Forest Lawn Cemetery
1411 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209, United States

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Beautiful cemetery in the heart of the city. Theres a US President buried there as well! Great for walks and jogs throughout and awesome tours as well (currently no tours due to COVID-19). Cant speak to their actual burial services this is purely about the recreational experience.

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My wife and I truly enjoyed our time here. It is a very peaceful place to spend quality time with friends and family. The history is endless... a reminder of what a historic place Buffalo is. Bring water as there are no drinking fountains or water at all. If you are planting anything bring a lot!We will be returning for sure.

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Ponds, rolling hills, cherry blossoms, history, and peace and quiet. One of Buffalos gems

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OMG! In the heart of Buffalo, an amazing place not to be missed! Many old famous Graves, beautiful, wonderful wildlife , peaceful, relaxing, heartwarming, not to mention the best place to be buried in. Several of my family members are buried there and someday I will be there too. I have taken my granddaughter there many times and she always happy as we see a lot of Wildlife and she enjoys learning about the rich history !

Review №5

Free access with beautiful garden. Many famous names in the cemetery

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Beautiful, quiet place. Great place to walk, bike, and even drive through (maybe even go on a date! ;). I was a little surprised about that last bit, but I quickly realized how big the cemetary was and almost got lost! Fortunately, someones marked the road so you can find your way out of the labyrinth!

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Beautiful any time of year and is filled with such great history! Such an interesting place. There is also deer that are constantly wandering. Amaz ing !

Review №8

Beautiful site. Lovely setting.

Review №9

Beautiful place full of wildlife,nature,history tranquil place to reflect on life present and past.

Review №10

Peaceful. No tours, but the tourist map they give you pretty much takes care of things. Great to see Millard Fillmore and Rick James in the same cemetery.

Review №11

This is a nice place to just walk around. If youre reading this during the pandemic, make sure you wear a mask! Might be cool to stop in and check out the stuff from the Spanish Flu era, if youre feeling morbid.

Review №12

One of the biggest and most beautiful cemeteries i have visited/Millard Fillmore Support history

Review №13

Love the tranquility and peaceful feeling every time I go. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I drive around and stop at different spots. As many times as I come, there is always something new I find. And I love the wildlife that roams free around in there, especially the deer! One of my favorite spots to go in the city!

Review №14

Fascinating history. Take the trolley tour or just get a map and drive or walk around. I’m sure the residents enjoy the company of visitors.

Review №15

Very nice place to visit and clean . Did I mention there many apples tress all over the park. The time I went the boat wasn’t available sadly.

Review №16

Very nice place to walk around. Lovely views. Very interesting burial spots.

Review №17

You dont even have to go into this place to appreciate it! You can just drive by it and really soak it in. Massive old graves with huge statues on the front of them or on top of them. This graveyard is very old and cool looking.

Review №18

Not only is it full of Buffalo history, its beautiful too. You can actually spend an entire day here, looking at not only the gorgeous headstones but also the beauty of nature through the cemetery.

Review №19

Very well kept lots of history.

Review №20

Take a trip down Buffalo history lane when you visit this iconic cemetery.

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Beautiful place to bike and walk. Would recommend for a scenic evening. You can feed geese and ducks in the summertime, a very nice place to be.

Review №22

Probably the largest and most historical cemetery in the City of Buffalo, it is well worth to pay for an official Sunday guided bus tour, or just go exploring on your own whenever you like. You could easily spend several months exploring the monuments in there and still have many monuments to look at.

Review №23

Worst cemetery.... my cousin has had multiple things tooken from his spot and his stone was just broken buy the employees

Review №24

Very large, beautiful and historic cemetery. I went to visit the grave of a very dear friend who passed away several years ago and the nice woman at the visitors center went above and beyond helping me to find his grave site. I wish the weather was better so I could have spent more time exploring this place.

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Very interesting mausoleum by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Review №26

Great place to walk and learn history at the same time.

Review №27

Needs more big trees with shade for hot summer days - otherwise pleasant land scapping

Review №28

This is a beautiful graveyard

Review №29

Forest Lawn Cemetery is an amazing place! We spent about 3 hours there and barely scratched the surface. We didnt make it to any of the famous graves because we were enthralled with the non-famous ones - so many gorgeous & creative memorials. Will definitely be going back

Review №30

Shirley Chisholms burial chamber in the Birchwood mausoleum is a site to behold. Unbought and Unbossed is inscribed on her space. She is such an important and inspirational part of history. I was very moved!

