Utah Shakespeare Festival
195 W Center St, Cedar City, UT 84720, United States

Review №1

Such incredible experiences, so much bang for your buck! Its not just amazing performances in exceptional plays, it is a whole Festival of experiences!!! Free seminars, three different Greenshow performances, backstage tours among others. Make sure to hit the Props seminar for the monkey minute with Ben.

Review №2

Best McBeth I have seen. Best Hamlet ever. Best of class. Good resturants near by. Free lectures. You must see the play Will.

Review №3

Have been going here for years. I cant get enough of the Bard of Avon. Every time I see or reread one of his plays, he blows me away with another brilliant observation. His words are like music to my brain. Be sure, if you go, to see something at the outdoor theater--built to resemble the original Globe, the wooden O. You cant beat the outdoor stage on a summer night. The play will start in daylight but end in the dark, so it is like two different types of ambiance for the price of just one ticket! Fred Adams, founder of the festival, should be given a Presidential Medal of Honor. What a wonderful, brilliant man. The acting here is always very good quality, and we have enjoyed the musicals and non-Shakespeare plays thoroughly too. I wish the ticket prices were a bit cheaper. Makes it hard to attend with the whole family.

Review №4

Love to go to Shakespeare every year. The productions are always incredible. There is so much love and passion that goes into these shows and they need to be experienced and enjoyed. The new buildings and designs are really nice, everything is clean and well put together.The prices for tickets are reasonable so why not see 3 shows in 2 days.See you next year Cedar City. Everyone needs to experience the festival.

Review №5

Wow, it was just incredible. It is kind of a crazy experience. Just a small town in southern Utah with a beautiful theater in the middle. We watched Hamlet and it was amazing. Truly the best Ive ever seen. Its good to note that the food at the theater is inexpensive compared to other venues.

Review №6

The Green Show was so fun! The Merry Wives of Windsor was hilarious. It was a great night. Im never disappointed when I attend the Festival.

Review №7

Tony award winning theater under the stars! A must do experience if you are visiting the national parks.

Review №8

Professional level Shakespeare and modern plays. Beautiful site with a Globe-like open air theatre for Shakespeare plays. Wonderful free play introductions, actor discussions, and prop master or costumer meetings. Make sure to take the backstage tour. My second year, but not my last

Review №9

The Shakespeare Festival is amazing. The free Greenshow outside every night is really fun. The new director used to create shows for Disneyland and he helped create a fun, family friendly atmosphere. The actors sing, dance, and tell enchanting stories. All the vendors walk around in time-period clothes which only adds to the magic of the event. The rest of the plays are simply amazing. I saw every single one last summer and was never disappointed. Id argue that their quality is on par with Broadway. You cant ask for a better location or event.

Review №10

How I missed going. I returned this year after a few decades, and Im so glad I did. It was marvelous. The version of Twelfth Night was the best Ive seen, the same with Hamlet. Im now planning on returning next year. The price is exceptional, especially for the quality of performance (Broadway quality). And all of the extras (costume, prop, actor seminars) give you such a rounded experience. The morning talk backs are educational and delightful. This is a festival to support. Thanks to all for such a memorable experience.

Review №11

Saw 4 plays in 2 days. All acting was riveting. Easily the best production of Hamlet I have ever seen. Finally, an Ophelia who was not a wimp and did not go gentle into that good night. Chilling and unique interpretations all around.

Review №12

This is the most awesome place. I love their performances, costumes, sets, venues, actors, and more. I loved every show I have ever seen there!

Review №13

Great productions. We try and go to at least two to three of the shows a year. I like that they have been adding modern plays to the season, while also keeping the Shakespeare plays.

Review №14

Incredible professional plays, beautiful stages, costuming, and performances. I saw Hamlet while I was here competing in their Shakespeare competition. It was possibly the best play I have ever seen, and Hamlet put on an incredible performance. I would definitely recomned for people who are interested in Shakespeare and looking for a quality show.

Review №15

Absolutely fantastic. Amazing theaters, shows, actors and experience. If youre passing through and have a chance to see a show, do it. Its worth every penny.

