Bayview Raceway & Golf
3808 Bayview Rd, Buffalo, NY 14219, United States
Bayview Raceway & Golf

Review №1

This place is awesome me and my boyfriend come all the time. We usually have the track to ourselves, but even when theres others out on the track its super fun. The owner maintains the karts himself. The mini golf is also nice as well (not so much of a golfer myself) .Overall I highly reccomend the stop. Its a fun break to a busy day. Its very fairly priced and the wait is never crazy long.

Review №2

This was a great last hurrah for summer 2020. 2 teenage boys, go karts and mini golf. Perfect. As much Hands free processing as could be. Really enjoyable time.

Review №3

Great time with my family! I was able to go and hold my 3 year old in my lap, my 2 older boys also had a blast! Had alot of fun doing Mini Golf also. Clean facility, everything sanitized between uses. Would definitely return!

Review №4

This was a fun place for the family! The guys that run it are super-friendly and committed to making sure its clean and safe in the Covid-era. The golf course is a bit no frills but fun. The go-carts are awesome and they give you plenty of time to drive!

Review №5

Great place nice and friendly staff they sanitize between each ride

Review №6

Enjoyed my time racing a lot. My friends and I had fun racing with others and we had our own personal race. The people were nice and service was great. We also was able to play a complementary game of mini golf! Can’t wait to go back!

Review №7

So much FUN!! What a great place to go to spend time with our teenagers! Our first race, was just the 4 of us, filled with laughs (as everyone lapped me). Next race the track was full & people were in the bleachers, laughing and cheering. Owner is awesome! What a great guy to talk with.

Review №8

It was fun! The Go-Karts are in beautiful condition, the raceway is nice and smooth and looks redone. Clean and liter free! Very fun and competitive activity for my group of friends. Oh! And the staff was very friendly :)

Review №9

We’ve gone many times. Always fun. Rain or shine. It was the owners birthday today and he feed pizza and wings and cake to anyone who came by. Such a family friendly place.

Review №10

The owner was very friendly, they were very nice and gave our whole group extra laps! We got to play around the whole mini-golf 2 times for no extra charge and everything was sanitized and clean. Covid-19 protocols were in place and I felt very safe. 10/10 I will bring my whole family back again.

Review №11

Great service , the manger and his crew were very pleasant!! Allowed my friends and I to mini golf for free while we waited for our ride . We raced twice and he even gave us extra laps ! Was very clean , and they sanitized the rides after every use. Was very fun !!

Review №12

We are a family of four with two younger children and paid for two double carts. When we got to the carts to start driving the owner started giving me attitude that my son was to big to drive a double and and I need to get out and pay for another cart which would be another $15! I said we already paid for this we arent giving more money. He was INCREDIBLY rude and started saying hes been here 42 years and he knows what hes doing. If thats thats the case he should have know BEFRORE he took my money for a double cart! Hes Refused to give me a refund and threatened to pull my son off the cart! I wound up letting my son go by himself and when he finished and got off the cart, they PRETENDED to spray sanitizer on the carts. NOTHING came out of the spray bottle and you can visibly see that the carts are bone dry with no santizier going on them at all. would not recommend and if you do go, bring your own sanitizer. Will not be returning

Review №13

Great time for our big family celebrating Jacks 15th bday. Clean, sanitized and owners were super nice. Even gave this mom who was planning to sit m watch a free ride ! It was a blast. Def will be back. Thank you....

Review №14

Had a blast track is a little small but still had fun and for my birthday he gave us extra laps and a free game of putt putt. Clean and very nice guy tht owns/runs it!

Review №15

Bayview Raceway and Golf was the perfect getaway. Not only was the staff extremely polite, but the entire area was thoroughly sanitized both before and after our turns on the track. The owner even let my family play mini-golf for free! I would highly recommend this location to anyone looking to have a fun night out.

Review №16

There was almost no one there so we had the track to ourselves. We had a lot of fun on the go carts and the owner was really nice to us. It was a blast!

Review №17

Fun spot, very convenient to have mini golf, go karting, and food all right next to each other. Makes for a good day! They were very chill here too, letting us play all the rounds of mini golf we wanted.

Review №18

Place was extremely clean owner and workers were on the track with us . He made it feel so welcoming we had a lot of fun. Highly recommend a family night out

Review №19

Very Nice Track owner is very polite offered mini golf for free while i waited for my uberDefinitely would recommend this place to all family and friends

Review №20

Place was not temporarily closed about a week or so ago as my husband took my girls on the Go-Karts for the first time after we ate at Tonys. Price was pretty expensive for just a plain oval track and especially since its never very crowded. My girls had fun on their first ride ever, so that was a plus.

Review №21

I was very disappointed with the man running this place. My 7 year old grandson after 3 laps rode into the grass. The man running the establishment took his sweet time walking over to help my grandson get his go kart back on the track and only let him go around 3 more laps. I told him thats not right, he said my grandson should be glad he let him go around 3 more laps because he made him do some work. This cost $15 for 17 laps. Im so disappointed in this place. It his job to help people if they have mishaps, not punish them for having them. Never again will I give this place my business. We paid a total of $90 for 6 people.

