Buffalo Naval Park
1 Naval, Marina Park S, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

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Very nice place to visit. There are a lot over memorials. Plenty of shade and flowers. Unfortunately when I went touring the boats was closed. Its a great experience seeing the size of these ships definitely a place to visit. Hope they open the touring back up.

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This is a nice naval muse in buffalo, NY. Must if you have 2 hours to spare after your visit to Niagara falls. Its open 10-4. There is a museum in the main bldg, covering the role of navy in different wars, esp WWII. Then on the harbor front, there are 2 ships and a submarine ship that patrons can view. You can only view the deck level now because of the corona situation, otherwise most of the ship is open to visitors.This was my first time on any kind of ship, and man did I love it! Its a surreal experience. Also, there are veterans who share their story, answer qns and give detailed explanations! In Non covid times visitors would be able to take audio tours, which unfortunately isnt available now the ships are massive. Takes about an hour to cover all three ships and about 30 mins for the museum. The tickets have to be bought online, and you have to choose a specific time slot (20 tickets per slot). They are priced at $11 per adult.

Review №3

An immersion in the past to understand where we stand now. One can appreciate the effort make by those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom. It’s a pleasure to speak with the guides who work in the ships and the submarine. They have an amazing knowledge as of where those ships have been. Kids have lots of fun so does the adults. Anyone visting Buffalo should include a visit to the Naval & Military Park. It worth every moment!

Review №4

Very cool tribute to those who have served so that we can have our freedoms. This is such an interesting and neat little park. Free to roam the outside which is very cool as well. The tour was not open when I was there but I will come back some time to tour the inside of the vessels. Very cool!

Review №5

The veterans giving tours where great! They talked about the history of the ships from their first hand experience. One even showed us pictures of how the destroyer was haunted! I definitely would recommend checking this out!

Review №6

This place is a must visit. I loved watching the whole deck

Review №7

Nice place for a stroll along the canal. It was also very neat to get close to the navy aircraft and ships! You can book a tour if you want to walk through the ships, but it is free to walk through the naval park and look at them from the outside.

Review №8

Neat and very interesting the staff is great and super informative!

Review №9

Great examples of Naval vessels and lots of helpful folks around to keep history alive. Wonderful visit and will be back again.

Review №10

The new renovations to the Little Rock and the USS The Sullivans are making the ships beautiful to look at at preserving their history! The new museum lay out is both interesting and provides visitors with a socially distant way of enjoying the history of our military endeavors! A must see!

Review №11

One of the best museums what I really appreciate about this place is that there is greenery all over the place. Really fun and informative! Highly recommend going there with friends and family

Review №12

Great place! It’s gotten much better over the years.

Review №13

Great place to look around and explore. The Naval Park has 3 ships to discover, And a museum as well. Get there early and plan on spending a good bbn portion of the day with all the park has to offer. Located on the river in Downtown Buffalo it has easy access to park6and restaurants. There is usually entertainment along the river if you need a break from the ships

Review №14

One of the best things to do in Buffalo.There are a very few places to see or spend time in Buffalo atleast in my view, this ones on top of the list. I have enjoyed spending time here. Excellent place to explore naval vessels on the shore of Lake Erie. The park is well maintained too. You can walk around in the park and spend 3hrs easily. There are no guided tours its all self explanatory. Its a good place spend an afternoon with family. Canal side is walkable from this park so once this is done you can move on to that as well.

Review №15

One of the last of the small cruisers. Definitely worth the time to take the tour. Very educational. Definitely making a return visit.

Review №16

Great place to visit to honor the people who gave their lives for their country. The museum is very informative and the staff is very professional.

Review №17

This was a very informative site. I absolutely loved the detailed info for each war. My favorite part was the memorial for the Purple Heart

Review №18

Had a blast! I felt like a big kid in a playground exploring every nook and cranny. So much to learn and see how ships operate and the life my brothers in arms lived. Highly recommend visiting B.N.M.P.

Review №19

Arguably the most interesting site to visit while in Buffalo. The Naval & Military park is located right by the entrance of the Buffalo River and is home to 2 naval ships, 1 submarine, and a few other military items. You can pay a small fee to get onto the actual ships and submarine, and its definitely a great sight to see if youve never been on an actual military ship before (be warned, some spaces can be quite tight). Otherwise, the park itself is completely free to visit and plenty of good photo opportunities with the giants ships in the background. Street parking is available, but more likely to be found by the couple of paid lots near the marina.

Review №20

Such a beautiful day and reason to be here today!! Clean welcoming . Always like to see Buffalos waterfront.