Review №16

Cedar City offers such a fun, getaway experience - set adjacent to a small, pretty college campus thats an enjoyable, scenic driving distance from Las Vegas. Dont miss the custom wood-fired pizza place or the used bookstore that adjoins a great, and very popular, comfy eclectic coffee house, right on Main Street. Youll feel right at home - as though youre on the old Friends TV show set.

Review №17

I have been coming since 2007 and I love it. Every year is different and Brian Vaughn as artistic director adds so much. I loved Hamlet this year. The child care is top notch. My boys dont even bother to say bye to me they are too busy having fun.

Review №18

A place of pure entertainment. Professional performances with plenty of memories to be made. There is a reason their productions are so well attended each season. The cast and crew of each show give you their all, and you walk away feeling like youve gone on a journey you would gladly take again.

Review №19

Live theater is always the best. This was one class act.

Review №20

Standing Ovation for Hamlet. I have Lived in the area for 10yrs never went til this past season. It runs during summer: amazing productions put on educational workshops and competitions is well.worth a few days in Cedar City.

Review №21

Definitely a one of a kind experience. Its fun to attend the extra classes before and after the play - it adds dimension to the experience.

Review №22

We went to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat during the day and Hamlet at night. Both plays were amazing and the actors/actresses were amazing. Very good performances. I recommend anyone to see a play.

Review №23

A fine performance of Joseph.and his Coat of Many Colors. I heard of it but never saw it. Enjoyed it with several of my Masonic friends. Great fellowship.

Review №24

loved it! well done, bravo! I hope to be back again! Most definitely a must see if possible, a little modern day twist on Shakespeares words, made it interesting, yet true to itself!

Review №25

Had a wonderful time here! Its a wonderful experience!

Review №26

Worth every penny. The actors were phenomenal. The only constructive criticism is they need to put will call in the same building as the performance, not 2 buildings away. We almost missed opening curtain.

Review №27

I 11/10 recommend going to see Hamlet! It is now my favorite play

Review №28

We really enjoy the performances, seminars, and back stage tours.

Review №29

Amazing slate of Shakespeare and non-Shakespeare plays - all first class, professional productions. Runs from late June to August and a fall season through November. One of the premier theater festivals in the country.

Review №30

My girlfriends and I have been coming to the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival for many years. The plays are professionally done and of consistently high caliber. They offer 3-4 Shakespeare plays each season, along with 2-3 modern plays or a musical. They usually offer something historical, a tragedy, and some comedies, so that there is something for every taste. Of course if you are a die hard live theater fan you can watch two performances a day and see everything in 3.5 days.There are free orientations before performances, actors seminars in the morning (discussing last nights performances) as well as as free costume and prop seminars during the late morning, that explain how props and costumes are designed, chosen and built.Each night, before the evening performance, there is a free green show, a 30 min show of song and folk dance.The new theatre is well designed. The grounds are beautiful and promise to become even better in the future, as trees mature and promise to provide much needed shade.

Review №31

My favorite vacation destination.

Review №32

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!This small town taste has the MAGNIFICENCE of a major Broadway production that leaves us in awe and splendor for a long time, WONDERFUL memories!!!!We saw a production of COCONUTS that we STILL laugh about!!!!!!!!PLEASE brush up on your Shakespeare speak, as this College town has an incredible whit and LOVE for the Renaissance and Higher learning with a down home flair.Okay, imagine if you will, you take a seat in a theater expecting Macbeth, or a Danish Prince classic, and the story behind to tell of the surprise and DELIGHT of your very favorite Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat - WHAT a SURPRISE she gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!We absolutely LOVE the Utah Shakespeare Festival!!!!!!!!!!

Review №33

I love love this festival! I drive from Scottsdale every year and hit as many plays as possible. Ill miss Fred Adams.

Review №34

Cmon! Its live theatre! The shows are/were great! I love it!I do wish the ticket prices were lower, but it takes money to keep/maintain facilities, build sets/costumes, pay for utilities and lastly fund the salaries of the workers. I guess the admission fares are acceptable.

