Broderick Park
1170 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14213, United States
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Beautiful place to go on on a walk. Provides a nice view of Canada and the Peace Bridge. An excellent way to get some fresh air and get lost in the vastness of open space

Review №2

They’ve let this area go a bit unfortunately - the pier which has water views on both sides and goes under the peace bridge could be such a nice attraction but the pavement is totally unkept and what I would say quite dangerous. There are cracks and holes everywhere with very fast rapids surrounding the path. Also you can no longer go all the way to the end of the pier - the trail is completely destroyed not allowing you to finish and go to the end.Really nice views of the peace bridge and water. I would say much more enjoyable for a walk instead of a run or biking.

Review №3

The walkway between the Niagara River and the Black Rock Canal is impressive. Seeing the fast moving water, having a nice breeze in your face, and the sounds of rushing water all make for an enjoyable hike.

Review №4

Cool walk along the river out on the pier. Just wish you could walk all the way to the end. A part of it is damaged to where you cant pass through.

Review №5

They did a really outstanding job of redoing this area. It was little more than a parking lot last time I stopped years ago. Highly recommend for water views.

Review №6

Located at the foot of Ferry, Broderick Park is a terminus for the underground railroad. The site was recently renovated to commemorate that African American history. Look down at the ground to see the history of slavery in the US, as well as individual accounts of the men women and children who crossed to freedom from this site. While many locals love fishing at this spot, the reflection garden and markers should not be overlooked!

Review №7

This is a small and lovely riverside park. Not much in the way of seating (grass and rocks). Views are spectacular (river and bridge). Should taken a star off for lack of tables, but the power of the Niagara river made me give it 5.

Review №8

Best place to visit is during summers. The walk along is so beautiful and nice. If you are runner, you will enjoy this trail and if you are a Walker youll like the peace that comes while you walk.The parking could be a problem considering this place is very popular. But parking on Niagara St is also not a bad option but the walk could be a little more to the island.Parking is free but limited. People come here for a walk, to fish or for a run. Or you can sit and see the water flowing and end the day.I love this place.

Review №9

Amazing view great place for fishing and picnics but.. too bad people dont take care of the park tons of garbage.

Review №10

Fantastic views. A great place to relax and clear your mind.

Review №11

Beautiful Park! Did not think to take photos but I should have taken a lot. The park is fabulous, nothing like 4 or 5 year ago, when I went there,for the free fishing day, they even have a concession stand. It looks like a big city waterfront. But sadly our heroic fire dept., showed up for some kind of water rescue. I shell return; for fishing picnicking and a lot more, after theyve solved the Covid-19 problem. But definitely worth the trip.

Review №12

Great place was peaceful and clean. Someone had a very nice wedding reception on Saturday September 13, 2020. It was very nice.

Review №13

Broderick park is a hidden, but very accessible oasis of calm on Buffalos west side. Located in the Niagara River in the shadow of the Peace Bridge, it is really two parks in one. To the north of the lift bridge used to access the park is a lovely mostly shaded rivers edge bike & walking trail popular with the local fishing population. To the south is a walking trail built on a break wall that runs under the peace bridge. On this trail, you are surrounded by the Black Rock canal on one side and the Niagara river on the other. Its a great place to enjoy the cooling lake Erie breeze on a hot summer day and a perfect spot to watch the sunset all year long. The only negative aspect of the park is that due to occasional storm damage, the walkway is closed sometimes.

Review №14

Broderick Park was one of the most amazing experiences Ive ever had. Theres not much to play with but my two sons and I we really enjoyed walking along the trail and swim the Peace Bridge in all its glory. Being out amidst all of the rivers wonderful power is truly an amazing feeling. I would go here everyday if i could.

Review №15

I had never been down to that area of Buffalo before! I found it very interesting and the simple fact that the water was so close, was amazing!

Review №16

Great day for a family walk fresh air social distancing sunshine

Review №17

Nice park. Clean and peaceful.

Review №18

Beautiful place to just go for a walk and see some beautiful scenery.

