was so hot in the theater I went out to tell the staff and they said they would inform the manager to turn up the AC. The whole movie it was so uncomfortable because they didnt do anything. They must really want to save their money. Ruined the experience, it was like a sauna in there! Do better AMC.

Review №5

Huge theater. Great selection of snacks, bar food type menu of entrees and every soda ever. They have a bar, full service, but sometimes no bartenders on staff. I like the upgrades to the reclining seats, now they heat as well. The bathrooms are clean and the theater itself is clean too. They could stand to have more folks on staff during the holidays but lines still moved quickly and the staff were all helpful and friendly.

Review №6

The movie theater is very nice Dolby Sound IMAX theater seats recline. A lot of parking and a good amount of options at the concession stands.Prior to COVID there was cleaning challenges with the theaters late night hopefully thats been rectified since this pandemic and things have started re-opening.

Review №7

Great place for eating entertainment and shopping .... But do think you are the only one who knows heavy traffic and pricing is above average I would say but its worth it..... Nevertheless Great area for all ages

Review №8

Doing everything they can to make the theater experience as safe as possible

Review №9

Kat was more than pleasurable this past Tuesday when I went to see Like A Boss with a girlfriend of mine. We had some much fun! Her customer service in the concessions area was impeccable along with the service from the bartender on shift as well. I didn’t catch her name unfortunately but she was sweet too. Thank you for being so sweet and helpful, Kat. Overall a wonderful experience on a Tuesday night!!

Review №10

One of our favorite places to catch the latest movies!! They have a good variety of showtimes to choose from and always the latest releases. The concessions runs smoothly and with friendly staff. They usually have a lot of customers and they do a good job keeping the supplies stocked at the self serve areas (sodas and popcorn buttering stations).The seats in the theaters are so comfortable and weve not ever had one malfunction. The staff do a great job cleaning between showings, too.

Review №11

Love the size of the theaters, they are cozy and quaint, but not archaic. The seats are comfortable, with heating options.A Good variety of foods ( Mac & Cheese), drinks and candies.Also the theaters were clean and well kept.

Review №12

I take my handicap daughter here and see loves to sit in there large recliners. I havent had an issue with the place yet. You have to be careful choosing your handicap seating because not all of the seating charts match up. there was one room that had 1,2, 2 wheelchair seats then the next two seats, but the seating chart online showed 1, 2, 3 then the two wheelchair seats. There were less seats in the actual handicap row.

Review №13

Very clean, very nice and comfortable. Easy online ticket purchase and quick scan at movie time. Very much enjoyed our family movie night and will definitely go back.

Review №14

My experience here has always been mostly positive. Sometimes the employees seem to have no energy but they give me what I order in a timely manner. I always purchase my tickets on atom and I never have to wait in the line for the box office so I dont know if they are fast or slow. $5 Tuesdays are great for watching new movies for a very low price, so I definitely recommend AMC premier. I have definitely saved more money than the price of membership. They also give you $5 off for every $50 spent which is very nice if you go to the movies as often as I do.

Review №15

Went to see Bad Boys (last one 9:30 show) brought 4 (digital) tickets online at 7am day of showing which was lastnight 17Jan20.....only to arrive and someone else sitting in our sits, as well to realize weve been double BOOK $16 for each ticket $16 for Popcorn COLD For one I drove about 30mins (meeting with co workers to laugh and enjoy movie) only to HAVE NO WHERE TO SIT (none of us and others) it will be aehile before I return I wish I could rate them 0 sooooo PISSSSSSED

Review №16

Im glad that they have better reclining seat than that of AMC concord. I enjoy going to this theater for that very reason. However, I just hope they would offer Studio Ghibli movie marathons here as well since its already nearby and I believe the theater is capable enough to host it.

Review №17

It was cool. Reclining seats WITH heat...clean and the beat time to go on a Friday is during a may be a ble to have a seat for yourself and one for your purse

Review №18

Tensely the ticket taker at this location has been working here since they opened I think. He is a great guy. If you visit this one, say hello to him. One of the nicest people you will meet.