Review №22

Thank you Bayview raceway & golf ( Tom /Staff) You made my Granddaughter Birthday. Very speical!! It isnt much to do since the Pandemic (Very Sterile Cleaning in between)The Price is very affordable. We will be back! Thank you for your Kindness & Consideration You are appreciated!

Review №23

Its an awesome experience we go every weekend after the beach and the owner treats you like family definitely recommend

Review №24

Great time, let us play mini golf for free, awesome owner, and very clean!

Review №25

Awesome time great ppl customer service great food good all around fun will be back

Review №26

Super fun and very affordable and the go karts are fast can never forget my first time.

Review №27

Ive been coming to this track my entire life and its been fun every time. The owner keeps the karts running great and the track smooth.In this current Covid environment, he is going out of his way to keep things clean. Hes sanitizing everything often. Hes maintaining social distancing & hes got sanitizer out for you to use.He said hes been here for 42 years. I hope hes here for 42 more!

Review №28

My sister and I stopped at Bayview Raceway & Golf yesterday, July 4th, with my 3 year old daughter and dog. The owner was very accommodating and was happy to have our dog there, which was such a relief. It was my daughters first go-karting experience and she absolutely loved it. She was able to safely ride buckled on my lap and had the biggest smile on her face the entire time. She has already asked to go back! We also played mini golf, which everyone enjoyed. I got two hole-in-ones and the owner had a golf club small enough for my daughter and she was able to play on her own. We all had a great time and would definitely go back. It was a nice break from the monotony of doing the same old, same old in Western New York and I am so happy we stopped :) Was the highlight of our day!

Review №29

My wife and I had a blast kart racing tonight.

Review №30

Love this place, 18 hole mini golf and go carts

Review №31

Had a lot a fun, I love go karts it bring back memories...

Review №32

Good service, very nice guy well clean

Review №33

Took my daughter and her friend for go karting and miniature golf. They had a blast! Definitely recommend. The owners are great!!

Review №34

Amazing experience, beautiful day to spend outside. The owner was extremely nice and accommodating. Plus it was very affordable. I won’t go anywhere else anymore. The mini golf course was fun for all ages. I will definitely be back, and recommend this place for a nice relaxing day to have some family fun.

Review №35

Came here on an overcast Sunday afternoon with the intention of playing a round of mini golf. When we arrived, the owners were so accommodating and friendly and told us to play until it started raining without charge. It did end up raining, but we finished the round and headed back in to pay. We were told the round was free of charge-they just hoped we would come back and play again when the weather was nice. Such great customer service- we will definitely be back again!

Review №36

Went there a couple years ago with my son had a great time going back today

Review №37

This place was awesome! My family of 7 was able to get right on the track. The owner was there working himself and treated us like family. Customer service here is outstanding, you will not be disappointed if you come and spend the afternoon.

Review №38

Family friendly and wonderful service. I drove 30 minutes to get there and wasnt disappointed. Paid for two races and the staff threw in a complementary game of mini-golf. I definitely recommend.

Review №39

Definitely a great place to take the family. Went this evening for work, cant wait to bring my kids. great prices, very nice staff!!

Review №40

Moved away 10 users ago. Came back to visit, this time with children. Bayview Raceway saved our day! Although the morning & lunch was a complete disaster it set the the afternoon off to a great start. Thanks for turning our day around!

Review №41

The owner is awesome. he let me and the family play mini golf for free while he prepped the track. The whole family had a great time. Highly recommend coming out for a family activity!

Review №42

We go as a family every labor day. Super nice staff. I was worried the track work be closed because it rained but they were out there drying it off with leaf blowers.

Review №43

We went there twice this summer with different people and had a blast, we even got to play two rounds of putt putt because the go carts were so busy, Ive driven by it at least a thousand times, but now Im hooked. The people that work there are all pretty nice,and honest.

Review №44

Great place, amazing, helpful staff and owner... our family of 5 had a blast. Can’t wait to go again.

Review №45

So much FUN but prices are little bit more steeeper to I remember, $15/rider for 17 laps are the track. Everyone had a great time. They have putt-putt too.

Review №46

Owner was very nice, not busy at all so he gave us a triple ride. A great time.

Review №47

Friendly people. Had a great time! Worth the money.

Review №48

Always fun!

Review №49

Had a spontaneous birthday party for my sons and a few of their friends. Owner was great and went above and beyond to accommodate us.

Review №50

Wonderful service.The go karts are a bit slow. Other than that everything is just perfect here.

Review №51

This place is really nice I went here last night with my friends, they charged us $15 for 17 laps of go karting which is not expensive at all and I think they threw in a few extra laps for us. After we finish go karting we were about to leave and that’s when I told the worker that we were college students from Hilbert and he let us do golf for free, this is a very nice place to go to have fun, I definitely recommend this place!