Review №19

When summer comes, I go out to have friends and have a picnic. I love watching the flow of the river. Its nice to see Canadas city on the bearded river at the end of America. The bridge over the bearded place looks like the sky is touching. It is nice to see fish catching by the water of the stream. The most fascinating thing is that when the ship needs to pass through the small lakes inside, the bridge goes up which is nice to see.

Review №20

Very nice scenic and clean place to have a relaxing walk.

Review №21

Its so therapeutic by the water and the rush of the water streaming down the lake. First time today visiting and will definitely coming back as long as the weather stays decent. Very good place for meditating. Hidden treasure. I have lived around this area for over 30 years and never crossed my mind to come here.

Review №22

Beautiful park with excellent views

Review №23

Scenic, breath taking view of Canada & peace bridge...

Review №24

The place was very windy around noon. However, the Wind feels very good. An amazing place to feed the Seagulls. The seagulls are very smart and have very good eyesight, they love eating bread.

Review №25

Great place go take a walk along the water and be able to see Canada. Sunsets are amazing here!

Review №26

Broderick Park is a small park on the southern tip of Unity Island to the West of downtown Buffalo. The park essentially is a large parking lot to allow people to park their vehicles to walk along the pedestrian walkway lining the western edge of Unity Island that connects Broderick Park and Unity Island Park. The walkway is quite popular on the weekends when the weather is nice. There is a nice view of the Niagara River and the Peace Bridge to the south. Oh yeah, there is also a view of our neighbor, Canada...

Review №27

The changes made to this park have been amazing!

Review №28

Calm and serene place with some breathtaking views. One of the places that you must absolutely visit. Older folks, couples as well as family will definitely enjoy the walk and the views all around. Recommend visiting in the evening, through dusk.

Review №29

Nice and clean place for walk and fishing.bbq option available but major thing is NO restroom. dirty and filthy temporary bucket available with no lock inside.

Review №30

Im just saying! Historical walk way! Its just beautiful! Dont believe me! Go see!

Review №31

Nice Park to visit, recently fixed up. Offers great views of the river on one side, and the canal on the other. Also access to the break wall, which you can walk on. (See pictures.)

Review №32

Nice to hang out, go fishing or walk the break wall.

Review №33

They just made that part so smaller its just like you know Sonia night when you going to be able to drive in there I dont know what they expecting you know the residents in the community but you know its just supposed to be more open environment in there you know but at that locals area in that space It should be little bit more space is too tight too much grass you know its not I dont get it

Review №34

So lovely to walk on the breakwall

Review №35

Fantastic views of our neighbor to the north

Review №36

Nice place to take a walk oo go fishing.

Review №37

Lol I caught nice size small mouth bass

Review №38

First time visit and walk last night! Peaceful and loved the rushing waters & peace bridge lights!

Review №39

Great historical perspective..evrn though the ships were not opened yet

Review №40

Nice water front park. Very windy so always colder down there than the rest of the city. A pavillion with power is available as long as access to the pier under the peace bridge.

Review №41

Dirty. Trash every where, broken glass spread throughout, heavy smell of urine. So sad to see such a beautiful place go down hill.

Review №42

Good place for fishing or just a nice walk. Good parking lot. Would like a bathroom instead of a portapoty.

Review №43

Cute little park, great place to walk under the peace bridge on a brake wall. There is a bike path that one can take all the way to grand island.

Review №44

Love the walk out on Bird Island pier but they need to fix where its broken so yiu can walk the whole distance

Review №45

Nice lil place to walk and enjoy the water.

Review №46

Nice and quiet small lake view good fishing hole

Review №47

Beautiful more-hidden spot to catch a sunset or take a walk down Bird Island Pier under the Peace Bridge

Review №48

Best hidden treasure in buffalo a nice two mile walk last quarter mile to the point was all goose poop layers of it. Thats why its 4 stars should be five.

Review №49

Its my sanctuary after a long week working from home!

Review №50

Waking along the water , with the nice summer breeze ,awesome

Review №51

Very quiet and nicely maintained.

Review №52

Nice place to fish. Loved it

Review №53

Great walk and nice little park

Review №54

Lions and Tigers and Bars...oh my!