Review №19

IMAX was amazing! The full bar is a great perk. A lot of theaters have a small wine and beer selection but this one stood out because of its full bar.

Review №20

I like the staff here, but the theater itself needs a bit of work. The seats arent really made for big and/or tall people, though they do have a nice warming option that I took advantage of. The outside was a tad messy, which was a turnoff. The theater still had trash from the last showing in some of the seats. Very disappointing.My viewing experience was lovely aside from that. We saw The Crimes of Grindelwald and had a good time. There were absolutely zero problems during the movie experience. The film looked fantastic. Check-in was quick with my Fandango tickets, which is always appreciated. If this place gets cleaner, itd definitely get a higher rating.Pros: Good location, friendly staffCons: Too messy inside and out

Review №21

Great experience, theater was clean, seats were heated and reclined, screens were amazing. We also grabbed food while there and used clean bathrooms. Great job AMC!

Review №22

Love the Dolby theater here. Favorite place locally to see any action or epic movie. Otherwise its a normal theater, would only chose it for convenience.

Review №23

Nice theater. Comfy seats. Quite a bit messy inside but overall good experience.Prices are high but what movie place isnt these days.

Review №24

The theater #9 looked as if cleaning crew forgot about it. It had not been swept, trash had not been changed, trash in cup holders from previous show. Then, I had the nerve to have to go use the bathroom.People did not flush. There was toilet paper on the floor of the stalls, and hanging out of the toilet. I know a lot of the bathroom thing was just nasty people. However the smell of urine in the stalls.I was disappointed. I have attended this theater since it opened, and have a child who used to work there. Part of it is just nasty people. But at least sweep and change the garbage.

Review №25

Its a Monday afternoon, and there are very few patrons at the theater, yet the bathrooms are dirty, the floor at the concession stand is so sticky some poor guy got stuck on it and about walked away without his shoes. Every surface in both the theater and out are gooey. I dont get it. Although the seats are comfortable, I had to wipe off popcorn and grease before sitting down. Im not a neat freak, I just prefer to leave the movies in the same condition as I entered. Listen up management, there are other choices and I will think twice before choosing this theater again. Get your act together.

Review №26

Decent theater and rooms but slow service, understaffed and very dirty.

Review №27

This theatre is filthy. I complained to manager Chris. He didnt apologize and yelled at my my gf and I in front of my 10 year old daughter, for complaining. We politely asked him for his supervisor and he stated that is personal information and refuse to give it to us. He also refused to give us AMC corporate phone number. Ill just google it. Warning, do not go to this theatre, its filthy and the manager Chris is rude. Please check out the pictures I posted.

Review №28

Amazing seats. Amazing people. Very friendly staff!!! Thank you doorman for being such a sweet man.

Review №29

Super comfortable seating and great food. No complaints besides some of these young employees over charging sometimes.

Review №30

I love this theater. Always a good selection, and the reclining seats are great. The movies are loud, but I like that.

Review №31

Amazing seating and always showing the newest movies! And if your a premium member, you get unlimited access to alot of things including skipping the snack line, getting to your movie first usually, and Getting shown all the best movies there! The snacks are a little expensive though, besides that, this theater is great, would recommend!

Review №32

The only pleasant thing from this visit was seeing my old student Victoria D., who was very professional in directing us to where we need to go since we purchased tickets online. The young guy told us that our movie wasnt 3-D and didnt give us glasses, when in fact it was, only for my husband to go and try to get us some before the screening, only to be given the wrong kind of glasses. My daughter then risked missing most of the start of the movie to exchange the glasses for the right one, only to be ignored by the person working guess services and the other rude guest that were trying to exchange their glasses. I expected much more from our 35-40min drive, for our first IMAX Movie experience, and I wont recommend this theater to anyone else.

