Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
2655 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14218, United States

Review №1

We went in the fall, during COVID, masks enforced. They had arrows on the ground to guide you, which was very confusing to follow. I think it could be a bit more modernized and cleaned up to be honest. Some areas were dirty, graffiti outside, weeds everywhere. It wasn’t too informational, had no idea what I was looking at half the time. Good if you wanna take pictures. It seems like the spring and or night time is the time to come to get the best experience. I think admission was a little overpriced for the experience I got. Tiny gift shop, not a lot of options.

Review №2

The gardens are very nice but the price of admission is a little absurd for what you actually get. 2 adults and 2 children cost just under $40.00 and even though we walked the complex twice it only took just under an hour to finish. Albeit its definitely a neat experience.

Review №3

What an amazing collection of plants. The building amazes the amount of work they have planted and cared. If you take youre time, it will take you about two hours to find every other plants. Its totally worth the visit. There is also an outside garden on the left side of the entrance when facing the building.

Review №4

Loved the set up, and the massive amount of plants available. Hubby and I both loved it. I thought the set up post covid was also very thoughtful. The only issue we had, was the very ride gentleman at the front. He was very bothered that we did not purchase tickets in advance. When we said that it was because we were just roaming from out state, he held up his phone and said thats why you have this.Aside from that small inconvenience, we loved it here.

Review №5

My husband and I were first visitors after the reopening last week. Safety guidelines for COVID in effect. Made reservations and payment online ahead of time. Always a pleasure to walk through the well kept gardens!

Review №6

A lovely park to go to when you want to do an assortment of activities. Walking dogs, biking and skateboarding is something I always see when I go to this park. The only disadvantage is that there is only one porter potty in the whole park and its on a connecting road on the side of the park. I also sometimes see people going through the barrier where cars are not supposed to be to give the ducks a whole bag of bread crumbs while people there tell them that they cant do that.

Review №7

If you love flowers or taking pictures this is the place for you!! Spent an hour and a half just walking through and admiring the beautiful arrangements they have set up. Took well over a hundred pictures of the gorgeous flowers!

Review №8

Staff were welcoming and nice. Serene place to go and breathe in some sunshine and warm air during the winter. Loved the spa music touch. Lots of places to sit and relax and sip on warm bevvies we brought in.Was a little disappointed though, that a lot of the plants were just in pots vs. being planted to allow larger growth.

Review №9

We go here during our down time. Its always enjoyable and peaceful. My kids and I love the fish pond and we cant wait to see the updates theyre making once theyre completed

Review №10

I cannot say enough good things about having a wedding at the botanical gardens. From the moment we met AmyRae, she walked us through everything from start to finish. During covid, she was honest about how everything would be and kept it real with us the entire time. That was incredibly important since we were hearing horror stories about other venues during the year. They were continuously accommodating and very understanding with everything happening, and wanted whatever we wanted while giving us multiple options of how to keep our wedding day as normal as possible. And it was everything we could have asked for and more. I will endlessly recommend the gardens for any event, they are so genuine with their customers and strive to ensure any event is above and beyond of what is asked. Any questions I had, AmyRae was there to answer them right away! And the pictures you’ll get at the gardens are absolutely breathtaking!!! Thank you for being a part of our day and being a huge help with making our wedding day perfect!

Review №11

The most awful experience with botanical gardens in Buffalo. So disappointed in them. We live in Florida and we’re supposed to have our ceremony on 10/31. The state of New York is only allowing 50 guest at a gathering. Instead of refunding us our 800$ deposit, they keep badgering us and telling us to lower our guest list to 50 or privately have our ceremony there just the two of us. After experiencing a death in the family due to covid we do not feel safe having a gathering at all, let alone flying to New York to have the ceremony just the two of us. Also there are restrictions and quarantines that come with traveling to New York and with our jobs. We are moving out of country and can not reschedule our wedding. We did not want any of this to happen and it has been an extremely hard time for our family. Instead of working with us they have done nothing and only respond to emails when they feel like it. I’ve written one review before, But I felt like this was necessary.

Review №12

It was great when it was free to go in there and donate in the winter I am at Buffalo born they got hoppity hop

Review №13

Experience the diverse botany of life.

Review №14

My Young kids had a blast doing the plant hunt. A little pricey but you can never see these pants anywhere close so its worth it. Make sure your prepared for the heat. Leave your jacket in the car if you dont want to leave it in the coat room. Nice for a date or to take your parents. My little ones loved the koi pond. Going to have to come back at night for the lights.

Review №15

Great gem in South Buffalo. Well kept, beautiful plants seemingly divided by environment, i.e. Asian, desert, etc., and a beautiful atriums at the main entrance.Great place to escape for an hour or two.

Review №16

Great place! Had fun looking at many different kinds of plants and flowers. I recommend visiting for a unique experience!