Review №55

Nice place to go fishing

Review №56

Greatest Sunsets!

Review №57

Nice place to visit quiet

Review №58

Beautiful water and under shelter

Review №59

Good fishing on canal side

Review №60

I was told its a very interesting place to go site seeing. I think different. I went with my husband and my dog. We walked thru the Broderick path. And its stop in the middle of the path. With a gate. I look and there was post missing hand rails was missing. It was dangerous to walk to the end. We couldnt go any further. Its took away the view we wanted to see. And there was other people wanting to go to the end. When is it going to get repair we never know.

Review №61

Amazing place , the breeze was really good

Review №62

Very nice park, that has access to the break wall trail that goes under the peace bridge, you can bike or walk on, very nice breeze on a hot summer day, also public bathrooms, and a small restaurant, a picnic shelter, many picnic tables and great fishing.

Review №63

It was good they gave out free fishing Poles to the kids today

Review №64

Best place to relax

Review №65

Nice view of bridge and waterfront

Review №66

Great walk right up to under the peace bridge with water on each side. If you have ever been driving on the 190 and wonder how people are walking on the breakwall... This is where you go!

Review №67

It was clean and peaceful.

Review №68

Assistance great in the Buffalo police keep it safe

Review №69

I have been away from Buffalo for some time but as a avid hiker I am impressed with the hiking trails available. The Erie Canal Trail and Broderick Park were truly diamonds in the rough

Review №70

Great view of the Peace Bridge and Niagara River. A great fishing spot. A nice river walk trail.

Review №71

This is one of my favorite places. Absolutely Amazing... But still closed as of today. Will try again after May 1st. There are no signs or Google references telling when it reopens

Review №72

I Like To Walk The Stone Trail Here Along The Water. Its Very Serene and The Is Plenty Of Parking For People Biking, Fishing, and Walking.

Review №73

People mind their own business and we all just have a good time.

Review №74

Think about that perfect date in peace and silence. Get till Broderick park and walk the trail to the left all the way under peace bridge.Some adventures go the distance almost until after Michaels boat house built by Frank Lloyd Wright on the left.Trace the path of fish and seagulls cross the river and you’d feel powerless before the niagara.

Review №75

Wonderful place to visit & amazing history there related to the Underground Railroad

Review №76

Great place to take long walks .along side of lake Erie .

Review №77

Cool place to relax and chill out at after work

Review №78

Love the scenery

Review №79

A lot of people, walking their dogs, walking and fishing. A feeling of being safe. No one bothered you no loud music etc

Review №80

I love that place, I had a lot of fun there

Review №81

Love it here

Review №82

Why close off half the Walk way under the Peace Bridge?

Review №83

Review №84

Stoped off for a hot dog. Nice little lunch stand. The view of the river here is great.

Review №85

Finally found access to the walkway out the breakaway between the Niagara River and the Black Rock Canal. Ill be back!

Review №86

Good little place for afternoon hangout in nature

Review №87

My Peaceful place

Review №88

Great place for pleasure walk and beautiful scenery !

Review №89

Lots of birds and droppings but a great walk/run/biking path along the water...

Review №90

Beautiful view all times of year. Wish i had more time off work to walk through here man.

Review №91

Just your basic park. A lot of people fish here and there are paths along the river for walks.

Review №92

Beautiful place if you just want to get some fresh air. I recommend going in the summer since the winters are freezing cold! I love to fish here and you meet nice people while fishing. There are bathrooms where the ice cream shop is but sometimes it’s closed and not a lot of people know it’s there so they use the porta potty hahah. I visit this place every summer and have picnics with my little ones. Lovely area to bask in the sun and get some fresh air.

Review №93

The park has been cleaned up updated and its very nice theyve also added things regarding the Underground Railroad

Review №94

Great view of peace bridge and bird walk across water.

Review №95

Its ok

Review №96

Very scenic

Review №97

Very peaceful. Perfect for a run jog bike ride or walk..

Review №98

Nice walk good view of the water and Canada

Review №99

Lovely day.peacful

Review №100

Very nice park along the waterfront. A few shelters. Very clean.

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