Review №33

Havent been in a while,they have up graded the seating and expanded the menu and also have added a adult beverage bar ,I feel like they need to still add a arcade to pass that time with the kids when you arrive way to early the sound was awesome (watched bad boys) I hope everyones experience will be as good as mine...

Review №34

If you want social distancing, movies are the place to go

Review №35

Great experience. Comfortable seats that are power recliners that raise your feet and lean back. Dont have to worry about anyone kicking your seat from behind, there is a wall that seperates each aisle of seats!Great picture and sound. Saw Aladdin last week, had a really enjoyable time.

Review №36

The new IMAX theater is the only theater here I have visited. It is very well laid out, and the latest IMAX technology is phenomenal.Above average movie theater food.

Review №37

Food is fresh and the seats are heated. I like the fact you can choose your seats to prevent having to get there super early just to find the best seat. If you are an avid movie goer, I recommend signing up for AMC A-Stubs = 3x free movies each week!

Review №38

My wife and I attended the 3:45 showing of Aladdin on Sunday. The movie was fine, but the service was abysmal. There was a gentleman, maybe in his 60s with five small girls, probably grandchildren I assumed. When he arrived one of his reserved seats was coated in spilled soda, dried and utterly sticky. To his good fortune, one of the attendants happened to show up as the previews were showing and he asked her for help in cleaning it. As the movie began, I noticed she had not bothered to return. Mind you, he was polite and courteous in his request. The woman never returned to aid him. He could not leave to ask for additional help as he was shephearding five young ones. As the movie began, I went to the service/food counter to ask for paper towels and some cleaner so I could clean it. You would have thought I had three heads and was carrying a torch as the staff simply stared agape at the request. Finally, one of the younger assistants was asked to help after a much longer than expected silence. What really causes me pause here is that I am at the food counter. They evidently had nothing to clean a seat with ... At the food counter... and it took five minutes to find something to clean a seat. The question bears asking ... What in the world do they use to keep their food prep area clean. Evidently that is not all that important as they had to send to another part of the building for something as simple as paper towels and a cleaner. Quite frightening when one thinks of it. Eventually about forty minutes after his initial request for help the man on a day out with his grandchildren was able to sit down and enjoy his special day with his granddaughters. On the way out, because my interest was piqued, I checked the concession area just to see. It looked exactly like a place that couldnt find cleaner with both hands and a flash light. I will not be returning and I am willing to bet the kindly grandfather and his adorable five granddaughters wont be either.

Review №39

This theatre is great- heated, reclining seats. Didnt buy anything at the concession. Just a movie with a friend and left midday.

Review №40

Theater has been upgraded with recliner seats and a new Dolby Cinema that is amazing if you are willing to pay almost 20 dollars a ticket. Staff is really nice. Only reason I cant dated a five star is parking had a nightmare because people use the parking for the theater for the mall food court and if you need disabled parking like I do good luck.

Review №41

The movie, recliner, and heated seats were amazing. The ladies room were horrific. No tissue, no soap, urine all over the floor. Tickets cost too much to not have a clean up crew!

Review №42

Very comfortable seating and refill station for Sodas. Good selection of snacks.

Review №43

Very pleased. The heated seats were a nice surprise. My kids enjoyed the stuffed recliners and I appreciated we didnt need to be subjected to drama and other negativity that is becoming the norm at some other theaters now unfortunately. Definitely our go to spot now.

Review №44

We got there late and we were not able to get tickets at the self-service machine. Inside there were teenagers wrapped around two clerks that were not even trying to sell tickets. Very disappointed we did not get to see our movie.

Review №45

I visited on a Sunday. Unlike other AMC theaters their self help kiosks I didnt notice. The guy who was helping take tickets I spotted biting his nails. Yuck. The seating in the theatre however was awesome. They have heating in the seats and the adjustable seating is perfect. If youre on a date, its easy to lift the handle and cuddle.

Review №46

Love this place. Ordered tickets online and no problem coming in.