Review №17

A must see if you enjoy plants of all kinds! I attended during the #lumagination light exhibits and it was a very cool experience.

Review №18

I have loved visiting for about 35 years now! Keeps getting better with all the new improvements thru the years. Have your wedding, wedding pictures, and reception on the grounds. Inside and outside accommodations available. Or, just spend a few hours walking around the grounds like we did today!

Review №19

Im giving it the full 5 since seeing the work that goes into tending to a great variety of plants and places like these gardens are lacking.My wife bought us tickets to this place and Im not a big fan of gardens. But this place was cool and it gave me knowledge of many different varieties of plants. Some I want to get since I like to grow some plants myself. They do have blue taped arrows on the floor to guide you around the complex. They are fairly easy to follow except a few parts might confuse some people. Its too bad the place wasnt as clean as it could have been. Im only talking about the windows. They may always be a little cloudy due to moisture from inside the different zones of the complex. I really liked looking at the architecture of the building as well. Its a very ornate greenhouse.The place is very relaxing to go through and enjoy all of the plants. The price is reasonable. About the same as going to the movies. I know of museums that charge almost double for adults. If youre in the Lackawanna area of Buffalo, Go check out the Gardens. Im sure even the grounds outside look really good in the late spring and summer time! Since it was early November when we went, most of the plants were looking sad due to the weather and time of year.

Review №20

Had a wonderful time coming here with the family. Definitely a go back. Great fresh atmosphere right as soon as you get there. Beautiful day spent here as you can tell from the pictures.Make sure you dont over dress. Definitely a lot warmer inside due to the plants needing to be at specific tempertures. Definitely a good walk that day, there are many different types of flowers and ecohouses inside. Dont forget to bring your camera and your walking shoes. I would suggest to see everything and take your time. Great place for plant enthusiasts/lovers.P.S. There is a church on the same area that is amazing gorgeous. Also a must see. Will try to rate/post pics on that too.

Review №21

It is unconscionable that the gardens is allowing any affiliated groups to hold any in person events as well as allowing groups to provide food during inside events which makes it impossible to insure the use of masks to prevent the spread of covid-19. The global and national numbers of cases show obvious signs of increases this fall and winter 2020, considering this troubling upswing in covid-19 cases that is occurring, all in person events should in good faith and public safety be suspended.

Review №22

Absolutely beautiful, didnt want to leave because of how quiet and serene it was

Review №23

Inside gets the 5 starsThe ring road is a nice run - but kind of sad for the conditions - golf carts make a mess of things ina few spots and the golf course while inserted artfully into the arboretum it has still taken away from the original design and limits access during the seasonWith that said the grounds around the ring are still beautifulThe gardens around the greenhouse are amazing!!?

Review №24

The landscape was absolutely breath taking. If your considering an outdoor, romantic place to capture wedding memories, this is the place to do it!

Review №25

Absolutely a must for any plant lover! I would go everyday if I could afford it!

Review №26

Really needs a market to increase revenue and modernize. Love to see it flourish. Expensive for what currently offering a la Covid 19

Review №27

Very relaxing, beautiful and informative place for entire family to spend for 2 hrs, would have preferred some outdoor instead of indoor. Place is very close to Airport/ Freeway and in a very quiet neighborhood. Thanks for the Annual family membership of Arboretum, we need not have to pay anything to get in.

Review №28

A beautiful botanical garden that I try to visit yearly. I went for the orchid show this year. It was quite popular. Many different orchids on display.There are several different rooms/areas to explore in the garden. There is a koi pond and waterfall too. There is also a room specifically for children. There is a dessert section as well.It does get quite warm here especially when it is sunny. I think the garden is also available for events.I feel very lucky to have such an amazing place in my city.

Review №29

If you like plants this is the place for you to go. From palm trees to bonsai, cactus to orchids they have them all. Awesome place to go in the all seasons and for all ages.

Review №30

Caught the car show today. We had a great time!!

Review №31

If you like plants this is the place to go. I need to go again because I know I missed a lot when I walked through. Good date idea too.

Review №32

We went to the Botanical Gardens for a special nighttime event. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The scenery was great and a welcome relief from a bitter cold winter evening in Buffalo. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Review №33

OMG I cant wait to go back. Not only were the plants amazing and the exhibits educational, the place is fun. Let the big Koi fish nibble on your fingers, admire the bonsai trees in training, and maybe play a game or two of hide and seek, like we did. So fun.

Review №34

There are some stunning specimens within these giant greenhouses, it was a great place to go and explore both inside and out.

Review №35

Fabulous garden! Super beautiful flowers and plants from all over the world! The place is so cool because you can go from seeing jungle like plants to Cacti and other desert like plants in a matter of less than a minute. The staff are friendly and the establishment was as clean as possible noting that plants in dirt pots are here! The special displays are great when open like the train display that is open during Christmas time( as of 2018) to male your experience even better. This is a great place to go to see plants you won’t find many places!

