Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site
641 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

Review №1

What a cool place. Longtime buffalo resident and TR Superfan and this was my first time here. Our tour guide Travis did a great job. Loved all the interesting interactive aspects of the site. Hard to believe that he is only the second president to take the oath of office in the state of New York.

Review №2

Lots of information about Teddy, how he came to be President and the things he implemented our country. We watched 3 videos and although our tour guide was very knowledgeable, we did feel rushed thru it. He told us we could take pics, but we werent in a room long enough to take to many. We were the only 2 in this guided tour and it was the last one of the day. If youre into Presidential history, this is worth your time.

Review №3

Our whole family loved it. Travis was our tour guide and he was first rate. They immerse us in the times and the emotions Teddy and the country were feeling and you felt like you were stepping through time. We would have paid more money for tickets if they asked.

Review №4

I grew up in Buffalo but hadn’t visited the Roosevelt Inauguration site until this spring. The building has been quite well restored to its 1901 state and the tour was wonderfully done. It’s great to have this gem operating in Buffalo and even better that it’s restoration has been so skillfully done. Would highly recommend to locals or visitors who enjoy history.

Review №5

I took a tour here through a guide and he did just wonderful! He was a bit older and knew so much about the history of the location. It is very convenient to go to, they offered parking in a parking lot. The museum itself was cool to see it. It really helped me gain some perspective on the great president

Review №6

This is a must see for everyone not only historians. I always learn something on each visit to a place like this. They accept for National Forest Pass for your admission which was wonderful. Our guide, you could tell, loved his work. You can even get a newspaper printed as if you were president.

Review №7

Great site dedicated to a great president. The tour was outstanding taking you back in time. Really enjoyed. Lots of history and fun facts just ask.

Review №8

Good to know story, with the information they given us the price should be reduced.

Review №9

Great staff, service, ambiance, and location for small (80 or less), intimate functions. My daughters wedding shower will be held here after having a beautiful baby shower for my other daughter. We highly recommend them for their outstanding service to all.

Review №10

Another great learning experience by NPS. Docent was engaging and answered all my questions. Exhibit is very well done.

Review №11

Tour guide was very knowledgeable. An interesting piece of history for sure.

Review №12

This place is absolutely great and a must-visit attraction for families and any history lover. Great tour and also a stellar interactive learning center upstairs.

Review №13

I love this place and I feel like no one even knows about it. The tour is great and the adult field trip tour is even better. The adult field trip is at night and it goes through some really fun alcohol and gun related activities during that time period especially as medical advice. The tour guides are really great and knowledgeable and we just went through the general tour and it was also great. There is so much information to read and see and interact with. Definitely make sure you have 3 to 4 hours.

Review №14

Very nice surprise! We try to stop at National Parks and Monuments when we travel to major cities. The TR Inaugural Site was well worth the $. They have done an amazing job preserving the home where it all happened. They have woven in technology into the site and have done a wonderful job with finding very educated docents.

Review №15

Very informative! So much available education inside to complete on your own, when the tour is over

Review №16

Extremely rushed, you cant take your camera bag with you, let alone a backpack, didnt get to see much especially for the price. Gift shop is small. You have to pay for a half hour tour. They say you can take pictures but dont give you time. And falling behind is not an option.

Review №17

An interesting museum with replicated rooms from the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt. Could use more than the 2 interactive computers on the upper floor and include more information such as where some of the original furnishings came from and not just a dot on the item stating original or replicated. I preferred the stroll at own pace better than assigned time slots of a formal tour. Just have guides stationed at the rooms giving information.There is a short enjoyable, informative cinematic presentation too.

Review №18

Great museau multimédia presentation of good quality really worth it

Review №19

Nationally important site. Definitely go there and learn about our history! The interactive displays and walk back through history with the park rangers was amazing.

Review №20

Unfortunately I didnt have time for a full tour, but the guide at the information table was more than happy to give me a quick rundown of the site and what happened there. Im hopeful I will get a chance to return for the whole experience.

Review №21

A great place to stop in Buffalo with very informative interpretive exhibits, an interesting venue, and some great interpretive features for kids. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it when we stopped here en route to Niagara Falls.

Review №22

Lovely and informative even during renovation process. Easy to find and visit. They have events such as trivia nights for fundraising, which are a good time!

