Table Rock Mobile Estates
6850 Downing Rd, Central Point, OR 97502, United States

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About four years ago I would’ve given this park a full five star review. Our roads were maintained and always taken care of we had a on-site manager who would go around the neighborhood and make sure everything is kept tidy as well as just keeping an eye on the place. But ever since this new company investment property group from Irvine California bought the park that all went away. There is no park maintenance except for the occasional street sweeper who I’ve only seen twice ever since this new company took over rent has increased $100 we no longer have an on-site manager or any simple park services nor do we have any security They raise the rent $30 every year when I first moved in I was paying $385 I am now having to pay $515. Rent keeps going up and we get absolutely nothing out of it as a community. Everything was fine when this was at Oregon Ranch Park and neighborhood now that it is owned by Californians it is totally going downhill all while they raise the rent making it impossible for anybody to even move out. I would totally be OK with a rent increase if it was beneficial to the neighborhood in the community but it is only being pocketed by non-native out-of-state owners who do not even live here. Are used to love this park now I love the idea of leaving. This place is NOT worth even 485$ a month so why charge more!?

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Spent most my childhood in this park seen it from 1989 to 2013 remember when it was only 3 rows with a swing set in the field just outside the park before it became the 4th row knew everyone very well and did most of the yard maintance for them use to be a family park but lately it seems to be transitioning in to a retirement park. It has always been a peaceful place except for when I was a kid causing havoc for the residents but as I got older and more respectful I was everybodys favorite this park was defenintly the community that brought me up and taught me respect dignity and how to earn an honest dollar. Great place for all age groups and always my home (though I live up north near Newberg now) this park has my heart and roots in it and Ill probably return to it someday. 10 Stars and two thumbs way up for my home park where my family still resides.

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Always have a good time here... Because this is where my Dad lives. Nice friendly trailer park. More like a small community

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Next door to my daughter

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Always fun visiting Moms and Sis! 8)

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Quite nice mobile home park

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Excellent neighborhood, Simple lay out, Calm Environment

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Dirty park and looks trashy

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Good for a night

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Not bad place very quite

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