Tifft Nature Preserve
1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States

Review №1

Well marked and maintained with easy to walk trails. Nice and close to lots of areas in the southtowns and towards the city. This was my first time. I was very impressed.There was a variety of landscapes here. Some with more coverage from trees/ brush and other areas more in the open. There are several marshes/ ponds and quite a few boardwalks to get through different areas. A large variety of vegetation and animals wandering around. Also some trails cut where you could walk out in the open and see Route 5. The way the space is designed you can enjoy nature and feel alone with your thoughts and not be too far from home.Free parking. Nothing is paved so it could be hard to push a stroller through some areas, especially if there is some mud.

Review №2

I always like going to tifft nature reserve with wife and our daughters. My parents took us here often as kids and we always enjoyed it. There is always different wildlife to see and interact with each time we go. We actually went at dusk yesterday and there were deer everywhere. They are not very shy and you can get pretty close to them before they think your too close and walk away or into the brush. Always a nice experience with the our kids.

Review №3

Early winter walk. Nice trails. Will have to return in the spring or summer.

Review №4

Great place for a hike and just enjoy nature there are lots of red ants watch your step n shake off before getting in your car so you dont bring any home lots of wildlife bugs turtles bunnies deer chipmunks frogs butterflies etc have fun and ALWAYS ONLY LEAVE FOOTPRINTS NO TRASH

Review №5

Beautiful views! Easy trails! Saw some frogs n turtles!

Review №6

Great spot to get away from the noise. Emerce yourself in nature

Review №7

Its awesome definitely can use some more bike racks

Review №8

Had a wonderful time, cool breeze. Saw a lot of birds a d a spotted fawn came out of hiding and within ten feet of us.

Review №9

Great little hines for kids... lots of critters to see and beautifully restored area.

Review №10

Rude worker that interrogated my boyfriend about his service dog, and the legitimacy/need for his service. This was done in a accusatory manner. Which caused him to extremely embarrassed after this whole incident. Suggestion for next time would be to ask in a polite way and not accuse people, body language is also a big part of communicating. He is a service dog and he offered to show the paperwork to prove it. We were not denied access but this definitely put a bad taste in our mouths about Tift.

Review №11

Best place to visit when you want to get away from the sights of the city. Feels like your not even in the city while your there. Animals are so friendly i wish we couldve stayed forever. Highly recommend

Review №12

Great place for birding. Will be even better when they open the boardwalks. For best birding, go early in the morning.

Review №13

Great little place to walk and see the natural wildlife right outside the city of buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie

Review №14

Not too far from Buffalos Outer Harbor is the Tifft Nature Preserve. Its a notable birding site and hosts many events throughout the year. Sadly, I wasnt able to take any bird pictures . I need a better camera for that ...

Review №15

My husband had a wonderful watching time the free roaming deer

Review №16

Love the area. Nice scenery. Animals all around. A lot of beautiful birds around too. Plenty of trails to walk and also have a bike trail.

Review №17

I like walking here because if you get deep enough in, you cant hear anything but the wind in the trees, the birds, and the insects. I like that there are benches scattered around so you can just have a sit and take in the scenery.

Review №18

Love to have a place to go when you dont have a lot of time. So close to the city, yet so far away... My little getaway...

Review №19

Just got back from a birthday party on a warmish January Sunday. Great docent - Jake - and very good facilities. Nature with education and easy access.

Review №20

Great place! Very beautiful! Staff werent very friendly. Yelled at my daughter for picking flowers

Review №21

Not too much wildlife.Visitor Center (and restrooms) closed for the season. Overall, a bit boring, but could be because of the time of day and year...

Review №22

Great place to take the kids. Tons of birds. Not even sure what kinds but they are all very active in early spring. Without the foliage you can see them much better.Go find the red headed deer. Not even sure the story behind it. Does anyone else?

Review №23

Due to the parking area being closed i was able to bring my wheel chair bound cousin fishing.. There was no other safe space to offload his chair

Review №24

Great parkGood for the kids. Lots of frogs

Review №25

Many things to see , if you know how to look & observe .

Review №26

Great little outdoor retreat just outside of downtown. Nice trails and chances to see birds and the occasional deers.