Review №35

I dont normally like things in other languages, but I have to make a BIG exception here. Its amazing! My personal favorite Shakespeare (the bard) plays are Romeo and Juliet, King Leer, and The Pirates of Penzance. William Shakespeare was born in the tiny hamlet of Stratford-upon-Avon back in the 1800s. His father was a glovemaker and his mother was a SAHM. From there he became the most famous playright, poet, and mystery writer that Britain has ever known! (just for context, hes like the British version of acclaimed writer Agatha Christy!) If your handicapped like me, relax! This festival has all the swordfights, tutus, and tights PLUS MORE. BTW my sister got lost but we found her.

Review №36

I went to the Henry VI, 2&3 Plays. 2 was great, 3 was like the director had a LSD trip. It really messed it up for me. A helicopter attacked in a final battle. Macbeth was great.Hamlet was good, but set in 1900 Russia not 1300 Denmark.I would like it if they would set out to make the plays fantastic Shakespeare.Mediocre preachings trying to put across the political viewpoint is very lackluster.Original Pronuncation would be a good way to do this.

Review №37

Great green shows. Check reviews of plays before you go. Many are great.

Review №38

Easy to park (on the campus) and lots of events and plays to attend in a comfortable and beautiful setting. Very enjoyable. My husband is a major Shakespeare fan, so this was perfect for him.

Review №39

Coming back for almost 40 years and we love it. Plays are very well done. Atmosphere and educational experience is amazing. This is a great place to learn about Shakespeare.

Review №40

Holy cow! We came here to watch Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Drean Coat and holy cow! It was amazing! The cast all had great voices and the dance numbers were amazing! The venue itself was very very nice and it was staffed by people just as nice. A wonderful place to come and enjoy a play!

Review №41

I make a yearly pilgrimage to the festival, and it never disappoints! Hamlet this year(2019) was so brilliant that I came back to see it again!

Review №42

Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat was fantastic! Such a wonderful cast, outstanding choreography and beautiful voices! And SO funny!! We loved every minute of it! I would highly recommend seeing this fabulous show!

Review №43

Im not Shakespeares biggest fan, but I enjoyed the variety of plays and the green shows! They even set up these little booths so you can send a flower and a note to your favorite actor. Its right in the middle of Cedar City so there are lots of food options and you can practically walk wherever as long as youve got sun protection.

Review №44

High quality theater - and the festival is perfectly timed so that you wont get worn out even if you want to do everything available. They offer activities morning, afternoon, and evening but not packed so close that you cant take a break for food or rest.

Review №45

Love the Green Show at the Shakespeare Festival. It is open to the public and it is free. A fun place to take the family in the evenings in Cedar City. Make sure you bring some money for a tart!

Review №46

We saw The Book of Will at the Engelstad Theater (the Globe Theatre look-alike), which was a fabulous play in a fabulous venue, and Hamlet in the regular theater, which was very well done, with some excellent directing choices pulling the text airborne. We also attended a talk on costumes, which was incredibly informative.

Review №47

Weve made it an annual tradition to attend the festival with friends. The theatrical productions are surprisingly high quality, and Cedar City is a charming town to spend a couple days in. We usually rent a house for a long weekend so we can see at least 3 productions.

Review №48

Intimate 200+ new Shakespeare theater is fabulous. Located in corner of the University, with a v. Nice large parking lot close.Actors clearly professional (not the university talent I was expecting to see). Nice range of plays.We will definitely return.

Review №49

We try and take our family to the Utah Shakespeare festival every year. The festival offers high-quality plays in one of the most beautiful and serene towns in Utah. Cedar City, the surrounding area and southern Utah University are an amazing place to visit. The facilities around the theatres are hidden gem nestled deep and beautiful southern Utah.

Review №50

You cant go wrong with the Bard being performed to perfection. Enjoy.

Review №51

Amazing actors seminars and play orientations. Great season and next year looks incredible as well!

Review №52

If you like Shakespeare play and love amazing acting then this is for you. My favorite is Othello love it

Review №53

Its been a few years since we have been and much has changed. But the atmosphere is still wonderful. We saw two plays and watched the green show. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was fantastic. Twelfth Night in the outdoor theatre was great. Tickets arent cheap, but it is worth it!

Review №54

The Utah Shakespeare Festival is fabulous. The location is beautiful and the plays are always top notch. They are also reasonably priced, its something we do every year.

