Jackson County Expo
1 Peninger Rd, Central Point, OR 97502, United States

Review №1

Went here to try to locate my dog who was evacuated during the Sept. 8 fire, as she had been dropped off at the animal shelter in Phoenix that morning for spay surgery. Animal Services personnel were very caring and helpful and promised to connect me with the veterinary hospital who had evacuated my dog. Although it took until the next day, the veterinarian did contact me & connected me with her staff who had evacuated my dog to safety.

Review №2

2nd time visiting Jurrasic Quest! Always a fun, fascinating & interesting time spent with the family!

Review №3

Since Covid has stopped all fair activities several food carts have been able to setup fair food booths . We has, corn dogs, polish dogs and the biggest serving of curly fries ever. After we went for funnel cake and cotton candy. The food was as good as fair food get, very nostalgic. There was also a Hawaiian/Thai cart but too full to try them.

Review №4

Just dropped off donations. I had to walk inside to the place I usually see monster trucks and dirt bikes race. Instead tons of clean beds for the fire victims. I cried and felt so happy that we can do this for the people who lost homes. Thanks Southern Oregon. Stay strong. Thank you.

Review №5

Jackson County Expo within Central point hold numerous memories for everyone who loves in the Medford area. From monster trucks in March, to turkey trots in November, Jackson County Expo has tons of fun family friendly events. Sometimes the restrooms are a little dirty, but when holding over 300 people per event, thats not surprising. Overall an amazing venue

Review №6

The grounds are kept up very well. Maintenance on the buildings is excellent. Well organized

Review №7

Excellent place whether its the count fair or fire shelter staffed by red cross workers and other volunteers from coming out to help the Expo center really knows how to accommodate and take care if the community.

Review №8

We were evacuated and spent the night in the parking lot, sleeping in our cars. Everything was clean and we felt safe for the first time in 10 hrs.

Review №9

The people who are volunteering at the expo are doing amazing thing. You all are wonderful caring people

Review №10

All the Expo employees were friendly, helpful, kind and great natured.

Review №11

Turn down your sign lights at night. Blinded me

Review №12

Always a great time. Beautiful location.

Review №13

God bless the Expo its very well needed

Review №14

The experience here is that can be turned into a great place for staging relief for citizens after a natural disaster.

Review №15

It was a fantastic trip to Jacksonville county expo. we went for the holiday market which was in three huge buildings and lots of fun. While we were there we took in a youth motocross raceand then went across the way by a football field or so and watched some horses do barrel racing. Like I said, it was a phenomenal day : ) where else are you going to have that kind fun

Review №16

Clean & spacious. Everyone is very nice. Love the multiple ponds around the premises! Just love staying here.

Review №17

Most years there is a fair but this year they have opened their doors for red cross to help people in their time of need due to fires

Review №18

Butterfly exibit was pretty cool

Review №19

JURRASIC QUEST was pretty awesome my 10 year old says

Review №20

Love going to concerts here. The scenery is gorgeous

Review №21

Kids had tons of fun and loved all the games. Prices are not bad. Kids liked having their own little game cards.

Review №22

Great price and lots of activities for kids of all ages.

Review №23

Endurox 2019 at the Jackson County Expo Center. It was awesome! The expo center is very well maintained the grounds were clean and well kept. There is a large amount of parking. See yall next year!

Review №24

The fair is always really great. Lots of fun and games. We watch the horses and riders. Lots of rides, vendors, yummy food, cool drinks and shows for everyone. Parking is quite a ways to walk. Traffic is well controlled.We havent been here for anything else so my opinion only covers the fair.

Review №25

Got a great deal on a car for my family here from Lithia.

Review №26

We seen the Monster X Tour & my son and husband LOVED IT !

Review №27

Went for Jurassic quest, great for the kids, unfortunately lots of lines and not much for parents. Glad I went, but probably wont go next year.

Review №28

I had a lot of fun with my girlfriend and best friend!

Review №29

Battle of the Bones is one of my favorite events. So many good beers and the food is off the charts. If you havent experienced this, you are missing out

Review №30

Good variety of vendors. There was room for more though.

Review №31

Had an AMAZING time at Jurassic Quest

Review №32

Wished they had more vendors

Review №33

Rodeo was fun but getting splashed by beer from the drunk girls behind us who cursed out the old lady that wouldnt let them slosh over her seat was a real fun killer.The garden show is informative.The county fair is great!