Review №27

Nice easy trails for the little ones

Review №28

This place was a scary, bug-infested, awful experience. We got lost repeatedly because no trails are marked and all we were surrounded by were bushes. It was wasted-looking, not like all the other natural parks we enjoy around Western New York. It was polluted and depleted. Too many people have gone in there and damaged it.

Review №29

Beautiful nature preserve. Excellent for the whole family. Pathways and trails are well-maintained no garbage laying around. And great opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Also its not too big so its very convenient for little ones to get out of the house for the day and explore.

Review №30

Always something to see here ,

Review №31

Awesome 2 see how this preserve has improved & changed over the years,great time walking the trail with my family, took kids fishing,recently went to a class to learn about local owls,again great informative time with family

Review №32

Excellent local close to the city nature preserve. Nice well marked trails.

Review №33

Fishing for small kids not bad but restricted on pier at Kirsty Lake due to Covid. Not impressed with trails, parking lot closed and only parking is on busy road , and boardwalks closed.

Review №34

This is my personal favorite place to spend time at.

Review №35

Very nice scenery, lots of trails to explore and unlimited ducks and geese there, watch out for the deer and skunks that frequently sit around the parking lots and trails

Review №36

Highly recommended! Its not a typical park. It is kid friendly but there are no restrooms or barely any shelters if you get caught out in the rain. I witnessed a lady pushing a stroller, and I could tell she regretted bringing it along.If your looking for a wilderness experience in a fairly small park, then this is for you.

Review №37

Always a nice oasis in the city

Review №38

Dont understand if it nature preserves you cant take small dogs for a walk.

Review №39

Wonderful Place with Interesting History and Terrific Guides

Review №40

A place where you can take pleasant hike in nature. You can choose to walk through trees or on the boardwalks. An individual can also fish here if they want. The visitor center has a small library and decent staff. The restroom is located here. Ive always had positive experiences when I came to this preserve. The only thing is that dogs/ pets are not allowed unless they are service animals.

Review №41

Great nature preserve.

Review №42

Beautiful place!

Review №43

Great nature preserve with plenty of wooded trails and decked walkways over the water that have covered bird observatories every so often. Lots of different spices can be seen throughout, never a dull moment. Makes you forget you are just minutes from the big city. There is also a ranger station at the entrance that is very informative and also rent snowshoes in the winter time.

Review №44

Excellent trails and wildlife! We saw deer on 2 seperate trails, and a dawn hiding in the brush. There was a turtle sun-bathing on a log, and 2 geese eating with their gosling, at other points. Also, a bunny are some grass with 5 feet of us.

Review №45

Tift is a decent short hike.

Review №46

Great place to spend the day hiking. Nature family oriented

Review №47

There wasnt much to see, but it was a nice walk.

Review №48

Perfect spot to fish and hike

Review №49

So fun and beautiful

Review №50

Great place for birding year round!

Review №51

A place where you can take pleasant hike in nature.

Review №52

A beautiful nature preserve within the Buffalo city limits.

Review №53

I love Tift, as a visitor, and the kids I nanny seem to love the camp. But EVERY single time I pick them up from camp, no one knows where they are. The counselors seem to be very disorganized, have no way of contacting other counselors (no walkies or anything) and there is no sense of urgency to find the children. One day the counselor I was speaking to literally told me that the kids I was there to pick up werent there and that I was at the wrong location, even though I told her twice I had found one of them and was looking for the other. Considering that part of this program is wandering through the woods, its disappointing that they cant keep better track of their kids.

Review №54

Its a beautiful place to take children

Review №55

Cool place for a nature walk

Review №56

Loved the trails.

Review №57

Beautiful place to watch birds and deer and birds chirping sound give you a great relaxation .yo can even fish here from the bank or dock lots of different kind of fish . Try to visit early morning to encountered with birds and wild animals just up front of you. Bushy,little muddy trails to reach in inner deck walk .

Review №58

Oasis of nature

Review №59

Quiet, clean, beautiful views

Review №60

Its a beautiful place, spending a picnic here should be on your to-do list at least once in a lifetime!

Review №61

Fun fishing.