Review №47

This is not as good as it used to be. The service was very slow. We waited over 20 minutes to get food to find out the fryer just broke so we couldnt have chicken. Then they ran out of hotdogs. We had planned dinner so the only option was pizza or sliders. The pizza was good.The seats need to be upgraded to electric chairs.

Review №48

I dont dislike this theater, its rather nice with big spacious chairs and relatively clean. Im a big movie goer and I prefer this location over some others for sure. This particular occasion I rather enjoyed the movie too, but what I didnt like was being charged twice for the same ridiculously overpriced snacks because the utterly disinterested employee behind the counter didnt ring it up right the first time. I was asked to run the card again and assured that the first transaction was canceled. Of course this did not happen and I was charged nearly 30 dollars for a kids popcorn, one box of candy, and a bottle of tea. Seeing a movie here is usually great with the minimum amount of employee interaction as possible, they simply dont care about what theyre doing. Im not going to get my money back Im just simply not going back.

Review №49

One of my favorite movies spots and love the new Dolby/IMAX theaters events its great

Review №50

Now theyre always short on staff but its much cleaner then other AMCs Ive been too.

Review №51

The best theatre in the Queen City. Recliner seats are the norm. Love it.

Review №52

Bought tickets to see Angel has fallen today only to find out we couldnt go in because, we have an infant and theres a policy no infants allowed after 6 p.m. for rated R movies. Would have been nice if they told us right when we bought the tickets with our infant in hand... Had to get a refund needless to say

Review №53

Modern theater. Prices have risen over the years but popcorn is always fresh.

Review №54

If I could give them a 10 star I would. Its everything your expecting in a movie theater and more

Review №55

Nice theater. Even tho its attached to the mall, its separate. Has its own entrance. Stagg is friendly. Even has heated recliners.

Review №56

Idk if was the particular night that I went. But there was no one checking prepaid tickets and the Guest Services line had at least 30 ppl waiting in it. We stood around for 5 minutes before we decided to just go into the theater because if we wouldve waited in that line, we wouldve missed 20 minutes of the movie. We happened to be stopped by a bartender to scan our tickets. Idk if thats how it goes, but it should be clear. Other than that... The theater is nice and spacious with comfortable seats; and had speakers aligned on every wall. So, it was very loud... in a good way.

Review №57

I really liked this theater. I might have to start going here instead of my regular one. Its less crowded, even for the release of a blockbuster movie.

Review №58

Nice place to enjoy movies...awesome snacks available...picture quality of the theatre coukd have been good...

Review №59

The service at the concession stand sucks!! There were 3 associates working and about 75 people in line...then everyone started going into the Premier lane and they were serviced first, meanwhile the other line is growing. All 3 associates would call next Premier guest and overlook all the other guests. I jumped line after waiting over 30 minutes and the young lady got a manager or supervisor who sided with the Premier guest. I fell there should be a better system in place or have a dedicated associate for Premier guests.Please do something, anything!

Review №60

Awesome IMAX experience. Good seat placement.

Review №61

Popcorn was just okay. Theater picture and sound quality were top-notch. Theater was clean, heated recliners were very nice although one of the four in our party didn’t work, and we couldn’t move because of the reserved seating. Bathrooms were smelly and poorly maintained.

Review №62

I go to the amc theater at the concord mall once a month and this time my sister and I decided to come to this one, I won’t be returning until the staff can control the kids/teens that come in this theater. They make it so ghetto, so loud and so out of control to where my 11yr old nephew didn’t feel safe and was actually ready to go home. If this is how this theater shows they care then I won’t be back for my nephew sake.

Review №63

The best movie experience I have ever had! I dont go to the movies, but I took my wife out on a date and we loved it!!!

Review №64

Nice comforotable seating and a cool bar area if you drink.

Review №65

Saw a great movie on Sunday at AMC. We usually go to the Concord Mills location but based on seating availability and show time we attended Northlake. The theater was clean with plenty of room. The recliners were good even included heated seats, Concord Mills doesnt have this feature. Great place to catch a movie with great quality and sound. Need to checkout their Dolby theater.

