The Buffalo Zoo
300 Parkside Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214, United States

Review №1

We loved this place. So much fun, so much to see, and learn. The animals are very well cared for. They are following COVID 19 guidelines to make sure everyone is safe at this place.

Review №2

It was nice having the zoo pretty much to ourselves. The staffs were super friendly and one of them pretty much spent the whole time with us in the reptile room. Talking about every animal & section we went to.

Review №3

Good safety protocols in place. We all had a great time. Sea lions and river otters were the favorites. Some of the exhibits were closed, but thats understandable considering the situation were in.

Review №4

A great zoo in the heart of Buffalo. A lot more animals than expected, took COVID precautions very seriously, friendly staff, and inexpensive. Great for a half day adventure. Everything was enjoyable and I couldnt recommend more.

Review №5

Love our zoo! Small enough to see everything in a day but big enough to keep the kids wanting to come back! Weve been members for the past 10 years, bringing the kids as infants just to get out and walking. Great place with great staff

Review №6

Wonderful place! Lots of fun to see such a historical Zoo. Old buildings and structures but its all in great condition and wonderfully laid out. A great time for any family outing.

Review №7

The zoo layout could have been better set upThe acclamation however were really active which was nice to see. The for pattern traffic though was set up really bad there were lines to just see animals and to get in to about 1hr waiting in traffic. If they are gonna be open they are gonna have to step up their game and figure something out

Review №8

I really like this zoo. Its got a great variety of exotic animals, the kids love it. The zoo is rather small so its easy to walk and feel like you saw everything. Some paths and directions were closed off, so it was a tad more walking than usual. The zoo keepers normally have info sessions but these and some exhibits are closed now due to COVID-19. The animals look well cared for. The staff enjoy their jobs. Its very educational and informative for children (and even adults). I hope the zoo stays for many years to come.

Review №9

Great experience! We went with our young toddlers (3 and under) and had a great experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and the exhibits are well built so it was easy to get a good view of many of the animals. Signage and information about the animals was very readily available.

Review №10

We love the zoo! Only four stars because there are alot of empty enclosures, but there is alot to see still! Their update a few years ago made everything cleaner.

Review №11

I love this zoo. No, its not the Bronx or San Diego Zoo but for what it is, its pretty great. So many cities dont even have zoos and what they have is pretty sad. No, Buffalo doesnt have elephants but they had to choose between the polar bear/artic fox/ lynx exhibits or the elephants and one had to go. For a economically depressed area I think they have done quite well. If you think the food prices are expensive, you can pack a lunch, they allow food in the zoo and there are ample picnic tables/benches.As for social distancing they are doing what they can. they have people at entrances reminding you to wear your masks and if you are inside and a employee walks by they will tell you to put it on if you have taken it off. Outside we were told you can lower it/take it off if you are not within 6 feet of other people, so yes when I go outside and I am not within 6 feet of people I do lower it. I am a member so I get in as often as I like for free and my son and I use our membership (and plus benefits of bringing a extra guest) often. I have found that if you want to get the most for your money to go on a cooler day because the animals will be more active and not just sleeping in a corner and to go between the hours of 2 and 5 when it is MUCH less crowded. between 4 and 5 there are more employees than people there.

Review №12

We are from Ohio, so we already have some great zoo options. In saying that this is truly a charming, smaller zoo. Price is a little high for entry but didnt mind after seeing how many animals the zoo houses. Vendors are way too expensive! Highly recommend if your passing by!

Review №13

Always fun to go! I loved it ever since I was a child and its awesome to see them renovate and make room for new habitats! We actually got a free box of gummies for going and it has a neat animal toy inside for the little ones.

Review №14

Lovely lay out, gives exercise while presenting a wide range of animals. Nice areas to sit and grab a snack or meal. Easy to social distance, staff are everywhere helping with questions and reminding about masks etc. Gift shop has a huge variety of clothing, educational material, and toys that are good quality. Its a must see when in the area!

