Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum
263 Michigan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States

Review №1

Great museum in Buffalo. Well worth a visit. I recommend spending at least an hour here. There’s a lot of information, great cars, and a gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. If you’re interested in American automobile history, you have to go here. $10 entry is well worth it!

Review №2

Very cool place. My family and I came here about 2 year ago. We spent a couple hours looking at the various cars and related memorabilia. Ive seen some negative reviews that its too small or costs too much. If you arent a true automotive enthusiast, yes this is not the place for you. If you truly love cars youll enjoy every part. The day we were there wasnt very busy and the gentleman that was working spent a lot of time showing us various cars and answering our questions.

Review №3

I was expecting only pierce arrow cars, but discovered they made bicycles and other stuff, and museum had other brands of cars and interesting motor related items. Met owners, very nice folks, say they rotate items in that have stored in other locationd

Review №4

This place was awesome! Some very nice pieces of history are preserved here.

Review №5

A great place for car enthusiasts, or historic information on the auto history of buffalo and wny.not expensive to get in and photos welcomed.

Review №6

Well worth stopping in. Limited days and hours.

Review №7

I really enjoyed this place. Nice folks running the show. Very informed about Pace Arrow and other displays. The highlight: An art deco gas station that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright but was never built. One small thing: They should have more information on each car, such as the features that make the cars unique. Mostly they only have the type of car and year it was built.

Review №8

Such an amazing experience! So many beautiful old cars and car memorablia, as well as antique bicycles. The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station was a sight to see. I wish gas stations looked like this now-a-days. A must see for anyone, young or old.

Review №9

Took my Dad a WW 2 vet to tour the museum he absolutely loved it and gave me quite an education on the Autos. Was a special afternoon that I will always cherish. If you havent gone yet it definitely is worth it.

Review №10

Really enjoyed our visit here. The Frank Lloyd Wright gas station was impressive. Some beautiful cars are on display. Staff was very friendly and informative.

Review №11

We had a great visit to the museum and especially enjoyed the collection of bicycles. It was really impressive to experience so much of Buffalos bicycle history in person.

Review №12

The museum is relatively small, and houses a very eclectic collection of what is more accurately described as stuff than anything else. While some desplays have lengthy explanations, other artifacts have almost no information, and appear somewhat random.The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is interesting, but also comes with very little information, so its best to wait for one of the periodic guided tours.

Review №13

Such a cool place with such great history. The people are knowledgable and very friendly, always up for a question. The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is such a radical and beautiful design. It takes about an hour and change to wander through and see the displays.

Review №14

If you are a history, car, motorcycle or bicycle lover you dont want to miss this. They even have a Frank Lloyd Wright full size model gas station inside! Very nice collection.

Review №15

Wonderful, low stress visit into the great history of transportation

Review №16

This is a really excellent hidden gem in Buffalo. The recreated Frank Lloyd Wright gas station is quite unique and interesting. The collection is a bit random in places but comprehensive for its showcase of regionally produced and rare vehicles

Review №17

Some of the pieces in the exhibits are placed too far from the roped off area, to able to read the placards placed with the piece. Otherwise, its a great place to visit. Especially on a cold winter day.

Review №18

They had a lot of cool items on display

Review №19

Very charming and extensive collection of bicycles and of course cars for the modest size of the museum.Also the reproduction of the Tydol Gasoline stationed designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is not to be missed !

Review №20

First time being here and I love it! Great place to visit and to see everything. Dad and I were there for two hours.

Review №21

What an awesome collection of Pierce-Arrow cars and other old-tymey automotive swag. The staff is super-knowledgeable and the pieces in the collection are fascinating. You absolutely have to stop by if youre in Buffalo and check it out.

Review №22

An amazing collection of cars and other transportation. The Frank Lloyd Wright gas station inside is very impressive; tremendous amount of Buffalo transportation and manufacturing history.

Review №23

My kid loved the vintage car collection, he was amazed with the bicycle collection, very organized and entertaining place for all ages.

Review №24

Nice collection of Pierce Arrow cars, bicycles and related items

Review №25

Interesting place, not hard to find.