Review №66

A fun lively, very friendly spot. Really enjoyed my time there, and the movie of course

Review №67

The movie was great. Great Sound Great picture But the Staff was Bad. They had 2 lines open and were treating as one. They Had No Zero Drinks available

Review №68

Yesterday my family went to see a movie at Northlake. First time we had ever been to this theater. Half way through the movie a group of teenage kids came in. They obviously were there to crash a movie they had not bought a ticket for. They were very disruptive as they were up and down and talking / laughing loudly. As they left my husband got up to go check them out. As he went in the hall he saw them going into another theater. He came back to his seat. A few minutes later these kids stood behind the entrance and threw a Sprite bottle up into the theater. My daughter and I were soaked with the sticky drink (and who knows what else yuck ). The bottle landed in the empty seat beside her. It is a shame you can’t go and enjoy a movie anymore. We did file an assault report with police and theater. We will not be going back there again even with our free movie passes we received for our inconvenience. The employee who handle are complaint was very nice to us and apologized for this incident, however the security there is awful. They did not have any security in place, it was poorly understaff. In today’s world security should be a top priority for places like this. Paying customers should feel safe and able to relax and enjoy a movie. The theater has a moral obligation to secure each theater to avoid disruptive situations from occurring.

Review №69

I hope management is reading reviews. Im currently in theater 7 watching promos before Gemini Man begins and Im about to get a headache because the volume is entirely TOO loud. I get trying to give the whole surround sound effect but this is too much. Usually its the temperature that is unbearable but today its the volume. The theater is too small for how loud they are playing the movie. Please adjust to a comfortable experience or hand out ear plugs.

Review №70

OMG..This place is Great..We really enjoyed how we were able to reserve seating.. The comfortable chairs that reclined..good food to purchase such as pizza, alcohol, sliders and popcorn.. the food service/cashier wasnt so nice it was our first time and she rush us thru the line... but otherwise we will definitely will be returning

Review №71

Amc North lake is a very good theater. I like that they have a polica present on the weekends.

Review №72

Just saw frozen 2 in IMAX. Great experience. Comphy seats not crowded. Snack bar line went quick. Clean.

Review №73

I love going to the movies but the price of consessions is just ridiculous

Review №74

The movie Bad Boys for life was GREAT. They need to clean the theaters after movies finish. There was leftover drinks, candy and popcorn left all over the theater.

Review №75

Never seen such a messy theater. Popcorn and trash all over, trash can overfilled. The recliners were a plus.

Review №76

Who knew, because I didnt. If you are having a meetup or date. Enjoy the movies. Recliners, BBQ chicken pizza and libations...

Review №77

Clean theaters, HEATED RECLINER SEATS. You heard that right! Heated. It feels great to watch a movie and have heated seats while eating food. Definitely a new standard in watching movies.

Review №78

The lines were not clear. The attendant allowed people who were not ready to pick their movie to remain at the register instead of stepping to the side and allowing other people to purchase their tickets. None of the ticket computers were in working order to avoid the line. Do not recommend.

Review №79

The sound from the movie next door was obnoxiously distracting from the movie we were trying to enjoy.

Review №80

Many things seemed poorly managed. The box office was understaffed. There was no popcorn. The workers were chatting audibly in the hallway just outside the theater while the movie was running. The bathrooms were not great. Not sure if well give this theater another chance.

Review №81

This theater has been upgraded some which good.

Review №82

Nice theater nice seating and I love the bar! Little disappointed because they would not serve me without my ID. I am obviously over the age of 21 but I guess rules are rules. They also have a rule that you cannot buy two drinks at once! That is insane .I think that would be a good rule if you knew that the person had already been drinking, but this rule does not allow you to pick up a drink for yourself and your friend who may be sitting in the theater. They need to change this.

Review №83

Another great place to see an exciting new release.

Review №84

Always a pleasure to be in an empty theatre at 3 in the afternoon with a giant screen and some butter flavored corn kernels

Review №85

Not a great area. Refurbished to seem upscale but is like a old run down theater with a few upgrades.