Review №62

Tifft is an awesome place to spend a day. I dont drive, so I take the train to Canalside - then I walk from there. I could take a bus, but they dont run very often on that route.I like taking pictures of deer and birds as well as the landscape itself.I wont likely be going during the winter season, but I am definitely looking forward to spring and summer, 2019.

Review №63

Love the baby Geese

Review №64

One of my favorite places is beautiful and very peaceful

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Review №66

A peaceful place for a quiet nature walk that offers a variety of wildlife to see. It can also merge into other parks located nearby. Good for hiking, biking, etc.

Review №67

Wonderful place

Review №68

Beautiful setting for a walk in the woods.

Review №69

This is a great place to relax and enjoy the view of the lake! I come here often to relieve stress from my everyday works.

Review №70

I visited Tifft Nature Reserve around mid-April. It was my personal favorite birding experience! Such a amazing variety of birds, from the Northern Cardinal to the Tufted Titmouse. The birds are SO friendly here, that they were more than happy to follow me around and even land on my hands (even though I didnt have food. If you ever do visit this nature reserve, I would recommend that you bring a small bag of seed with you (specifically sunflower seed and shelled, unsalted peanuts). I found the visit here fun and worth while and I would definitely recommend this place for families. =)

Review №71

Lovely experience

Review №72

Great place to go to walk around and chillax

Review №73

My first time here and it didnt disappoint.Beautiful, well marked trails, deer, turtles, tons of birds, and a friendly staff all combined to make our hike an enjoyable one.Very kid friendly as well. We will be back.

Review №74

Lots of litter

Review №75

There is always something beautiful and new to experience at Tifft! I am amazed at the abundance of wildlife that call Tifft home, either seasonally or all year-round. It is a wildlife watchers and photographers dream come true and also simply an excellent place to just go for a walk and relax outdoors with family or friends or enjoy the fun and educational programming offered by the staff all year.

Review №76

It’s a gem of a nature place. My adult son and I agreed it made us feel happy to see many different birds and get out to walk around the trails.

Review №77

Definitely a place to go in Buffalo, many a times. Chill out place to walk with your friends and take some really good pics.. with nature

Review №78

They have a very nice collection of wild life in this area. Great for a school field trip, the kids would love it.

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Review №81

Great nature preserve near the heart of the city. Location is awesome. Lots of cool animals too see

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Review №83

Great place to take a nature walk throughout the whole year. From birds, deer, and great scenery to see.

Review №84

Love the trails and the wildlife. Great place to take an easy hike.

Review №85

Best trails in Buffalo.

Review №86

Great nature preserve nearby downtown to get away from the city and relax on the various trails

Review №87

Great piece of reclaimed nature in the downtown area! Excelent programs and great for birding!

Review №88

Large nature preserve in a big city. Rare, and great to visit.

Review №89

Very nice trails, friendly staff, nice variety of programs. Great place for birders.

Review №90

I love going in to there lose myself think I m somewhere else

Review №91

Full of red ants son will never go back to bad

Review №92

My wife, Nicole and I were just married at Tifft Nature preserve on July 27th, 2013. We are so happy we stumbled across Tifft in our search for an outdoor venue for our ceremeony. Lauren and Megan went out of the way to accomodate all of our requests and made sure our wedding went on without a hitch. I can not say enough about what a great job they did and how much Nikki and I were happy we got married there!!! Thanks a BILLION!!Steve and Nikki

Review №93

Sweet spot awesome wild life

Review №94

Very nice.But no porta pottys.

Review №95

Great hike through the preserve!

Review №96

Beautiful wildlife area, great history behind it as well

Review №97

Great spot for a walk and to see wildlife.

Review №98

Wildlife, sun, Nature and tranquility!

Review №99

Fun with nature and animals

Review №100

Excellent spot for bird watching

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  • Address:1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 716-825-6397
  • Tourist attraction
  • Bird watching area
  • Education center
  • Hiking area
  • Nature preserve
  • Visitor center
  • Wildlife refuge
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:10am–4pm
  • Wednesday:10am–4pm
  • Thursday:10am–4pm
  • Friday:10am–4pm
  • Saturday:12–4pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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