Review №26

I want for Toyota training ( a private event) the museum is beautiful with some great transportation stuff. I enjoyed the expensive old classic cars and the old bicycles.

Review №27

This museum is Simply Amazing. It is a must-see in the Buffalo area.

Review №28

Great collection. If youre thinking this is just another collection of an eccentric millionaire, it isnt. Each car has a story. Gems include an old FBI car used for bullet testing, the Bewitched car and the Playboy built in Buffalo. Motor head or not, you need to see this collection. If for nothing else, the craftsmanship, engineering and design that defined the U.S. economy before the Big 3 gave way to the imports. Good luck on the expansion of the museum.

Review №29

This place is worth the price of admission so many exhibits packed into a smallish museum. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Great place to bring car enthusiasts or fans of history.

Review №30

Wonderful collection of vehicles and a most see place

Review №31

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of transportation. It had bikes, carriages, Motorcycles, and cars,

Review №32

Fascinating look back at autos, bikes, and motorcycles with plenty of memorabilia to peruse. Even a Frank Lloyd Wright designed garage in the mix to make this an interesting place to visit.

Review №33

We had an in depth tour with Jim Sandoro, saw behind the scenes and previews of future exhibits. Buffalo has a treasure and should be very proud.My personal favorite was the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station. Stunning!!!

Review №34

Are you into classic cars?And auto memorabilia?This is a real find, that offers a lot to look at!

Review №35

Really recommend seeing the great vintage cars and Buffalo history the museum has to offer.

Review №36

A must visit place in Buffalo. Early Harley Davidson, Frank Lloyd Wright gas station. Great stories of cars, collecting, and Buffalo

Review №37

Amazing cars and I love all of the history here. The Filling Station is an amazing add on. Thanks so much for having this place here.

Review №38

Beautiful cars. Amazing Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station. Im glad I happened upon it. Definitely stop in if possible. You shouldnt miss it for the price.

Review №39

Going out to this museum was really cool. It was smaller but a good size for you to be able to see and appreciate everything. Beautiful cars, engines, motors, motorcycles, bicycles, ect.

Review №40

Great experience last Friday at the Ford GT unveiling. Excellent collection of other cars, and the period correct setting of the FLW gas station.

Review №41

If you have a few hours to kill go check out this piece of Americana. Cool collection and lots of souvenirs for Pierce fans.

Review №42

Design by FLW never built by FLW maybe not a good idea to store the gasoline over a fireplace!

Review №43

Google tells me I visited 6 days ago, which I did not -- I catch the bus next door. But I HAVE been there, and it is bursting with awesome cars. No boring, dust museum -- this one is all chrome and glass awesomeness!

Review №44

We are members of the Saratoga Auto Museum. This is a really fine museum.

Review №45

A rare look at a classical age of automobiles. Also a one of a kind has station designed by the late Frank Lloyd Wright.

Review №46

Amazing trip through Americas world of cars, motorcycles, penny farthing bicycles. The majority of the two and four wheel vehicles are gleaming, spotless and worthy of additional acclaim.The beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright gasoline station is indoors at this very large museum.Docents are on hand to answer questions.The rest rooms are sparkling clean. Free parking and there is easy access for wheelchairs.

Review №47

Very cool with lots of Buffalo transportation history that I never knew. Worth the visit

Review №48

Im giving it 5 stars because it was a great collection of beautiful cars. That said, this is a museum in need of a curator. It looked more like a function hall with old cars jammed against the walls. It seemed that half the space was taken up with large round tables as if they were preparing for a wedding reception. You couldnt thoroughly enjoy the cars because of the way they were displayed in the small amount of space that they were granted. This place should either be a function hall or a car museum because right now theyre trying to be both and they seem to have lost theyre focus.

Review №49

Fabulous...more than just a car museum....a must stop for anyone interested in American will not be parking

Review №50

Ive lived in Buffalo my whole life, and only just went here for the first time recently. It was extremely interesting, definitely unique place to spend a day or just a few hours, and I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself! Definitely worth taking a look if youre interested in cars at all.