Review №34

We were able to go during the week so it wasnt to crowded. Took 11 kids. Had a great time. Loved seeing them all enjoying the rides

Review №35

I have been here for several different events, but most recently went to Jurassic Quest with my 3 year old daughter. I like this venue. It is huge, but not too big that you get tired out walking around. I didnt notice any ramps in the main building, but Im sure that they must have some to make it wheelchair accessible. My only complaint is that it was super dirty. Like the floor was all dirt and outside there were a ton of huge mud puddles. By the time we left my kiddo was filthy. She had so much fun it was totally worth it, though.

Review №36

Theres always something going on here- the outdoor amphitheater is pretty awesome. Makes for great concerts.

Review №37

We went here for a canine agility event in the equestrian arena. Its a great facility with lots of parking. There is a lot of lawn, and shady trees that make it great for the dogs. There are RV hookups. The Expo might get five stars if they compacted the dirt just a bit more and rolled it just a bit smoother. Maybe horses like softer dirt.We have been to the Expo for concerts, gun shows and coin shows. Its a really nice venue overall.

Review №38

Great place to attend or participate in a trade show or car show

Review №39

Machine gun kelly concert was great! Could of offered better drink options and been a bit more organized.

Review №40

Tons of rides for the kids, amimal and reptile exhibits. A live band. Food prices are about what you expect at a fair, $2.50 for bottled water is a bit too much. There is lots to do between the cattle exhibits, vendors inside the buildings which is kept cool by huge floor unit air conditioners. Well worth the trip but would suggest eating somewhere beforehand especially if youre bringing kids.

Review №41

The space and every event held at the expo has been great

Review №42

Great venue for graduation

Review №43

Hosts many events, almost every weekend. Jackson Co. Fair held here .large modern and often has more than one event at a time. Easy access to I-5. Located in Central point, with fast foods on either side of freeway.

Review №44

Fast delivery

Review №45

Great event with lots of Christmas ideas, very crowded. The Ski Swap was great with great prices, especially for a family outfitting to go skiing.

Review №46

Always puts on fantastic events! Centrally located the Rogue Valley!

Review №47

I went to the holiday bazaar on November 8th and it was absolutely spectacular, best holiday bazaar Ive ever been to!! The food is a little bit pricey but thats to be expected when you go to an expo I suppose.

Review №48

We loved our time here. We had an RV and parked no problem. We went to the fair and it was a lot of fun!

Review №49

Holiday market @ the expo

Review №50

Love this place! Concerts, County Fair, and lots more! Easy, very organized parking and the vendors and food are excellent!

Review №51

Very nice clean establishment

Review №52

My wife and I are here all the time, especially in the summer. There are tons of great events here, and theyre always affordable! I would consider The Expo an area attraction and a huge benefit to living in the area.

Review №53

Very fun experience there. They held an event call Jurassic Quest that put on display life size dinosaurs for kids and adults to explore.

Review №54

I love our expo!!

Review №55

The Boom Fest rocked! Tons of fun in the sun and the post sun fireworks couldnt be beat. Best fireworks in Southern Oregon!

Review №56

We had a lot of fun yesterday good food good games the rides were great to on the way we did not like is that you had to buy the tickets for the games and there were same price for the rides understand it but if you buy a bracelet maybe you should get some games with your bracelet to thats only my opinion but we did have a great time hopefully see you guys next year

Review №57

The rail road show was great it was my first rail road show

Review №58

Very nice amphitheatre. Went to the Andy Grammer concert here and had a wonderful time!

Review №59

From the Rock and Gem show. To the car shows. This is a great place to take the family. I really enjoy going and watching the dog agility competitions. Makes me envious of how well the animals are trained. All in all you can see some beautiful horses. Also right next is RV and Camper shows. You can enjoy the day and walk around in the beautiful Oregon weather. I suggest bringing cash as the last time i was there the atm wasnt working. Do enjoy this place and be sure to clean up after yourself. The parking is large and easy access to all the facilities here.

Review №60

Have been here numerous of times. This rating is solely on the MGK and Young Thung concert I attended. It took forever to get in. One door was open and the line was stupid long. By the time we got in the concert had already started. Not to mention we even got to the concert an hour early and still waited at least an hour to get in.

Review №61

Battle of the bones, Tri-tip nite. 5 stars. This event is so much fun!

Review №62

Worked here many times always a good time and great parking

Review №63

Lots of fun. Interesting things to see even if you dont purchase them. But GREAT place to pick up lots of gifts!

Review №64

Nice Home Show

Review №65

Nothing special, did have plenty of room, (Padgham), and no pictures of interior on website.