Review №15

Staff are always greatHard to catch the tiger as it shares time with the lions, sealion glass viewing has been closed the better part of 2 years and the water is very debris filled compared to other sealion exhibits, elephant left for a better situation but wasnt replaced with a new different animal its another rhino already have 3 in 2 exhibits so now there will be 4 rhinos in 3 separate exhibitsyou pay for parking even with a membershipThe great stops are the reptile house, rain forest building, the polar bear area, and gorilla houseThis is a great zoo for taking the kids out but its not 5 star as it shouldnt be in a small city with less resourcesThey are constantly working on updating things and it shows I hope to put this up to 4 stars in the future

Review №16

Today was the first time that I went to the Buffalo zoo and it was a great experience they had a lot of different animals and they were all outside playing in the nice weather it was clean there wasn’t trash littered all over. A lot of the cages in the indoor exhibits were empty because they’re doing a remodeling of some kind.Oh and the elephants are gone had a blast though

Review №17

Great experience everything is very spaced out and open and the animals have the best enclosures its like a zoo out of the movies wife and son loved it will be back soon before end of the season. 5/5

Review №18

We visited in July while on vacation. It is a small zoo but nice and well maintained. We got there right after it opened and the grounds were all very clean. It cost us $5 to park in the zoo lot. You get a token which you will use to get out of the lot. Very happy to see that they offered recycling along side almost every trash can by partnering with Coca-Cola. Kudos to both as this was a pleasant surprise for us being a big recycling household. Even though it was not a huge zoo we were still there for 2.5 hours. We let our 3 year old lead the way and just enjoyed the sites. They had giraffes, rhinos and a polar bear among many other animals. They also had dinosaurs set up all over the property. Most were animated with noise, they even had one that spit water (kids favorite on a very hot day)! Not a place you will spend all day at but a nice way to spend a couple of hours for some family fun.

Review №19

We participated in Boo at the Zoo today and it was fantastic! My niece and nephew had a great time. They were generous with the candy and had a non candy station too. All the staff were so friendly

Review №20

Even with social distancing, the kids had a great time at the zoo. Everyone was respectful of others space. The play equipment was all closed down, so dont plan on the kiddos playing on those. The merry go round is still active, though.

Review №21

The zoo was very thorough in covid protection measures. They even took our temperature when we got there and most people kept their masks on which was great. Definitely would recommend taking your own snacks and water though for sure. $4 for a water!?

Review №22

The zoo is very well organized and laid out very well. Although did not eat there, the staff was very friendly! The variety of the animals that could be seen was very nice. Thank you for a great experience!

Review №23

One of the nicest zoos, where you can actually see the animals. We all agreed we had the best time, and I can recommend you all to visit. Great time at the zoo.

Review №24

Its a pretty good zoo. Prices arent insane especially if you buy an annual pass. Good assortment of animals, good enclosures that dont make your super depressed. Dont take the kids train, it goes nowhere.

Review №25

This zoo needs some work. There are some nice exhibits and there are some cool areas. Itll take you between an hour and a half and 3 hours to see everything. Bring a lunch if you want. Since its small, its great for little kids

Review №26

Love going here. Great zoo and wont make you walk forever to see everything either. Afterwords you can take a walk in the beautiful Deleware Park that the zoo resides in. Rainforest building was by far my favorite!

Review №27

Love the Buffalo Zoo! Sad to see the elephants are gone but we understand. New dinosaurs are out around the zoo to see! One even shoots water. Many great exhibits both inside and outside. Large playground, bone digging site and lots of food choice!

Review №28

Wonderful day with all kinds of animals. Peaceful, fascinating and beautiful creatures up close, even allowing for social distancing.

Review №29

How is the Zoo with the Covid restrictions? Shirt answer ok. First, you have to reserve your tickets online due to limiting the amount of people at the zoo. Indoor exhibits are limited as well and you can only travel in one direction at the outdoor exhibits. Felt the zoo was on the small side compared to other zoos I’ve been to, but it’s a nice get away during these times. You could see the entire zoo in under 2 hours.

Review №30

Very nice most where passed out from lunch so I know to go early for next time. But very clean and friendly. Thank you

Review №31

Just wish the zoo would have been upfront that a lot of animals were not there ie elephants. Lots of great things to see but many were closed, waiting for new exhibit. We support the zoo in good times and rough. Still fun to go just really missed my elephants.

Review №32

It was nice to get out to the zoo. As member it was great to see many updates since the zoo was closed due to COVID-19. We were extremely disappointed to see as a paying member we have to pay for parking when it use to be a benefit.

Review №33

Our first visit to the Buffalo Zoo was a major disappointment. We didnt see half the animals. Pens were empty. I know food in parks are always high but $7 for a soft drink in a plastic souvenir cup is beyond ridiculous.

Review №34

Bone zone closed, but still a great time. No elephants, and the playground was closed. Several paths were closed as well, put on the whole worth a trip

Review №35

I changed my mind when I entered and started seeing animals that are not normally seen in a zoo, my children liked me, i recomended for children 10 years or under but honesty is nice for all family

Review №36

So awesome.. everyone wore masks and they checked everyones temp before entering

Review №37

A really great zoo. But when youve been spoiled with having the Toledo Zoo in your own backyard all your life all other zoos are unfortunately measured by that standard. Which is quite simply the Gold standard

Review №38

Today was an amazing day. Most of the animals where out and about so we really got to see a lot. The rain forest exhibit was really enjoyable and warm in this chilly weather. There was an Ocelot, anteater, monkeys and several other interesting animals to see.Overall it was a fun time and Im so happy the zoo is open in the winter months.

