Amherst State Park
390 Mill St, Buffalo, NY 14221, United States
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Can be crowded on a nice day and the parking is limited so thats the only con really of this park. It was nice, clean, and plenty of paths to explore while social distancing with friends. Definitely welcome if youre in the area and looking for some fresh air. Check out the swing too!

Review №2

Amherst state park is a quiet area to go for a walk, especially if you have a dog. There are large fields to let pets run around in. The walking trail is not particularly long, but is nice for setting up picnics. There are also some nice areas for photos.

Review №3

Love this place, big open field with apple trees and a babbling creek perfect for dogs to get wet and have a drink. Fun trails through the woods that connect all the way up with the backside of Glen Falls park. Easy parking too.

Review №4

Wonderful gem in the heart of Williamsville. Walk through the old apple orchard or make your own path thru the woods or creek walk, trails connect to Glen Park and falls. Dog friendly. Some trails are stroller friendly.

Review №5

You like big open green space? You like dogs? You like kids? You like to walk on grass or just take a stroll in fresh air? This place is for you! Exactly that...a huge open green space where you can occasionally spot deer family, have chat with people walking their dogs or watch kids running excitedly in the open ground :)

Review №6

Nice park. Open and nice trail with water.

Review №7

Great for a short hike along the beautiful Ellicott Creek and the woods. Lots of dragonflies to spot plus some tasty wild blackberries is always a great snack.

Review №8

Beautiful grounds. Old orchard with fruit trees and even a few Walnut trees. My dog absolutely loves it here! We found huge mulberry trees with ripe fruit too. I see deer almost every single time I go here. The creek is a gentle flowing babble at the park and so relaxing to walk along or admire from the bridge.

Review №9

You can really get lost in this place. Theres so much diversity of nature. I cant believe it took me so long to actually discover it. You can get far off the beaten path so bring hiking boots.

Review №10

Great park with lots of nature trails that lead close to the water, view was very beautiful would definitely come here again

Review №11

Nice picturesque park! Havent visited in a while. It was better than I remembered.

Review №12

The walking trail is a little hidden gem along the water. Our kids loved it.

Review №13

Pleasantly serene and quiet. I dont like being among too many people. This walk was nice.

Review №14

This is an gem hidden in the middle of a modern-day world!

Review №15

This was incredible: Big open fields, narrow walking paths along the water, gathering areas for picnics, beautiful fauna - it’s got it all! You can walk through the narrow paths following the water for a more hike-like experience, or just stay around the large fields and lay out a picnic.

Review №16

Nice trails to go off for little adventures with kids.

Review №17

Giant park. Multiple trails. Great place for dogs to run free.

Review №18

This park is large and the scenery is gorgeous. It was nice to get back to nature with long winding trails to follow. Packed a lunch and made a afternoon out of it.

Review №19

Park is nice ,but can get quite muddy in spring an rainy times. But it is a great place to go fishing.

Review №20

This is a hidden gem located in the heart of Amherst. There are plenty of trails to walk along and Ellicott Creek flows through the middle. its an incredible place to spend the day with the family or friends. Dont forget to hike through the park up to Glen falls Park and enjoy the falls as well. And dont forget to stop along the way to look for the crawfish in the creek; or the deer, squirrels, snakes, and turtles in the park.Bring a chair or something to relax in and always remember if you carry something in please carry it out.

Review №21

A largely unknown gem. Absolutely beautiful park

Review №22

Beautiful place for a hike, always fun to float down the creek on a floaty! Great place to watch birds in the field or even fish

Review №23

A favorite hidden place. Have to find narrow path leading into the woods. Not terribly difficult terrain. Small hills, lots of tree roots to navigate over. Beautiful creek, lots of wildlife, deer, good place for birding, or having a picnic. Minimal parking. Usually enough spaces but sometimes all full and stuck waiting for one. Worth the trip, beautiful gorgeous if you can find the path into the woods.

Review №24

Its beautiful, green and peaceful a good place to take pictures

Review №25

Nice park with plenty of trails.

Review №26

Always an amazing place to take a short nature hike

Review №27

Amherst State Park has a nice path for running or walking your dog. There are a lot of great views for taking pictures.

Review №28

Nice place to walk and take pictures of wildlife.

