Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre
200 Shakespeare Ln, Cedar City, UT 84720, United States

Review №1

The actors all gave really good performances. We attended The book of Will and Macbeth. The actress who played lady Macbeth and the daughter in the The book of Will both did outstanding jobs! My teenage boys even enjoyed themselves. Great experience, a little pricey.

Review №2

All the modern amenities, built-in the tradition of old England.bathrooms on all levels, treat stations, plenty of seating, great views of the outside as well as in. Honestly I wasnt expecting much, coming to such a small town, but I was blown away!

Review №3

The theatre impresses. From the building, to the program that produces in it, the Engelstad is a wonder. There are so many amazing skills that are put on display here during the Shakespearean festival, and in their other seasons as well.

Review №4

Wonderful theater in the mold of Shakespeares Globe Theater. It is outdoor and situated to avoid the sun shining on stage or in peoples eyes when it sets It protects people from most of the elements.As for the acting, the only play Ive seen there is Twelfth Night (2019). I enjoyed it more than any other Shakespearean play Ive attended!

Review №5

Wonderful the seating was wonderful the stage no matter where you sit is great.

Review №6

It was incredible, as good as one would ever see in New York or London. Just awesome.

Review №7

Always a good time and entertaining. Tonight is 12th Night

Review №8

I always find great joy in live theater. I am so happy to live in a place where we can enjoy the arts so often. If you are considering if you should give the Shakespeare festival a try, I would strongly encourage you to go.

Review №9

A reproduction of Shakespeares Globe Theatre, but with modern seating and the usual theater accouterments. A very enjoyable venue for watching plays. Open air, but mostly covered. The first three rows may be exposed to the elements.

Review №10

Been going to the festival since 2002 and have loved it. Im a fan for life.

Review №11

We love attending the performances here.

Review №12

What a wonderful clean place. Friendly workers walking around helping you with anything you need. Outdoor activities with cast members was fun. Good singers and actors. Not a bad seat in the place inside the theater. Clean with helpful ushers. Very clean bathrooms. Could not have asked for a better evening.

Review №13

Great atmosphere wonderful plays we love this place and we will be going back every summer

Review №14

My family has been going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival since long before the Engelstad opened. The Engelstad is a great addition to the festival: good sight lines from almost every seat, many protected from the rain, convenient restrooms, and a fun Shakespeare experience in a Globe-like setting.

Review №15

Our seats in the gallery on the right side of the stage were cheaper because the view was partially obstructed, but it wasnt enough to diminish our enjoyment of Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Festival last night. I really enjoyed the open air setup, and there wasnt too much nearby road traffic to be a nuisance during the show.

Review №16

Wonderful actors and beautiful theatre. The transformation that occurs in the actors and the scenery is fantastic!

Review №17

Twelfth Night was great. Excellent cast. Pleasant night.

Review №18

Mostly covered outdoor stage setting. We even had a little rain shower come through which only added to the show! Rustic feel but very nice. Would definitely go again!

Review №19

Come here once a year for Shakespeare, love the festival. Im not always a huge fan of being in the indoor theatre, like the out door ones better. Technically you cant bring food inside the theatre even if they sell it outside. I miss the old outdoor theatre, even though the new one is nicer, just nostalgia and where I saw plays for 8 years.

Review №20

First time attending a Shakespearean play. The venue was fantastic! Viewed the performance of Macbeth. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Review №21

Great place to visit and soak in the literature. A little hard to follow if youre not familiar with Shakespeare, but the entertainers brought it to life! Thank you

Review №22

Always great to see a Shakespeare play in a theatre that replicates the original Globe experience (only without the standing).

Review №23

Great building complements the great performances.

Review №24

No words needed. Absolutely amazing theater

Review №25

It was a wonderful experience. The acting was fabulous. We very much enjoyed the pastries and Greenshow before the performance. The seats were a bit uncomfortable, but Im not sure how much better they could be considering its an outdoor theater. The acting was wonderful. We saw a comedy and laughed until we cried. It was definitely an evening to remember.

Review №26

Love the content. Bathrooms could be better designed.

Review №27

An incredible experience! Amazing! I saw Merchant of Venice and Merry Wives of Windsor ... These performances were as good as,if not better than, anything Ive seen in Ashland or in London. Fantastic performances and a comfortable, intimate theater with a fabulous stage and great crew and set.

Review №28

Fun way to watch theater!

Review №29

A delightful place to spend a summer evening.

Review №30

Great place. Be sure to bring a seat cushion.

Review №31

One of the best Shakespeare experiences you will ever find.

Review №32

Great open preforming area. Bring a blanket for cold nights

Review №33

I cant say enough good about this theatre and the Shakespearean festival. It is awesome. 5 plays (of 7) in 3 days. I wish I had more time to catch the other 2. Lots of options. Free Greenshow. 7 plays. Lots of tours, discussions, food, gift shop. Under the stars. It is a Utah treasure.