Review №21

Enjoyed myself!! I never even knew this park existed. This is a very relaxing park, but there is a lot to do and see. Id recommend you visit if you are in the Buffalo area.

Review №22

A very nice military park with 2 big board and one submarine. The Preis with 15 US-Dollar for an adult is really ok! The guide you via a yellow line to the boats and submarine. But take you time 2 hrs is a minimum... if you are interested to understand the history about the second war and the time after it the place to be.Everything was very clean and good in chaps.

Review №23

Admission can get you onto two ships and the submarine. They offer self guided tours, audio tours, and I think group tours with a guide for field trips and such. The military park pays tribute to every war. It was beautiful and well maintained. Worth a visit.

Review №24

I was fascinated by the beauty and history of this park. The military hardwares on display tell a story of their own and the heroes who have fought, died and still keeping this county going, make me proud.

Review №25

This is one of the more interesting tours/museums that I’ve never done.If you’ve wondered what life was like on a 1950s-era submarine or an old naval destroyer, you’ll get to see pretty much every area and aspect of these ships. Bunks, galleys, torpedo launch stations, the bridge, engine room, it’s all here and with no shortage of accompanying historical information.Just be warned — some VERY tight spaces on the ships so if you have trouble getting around or climbing over things, this may not be the tour for you.

Review №26

Great place to take the kiddos and learn some history!

Review №27

Kids loved it but we couldnt go below deck because of social distancing

Review №28

I have visited many Naval museums and toured different ships before, including the Might Mo in Pearl Harbor and this was one of my favorite tours. The museum was small and not all the lights were on. It left a lot to be desired there. But the purpose of the tour was the ships: the destroyer, carrier, and submarine. They recently moved to a self paced headphone tour. Unfortunately they were malfunctioning just a little (and we let them know that. Thats when they told us it was a newer feature and they were still working out the kinks). The ships themselves were fantastic. Even my 6 year old son said it was his entire favorite part of our Buffalo NY trip. We were there from when they opened (around 10 am) until 2:30. Check Groupon because we got a great deal and it was absolutely amazing.

Review №29

It’s a humble experience to talk along the path to observe the tributes for each of our wars. There are activities that you can pay for (explore a naval battleship for $12, eat some food in a local restaurant, or enjoy some soft served ice cream or fresh lemonade). I have provided pictures that show each of the tributes.

Review №30

Excellent experience. Kids loved it! This great historical park pays homage to the great warships of our US Navy. Friendly staff (veterans) and full of knowledge. Multiple ships to explore every inch of as well as a submarine. Very well maintained and very informative. We learned a lot and want to come back again. Lots of walking, climbing, steep stairways and tight spaces. Recommended to all!!!

Review №31

Great place to walk around, do a little tour of the ships, $10.00 a person and a veteran walks you around and explains the history of the ships and the submarine.

Review №32

Staff / volunteers working on the ships were extremely friendly and accommodating towards guests and children visiting the site. If interested in naval history and in the area worth the small price to learn history and experience the ships. Some tight corridors to walk through, and steep stair cases to ascend / descend so wear good footwear! The submarine is not designed for tall people, as was jokingly told would be better suited for the Airforce as compared to navy

Review №33

Just walked around didnt go on the ships. Nice gift shop part museum

Review №34

The self guided tour was amazing. I definitely would recommend having a whole afternoon to tour the whole thing. There is ALOT to see. Wear sneakers because the steps and ship can get slippery. This place was well taken care of. I wish I took more pictures!

Review №35

I enjoyed taking family from out of town to see the war ships and Submarine.

Review №36

Guided tours are closed (as of July 2nd 2020), but that did not stop us from taking in the awe of this place. Incredibly well maintained and cleaned place. Paid street parking though.

Review №37

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of fun activities to do here and Canal Side. Paddle boating was a blast, and inexpensive for 20 minutes of fun. There is a large selection of food, even a wonderful hotdog vendor for a quick bite! The ships are massive, and one price allows a tour of three ships and the submarine. There are also beautiful tributes to those who were lost in battle as well. Both family, and couple friendly!

Review №38

Easy access. Free. Cold. Gorgeous little piece of history. Thanks for maintaining and allowing us access.

Review №39

A place of memory that shouldnt be ...However, a very nice park to commemorate the fallen soldiers and sailors. Honor to whom honor is due.

Review №40

2019 Cub Scout Encampment! Spending the night on the USS Little Rock was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was amazing, super educational and my ten-year-old Scout absolutely loved it. I would definitely do it again next year.