Review №23

We were very pleased by the quality of our experience and professionalism of the guides at this site. The tour and exhibits covered not just Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration, but the Pan-American Exposition, the assassination of William McKinley, and the challenges President Roosevelt faced as he entered office at the start of the 20th century. The exhibits were engaging and held the interest of both the youngest and oldest members of the audience. There are plenty of well-designed interactive exhibits, which we were told will be updated soon to take advantage of the latest technology. Truly a worthwhile experience, and two hours well spent.

Review №24

Impressive computer interactive activities, and audio visual displays, with current event relevance.

Review №25

It is a museum to Teddy Roosevelts inauguration. Really more of a historical house than a museum, you are meant to walk through and see it. Not big or grand by any means, it was good for visit.

Review №26

We enjoyed the ease of getting around. Even my son was full of surprisingly unusual questions. The Rangers were thoughtful kind. Very knowledgeable and offered many facts about Mr. Roosevelt we werent aware of. We thoroughly enjoyed are trip from Fla.

Review №27

As an extension of the NPS, they will honor your Parks Pass, however, they do not sell them here. Nice exhibits.

Review №28

Really great to see the library he took the presidential oath in. The tour was legit and led by a very informative guide. The upstairs had interactive exhibits including a reproduction of Teddys office while president, yes, you can at the desk!

Review №29

I liked it. There is a slightly different approach as the museum tries to make the experience a bit more interactive, putting you back in the day. A bit corny and it keeps the docents on a tight script, but I sure did learn a lot about Teddy.

Review №30

The staff is extremely knowledgeable! Enjoyed the history that is preserved!

Review №31

Fascinating history and a must for Teddy Roosevelt fans. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. Beautiful house tucked away in buffalo. Excellent preservation of the era right down to the place settings and gorgeous wood throughout. Very worthwhile.

Review №32

This is an amazing National Historic Site - the home had been beautifully redone with period furniture and has great interactive displays about the the life and times of Teddy Roosevelt. The tour is very family friendly (not too long or too dry) and makes use of a lot of multi-media displays.

Review №33

A place you should visit once in your life. It was very moving to know one of the greatest president was here in Buffalo.$10 for Adults $5 for kids and students and free if you have a national park pass. Well worth the price.

Review №34

Great place to learn more ab out such a dynamic president such as TR

Review №35

Very informative presentation excellent restoration docent Mike did a grrrrrrr8 job!

Review №36

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site is absolutely remarkable! Great job preserving the history and memorabilia of Roosevelt. He is one of president I really admired because he had put the interest of the nation before himself and did amazing contributions to the country. I was not disappointed at this place and will definitely come back!

Review №37

Very informative. The use of multimedia for some of the displays was very well done. I learned quite a bit about this position of our US history.

Review №38

The historic site is well kept. The tour was great. The tour guides were well informed. My wife and I really enjoyed the tour we loved the decor. Nice job in preservation. I loved the desk with the presidential seal.

Review №39

Hidden history in the downtown area worth the time. Good Booker T Washington info. TR was on the right track.

Review №40

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site is absolutely remarkable! Great job preserving the history and memorabilia of Roosevelt. He is one of president I really admired because he had put the interest of the nation before himself and did amazing contributions to the country. I was not disappointed at this place and will definitely come back!

Review №41

Went here on a field trip with 3rd graders. Very interesting. Docents are well informed and work well with children. They made it interesting and informative in terms they could understand. The last time I visited this museum was several years ago and I must say there have been many positive changes. It is more interactive and I learned a lot about Buffalo and its importance to the development of North America.

Review №42

Didnt know this place was open to public until childs school trip. Very friendly staff! Beautiful architecture & historical decor. Fun mini videos/ shows included in tour

Review №43

My son attended this school for his full elementary education. He really enjoyed the time here and made the Honor Roll several times. The staff and teachers are very friendly and recognize us when in the community of Buffalo. He has special needs and has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The 8-1-1 classroom setting that he was assigned consisted of students that he knew from other programs in the city. I hope that future Roosevelt Bears will have a wonderful experience here like my family has.

Review №44

Great history! Guided tour with self guided time after. Worth a visit when your in the area.

Review №45

Only used the parking lot here! Which is quite large for a Delaware Avenue location, but the best part of it is that its FREE!!!! Used the location because I went on an exterior only walking tour of Delaware Mansions and the first stop was in front of the TREE Inagural Mansion. Very informative and quite interesting!