Review №39

My kids had a fun time at the zoo. However it seemed run down and grass needed cut and new paint jobs around. Additionally, a lot of animals weren’t on exhibit. For the price for entry, it would seem that there would be more to see or better upkeep. Kids did have fun but we’re especially disappointed that the sea lions weren’t out either. The elephants had been transferred to another zoo as well and this wasn’t known until we were already inside the zoo. There were a lot of people there at the zoo that day as well and it looked like a lot of kids were disappointed with not a lot of animals on display. A favorite exhibit this trip however was the polar bears. One came running down and did a cannonball into the water. The kids all enjoyed that. I hadn’t been to the buffalo zoo since i was a kid and what I remember was completely different from now. I remember the zoo packed with animals as well as lots of other exciting things for kids to be involved in and do.

Review №40

A great place to spend a summer day if it were not for questionable social distancing practices.Before arriving at the zoo, a reservation needed to be placed beforehand as part of social distancing measures. Expecting few visitors, we were surprised when upon arriving to the zoo the parking lot was packed.As we entered the zoo proper we noticed that several exhibits were at a capacity that doesnt appear safe. In particular, the polar bear exhibit had around +20 people confined to a space that could jeopardize the health of everyone. Now while there are designated spots to stand for exhibits, the size of the area cannot possibly hold the amount of guests present. Several other exhibits also share a similar story. There were also sights of several visitors not wearing any masks roaming the park. All of these warning signs makes it very uncomfortable navigating the park, as social distancing is very hard to maintain.I will say that apart from all my complaints above, the actual exhibits were quite fun to experience. That being said, I would stay clear from this place from the time being, as the zoo seems to have no concern over the health of its guests.

Review №41

I was pretty impressed by this zoo. Im not sure it is much bigger than the one in Syracuse, if at all, but it is MUCH better laid out, much nicer to walk through, and much more like a fair/carnival atmosphere. The exhibits are large and there is ample viewing. The animals were all lively and active when we were there (in Syracuse, they always seem to be more chill) - the polar bear (!!), the tiger, the primates, the rhino, the 4 giraffes, were all up and about. My only complaints pertain to cost - it is a pretty expensive zoo, and had we not had a 50% discount due to reciprocal membership w/Syracuses zoo, we might not have gone. Its probably worth it, now that weve seen it, but it was a bit of sticker shock at first. And they charge for PARKING, which is kind of lame in my opinion. (There is limited street parking, which we were lucky enough to snag.) Bonus points -- Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream is just up the street!!

Review №42

When no one is there, the animals come out.

Review №43

I absolutely love the zoo and taking my kids to see the animals. I wish they had a few more selections on bears and other animals and that they had a playground area for smaller children. Bigger kids get too rough and pushy on the bigger playground. Overall id recommend going to have a nice day with the family or just to enjoy the animals alone.

Review №44

The kids loved this zoo! We visited from out of town and they had a blast! Will be back!

Review №45

It seems like theyve added so much more this year, and all the exhibits were open. We went today and it was just a perfect day! The weather was great and the animals did not disappoint!! We really enjoyed Heritage Farm where we could climb the logs and rocks, and pet the Mule and Cow. Our 2 year old really enjoyed the playground and dinosaurs too!

Review №46

Very well organized and courteous staff. You can tell they take care of the place. Animals have such small space, it is depressing, though.

Review №47

Cute zoo! The animals were super clean, very impressed.

Review №48

We love going here in the winter time. Gets the kids moving and gives us fresh air and we get one on one time with some of the animals-like the sweet giraffes that seem like they need a hug. Bathrooms are very clean and warm in the winter, and the water animals are super active and fun.

Review №49

Arrived around 12:30 all the employees were very friendly, unfortunately the zoo itself was in poor condition. They still found it in their favor to charge people full price although you are required to wear a mask in open air, a bunch of viewing areas were closed to the public, and they channel you like cattle through one way walkways. All the animals looked sedated and lonely, WHY ONLY ONE REINDEER, LION, TIGER AND POLAR BEAR? no companionship for the animals, and they all looked like the runt of the litters. Also would it kill someone to possibly clean some of the animal habitats? I dont think they need to fill in the never-ending empty areas with local farm animals, I dont pay to go to the zoo to see cows, sheep, pigs and horses.

Review №50

The animals were very excited to see us.