Review №29

Had a wonderful hike and watched the kids swim. Will definitely be back

Review №30

Perfectly hidden little gem

Review №31

Great Place, Silence is Virtue, Gizmo and Shadow and me had a Great Walkitakie Walk

Review №32

Theres a nice small stone/gravel path, that leads between Reist St and the old convent off Mill. Its really pretty, and a common walking spot for people and dogs too.

Review №33

Heavily traveled park trails, dont go without boots if its rained, but very lovely little park. Also the trails shift every year, so dont assume you know the terrain.

Review №34

A quiet place in the middle of the suberbs

Review №35

Nice spot for a short hike and swim with kids so close to home!

Review №36

Ayyy this our birth grounds

Review №37

Amazing Escape and Woodlands with water !

Review №38

It was sooo pretty!

Review №39

I absolutely love this place, theres a great paved path along with several off road paths in the woods

Review №40

My dad worked there when it was the Convent for the nuns I also worked there cutting the grass it was nice to walk through there.

Review №41

Nice place to walk. Not much else to do.

Review №42

Great park for kids or a leisurely stroll

Review №43

Ok, but pathetic as a state park. There is literally one big path, not a bench anywhere. Really nice veterans memorial nearby but I dont even think its actually part of the park. Its very open and spacious but not well-kept so not really a great place for a picnic. Id call this a truly natural park, good for hiking maybe, I dont know how far back they let you into the woods. But not a place you want to come for the day with kids, or one that you can ride or walk around in for exercise unless you like repeatedly walking up and down turning around and going back and forth.

Review №44

Nice short walking trail and it allows dogs too!!

Review №45

Horrible park trails are non existent not marked and just mud. Only one trail is nice and its about a quarter mile big deal. Dont waste your time.

Review №46

Dropped by the Amherst Veterans Memorial to show our son and his girlfriend his inscribed name and to thank him for his service in the USMC and to pay respect to all the Amherst veterans.

Review №47

Its not a great park but good fishing access. Place to hike along with the woods and walk around creek making your feet dirty is more fun,get some insects repellent, wet shoes be prepared ahead of little adventure.

Review №48

Nice path. Creek to adventure in. Some hills and trails in the woods. Big bridge over the water.

Review №49

Never knew this place was here! Cool little trails, perfect for a walk. Nice peaceful park tucked away behind a senior living center in the heart of amherst.

Review №50

Beautiful place to go birdwatching and easy access to go trout fishing

Review №51

A nice walk to the creek in the woods

Review №52

Incredible secret garden type of park. Its tucked away and a little difficult to find in the first place. When you do find it, it comes off as fairly basic and straight forward; a long gravel walkway, an open field full of apple trees, a bridge over a creek that leads to another open field. However, once you go off the path a little, you quickly discover this place is full of hidden areas and nooks and crannies. Theres a lot to discover here thats hidden away. Great place to kill some time if you like exploring woods. Also very dog friendly.

Review №53

Went here to have professional pictures taken. Wonderful foliage,people walking their dogs. Beautiful park to enjoy for a walk or picnic.

Review №54

Nice place to walk but during the pandemic you would think more people would have practiced common courtesy and worn masks. Cant believe Amherst allows this.

Review №55

Wonderful place that allows dogs!

Review №56

Creek, Woods, old Orchard - wilderness & farm land right in the Village.Great place for a relaxing hike, and exploration of History.

Review №57

Needs a few benches to sit on. Otherwise lovely. My dogs love it.

Review №58

Very beautiful park, best kept secret in Williamsville! There are several trails, apple orchards, and several picturesque spots along Ellicott Creek- which offers many fishing opportunities within the park borders. It connects to Glen Park and features an impressive veterans memorial.

Review №59

It’s a nice. Lots of unpaved trails. Pet friendly, but not an actual “dog park”. Lots of people walking their dogs but no fenced in, off-leash area. Other than that the grounds are kept nice and tidy.

Review №60

Love to walk here

Review №61

Great park. Saw some cool stuff

Review №62

Pretty place to go for a walk. Not too hard to navigate if your not used to hiking. Saw a heron, that alone made the visit worth it.

Review №63

Great place to walk with a friend or a pet, also you can ski too!