Review №46

The tour was interesting, informative and geared towards both adults and children with a number of hands on things to do. The gift shop was very cool too!

Review №47

A phenomenal national treasure. Great for children and adults

Review №48

Fantastic family visit. National Historic Site. Kept 3 adults and 4 kids ages 4,6,10,&14 interested. Kids got badges etc. Everyone enjoyed the activities and tour. Great for history buffs.Ample parking

Review №49

Very well-informed staff

Review №50

Great time on the tour. Del was a wonderful guide. Kid friendly. Lots of interesting information. Would definitely recommend a visit.

Review №51

Awesome museum. The tour was tremendous, especially the theatre - best integration of technology I have ever seen in an exhibit presentation.

Review №52

Cool piece of American history. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We arrived with only 30 minutes left before closing timeThe person behind the counter was very helpful, he gave us a quick tour and showed us the library. I love being people al that is passionate about what they do for a living.

Review №53

We had a family gathering upstairs and did the tour. Interesting place with nice staff.

Review №54

Very interesting and informative. Combines important national history with fascinating information about Buffalo at the time of the 1901 Pan American Expo, when Buffalo was one of the biggest and most important cities in the country.

Review №55

Very nice. Polite staff. Fun displays. Nice tour. I was there for a group meeting and they were very pleasant and helpful. Nice coffee cups too ( in the shop).

Review №56

Great historical site in a well maintained building. Good time during the teddy bear picnic.

Review №57

Cool place not a lot of it is from back then but its still cool to check out

Review №58

Outstanding tour guide gave a lively description of the times and circumstances around Roosevelt’s inauguration. Well worth the visit.

Review №59

The Theodore Roosevelt was beautifully done by all the area garden clubs. One room was more beautiful than another. The luncheon which I have been to the last 4 years was very good. However it would be nice to change the menu from time to time.

Review №60

Great historians in there! It was an awesome experience.

Review №61

What a treasure to have the site of TR Inauguration in Buffalo! This is much more than just a beautifully maintained place of artifacts, the docents and make the historical happening come to life. In particular, Karen L., a former teacher, showed enthusiasm and was adept at engaging everyone in our group from 6 to 60. Wonderful! The staff we met were also very knowledgable and great communicators. We were inspired us to become members and will return for the bus tour event.

Review №62

Small but interesting museum. Lots of interactive exhibits and very knowledgeable staff.

Review №63

The stories that follow.this house are very interesting and historically important

Review №64

Ive lived in the Buffalo area most of my life and consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable of our history but even I learned a few new interesting tidbits. For instance, I never knew that Roswell Park Cancer Institute was founded by and named for Dr. Roswell Park who, at the time, was one of the areas most renowned surgeons. Dr. Park was summoned by President Mckinleys doctors but he could not assist because he was performing surgery in Niagara Falls. I have to wonder if Dr. Park was in Buffalo at the time of the shooting, could he have saved the president?

Review №65

Very interesting

Review №66

Interesting bit of history on TR. Tour guide was pleasant and knowledgeable. We went during the Christmas season so was decorated for Christmas as well which was an added bonus. Blended technology for interactive learning to keep it interesting.

Review №67

Great place to visit with a private tour guide with your group , a must do destination when visiting Buffalo , New York .

Review №68

My sister wanted to visit here so i wasnt sure at first just what she was dragging me to. I ended up having a really good time. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting. My 14yr old walked in rolling her eyes and complaining that she was ready to go. Half way through the first floor she was snapping pictures and enjoying the interactive activities they offer.

Review №69

Mr. Smyth was such a great tour guide. Such love for this city!

Review №70

As usual, the National Park Service has done an amazing job tellin the story of a snippet of American history; They give it the clarity it deserves!

Review №71

This is a pearl of a location. The history of the city masterfully shared. The interactive exhibits lends itself to a time travel device. The recordings and the docents knowledge of the era during Theodore Roosevelts tenure. A great place for families to go. The price is also reasonable for groups up to 10.

Review №72

I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome this was! I think the price is a little steep. There is a small museum and then a tour. I thought the tour would be a typical boring tour of an old house, but no! This tour was augmented with innovative videos and audio. At the end you can explore the second floor on your own with interactive exhibits. The kids liked playing with the toys from 1901 and I sat at TRs presidential desk. I highly recommend for adults and kids! As a side note, the kids did an activity that earned them a Junior Ranger badge.