Review №36

Always changing and always gorgeous. They do lots of events and are great for families. Wheelchair accessible and have wheelchairs for guests to use which is fantastic. All around amazing.

Review №37

Nice walk on a rainy day.

Review №38

I love it here get to see plants that are native to us here in ny

Review №39

Small, but nice gardens. Perfect for a rainy day.

Review №40

Went there for the Orchid show.It was amazing.Orchids every were.Great place to go when its cold outside or raining out.The rain forest part is sooo nice and warm. I could walk the gardens every day.

Review №41

A creative use of space

Review №42

Very pretty. It was my first time going. I would love to go back when its not so many people, also in the daylight.

Review №43

This place is great. Its not huge but it has a lot to offer with plenty to see. They even had a cactus my grandma had never heard of and shes a plant junky living in Arizona. Theres lots to see outside in the gardens as well.

Review №44

Great plants, great building. Social distancing practices were fully effective on our visit.

Review №45

Lumagination was a nice romantic night. There are a couple things I would do differently. You cant really see the plants and the labels which is okay. Someone that works there said its not really about that... Okay if its just about enjoying the lighting and the scenery I would say do more with the lighting so you dont have big sections with plants only that cant really be seen. It was beautiful. I would say one thing that could be improved is to have a pathway that people walk possibly with arrows pointing you in a direction so you cover the whole place. Seeing that I have never been there it was confusing where to go. Assume that many people have never seen the facility. It was a bit confusing especially since you are walking in the dark. I think that its fine if people want to walk in a variety of directions but it would just be nice to have a mapped out path to get through it all. I know we missed stuff but it was hard to figure out which direction to go another part of it where we were walking to see something we missed and everyone was going in the opposite direction it was a bit tough to see things with people coming in at all directions. It did make me want to come back during the day and see everything differently.

Review №46

Great place to walk around pond. Beautiful outdoor gardens. Public golf course.

Review №47

Love this place. Awesome family time. Kids are always having a blast. It has kids space as well, indoor and outdoor

Review №48

Beautiful place, just visited to early in the season for all the flowers.

Review №49

A nice little day out. Theres enough to walk around and see, and its all very pretty.

Review №50

I feel like Im in alice in wonder land .

Review №51

Wonderful spot to relax for an hour of me time. Kids corner is a wonderful needed stop for parents, take advantage.

Review №52

My sons favorite place. Hes 6 and absolutely loves it. We are members and will continue to be. Beautiful place.

Review №53

Good quality products. Friendly environment.

Review №54

Beautiful place to walk around and enjoy nature. Everyone that works there is very helpful and nice. Amazing place to show anyone of any age.

Review №55

Went for the 1st time during the Lumagination event. It was beautiful.

Review №56

What a great way to spend a day. Simply beautiful. Ive had the pleasure to attend a winter wedding there and an outdoor pop up restaurant they host on Tuesday in the summer. Great date spot to take a stroll through indoors or outdoors weather permitting.

Review №57

Great place no matter what time of year you go you always see something for the first time. Also they host many events thru out the year both inside and out. These pics are from the orchard show

Review №58

Pretty nice place. They definitely had a number of exotic species I had never seen before. Price is okay. If you cant afford to have the family see the inside, there are some nice outdoor areas that are free--and attached to a large park. Great for a picnic.

Review №59

Just walked the grounds and took pictures but I do love this place.

Review №60

Have never felt so fresh in years. Definitely a stress buster and recommended for families for a little inexpensive together time.

Review №61

We enjoyed our visit to botanical gardens. Very friendly staff. Has a kids playground, so your little ones wont get too bored. :)

Review №62

What a beautiful gem of life in the middle of a cold winter. Admission was $12.50 and the amount of peace and tranquility it brought was worth far above that. Plus I give money to an Institution of education like this any day. Showing plants to people they would never be able to see otherwise. Wonderful.

Review №63

Was there for a car/craft show. Was great to get out and do something!

Review №64

A lo tut of beautiful plants. Needs a little up keep.

Review №65

What a treasure for Buffalo. We stumbled upon it and they were wonderful. So beautiful!

Review №66

Many beautiful and exotic plants and flowers ,plus local favorites.

Review №67

Beautiful! Wonderful variety of plants and flowers.

Review №68

This is one of my favorite places!!! Beautiful, warm, interesting, and inviting. I attend every event they have that Im able to.

Review №69

Beautiful place. The $1 and free admission days are definitely the time to go, but its always a magical experience.

Review №70

Beautiful plants and the grounds are amazing. Came from out of town and I loved it.

Review №71

Well worth the drive, excellent range of plants and artwork too.