Review №41

Very neat to see all the boats and the waterfront and a few places to eat outside on the waters edge. Fun place to take your kids.

Review №42

Great naval park with wonderful ships and tour. Proud to be American and to honor our military. A must see and experience.

Review №43

Best opportunity to view Navel Marine the life on ship and the not to forget to see the inside of submarine and Naval Ships.

Review №44

We have been to the Naval Park a few times now with our cubscout pack. The sleeping/eating experience offers you an authentic glimpse of what service in the navy must have been like for servicemen of that era.The 1940s engineering is both eye opening and impressive, and since the ship itself has been converted into a museum, every twist and turn inside takes you through a part of military history.The scouts all love it, and the adults in our group all cant wait to come back.

Review №45

Along side the canal side is the Buffalo and Erie county naval military park. You pay for the tour inside the naval gift shop. Inside the gift shop you have a small restaurant. You have the option of eating inside or on the patio, over looking the water. Also you have a gift shop area and upstairs is the start of the Naval tour. Heading back outside you see the huge naval vessels (3). You also come across some tanks, jets & view historical exhibits.

Review №46

A wonderful place to honor those who fought for Americas Freedom in a world dominated by socialist governments were NOT elected into power. Most of our citizens have no idea how incredibly unique this nation truly is.

Review №47

Awesome staffAwesome once in life time experience!

Review №48

Awesome ships and sights along the water.

Review №49

Came for my birthday. Tour guide was nice. The ship was clean, and felt like I was on the ship in its glory. Will return soon!

Review №50

Absolutely amazing! The ability to tour every part of these amazing ships made it totally worth the price of admission. Make sure you schedule a few hours as it takes a while! The war of 1812 exhibition needs some work, but the ships are amazing! Ill definitely be coming back to visit next time Im in Buffalo!

Review №51

Randomly stumbled upon this place while visiting for a hockey game. Super cool place to visit. There are a couple ships and submarines that you can board and walk through. There is also a museum with a lot of neat artifacts. Tons of history on these ships and in the museum. Highly recommend!**Very narrow hallways so it definitely isnt wheelchair accessible. They also have an option to stay overnight on one of the ships. We considered doing it but we couldnt coordinate our schedules. It sounded like a cool thing to do though - they provide food and everything.

Review №52

Being able to tour three great, historic ships, as well as see many other pieces of history, is an invaluable experience that puts real events in context. The student of history can spend many hours here.

Review №53

Got two tickets on Groupon for like $17. Awesome self guided tour. Two battleships and a submarine. Had a lot of fun. Walked along the canal.

Review №54

Good view at sunset

Review №55

This was SO interesting! We toured a submarine, a midsized ship and a larger ship. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We learned a lot.

Review №56

Im retired Navy living in the Virginia Beach area. Every time we go to Buffalo we always visit the Buffalo Naval Park. Looking at the USS Little Rock brings back old memories when I was on the USS Seattle we would refuel the USS Little Rock at sea. Its a nice small park to enjoy.

Review №57

Loved seeing the boats! Want to come back when we are able to tour the ships.

Review №58

Very interesting.

Review №59

Wished we coulda gotten on the ships and sub.

Review №60

It was okay. Im a Navy brat that loves to tour ships and submarines. These tours are self-guided with information posted. I liked seeing everything but thought the information could have been more robust, especially on the submarine.

Review №61

Cool place been here twice. Spent a night on the little rock many years ago.

Review №62

Liberty Hound excellent food and service...

Review №63

A beautiful place to be on a quiet day, and a fun filled place to take the kids. The tours are well worth it..

Review №64

This is a great day in the park with the family. Plenty to see and learn about, had a blast and plan to bring my kids back this summer to see it again!!

Review №65

This was an awesome place... lots of history....

Review №66

Really cool! You pretty much have free range to explore the ships and the sub. I thought we wouldnt learn too much as there was no official tour, but everything is labeled and has brief descriptions. My entire family really enjoyed this even though were not too interested in naval history and were just killing time. Be prepared to do steep and narrow stairs, vertical ladders, and go though small doorways to get the full experience! My mom is claustrophobic so she stayed on the deck of the ship for most of the time, but there was plenty to see on the deck and she enjoyed sitting and looking out at the water and passing boats.

Review №67

Awesome upgrade cant wait for summer when it opens up theres so much new stuff to see

Review №68

Beautiful park, great military displays, and memorials for military service

Review №69

Doing alot to this area cant wait to see how it devolps in the coming cream shops and restaurants are here already..boat rental and stuff like that all here

Review №70

Great place to tour the ships. A lot of history here. Plan to spend at least 4 hours to see everything.