Review №55

We went to the Book of Will part of the 2019 season and ot was amazing! If youre any sort of Shakespeare fan youll love this play. The staff was nice and the tarts were so good.

Review №56

An excellent Shakespeare festival, they really deserve the Tony Award they won. Great productions, great atmosphere, great location. Lots of fun activities besides the plays; the green show, backstage tours, interesting seminars, and more. Plenty to keep you entertained for many days. Cedar City is a nice town in a wonderful location. I havent been to many festivals but this is by far my favorite, I keep going back year after year.

Review №57

Book of Will and Hamlet were both excellent. Venues were beautiful. Cast so talented.

Review №58

I have been to the festival since childhood and love it! This year, Hamlet and Twelfth night were awesome. I did not love Henry VI parts 2 and 3 though which a disappointment because that is my favorite part of the story.

Review №59

The actors are awesome, you can tell they love what they do. The plays are very good for such a small area like Cedar City. The gift shops are awesome and so is the food.

Review №60

Hamlet....WOW.First time I have ever seen Hamlet and thoughtthis guy would be fun to hang out with.

Review №61

I love live theater! Great shows!

Review №62

The entire theater venue is so well done and inviting. Go, you wont regret it.

Review №63

An absolutely amazing place and event. Who would have known? Hats off to the organizers, facility staff, performers and the people of Cedar City Utah. If you love Shakespeare and theater this is an absolute must. And if you’re fortunate enough to get a behind the scenes tour you will be blown away at the intricate details and work that goes into every scene. Should be on everyone’s “bucket list”.

Review №64

A beautiful campus and the plays ste always great. Hamlet this time.

Review №65

Who would ever have imagined that Shakespeare would find such a congenial home in Cedar City, Utah? Or that Cedar City would become a destination for theater aficionados? The expanded, updated (2016) theatre complex allows the Festival to produce more shows and provide greater comfort for those onstage and off. More than just Shakespeare; each season includes musicals and contemporary plays as well. High production values put Cedar City up there with the best Shakespeare festivals in the Western Hemisphere--and the natural beauties of the surrounding high desert are unmatched.

Review №66

Shakespeare Plays take you on a journey that no other play write can. Shakespeare is still quoted after 400 years. The performers are exceptionally talented . I LOVE IT ,,,,,, COME DOWN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Review №67

Green shows are absolutely the best in years...cant believe theyre free....for all ages. Very hospitable crew/actors

Review №68

Ive come here several years in a row and never fail to be impressed!

Review №69

We saw The Merry Wives of Windsor in an outdoor theater and it was beautiful and entertaining. Beautiful facility. Professional, impressive, and diverse talent on stage. Fantastic set design and costumes. Wonderful experience. Cant wait to go again.

Review №70

The free Green Show is especially fun.

Review №71

Went to see Frog and Toad, the building is so gorgeous and the play was phenomenal!

Review №72

Saw an incredible performance of The Merchant of Venice the other day, and was seriously impressed with the venue and the actors. You can’t really have a bad seat in this theater. I can’t be sure but they might have taken some artistic liberties with the ending of the play that made it really spectacular and we were all talking about it on the way home, trying to figure out what happened.

Review №73

Absolutely loved the performance of Every Brilliant Thing! Macbeth was well done but not my favorite representation of the story.

Review №74

One of the best Shakespeare Festivals in the U.S. Small theatres mean every seat is good. Awesome performances.

Review №75

The best southern Utah can provide. A great value.

Review №76

Utah Shakes is always a fantastic experience. But this year do not miss Othello or Big River. Brian Vaughn as Iago was absolutely stunning. Ive never seen him give anything other than good performances, but this one was electric. Ezekiel Andrew as Jim and Rob Riordan as Huck led an amazing production of Big River. We saw this show in July and returned to Cedar yesterday to see it again. I love this show and have seen a couple of adequate professional productions previously. They were nothing compared to this version. If you can listen to these two do Muddy Water and not think its one of the best performances youve ever seen in any venue including Broadway and the West End, youre deaf or dead. The singing and choreography throughout were exceptional. All supporting roles were up to the quality of the leads. The only minor critique I could possibly offer would be for Pap to be a might angrier during Guvment. Otherwise it was as close to flawless as I think could be done. Net, Id rather have the soundtrack to this performance than the Broadway cast album I normally listen to.