Review №72

Went early before the Halloween activities. These were a couple of headstones among the flowering plants. Its such a beautiful place to go and the Halloween ideas were funny and cute! Lots more planned for Halloween. Hope to see you there!

Review №73

I love coming here to walk around the whole area its great exercise and a awesome view

Review №74

As far as plants go, they have a lot of them. I only went because it was $1 day. Normally $11 for adults. If plants are your thing youll like it and reg admission seems reasonable.

Review №75

Its wonderful. I feel like I was in Neverland. Lol

Review №76

Went here on a rainy day and it was still gorgeous. Love it here!

Review №77

Beautiful place to hangout with family/friends/loved one or just by yourself. There are many different plant species which have been arranged in a wonderful way. The dome structure makes the place more beautiful. I visited the place during their annual Lumagination festival, where everythings lit up and the place is just beautiful to watch.

Review №78

We love going to the gardens, especially during the winter months for a little green and warmth. They do wonderful displays during the holidays. Throughout the year they have fairy garden and train displays to view. They offer different events for children and adults, as well as fund raising events through the year. Visit their website to see whats going on or coming up. If you bring children along, be sure to bring plenty of change. There is a small wishing pond in to rotundra where my grandchildren love to toss coins.

Review №79

This place is great!! Awesome place and is always clean!! There is a great pond and trail for walking, or biking! Definetly would reccomend!

Review №80

A nice place to spend the day learning about plants, flowers and more.

Review №81

Something fun & different! The foyer was decorated nicely for the holiday. We looked at all different plants, the pond with koi fish, they had a train set set up to view and they have a nice room set up for the kids with a sand box, craft and other different things for the kids to play with.

Review №82

Nice place to walk through and look at the different plants and to read about them.

Review №83

Gorgeous series of glass houses housing a variety of rare plants from all the corners of the world. Came here during the Easter event and the entire garden smelled absolutely amazing from all the blooming flowers.

Review №84

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life, this is the place to enjoy some peace and serenity. They have done some amazing things to this place in the past bunch of years.

Review №85

This place is magical. Fun for the family. They have a kids play area. They have lots of fun events throughout the year. If you havent been here you must go.

Review №86

This was quite an experience. Great for the whole family. The garden is beautiful and very well taken care of. I personally enjoyed the succulents room the most.

Review №87

Great place loved the ponds and garden mix

Review №88

We had such a great time at the night life.

Review №89

Beautiful and peaceful. There are so many interesting plants that I would never see in this climate if it werent for this local living museum. Interesting, plants, stories and information throughout. Its the perfect place to slow down, learn and enjoy the beauty and diversity in the natural world of flora.

Review №90

Weddings that cut off 30% of the garden do not lower ticket price. HomeDepot botanicals filling in the gaps.

Review №91

Great place to relax and hang out. Always has beautiful flowers and is never too busy.

Review №92

A great place to go when you want to escape a drab Buffalo winter. It’s just at picturesque on the inside as it is on the outside! (It’s a great place to do wedding or prom photos.) They even offer a number of horticulture and art based classes! From Japanese gardens, to the rainforest, to the desert, all the displays are beautiful.

Review №93

Awesome place to go to get away from the stress of life..

Review №94

AMAZING!!! We visited here for the fairy and gnome festival, which was a great time! Well worth the money for everything we got to see. Even if there is no event happening its still beautiful to go see the various types of plants, learn a little more and see the Koi pond. We will return, and plan to possibly get a membership. Highly recommend.Update September 2020:We ended up with a membership and even visited during covid. They are so organized. Like with most places you reserve ahead of time to guarantee the visit, which should be easy for anyone paying.. but for myself, Im having issues with their website and logging in. But that set aside there is avid space in between people and walking paths guiding you. We still love it here, and plan to keep returning. Though many of our favorite areas (small kid spots) are closed off ... It still offers so much to see.

Review №95

Very beautiful inside. The atmosphere and smell take you to another place. And everything inside is very pleasing to the eye and soul ♡

Review №96

Beautiful park with wildlife, a small lake/pond, golf course, and a very large beautifully designed greenhouse (greenhouse has an admission fee $).There is a road that goes around the whole park that you can walk, jog, ride your bike, or roller blade/skate, or simply slow drive (15mph).Its home to several Pokestops and a Pokemon gym plus the surrounding area also has a lot of stops and gyms for those with the stamina for the walk.

Review №97

A really beautiful botanical garden with many different kinds of plants and greenery. I love coming here especially in winter. They have a fun scavenger hunt and a playroom for kids. Very calming atmosphere, with warmth and peaceful music and of course the botany.

Review №98

So beautiful. The smell I side..pure and sweet

Review №99

BeautifulGarden with a great variety of plant life. Very friendly staff and pleasant music subtlety enhances the atmosphere.

Review №100

Wonderful collection of plants, displayed so that you can leisurely stroll through the Victorian style domes.

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