Review №73

Great interactive learning experience for all. Not your typical museum. A must do.

Review №74

What a pleasant surprise! We expected an old-school historical tour, and, as such, a quick 30 minute stop with the kids (10 and 11 yo). Instead, our visit lasted nearly 2 hours and the kids didnt want to leave. The interactive exhibits were super cool, and the tour was focused and engaging. All in all, we learned some fascinating history in a really fun way!PS- The tour was free using our NPS pass, but we were so thrilled with the experience that we donated the equivalent of our entrance fee.

Review №75

Great stop while in Buffalo, great food right around corner as well!

Review №76

Excellent historic site with great information and staff!

Review №77

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural is interesting. I took pictures of the rooms we were in.

Review №78

This historic site where TR was sworn in as President was amazing. The tour was interesting and the guide was well informed. We were in Buffalo for my sons graduation from UB , and TR was is favorite president,and being that his degree is in History it was perfect place to visit!

Review №79

Great interactive history lesson!

Review №80

My kids couldve spent all day here...and it was the day they were open until 8pm...and my kids are all under 12. Enough said! Very interactive diaplays upstairs and down. Lots of kids books. Interesting for kids and adults alike. Ample parking. Clean restrooms. Junior Ranger Program. A great rainy day activity. Or any day! Gift shop. Nice rangers. Please go see this gem of a park!

Review №81

Very friendly and informative staff. Historic place where Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as President.

Review №82

A great part of history to learn. There was LOTS of interactive teaching opportunities. My favorite was having my picture taken while sitting at the presidential desk.

Review №83

Great historic site.

Review №84

My 8 year old really enjoyed the experience.

Review №85

This is one of the best interactive museums in the area filled with valuable information. And its a fun place to visit with the kids and the kids at heart! A must see while in Buffalo...

Review №86

Very well guided tour with information about Andrew McKinleys assassination, the Pan Am Games and the life of Theodore Roosevelt!

Review №87

Very informative, but the tour in general was quirky. The guide was just going through the motions and I was honestly confused as to why we were seeing certain things. For example the first stop in the tour seemed odd to me and took a while to figure out why they included it, even though he explained why, but I just couldnt process the wording of it and his tone. Then the sound experience in the library where the oath was taken was just weird, and didnt add much value to the experience. I applaud the effort to make the tour unique and interesting, but it edged on weird. Once we went upstairs, there were a lot of neat interactive pieces. I like that they brought his DC office to Buffalo, and included a lot of info about TRs life and presidency. Overall, a good experience, just be ready for the quirkiness.

Review №88

I didnt get the full tour, so come before 3:30. Our host took us on an abbreviated tour, but its not a guarantee if you show up too late. There are no self-guided tours either. Nice little gift shop.

Review №89

It was a nice tour, small & intimate which was idea to hear about this history.

Review №90

Great quick tour of a very important part of American history.

Review №91

I went to the TR Site for the #AdultFieldTrip and it was awesome! Very knowledgeable and fun staff as well as a fun atmosphere! I will definitely be returning!

Review №92

Parking space was unavailable. Rehabilitation works were ongoing.

Review №93

Brilliant little museum. Very informative guide James. Great exhibits and time for self exploration

Review №94

This is an interesting site tucked in the bowels of Buffalo. Free parking is behind the visitor center. Teddy Roosevelt is such an interesting personality. The tour of the house was interesting and ended with a high tech hands on multi room display.

Review №95

Incredibly wonderful site with knowledgeable and very pleasant workers.

Review №96

A true treasure in buffalo. Highly recommend it. Recently renovated and updated. Do not miss it.

Review №97

When in doubt, the National Park Service will not disappoint. Great place to shelter from the rain on a visit to Buffalo.

Review №98

An interesting museum with the most interesting information about life during that time. While definitely an important place in Roosevelts career he had a relatively transient association with the placeGreat overall information on Roosevelt. Gift shop was nice too.

Review №99

What a wonderful experience!! I have lived here all my life but somehow missed this gem!! So interesting and informative. I must bring my grandchildren!!!

Review №100

Very good tour, lots of information.

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