Review №77

Hamlet and backstage tour, both were very awesome. Well worth the money.

Review №78

It was fun. They did a good job. It reminded me of going to a High School production though.

Review №79

Amazing theater productions of the highest quality! Beautiful location, gorgeous costumes. This is must see drama!

Review №80

Wonderful plays, beautiful venue. we love coming to visit as often as we can.

Review №81

The Shakespeare Festival shows are always worth the 3 hour drive from SLC. Great talent and impressive productions every time we visit.

Review №82

We love this place! Fantastic shows and people!

Review №83

The new Center is a huge upgrade. They do a fantastic job in providing an immersive experience. I highly recommend.

Review №84

You guys just barely came to my school and preformed Macbeth! Bravo! Thank you so much for that experience and let me say good job! That performance was amazing! Good luck with you other performances! Keep up the amazing work! One of the best assemblys we have probably ever had! Amazing! LOVE IT! Will defenatally go to another show sometimes! I love acting and I love Shakespeare! The cast was so talented and awesome! #UTAHSHAKESPHEREFESTIVAL Keep doing what you are doing!- A fellow person who loves acting!P.S way to think outside the box with those music choices! And I loved seeing everyone in the audiences reactions!

Review №85

This is a huge deal! 3 theaters and several plays. I have been enjoying plays there for many summers. Most recently I took my 10 year old granddaughter to see The Foreigner. It was hysterically funny and just delightful. My granddaughter loved it also.

Review №86

As usual top notch production. Hamlet w as s fantastic!

Review №87

We love to come to the plays at the Shakespeare Festival! They are always amazing! There is so much to do and see. The costume and prop seminars are always so interesting. The time and effort put into these productions is amazing! The Greenshow is fun as well! This year we saw 6 amazing plays! Every Brilliant Thing, The Book of Will, Hamlet, Macbeth, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Twelfth Night! So happy to be here and see them all!

Review №88

Great small town theater. Very enjoyable and high quality shows.

Review №89

This was such a great experience! All of the productions have such a high calibre of acting and staging. The facilities are amazing, too, especially the Shakespeare Theatre, and the grounds are very pleasant. Theres childcare available during the shows for a reasonable fee, and lots of free experiences like the Greenshow and the discussions. There is a modest selection of refreshments for sale on site, and a lot of good local restaurants within a short walks distance. I would like to make this a yearly tradition for my family!

Review №90

I love the shakespeare festival their shows are amazing

Review №91

AMAZING! I love how the USF has progressively grown from its modest beginnings into world class theatre! I love the stunning brilliance and charm of it!!

Review №92

I have been going to The Shakespearean festivals for more than 20 years. I am never disappointed!

Review №93

Top notch performances and easy access to the venues make this a wonderful experience for all sorts of attendees!

Review №94

I am completely disgusted with your festival that you would not spend $350 for interpreters for the deaf makes me absolutely 100% ill to think that $350 is too much for your festival to provide for deaf children. Absolutely sickening. Especially considering the god-awful amount of money that the taxpayers provide to keep your festival going.

Review №95

So sad to see so much bastardization of good ole Willys work. This place used to be a class act. Shakespeare should never be a musical. Bring back the simple sets and the period costumes. The festival actors have the chops to make really great shows without all the gussied up nonsense.

Review №96

Theres nothing better than sitting in a reproduction of the Globe Theater made of modern materials, on a mid summers eve, with stars above the open theater. And being witness to a Shakespeare play. Play on ....

Review №97

Every year they bring in wonderful shows made by Shakespeare and other artists and perform them to an ever growing audience. 10/10

Review №98

Always a treat to attend. Professional quality performances.

Review №99

Didnt attend any performances, but the place looked very enticing. Theyve obviously been doing this for a while. If youre in southwest Utah, be sure to check it out.

Review №100

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was delightful. It was one of the most unique versions I have seen, and I have seen many. I would highly recommend it.

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