Rogue Valley Family Fun Center
1A Penninger Rd, Central Point, OR 97502, United States

Review №1

Kids had a blast doing the mini golf for Halloween, which was nice as the kids being in costume were allowed to play for free. The games vary in credits from 5 points, 7.5 points, 10 points and 12.5 points. It seemed that most were 12.5 points. For $20 you get 200 points plus 10 bonus points which is 210 total points. Which will get you about 16 games if you played only 12.5 point games. Would be nicer on the pocket book if they made it a little more affordable but the kids always have fun there.

Review №2

Wonderful place to go with the children or even just the big kid Im you. Very reasonably priced. Great staff.

Review №3

Fun place for the kids. Has mini golf and water boats and go carts and batting cages and the kids favorite next the great selection of Arcade Games and Food area. They have a giant fun house for the kids. It just sucks whe. You have to crawl inside and to the tip to get them. Lol

Review №4

Had a great time on the go carts and at the arcade. Great date night

Review №5

I had a blast , Great place to take the Family, I recommend it. The Staff are awesome!!!!

Review №6

Their nachos are infinite. Thank you so much for the great experience. I need to come back next week. I’m gonna marry you family fun center. Also, thank you for not kicking us out. *chef’s kiss*

Review №7

Fun as always. Nice to see they remodeled the mini golf course. Looks great

Review №8

Fun place to go for the minigolf and other outdoor activities... The arcade on the other hand, not so much.The card swipe counting on the machines are confusing and the cleanliness was terrible. Many of the booth type arcade cabinets had loose used masks laying around in them. Very nasty and unhygienic. Stick to the minigolf, its the best part.

Review №9

It is fun, but if you are sensitive to noise (inside w/the videos) bring earplugs. But your kids will love it! The food is basic, hot dogs, simple nachos, fries, and few more items. Fries are really good. Food prices reasonable!

Review №10

Go cart track was awsome and miney golf was a grate time to spend with the family.and the servous was grate really nice people.cant wate to return

Review №11

On 9/20/20 I fell out of my wheelchair lost blood had to get stitches in my foot Because of in even concrete and water drainage grate and no caution markings at all and still have not heard from them. Would like to settle because I’d like to go take my niece back again

Review №12

Great place for some mini golf! Arcade games inside and more outside! Reasonably priced!

Review №13

I played miniature golf and video games. It is really fun to do once in a while but it is more expensive than Id like. Not bad over all however.

Review №14

Great mini golf courses! Lots of fun

Review №15

Had tons of fun the arcade and games is top notch friendly staff and the outdoor activities are excellent. Mask required.

Review №16

We had a lot of fun here but a little pricey. You can put a price on good memories ️

Review №17

Always amazing! We have been there like 20 times over the years! Its amazing! Thank you for opening this up! We love the activities that they have offered! They are amazing! We keep going there for years and years to come!

Review №18

Clean. Covid protocols in place. Sanitizer placed throughout the game area

Review №19

Prices can add up quick but I loved the mini golf courses and bumper boats! I will be going back soon

Review №20

Excellent fun center! The racetrack was the kids favorite aside from the huge arcade. Very friendly staff. Cant wait to come back again!

Review №21

After being on lockdown due to Corona. This was a fun getaway filled with friendly staff, exciting games, and affordable prices. A fun time for a family on a budget.

Review №22

Had a blast. Golf course is so much fun. Nice staff too

Review №23

Love the Monday Madness $25 3 hour unlimited use deal.

Review №24

Prices are fair, service is top notch and the crew is constantly cleaning! Had a great time with my 8 year old!

Review №25

Its not the first time Ive been there. I have a great time every time and my kids range from 13 to their 20s.

Review №26

Everyone was super friendly. They really made it a great experience.

Review №27

Go karts are fun but it would be lit if they were faster

Review №28

Great family place to have fun... but very expensive!!

Review №29

Arcade was a lot of fun. Go carts and bumper cars were awesome. The food was awful. Eat before you go.

Review №30

They dont enforce mandatory mask wearing and the no maskers show no social distancing. Let the manager know and he acted angry that I said anything, and told me there was nothing he could do about it, if we didnt like it we could leave. So we did.

Review №31

Really fun place with alot to do. But it is pretty spendy

Review №32

This is a review specifically for a three year old birthday party with the buckaroo package. Eight kids, fourteen adults. Booking was totally a breeze, even when I called back a week later with a slight time adjustment. Upon arrival, we were greeted in such a friendly, welcoming manner by Nick. He was super helpful the two hours we were there and was making sure we had everything that we needed, even bringing us several pitchers of water. He also assured us that we didnt need to worry about too much cleaning because they would handle it and to basically focus on the fun and festivities (talk about putting a Moms mind at ease!). The room was clean and set up really nicely. Nick gave us brief instruction and everything was underway. The kids (age ranging 1-12) had an amazing time in the arcade and Captain Jacks playhouse (which even had a spot for smaller babies/toddlers). All in all, totally worth it, especially when trying to arrange a birthday in cold weather. I will most likely host another party there in the future.