Review №34

Awesome it was so fun to experience all of the wonderful plays

Review №35

It is a fun theater to attend a performance at. The before show activities / performances are worth going early for. It can get chilly some spring or late summer evenings, take a blanket or jacket. Also, the road next to the theater does have traffic noise that you will probably notice during the performance.

Review №36

This new theatre is very nice. The only issue I found with it was that it is open in the top, which let rain in during most of the performance (of Three Musketeers). I have heard that there is a retractable roof that they can use, which would make it all the better.I highly recommend the Shakespeare festival.

Review №37

Love the acting. The new theater is beautiful but warm. Go in early summer. August was hot. Or see everything in the indoor theater.

Review №38

One of the most entertaining and enjoyable weeks I have had, reveling in the past and being in the town I grew up in as well as the Festival I have experienced for the past 57 years. This year I saw Othello, Merry Wives of Windsor, The Foreigner, Merchant of Venice, Big River, Henry VI part 1 and An Illiad. My visits with Fred Adams, the SUU Campus, friends from school, Jr High through College and other people from either from my past or that I met and interacted with while there this year made for a quite remarkable week. I am Blessed to have had these influences in my life.

Review №39

Beautiful globe theatre replica with fantastic shows

Review №40

Fun new replica globe theater for the Utah Shakespeare Festivals Shakespeare productions. Since its outdoor, it can be pretty hot in the summer. Seats are hard plastic, so sitting for a long time can be uncomfortable. Seat cushions are recommended.

Review №41

Beautiful and inviting. Great place to witness a rendition of one of Shakespeares works. (Just go prepared with a handheld fan. Youre going to need it.)

Review №42

Great Shakespeare experience. More modern plays as well. Well worth attending. A nice destination as well.

Review №43

Its a pretty good outdoor theater. They close off the road to reduce car noise to the point it doesnt interrupt the play. Sitting on the west side helps keep the sun out of the eyes - although at least in August it isnt a problem on the east side anyway. The actors occasionally use the aisles on the bottom in the play, but they havent used the aisles on the top in either play Ive watched. If youre around six feet tall and have legs that cramp up in normal theater seats, the aisle seats help a lot.The only thing that would make the theater better is if it was indoor with air conditioning. The bugs arent a distraction (at least in August).

Review №44

Saw Macbeth on Friday night, it was great!

Review №45

The theater is beautiful the actors are excellent

Review №46

Great shows...amazing theatre!!

Review №47

Great atmosphere, great actors.

Review №48

An AMAZING place to watch Shakespeare!

Review №49

Beautiful stage and wonderful shows. Always worth it.

Review №50

The traffic outside is a little distracting during the show. We needed headphones to help a member of our group who was hard of hearing but she said they only helped a little. Perhaps there should be seats reserved for hard of hearing closer to the stage that are still accessible for someone in a wheelchair.

Review №51

Everything they do is wonderful! Going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival is an annual tradition for me.

Review №52

Very nice, intimate theatre. Great performance of Othello!

Review №53

Love and keep coming back to the festival for years. Great theater in a beautiful place.

Review №54

First Shakespeare experience since college nearly 50 years ago! Much less daunting that in college. I loved it!!

Review №55

I this place! The plays are incredible along with the facilities

Review №56

Beautiful. Great evening.

Review №57

Amazing plays! Does get chilly at night, so bring a blanket or jacket. No mics so they only project so if loud cars go by its hard to hear.

Review №58

The Utah Shakespeare Festival always had great productions to offer and this new theater amplifies the whole experience for guests.

Review №59

Amazing new Shakespearean theater. Theres no better place in Utah to see these plays.

Review №60

Such an amazing facility! Production s are outstanding!

Review №61

I love this festival. Always top notch.

Review №62

Absolutely incredible, really top-notch stuff.

Review №63

Fantastic experience! We loved it.

Review №64

Great experience. Love this festival.

Review №65

The kettle corn is very yummy here!

Review №66

Incredible venue. Great show.

Review №67

Love love love

Review №68

Beautiful venue to see a performance.

Review №69

Great acting

Review №70

EXCEPTIONAL!!! Great venues, acting and production.

Review №71

Excellent outdoor theater to watch Shakespeare in.

Review №72

Awesome venue & amazing talenr

Review №73

Always incredible.

Review №74

Great for the whole family!

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Review №76

Love it!!

Review №77

Fine theater and show.

Review №78

Great venue!

Review №79

Outdoor Theater in Shakespeare Tradition

Review №80

Part of the Annual Shakespeare Festival

Review №81

Great fun.

Review №82

Excellent production!

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  • Address:200 Shakespeare Ln, Cedar City, UT 84720, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 435-586-7880
  • Performing arts theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
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