Review №51

Not to many animals to see during the covid 19 epidemic. But over all it was a very nice experience.

Review №52

Great size and value. The staff was out and about taking about all the residents which was great to see

Review №53

A great place to take the family!

Review №54

Just always loved this place the polar bears look so happy I could off watched them all day .

Review №55

Always a great experience! Even with the pandemic, theyre keeping everyone safe!!

Review №56

First time back to the zoo in a couple of years and it was a great experience. Even more so with the new CDC guidelines in place. Plenty of hand sanitizer and washing stations. All patrons were masked, following the flow of traffic, and being respectful of others and their space. The main walkway from the polar bears to the lions looked re-done. There were lots of tables and benches for families to sit. Plenty of staff, masked and ready to assist as needed. Even the inside spaces were spotless. Didnt see a scrap of garbage, or mask for that matter, anywhere.For those complaining about lack of animals, tough beans. Ive been going to the zoo for 25 years and its always hit or miss depending on weather, feeding times, etc. And yeah, its a bit pricy but just like everything these days... Be grateful for the opportunity and think about what that money is going towards.Well done Buffalo Zoo!!

Review №57

Decent pricing and loved all the diffrent animals. My daughter had a lot of fun playing with the monkies through the glass

Review №58

For a relatively small zoo, that has some cool history, they do a great job.

Review №59

Great zoo, close up views of the big cats. Could use more birds.

Review №60

Not the biggest zoo Ive been to. But my daughter whos 5 loves going. Staff is always very nice and helpful.

Review №61

Had a great day with my twins! All the animals that you wouldnt see in the summer, were extremely active. Both polar bears were running and playing in the water. The lioness were grunting and playing with each other. The sea lions and their baby are very playful. The monkeys were playing chase with the kids. They loved it! Would have been 5 stars if the playground had some new pads/mats and protective screens. They were shredded and ripped throughout the playground structure. Otherwise, Id recommend taking the time to check them out!

Review №62

Love the Polar bear exhibit. Seems more park like more fun for the kiddos.

Review №63

Big zoo for a smaller city. Always clean and well kept. Plenty of animals to learn about.

Review №64

Was kind of sad but they r trying to make it better. However there is no land really to expand. The ape house was the best.

Review №65

Good place to spend the day but u will need a credit card to buy anything there

Review №66

Fantastic place. Its great getting to see all the animals, and theres an app you can download to do a type of listening your as you go around. I didnt get to see the new baby rhino or sea lion, but I did get to see the new sand cats, and they were beyond adorable. The new animatronic dinosaurs were awesome as well. My only complaint is that parents dont know how to control their screaming children, so I highly recommend downloading the app and using headphones.

Review №67

Loved the Arctic Fox and sand cat. Most people doing a good job of social distancing.

Review №68

If you want to actually see animals dont waste your money here. $45 for 1 senior, 1 adult and 1 child. No elephants at all anymore. Half the exhibits are empty, not sure if they dont have the animals anymore or if they just werent out but we, especially my 4 year old, were very disappointed.

Review №69

Nice clean zoo. Polar bears were tremendous. The giraffes were unfortunately off exhibit.

Review №70

This is tough b.c Im sure a lot of the experience is hindered by covid, mixed with it being cold so all the animals were like nope staying inside so we couldnt see about 1/3rd of their options. Cleaning team was very on top of wiping down but it was a meh experience

Review №71

Love my Buffalo zoo great time for all ages. Clean friendly environment love this place!!

Review №72

Thought it would be better. Weird layout too. Then again I really wonder how much covid effected everything.

Review №73

Most animals were indoors, food and drink prices were ridiculous ex:. Bottle water $4 warm, the most reasonable price item were zoooomers $5 for ten min. Then while waiting in line to leave my parking price went from $7 to $9!! And to go indoors to see animal exhibits such as reptile house or the gorilla house the building was packed. I was underwhelmed.

Review №74

I Love the animals and the Grounds are well kept it is very pleasant to visit they have 1200 animals to see but I didnt SMELL one animal it so nice!

Review №75

The zoo was great! Enough to see and no crowds. Great for kids. !

Review №76

The girl at the Dippin Dot stand is GHETTTOOO! Over charging because she didnt have change. She had an attitude from the beginning. There were not alot of animals, but my girls enjoyed it!

Review №77

Wish we could have been there pre-covid most of it is closed but still a fun day

Review №78

Safe distancing, everyone wearing masks, staff cleaning well done Buffalo zoo. It was great to see all the animals again. Thank you!