Review №33

Took my daughter there and we had an amazing time! Family fun for children from 5 to 100!!

Review №34

Our Family had so much fun! Thank you Family Fun Center!

Review №35

Lied to by staff. Had fun with my family but I was told $30 for unlimited go karts and boats. Read everything

Review №36

It my be due to coronavirus but 20 minutes in drive through was awful.

Review №37

The best mini golf course in the valley. Batting cages, go karts, bumper boats, a huge indoor arcade for hot days, and not excessively pricey.

Review №38

A fun place for all ages.

Review №39

Monday night madness after 5pm is the best!!!

Review №40

We had our sons see ya later party here. A bunch of his rowdy 18 year old buddies and our large family was able to occupy the outdoor covered tables. It was perfect and everyone had a blast. We bought several of the riders packages and a few of the 90 minute game cards.

Review №41

Kids always have a blast there lots of games to play

Review №42

Super fun. Go-karts were awesome, albeit pricey. Mini golf courses were great, same with the bumper boats. Cant attest to the arcade or the batting cage, but everything else was worth it. Great for large groups.

Review №43

Although hectic. The little ones absolutely loved this place and it was a lot of fun playing miniature golf with the lady. Also theres a pond close by thats nice to walk. Was a great time.

Review №44

Its a nice place and very fun specially the bumping car

Review №45

Good quality fun time!

Review №46

I love playing mini golf here

Review №47

Beside my wallet needing a bit to catch up all in all we had a blast. Will visit again.

Review №48

Not a good place for small children, say under 7. When you walk in the doors be prepared for the super high noise level that disables your ability to think straight. Outside is pleasant with a few things to do if your littles are tall enough.

Review №49

Not alot to do but busy all the same

Review №50

Its cool, but some ADULT man stole my fun card... Sad. Poor example for the kids- I wish the FFC had a more secure way to use the cards.

Review №51

Very fun place for littles but game prices are deceiving. Snacks are exactly as you would expect for an arcade. Race cars and boats were a great time. Mini golf needs some repair but overall a fun time.

Review №52

Sooo expensive....$25 arcades lasted ...10 min tops. They had something that was $10 unlimited games. This was not including the ticketed ones though...which of course is the only games the kids wanted to play. I wish it was more like Chuck E. Cheese, where all games are included as one price ..and they cranked the heat! Yes I know its getting colder out....but dang, had to keep going outside just to cool off. Yes its fun....of course its fun...but is it worth the price?

Review №53

I love this place! My girlfriend loves the carts.My only criticism is that the young staff are all too involved with their own world of work drama and laughs that they dont care much about the time youre having.

Review №54

Had my sons 2nd birthday party yesterday and it was perfect! Our party host was helpful and all the staff are great! Will be back next year when hes old enough for bumper boats thank u!!!

Review №55

I like the old school way with the tickets. You knew how much a game cost and how much you had left. Prizes are still the same.

Review №56

Came with the kids and had a great time. Might be a bit pricey, but everything was thoroughly enjoyable..

Review №57

Its a rip off joint. WATCH OUT!

Review №58

Seemed to be more adults playing than for the whole family for sure.

Review №59

Ive been going here since I was a small child. 20+ years later and Im still having a ball. Went with some friends and everything is very reasonably priced and theres a little to do for everyone.

Review №60

Great place to take the kiddos, chill out and unwind

Review №61

Super chill place to go with the kids.

Review №62

Nice atmosphere, plenty of options of games and activities to chose from. Nice option for a later night activity.

Review №63

This place is so much fun! It is spendy though. It was $30 for my husband to take our daughter on a passenger go kart, my son to drive and myself to drive our own go karts. But it was very fun and they let you race for probably 10 mins. The arcade games they have there are really cool and like none I’ve seen anywhere else. If you have the money to spend, this place is great family fun.

Review №64

Well priced and fun. The putt putt course was well taken care of and was fun for the whole family. They have a medium sized game center and it is fun for the kids to play for a bit. The toy rewards are the typical cheap and gimmicky. I would definitely visit again and enjoy an evening there.

Review №65

Its the only place like it in the valley. In the way of arcade, go karts and mini golf in one location. The Pricing for the golf and go karts def. Reflects that as well. The arcade is large and lots of new games and they always seem to stay updated on that front. Dont bother trying to get any big items from winning tickets. You could by three of whatever it is you want by how much it would cost you to win the amount in tickets they want for the item. Captain Jacks Playhouse is great for the little ones! Its like five bucks for all day per kid. And its like a super sized padded play structure you would find at your local McDonalds. Eat before you go cause the snack bar is not anything special, but you pay as if it was of course. But for a outing with the family once a year maybe it is fun. But to do everything and make it last thru the afternoon your looking to drop a couple hundred bucks!