Review №31

Peaceful, beautiful filled with an abundance of history.

Review №32

Walking through the cemetery and checking out the Stones, Architecture, and flowers is a pleasant experience. You will be amazed as to how many famous people have been buried there. This piece of local history is a must-see place to visit.

Review №33

A beautiful cemetery. So fantastic, that people are just DYING to get in.

Review №34

Beautiful cemetery. Just witnessed a huge rotted tree limb with leaves fall. Grounds keepers were receptive when notified. When you pay respect....stay away from those limbs!

Review №35

“Eerie, humbling, historic, amazing!”First off, walking around a cemetery isnt for everyone, regardless of how amazing it may be. HOWEVER, if you find the enormous wealth in the history of 200+yr old cemeteries and you are in Buffalo, you have to stop by! Most of the founders of Buffalo and the surrounding areas are buried there, not to mention Chiefs from Seneca Nation and a US President! Not knowing much of Buffalos history prior to my first visit, I learned so much in the 3 hrs that I was there (get a map, the place is HUGE!!).

Review №36

I did not hate this place. I recommend a Name date plot search be added for when the office is closed. I came back from California to see my mother but couldnt. The place is beautiful. Thats why we chose it in 1991 as a final resting place for our Mother.

Review №37

Dont bury your loved ones here, my grandmommy bethany mojimmis grave got ROBBED last summer, all they left behind was a thank you note with curious george stickers LIKE CMON! REALLY?

Review №38

Went on the tour Sunday, August 27 had a wonderful time and the The person who did the talking unfortunately I dont remember her name but I do remember she worked at M&T BANK she was absolutely awesome if I went again I would want to request her it was so informative she did a great job and I never realized how much I loved history I recommend it to anyone

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Beautiful green space in Buffalo. Numerous famous people buried here. Great place to run or ride a bike as there is little car traffic.

Review №40

Old time cemetery with curving roads and great water features. Bring a picnic basket in the spring, stop by the chapel, feed the ducks and find the famous people (Rick James!). One of the highlights of the city.

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One of the prettiest cemeteries in the country, Forest Lawn has an unusually high number of famous residents. Two of the more well-known sites are Frank Lloyd Wrights Blue Sky Mausoleum and the gravesite of President Millard Fillmore.

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Peaceful...beautiful place to put your loved one to rest.

Review №43

Great map to tour the history- amazing

Review №44

This is a place where I feel cool and peace walking,driving through.

Review №45

Where is Michael Jackson grave

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The famous Big Bopper one of my favorite rock n roll singers is buried there and nice too walk around there and take a look back at the amazing history.

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Ive visited this cemetery twice, and both times wa very impressed t how well cared for and large this cemetery is. There are many historic and famous figures here.

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My beautiful mom is buried there, she passed just last year in October. Beautiful cemetery.

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Breathtaking scenery, great wealth of knowledge buried here. Good for a bike rides.

Review №50

Staff is very helpful. Above and beyond actually. Grounds are impeccable and a must see especially when you are not grieving.

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Truly gorgeous & peaceful place ️With lots of sculptures...

Review №53

Very beautifull and my brother is buried there. The staff is very helpfull. Thank you

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Love this cemetery they have very famous people buried her..and loads of beautiful artifacts..may I add its a nice walking around place.

Review №55

Great place to check out. Full of amazing stone, sculptures, architecture, and even some wildlife.

Review №56

Michael Jackson buried in this place and Mr. Disney. Therefore its a great place.

Review №57

The historical significance and beauty of this memorial park & cemetery makes it a “must see” when visiting Buffalo, NY

Review №58

Very rude employees, they are too quick to accuse everyone of everything. #dontgohere

Review №59

The re were bums

Review №60

Welcome to Forest Lawn Cemetry.

Review №61

One of the Best Cemetery in NY.

Review №62

Nice place to walk

Review №63

More Lawn than Forest

Review №64

Beautiful place to be alone!

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Staff are very helpful.

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Beautiful year round!

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