Review №66

We were here for Jurassic Quest. It was fun and the facility seemed nice. The massive bounce houses were lots of fun. Moving dinosaurs were cool.

Review №67

Love going to the auto swap meet yet this year was very minimal.

Review №68

I love to come again next year

Review №69

Went for an antique sale. Was impressed by how organized it was. Liked how you could just put your purchases in a lot and keep on shopping. Instead of having to go to your car or carrying it around. We bought some large furniture and they provided people to help load it in my vehicle.

Review №70

J.C.E. had great musical entertainment. Darcy, Graham, were awesome. Seether was great. The photo/jam/arts exhibit was great. Children enjoyed the butterfly house. The secondary stage was full of a good variety of acts. Where did the fair go wrong? The rides and food were more expensive then last year. The horse show was missing. The fair grounds were dirty. The bathrooms were filthy and stunk. Picknick tables were gross with days worth of spilled food. There were a lot more complaints heard. Please bring back the cleaning crew. Please????!!!!

Review №71

Rodeo was great...But it would be even greater if the announcer was on his horse riding around the arena

Review №72

Very small, one at the Medford Armory much better

Review №73

They host a lot of great events

Review №74

Vendor at the outdoor show good venue

Review №75

Man this place is always rocking something fun for everyone all the time.

Review №76

Enjoyed the festival. Well organized

Review №77

The best Fight town!!! Love what you guys are doing.

Review №78

Went to the small business Expo. Lots of cute stuff.

Review №79

The sportsman show needs more hunting and fishing venders to show off the new products that are coming out , and less 30,000 to 100,000 thousand dollar RVs and boats. they have other shows for those types of products. Very disappointed!

Review №80

Bars well placed, plenty of bathrooms to accommodate big crowds.

Review №81

Went for bull riding finalsGreat venueGreat seatsGreat action

Review №82

Went to the Brew fest. Such a great time

Review №83

We vendor here people are nice

Review №84

Large expo and they have a lot of events. It can get a little hot in there during the late summer but all in all is a great place that has plenty of accommodations and quality events.

Review №85

Got an amazing hot tub a a super great price,

Review №86

The Bacon & barrels exhibit was a joke extremely expensive and with your coupons you barely got a full shot if you added them all together I would never go again

Review №87

Concert at the fairgrounds. Awesome!

Review №88

The concert was fantastic. However; the logistics of the EXPO need to be worked out. Why a complex like that has nearly no traffic control, you have to park on grass, and there is nearly no infrastructure in the parking lot is not only an inconvenience it is also a safety concern.

Review №89

Only down side to going to events at the expo is the parking. Handicap parking was limited and not as close as it should be. Plan on going early to find your parking space.

Review №90

The prices go up, the quality of the rides goes down. Boatnik had far better rides than the Fair this year.

Review №91

Good kid rides, plenty to do for a few hours. Seemed smaller than normal this year.

Review №92

Horrible accessibility for the handicap cap in the pavilion, and how far I had to travel from one end of the building to the other side, all the way out to the parking lot, back into the building, through the massive crowds, down the narrow corridor on the bleachers, that are packed with people, and all the way to the end, and they didnt even have an area for the wheelchairs you just sat in the corridor in front of the bleachers, and if anybody wanted to get through well then you had to move!!! Shame on you Jackson county. BTW this was at the monster truck show

Review №93

We had a lot of fun at Jurassic Quest today!!!

Review №94

The fair and all of its surrounding activities are normally excellent....this year (2019) they were over the top....centered around Darci Lynn, her singing, featuring a beautiful Italian song (in Italian), sung in the form of a ventriloquist presentation ....Not bad for 14 year old entertainer who successfully presented herself in the form leaving the audience thinking they had just witnessed a 34 year old Academy award winner. The 14 year old left us all so very happy to see and experience a true gift of God. She didnt move her lips....successfully manipulated her puppets.....and showed us all what an American with talent can really do!

Review №95

Expo ponds stocked with small trout and easy to catch using powerbait or worms, great place to hang out and have a good time!

Review №96

Weird part of town but nice once you get inside.

Review №97

They need to fix their sign. Hard to see coming events from the highway.

Review №98

Loved the Battle of the Bones! Expo was clean and the employees from the City of Central Point were so well organized and had so much gong on! It was amazing!

Review №99

We went for the Garden and Flower show.Jackson County Exposition Center is a great place for these kinds of venues.

Review №100

Great food, booze, music, and crowd.Real well kept and lots of room nice get away from the heat with all the sisters and shade in the trees. A must go for any venues offered, family single, first date its a place to visit for sure

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