Review №66

It is expensive to take your family there. It is very noisy, of course. The noise is due to the machines and so many children running around. It is fine for some people. I have no interest in the games. I went there because my son was having my granddaughters birthday party there. My son and the other relatives like the place. They like all the noisy game machines. I prefer quieter atmospheres and the outdoors.

Review №67

Great for Dates, and rewarding the kids!

Review №68

Was great execpt we would have liked to stay longer.

Review №69

The go karts are very fun and the place is clean and well taken care of. The arcade was full of the latest games.

Review №70

Good times, kinda spendy though

Review №71

Arcade was lots of fun!

Review №72

Arcade a bit pricey, but go carts and bumper boats were worth it.

Review №73

Ill start by saying the employees here were all helpful and kind. I went on a date here and played mini golf and tried Virtual reality for the first time. Definitely a great place to have quality time with anyone.

Review №74

Social distancing not enforced. People snuggling at mini golf with no PPE

Review №75

Always A fun place to take the kids they love it and so do we. Lots to do.

Review №76

Had a birthday party here on a Thursday BEST DECISION EVER! it was slow casual no pressure! The staff were great everyone enjoyed!

Review №77

Our kids loved it. We didnt even get to the bumper boats, go karts and mini golf because we have young kids, but they loved the playhouse and arcade games. Very nice and helpful staff.

Review №78

A little on the expensive side but if you have the extra money its fun..

Review №79

Great place and staff are very helpful

Review №80

Great place for the kids to blow off some steam. Reasonably priced food and refillable game pass cards were a delight. Outdoor activities for everyone made it truly as they named it Family Fun.

Review №81

Lots of fun for my teen and preteen, totally loved the go carts! Had fun with the video games, even me and my husband had fun on the Terminator game.

Review №82

If I could give less stars then one I would. Tha buy a package get the non ticket games for 10 dollers for 90 min is a total scam. I asked the girl how many games you can use it with she said half the arcade. She had tons of attitude because I kept asking questions. Talked to the manager he stated she had had multiple complaints about her attitude. But he does nothing to fix it. I have spent alot of monet going to this place. Not worth it. Spend your money somewhere else.

Review №83

Fun place to hang out with the kids. Mini golf and the race track is super fun.

Review №84

Loads of fun for the whole family

Review №85

If youre looking for a place to have a birthday party this is the place to go. Much cheaper than other establishments, onlyIf you reserve a party package they decorate the table and have it all set up for you, which saves some time and stress. You can pick a decoration theme as well and balloons are included. Many perks are given to the birthday kid and a select number of friends, depending on which package you purchase. depending on the package you choose pizza and fountain drinks, and extra tokens for the selected guestsAND UNLIMITED CAPTAIN JACKS PLAY PASSES for the younger ones.And the BEST ,PART IS THE EMLOYEES CLEAN UP WHEN ITS OVER!! WOW!Discount on attracttionrides and fun for the entire family ever time we go. Outside food and drinks are permitteLove this place!!?

Review №86

Expensive however a lot of fun. Great variety of games as well as indoor-outdoor activities.

Review №87

Cool place for the valley! GREAT game room! Inflated prices on EVERYTHING. Now they have it ALL, go karts, water bumper, mini golf, batting cages, killer arcade, awesome indoor climbing area, but each thing is a bit pricey and adds up quick but we LOVE it everytime we visit!!

Review №88

Go-carts are great! Unless your kids like the golf, and bumper boats I wouldnt recommend the 30 dollar per person pkg. It gives you unlimited golf, bumper boats but only 2 go carts which is the real fun. It gets pretty expensive the more people you bring. Its a fun place but inside its hard to hear each other because of how loud the games are. If we go again Id only pay for go-carts as my kids quickly lost interest in the golf and sluggish bumper boats.

Review №89

No OG Pacman, Galaga, or Donkey Kong, not my arcade.

Review №90

Good food and fun place for kids staff can be unfriendly sometimes but overall great place

Review №91

Simple arcade and outside activities such as batting cages and mini golf. I have visited a few times to play games and it is a nice place to take children/ family. I notice they update their games every few months or so which is appreciated. Given the lack of entertainment in the area, it offers a safe place to have family fun.

Review №92

Would be better with booze

Review №93

Always a fun place to go for the kiddos. A little overpriced..

Review №94

The funniest time it was my birthday

Review №95

The name says it all. Smaller kids love the Cactus Jack playhouse and theres lots of games for all ages. Outdoor activities are a little expensive but super fun.

Review №96

I loved it i had so much fun racing the carts and all the new updated games also the wonderful personalities that vibe

Review №97

Good package deals and lots of unlimited options, Ive never seen unlimited mini golf,go kart rides etc

Review №98

So much fun, we saw lizards and stuff as we golfed. Didnt get a chance to go kart or bumper boat. We got some neat little prizes, we both got a little balsa airplane that we are going to race

Review №99

Fun place to blow off some steam innocently. Family friendly.

Review №100

Cactus Jacks Playhouse is wonderful! My children loved this place!

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