Review №71

So cool we paid 30$ for me and my husband the kids were free !! Great self guided tour on a crusier a Destroyer and a submarine

Review №72

What a super awesome place honoring all those who served. I was in complete aww as I walked around looking at historical ships that served in World War 2.

Review №73

What a great experience to be on a destroyer and a submarine. To read everything, it is a tour for few days. Nice exhibitions inside.

Review №74

A fascinating and vital connection with our history. Expert volunteers with military experience bring to life what it would be like to be working on these vessels. A must see in Buffalo!

Review №75

Very rare you get the up close attention and visualize the detail of the war ships and a submarine you can walk thru along with a memorial for all the wars...past and current...very special part of buffalo .

Review №76

Great way to walk back in time. You can definitely spend a day here was there is much to see. The staff is super friendly and are always around to help. My son and I did the self-guided tour and had a ton of fun.

Review №77

Beautiful atmosphere. Right up close access. Fun to walk around.

Review №78

Great historical experience!! If you have any interest in military history or are a scout leader, this is a great experience that should NOT be missed! The youth learn so much and come away wanting more!! Well done!!

Review №79

It’s really good experience that travel here.

Review №80

Good fish sandwich.

Review №81

This was SUCH an interesting trip! Going on two ships and a submarine was sort of a time machine to the past. It was a great learning experience and arguably one of the most interesting things to do in upstate NY! I hope to be back soon.

Review №82

Plenty to see, pretty neat to be able to walk through the ships.

Review №83

Absolutely well worth the money. Its a long self guided tour so leave yourself 4 hours. There is a ton to see and read along the tour. Actually. Spend the day here then get some food at the and do some sailing on a chartered boat at night. A great all day experience.

Review №84

Its amazing i sleeped on it for boy scouts lots of fun and has a subrurine and another ship great food they also have tanks and jets and have a great slection of guns and you can hold them a millitary air velecles display

Review №85

Its beautiful. $12 entry is bit high though compared to the the museum size.

Review №86

WWII era ships and Gato class submarine are well maintained!

Review №87

Great park and waterfront!! Very friendly people and lovely area to walk around

Review №88

Excellent park & museum. The park volunteers on the ships were very knowledgeable & courteous.A morning well spent touring the boats.

Review №89

Ships were massive and interesting, great photo spot

Review №90

Extremely heartpounding site..WW2 heroes deserve

Review №91

Amazing attraction with lots of history to learn. I was surprised at the amount of things to see! You get to go on two battleships and on a submarine. They also have a museum area and their own seafood restaurant that smelled amazing. The tours are self guided with lines to follow so you can go at your own pace and not get lost. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. There are several sets of ladders you must go up and down so not advisable for people who have difficulty with ladders.

Review №92

Great place. Takes about 3-4 hours. You get to tour 2 large ships, a museum and a submarineIt was very interesting and great for kids. I got a great group on deal for 4 and it was well worth it. There a a lot of steep steps going up and down flights of the ship so probably not the best for people with mobility challenges

Review №93

Great Park go check it out walk the dogs

Review №94

ABSOLUTELY ON THE TOP OF THE BEST OF LIST OF THINGS TO DOThis place is so awesome it will leave you speechless. So you go into a lobby that has several exhibits in it and purchase tickets to the self guided tour of three large naval vessels. As you tour the two large boats and submarine you will feel like you are LIVING OUT HISTORY. All of the crafts are chocked full of exhibits. While you are on the boats you really appreciate what people had to do to fight for our country. This place will make you really feel it. You also are on your own so you do not have an annoying tour guide pulling you around. You can take your own time. This place is of WORLD CLASS EXCELLENT when it comes to war museums.

Review №95

Good place to see the old Navy ships. Buffalo Harbor area has been reinvented. Live entertainment venue. Walking distance from hotels. Great for all ages. Just a nice place to be.

Review №96

Stayed over night and it was one of the best experiences of my life

Review №97

Nice Place to See, Visit and walk around

Review №98

A lot more going on here than I realized. Great place to visit after the sabres lose. Go sabres haha

Review №99

History at its finest with beautiful memorials.

Review №100

Great place! The boats are huge and the story of the Sullivan brothers is really compelling. The kids that were there seemed to love it. There are 3 boats to tour. One is a submarine. I would plan to stay about 2-2 1/2 hours or so. I didnt spend much time in the museum so if you do youll need to allot more time.

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  • Address:1 Naval, Marina Park S, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States
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  • Phone:+1 716-847-1773
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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