Review №86

We saw The Lion King in 3D! Great movie! The theater was very clean! The concession stand was NOT well staffed! We stood in line for 30 mins before we were waited on! There needs to be more staff working on the weekends when you know there are going to be a lot of people coming to watch movies.

Review №87

While I enjoy being an A-list member, and enjoy the heated seats at this location, management seriously needs to step up on the cleanliness and teams customer service abilities. I am about to never come back to this facility if things do not change soon.For example: I like to layer the butter on my popcorn. Every time I order and tell the concession person this, they forget and proceed to hand me a full bucket of popcorn. When I tell them again that I want to layer my butter they have an inconvenienced expression when they go back and dump out half of the popcorn and return to me.Ladies restroom: there is no other way to say this but it feels like they mop the floor with soda. Your feet stick to the floor every time.Customer service desk - NOBODY IS EVER THERE. And it takes 15-20 minutes to get helpAMC MANAGEMENT, please do something about this Now. Your patrons are requesting it.

Review №88

Great movie theater. They have all of your typical movie theatre accoutrements, but when we went for the Avengers End Game release, they took it a step further by providing signature cocktails; a really nice touch.

Review №89

Great place to take in a show. Clean and comfortable!!...

Review №90

My drink was expensive and weak. Popcorn taste stale.

Review №91

This theater has all the auxillary perks you could want at a non-luxury theater: reclining seats, alcohol for purchase, lots of personal space, smooth ticket purchasing, etc. The problem is they dont quite get the movie experience right. Theres a ton of ads before each show in addition to the previews. The screen isnt that clear or vibrant, but its still pretty good.The biggest problem with this theater is the sound. Its loud, not enveloping. The high volume is all sharp, painful treble and upper mids. Sub-bass can be felt, but its relative volume makes giant explosions feel tiny. For example, when we saw The Matrix for its 20th anniversary, the iconic bass sound didnt deliver, but every gunshot was deafening. To boot, the surround sound effects didnt really fly around us. When we saw Star Wars IIIX and IIX, the sounds of ships flying around really didnt go full circle. If any movie should have perfect surround sound, its a Star Wars movie!Now, this isnt to say this is a bad theater - its still got plenty of things going for it. But if you want to hear well-configured sound, go elsewhere. At this place, loud=good. For me, quality sound=good.

Review №92

First time visiting the theater. Absolutely love it.

Review №93

Awesome experience: from reserving seats on the app to NOT having to wait in any lines! Plus seat warmers...

Review №94

Typical AMC theater with the upgraded recliner seats, smaller and more cozy theaters. Concessions are expensive, but they have multiple food packages to choose from and to be shared. Restrooms are clean.

Review №95

The theatres themselves and the concessions and staff are all fantastic. We drive a bit out of the way to come here for the Dolby theatre. However, the bathrooms are consistently atrocious. With the AMC movie pass, Ive been here several times in the past 4-5 months and EVERY time, 2-3 of the womens stalls are nonfunctional, overflowing, sinks are out of soap, etc. Please get a hold of this situation or we will not continue to come back.

Review №96

Went and seen Lion King in 3d and IMAX. It was great. Our only problem was that the theater didnt have enough people to work the concession stand. We had to wait forever.

Review №97

Always a great experience here friendly staff quick service

Review №98

We got tickets to watch Hobbs and Shaw last night and my seat wouldn’t recline! I think that was really not cool at all. Those tickets are so expensive because we’re paying for the whole experience. If seats are not reclining, stop charging so much. The movie was over 2 hours long. I was not happy.

Review №99

Totally unorganized.. went to see Bad boys for life..there was no one scannig tkts. Finally the woman at the bar decided to lend a hand.. dont think Ill be going back to that theater any time soon.

Review №100

Recliners are great, really disappointed they would not make coffee for us

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:7325 Northlake Mall Dr, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-596-2137
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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