Iron Island Museum
998 E Lovejoy St, Buffalo, NY 14206, United States

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Alot of great pieces of history of city of Buffalo and the neighborhood.Linda and Maggie do alot of work to improve the quality of neighborhood.And there some interesting paranormal activity that takes place in the former church/funeral home. Maggie was pretty informative giving the tour,I grew up in the neighborhood and she told stories Ive never heard.Im thinking about coming back as soon as can for an overnight tour.Would definitely recommended if your into history and or paranormal things.

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My favorite place to visit! I love historical and haunted locations! Ive always been drawn to this building, something pulling me back there but Ive never known why until I talked to my aunt who informed me that my grandfather was laid out in the first room on the right back when it was a funeral home. He passed away when I was a little over a year old, but Ive always felt a strong connection with him. The Halloween tours are always fun, granted you cant see much cause all the lights are off but I go every year!

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Really interesting museum with a lot of history regarding the area. The location is also haunted so its a cool place to check out and even consider doing a ghost hunt there. You can rent out the place for an overnight to ghost hunt as well. Worth a trip just to see and learn the history of the area and the building.

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Interesting and informative museum about Buffalo past. Great place for history and those who love hauting. Lots of antique and past related items in this muesum

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Its so much fun thereThe guides and owners are very kind and polite people there and the history is amazing. I really recommend this place, its fun, interesting and a cool place with cool people.

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If youre into ghosts, ghost hunting and the paranormal, Iron Island Museum *MUST* be on your bucket list to visit. The museum was a former church and funeral home and purportedly haunted. Although a humble museum in Buffalo, NY, its world famous with visitors from all around the world. I presume its popular mainly because the building is haunted. The museum has photos of famous paranormal celebrities that have visited it. Although there are ghost hunts during the evening, I went in the afternoon just to visit and look at the museums artifacts. Marge was a very gracious host to us and showed us some very interesting artifacts and told us their stories. I found the tragic stories of Tommy and Richard, two children ghosts, quite sad. The hours of the museum are somewhat particular, but its definitely worth adjusting your travel to the museums schedule in my opinion, especially if youre seriously interested in ghosts and hauntings. The other paranormal spot not too far away from Iron Island Museum is the Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY. I highly recommend Iron Island Museum for those who are interested in ghost stories and ghost hunting.

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OMG so much fun the food trucks had great food and the cheese cake guy was FAB...Thank you Linda for having this event every year cant wait till next year..

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Very cool. Well worth it. Fun. It took about 2 hours. The museum is filled with lots of stuff. There was so much too see. The have overnights that you can do. It would be lots of fun. Definitely going back. Super family friendly too.

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It was awesome we have a family of eight and they all liked it and it was 5.00 a person little ones were free. Call for times some tours are 2 hours long

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Fun time. Ghosts and hauntings

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Came here with a LivingSocial deal. Im naturally a skeptic but the tour guides offered up some pretty convincing stories and evidence. Dont forget to check out all of the neighborhood artifacts too which was the original purpose of the museum. The ghost stuff is neat but unfortunately overshadows the original intent of the museum. No pun intended.What struck me was that I expected a bunch of nutjobs for lack of a better word but all of the tour guides were normal people. They said they moved their museum to this location years ago and they never thought about or were interested in the paranormal. They just wanted to run a museum about Lovejoy. Then they all started to independently have strange experiences and it opened a can of worms. Wild!Check out Iron Island. Even if youre a skeptic like me youre still supporting a group of nice people who are volunteering their time for a good cause.

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Great little neighborhood museum, with plenty entertaining tales of paranormal activity. Definitely someplace to check out if youre visiting the city or live there!

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Great tour of one of the most haunted places in WNY. A person on our tour took a video on his phone and captured two orbs.

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Site failed to mention they had a tv show filming there for a whole week so i drove an hour to do the tour and couldnt do it complete waste of my time

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Loved the experience and history. Need to limit tour groups as there is too many people. limited parking. Neighborhood is not the greatest. People are wonderful!!!

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Interesting history, very knowledgeable curator

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Last historic stuff there, definitely worth the money the people there given the tours are great friendly

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Amazing history. Owners are great people!

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Very interesting. Has great memorabilia from the areas history. Also former church and funeral parlor reported to be haunted. Very welcoming owners and wonderful volunteers. Check out their website for upcoming events.

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Great museum with a lot of history here in Buffalo NY and its been officially declared Haunted

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Was a good place to see

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Awesome memorabilia,I cant wait to take a ghost tour

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This place is a awesome

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Great place to visit!! You can get a great glimpse at Buffalos history and take a ghost hunt tour!! Worth multiple visits!! $2 to wander around yourself. $5 for a guided tour.

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Very eerie and very informative. Might book an overnight.

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Haunted house was fun

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Great Tour!

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Had a great time. Caught some good evp and orbs. Already booked next visit.

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Friendly hosts and lots of interesting pieces of history from Buffalos past

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Visited Iron Island Museum May 17th and had an exceptional good time. The ghostly tour is fun and there is more than enough things to keep your attention oocupied in their vast collection of neighbourhood artifacts and collections. Definately reccommend this for a fun evening. Marge was a great tour guide and everyone else we spoke with at the musuem were friendly and engaging. Haunted History Tours Port Colborne will definately be booking an overnight there soon!!!

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Always interesting

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Its stupid and high in price and the staff and owners are not business people.

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Informative. They claim the place is haunted but I did not have any experiences here so I was a little disappointed in that.

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Great place. Every year they do a Halloween thing in side

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Very cool place

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Awesome place to visit

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Buffalo Landmark, Interesting stories and things to see

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Ghosts! Oh my! :)

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Amazing displays

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Never disappointed!

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Hidden Buffalo gem!

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Cool place

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Love it and the ghost attraction

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