Review №79

First warm day in Buffalo but zoo for me was a let down. No Elephants but they could use the space for something else. Couldnt get into amphibians exhibit, just wasnt that entertaining for the money spent. Ho-hum.

Review №80

My family enjoys the Buffalo Zoo at least once every summer. Prices are high throughout the zoo; not just at the gate. Its an exciting place to keep you entertained for a little while. Theres tons to do and see for people of all ages. Also depending on the time of day, most animals were not in their habitats but understandable.

Review №81

Nice way to spend a couple of hours on a nice summer day. The zoo has made great improvements over the past couple of years. I cant wait to see what else they have planned.

Review №82

Nice place! Most of the animals had decent sized enclosures. And even on a chilly day in October, most of the animals were out playing around!

Review №83

We go at least once a year. The kids love it. I feel terrible for all those guys locked in cages and small enclosures, but it is what it is.

Review №84

Very well kept zoo clean and nice and lots of animals

Review №85

The staff was very patient and answered every question as best they could.

Review №86

Nice medium sized zoo. Clean and animals and they look well taken care of. Theyve come a long way since I was a kid. Polar bears, elephants, giraffes, lions, gorillas, rainforest enclosure with birds, and other animals, reptiles, gorillas, vanishing species like the snow leopard, manned wolf, and red panda, sea lions, otters, farm animals, buffalo, etc.. Indoor and outdoor exhibits. I find that the animals are really active right when the zoo opens. I think they get fed right before it opens and they seem to be more alert and vibrant, so its my favorite time to visit. They also have a carousel and train in the warm months. A little food pavilion and ice cream shack that JUST got renovated (2019) and look amazing! Their bathrooms are really clean too.

Review №87

The zoo was nice. There arent a ton of animals but there are plenty enough to make it an enjoyable day. Its a bummer that there are no elephants right now but the young rhino calf, Monica was very cute and more than made up for it. I wish there were more people there as well but we went on a week day when I assume they have less business. I was excited to see the Sand Cats, Id never seen one before. All and all a great time.

Review №88

Always a good time. Prices could definitely be a little more decent. No one wants to spend $8 on any drink...esp with a family

Review №89

Did not enforce social distancing, allowed people in without masks, and photographers encouraging people to remove masks even near busy areas. Only 10 outdoor exhibits are open and large groups congregate nearby. If you hope to see anything, be aware its at the risk of contracting COVID.

Review №90

Staff are very nice. Animals look well taken care of. I enjoy every visit I have here.

Review №91

I love the zoo I loved it ever since I was a kid. But what I live the most is when me and my boyfriend went in the bird Forest and feed the bird. It cost $3 and went in it 3 times but it was so worth it.

Review №92

A lot of the animals I wanted to see werent there... Gorillas...Hyenas...for example. The other exhibits were OK. Feel like prices should be lowered if some animals wont be there.

Review №93

Great for kids, make sure you take water.

Review №94

We had an enjoyable time seeing the lights. Not as many lights as I thought there was going to be. Still fun for my 10year to see! Fun Santa and Mrs. Claus experience, and great photo with green screen, but very pricey.

Review №95

The Buffalo Zoo is a medium size facility but arguably one of the best zoos in the region. The Buffalo zoo is an excellent place to visit with both kids and youth groups. The animal exhibits are all reasonably placed and Do Not require a lot of walking.They offer excellent parking, and a medium sized restaurant for burgers, fries and stuff.If your in the area, i highly recommend it!

Review №96

Lots to do and see! My son had a blast

Review №97

The zoo can be a little depressing, but they are trying... Great for kids. Sometimes disappointing depending on what time of the day you go. Sometimes the animals are hot and hidden away... But that is how it is for any zoo.

Review №98

Had a wonderful time with my granddaughter on Monday!!!! Some new additions sand cat and komono dragon.

Review №99

Dont waste your time or money if its during Covid. We drove 3 hours and reserved tickets (over $100 worth for our group) for the morning session 9-12. we were kicked out by security at 1130 and the kids didnt even get to see everything. We paid extra throughout the park.. $12 for the train, $10 for the motorized animals .. I dont even know how much for the merry ground (after an unsecured umbrella came out of its holder and hit my husband and bruised my sons hand while waiting in line) be looking to spend an ungodly amount on overpriced giftshop toys (until I pulled my mask below my nose because I couldnt see to pick up the cheez its my 2 year old dropped on the floor and was immediately rudely told to replace my mask). Almost all of the indore clexhibits were closed (other than 2 that we saw). We understand Covid restrictions and are completely disappointed with the lack of professionalism of the some of the workers we encountered and the overall disappointment of a highly anticipated trip to the zoo.

Review №100

Pretty cool good variety of animals!!

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