Review №52

We had a great time took my residents they let us ride 17 laps plus additional laps and a free game of putt putt I highly recommend this place

Review №53

Thank You Bayview Raceway and Golf my husband brought my grandkids down they had a Awesome time And Thanks So Much For The Chance To Win Was So Exciting To Win

Review №54

The guys are great, they want the kids to really enjoy themselves.

Review №55

Great place, great atmosphere. The owner is a great guy. Will be coming back many times

Review №56

They were super friendly, I thought the price for putt putt was high.when doing things as a family that would add up to an expensive day. Go carts were great.

Review №57

Great Place! Friendly staff. Just repaved the go kart track,so it was very smooth. He gives you extra laps on the go karts if there is no people waiting in line. Mini golf was also fun! Very close to Lake Erie. Great place to go for some fun.

Review №58

Excellent experience , friendly staff . Very nice experience . Will do it again

Review №59

Too much fun!!!! Go karts run amazing and the steering is incredibly accurate so you can make very tight turns around the curves and the mini golf is amazing, frustrating, hard to win and gives you a challenge but very satisfying. would 100% recommend.

Review №60

Awful experience. Sons first time, hes 10, he did a great job, at the end he messed up and ended up on the grass about 10 feet. The owner came out to me in my kart and started screaming in my face that its not funny over and over and over again.(I did laugh a little bc I looked up and saw him fine but off the track a little) and he would stop screaming at all of us. Once I realized he was actually yelling at me I just said hes fine so I laughed at him a little and he just kept yelling. We literally did nothing wrong, my son didnt run off the track on purpose. Plus its expensive and not worth it.

Review №61

Enjoyed put put. My granddaughters had fun just as I and my husband. Lots of smiles. Planning on making this a thing to do often.

Review №62

Good for the kids good price and they always let you have some extra laps winning

Review №63

They hooked us up with a double ride for the price of oy a single it was great

Review №64

Amazing service had a fun time and didn’t charge us for the mini golf because it rained on us!

Review №65

Great go karts and mini golf! Had plenty of fun!

Review №66

New black top new go karts and fun for all

Review №67

Nice day, even nicer course and employees!10/10 would recommend!

Review №68

6/9/19 they just resurfaced the track. Everyone had a blast racing.

Review №69

Had an amazing time with friends racing go-karts and mini golfing! Beautiful weather and great time for a great price.

Review №70

Very friendly staff. $8 for the mini-golf seemed a bit high considering the course but we had a good time. We maintained.

Review №71

Not bad for the price. Kinda slow

Review №72

It was amazing

Review №73

LOVED IT, Owner is very nice, go karts were amazing.

Review №74

Great family fun. The people let you ride longer sometimes if your not smashing other cars. Play some mini golf and have fun with your kids bring the grand kids and give them a ride. I would recommend this place come on out not many small local owned places anymore. Great job guys!

Review №75

This place was great, a little pricy but fun! The owners are very friendly

Review №76

I had an amazing time here. Everyone was very nice.

Review №77

Beautiful day, amazing go cart experience, wonderful customer service. I would come back here again for sure :)

Review №78

Very poor service they didnt even pay attention to the people who walked in

Review №79

Great way to spend some time with friends and family! Highly recommend this place, I will definitely be returning!

Review №80

It was a beautiful day and the place was awesome!

Review №81

Go cart fun with the kids

Review №82

Seemed pricey but it was fun

Review №83

Great Family fun. Opening end of April.

Review №84

Good running karts and nice little miniature golf course. Great place to take the kids

Review №85

Awesome place to spend a couple hours with the family

Review №86

Always has been a great place to take your kids or grandkids much fun involved. Very courteous staff

Review №87

Nice little 19 hole putt putt

Review №88


Review №89

Very nice people , safe track , decent prices

Review №90

What a great time for young and old alike..... Great staff and tremendous value....

Review №91

Awesome little raceway. curved oval track that is tons of fun, even for a teenager that is so speed drunk as me.... And there is a great view of the lake, too.

Review №92

As noted by all the smiles on everyones face, a great time had by All!

Review №93

Colorful guys working there. A fun time.

Review №94

Great customer service and had a amazing time with my son! Only track I know that allows parents to be on the track as the same time as the kids. Lots of fun!!!!

Review №95

Cool place for a family outing

Review №96

Love this place! Tom is very nice and takes care of his customers!

Review №97

This place really enjoys seeing happy customers. Our teenagers enjoy this course and we make several trips each summer.

Review №98

Great location, fun times

Review №99

Tons of family fun. Go and race for a bit then when you all get tired play a leisurely game of mini golf with the family. Fun for all ages

Review №100

Agree with the previous poster, not for speed demons, but great for younger teens. Mini putt is challenging because the course isnt smoothed. But makes it a challenge. Owner (I am guessing) was VERY friendly and inviting. Was trying to kill time before our flight. Thanks again

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  • Address:3808 Bayview Rd, Buffalo, NY 14219, United States
  • Phone:+1 716-823-8071
  • Go-kart track
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  • Miniature golf course
  • Theme park
  • Video arcade
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–11pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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