Review №64

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Review №65

Like to hike the trails into the woods see the various wildlife and meditate by rushing water of the creek.

Review №66

When its not crowded, and if you get there early, you can catch smallmouth bass, brown trout, sunfish and a few other species in the creek. Hiking is relaxing through the woods and if you try you can even get lost. Great place to relax and hard to believe it is in the middle of Main street Amherst.

Review №67

Great place to walk your dog. Well groomed and friendly people.

Review №68

Hidden gem in Williamsville. Simple but clean and nice trails for running or biking or dog walking.

Review №69

A little piece of paradise in the suburbs; Amherst State Park features creak access and short hiking trails. Great place to bring your pup.

Review №70

Amazing place

Review №71

Great little park. Nice to walk the dog.

Review №72

Amazing place for morning exercise. Many apple trees with apples on it.

Review №73

Grounds well maintained this visit. Nice surprise to see all dogs on leash. Someone built cairns in the water which is lovely. The work on the stone steps is beautiful. A nice place to wander with gardens and memorial at the entrance.

Review №74

Great hike with kids

Review №75

Beautiful scenery and a lot of secluded spots.

Review №76

Aka Amherst dog park... nice park through an old orchard and backs up to Ellicott creek...

Review №77

.. a great oasis in the middle of williamsville NY.. trails, creek, lots of deer in the evening & wide open fields for (dogs, kids, families) anyone to enjoy..

Review №78

Good job town of Amherst. Well maintained park.

Review №79

Nice place for fishing, biking, walking along creek. Still too many dogs getting walked without leashes though.

Review №80

Good place to take a walk In the fall or a good place to take fall pictures of the kiddos or family!! Just watch for mouthy teenaged boys riding bikes, making racial comments and fat jokes!

Review №81

Love the outside

Review №82

Great place for the kids.

Review №83

This is a very well kept park. The trails are mostly paved and level. If you want to see the water its best to take the dirt trail and go through the woods. In the back theres the foundation of old buildings where it looks like people graffiti and have bon fires. Overall a nice quick walk. Saw a deer.

Review №84

Short little trail. If youre walking a dog please pick up their poop. Lots of people dont pick up their dogs mess.

Review №85

Really nice walk. Great place for photoshoots. An easy walk if you stick to the main paths, and tons of little paths through the trees by the river. Lots of good fishing and wading spots if you go down the little paths. And if you walk through the paths far enough, you can end up in Glen Park, which is nearby.

Review №86

Dog walkers, fishermens, and family retreat. Lovely creek with easy access.

Review №87

Relaxing and live near by

Review №88

This park is very nice. Great place to enjoy wildlife/birds.Trails could use more maintenance, but unique areas to explore or walk a dog.Signage is very small so you need to look carefully the first time you visit (You use the St. Marys apartments driveway).

Review №89

Great place to take the dog for a walk!

Review №90

Grew up hiking this place and enjoying buffoonery, always a good time, no matter the time of year.

Review №91

Always a nice little park to visit.

Review №92

A lot of open space with paths to walk. Beautiful area around the creek. Very dog friendly. No facilities or water that we could find so its best to plan accordingly. Slightly difficult to find off of Mill Rd but shouldnt be an issue with up to date GPS.

Review №93

Very clean and very friendly. Lots of roo. To park, the trails are well kept, lots of people and dogs but not over crowded, and lots of great scenery.

Review №94

Nice family place

Review №95

Really nice place, cool waterfalls, great for joggers and dog walkers alike

Review №96

I can ride my bike to school through there and its a nice place to bike!

Review №97

Come out for a nice walk, dogs are welcome

Review №98

This park is great for walking dogs, and enjoying a leasurly stroll with a friend. We went at the beggining of the season so the lawn needed mowing, but Im certain theyll get on this soon. There is an orchard, and ellicot creek runs lackadaisical across the walking path. Check it out some time.

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Review №100

This is a great local park. There are a lot of places to explore. Its a great place to take the kids. The trails are easy and the river is always a nice stop. It is dog friendly as well.

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  • Address:390 Mill St, Buffalo, NY 14221, United States
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  • State park
  • Tourist attraction
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  • Wednesday:6am–6pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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