Review №51

Buffalo history. Beautiful collection of vintage automobiles and other stuff.

Review №52

Amazing collection so much more than the name indicates. for example life sized Frank Lloyd Wright gas station replica.

Review №53

The wife and I were in town unexpectedly. Decided to check this place out. Stayed about minutes and looked at the vehicles. It was kind of meh. If you have nothing better to do, it may be worth a visit.

Review №54

Nice museum with many different things along with the Pierce Arrow cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Review №55

Had some many great thing to see

Review №56

Great for old car buffs. Has a replica of a gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Must see!

Review №57

Good place to see some pieces of American automotive history. Some unique examples of rare cars built here and other places too.

Review №58

We enjoyed the museum, although its going to need variation on its displays so it doesnt turn into a one trip type of place.

Review №59

Great vintage car museum located downtown near other waterfront attractions. Entry is $10.00 each and displays are beautiful. Free self parking. If you are a car buff, dont miss this place. We were told they have more displays and are planning to expand. They also host special events like weddings here.

Review №60

Really cool transportation history museum. Wish we could have been able to go inside the service station but otherwise a fun time looking at old cars and bikes.

Review №61

Very interesting piece of buffalo history. Definitely worth walking through and Tim the guide was great!

Review №62

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff coupled with a meticulously maintained collection of automobile history made this a highlight of my vacation to Buffalo. I will be coming back during my next trip.

Review №63

Beautiful display of historic pieces from the auto industry and more! Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №64

Really great amazing items not just cars

Review №65

Great car museum thats a must see for a car guy

Review №66

Lots to see, unbelievable collection of Pierce Arrow cars, plus lots more. Gas caps, hood ornaments, period dated fashions (even a Poodle skirt), gas pumps, motor cycles, bicycles and so much more. Lots of manufacturing history. All so interesting.

Review №67

Fairly good museum, but not great. If youre in Buffalo and you like old cars, this place is worth a visit.

Review №68

Would give 0 stars if I could. They neglected to let us know when we came in and they took our money that they were having an event and that they were in the process of closing parts of the museum. As we were looking at different cars the owner let us know we had to move so an area could be blocked out. We explained that we werent aware that this was an issue because it hadnt already been blocked off. He was VERY rude to his paying customers. We should have been made aware of the event and that some areas may be closed and they shouldnt charge full price for parts of a museum.

Review №69

My dad loved it. Nice, wide easy walkways. Lots of information. Well knowledgeable staff. Friendly attitudes.We came across it by accident, it is really just a non-assuming building.Huge on the inside, you really dont expect much from the outside.Wish we lived closer, my husband and dad would be there all the time

Review №70

Very Interesting well worth the price.Ok

Review №71

Changing exhibits and vehicles. Frank Lloyd Wright filling station looks great. Cars of various eras displayed. Bicycle exhibit this year. Ive been twice in five years. Wheelchair and scooter accessible. Reasonable price.

Review №72

Free parking!! $10 to get in to see the most amazing collection of Pierce Arrow memorabilia as well as priceless, one of a kind beautiul vehicles, a Frank Lloyd Wright gas station replica too! Very knowledgeable people there for any questions about anything there. So much to see, this is my second visit, Ill be back! They switch things around and get new cars on loan so one visit just wont do! I say bring back hood ornaments! What fun! I understand they will be expanding, this is great news! You can rent space inside for parties which would be cool! Check it out!

Review №73

If you like cars this is a must.

Review №74

I enjoyed this museum. It had Pierce Arrow history and even some other vehicles on display.

Review №75

Excellent experience . Very nice for car lovers and kids . Friendly staff . Allow 2-3 hours only

Review №76

Great collection of transportation items on display. Frank Lloyd Wright gas station is worth the trip to see.

Review №77

Nostalgia at its finest .... Great time knowledgeable and friendly staff

Review №78

The pierce arrow museum is incredible. I visited September 5, 2019. Jim Sandoro and everyone there was very welcoming and full of information. The collection they have is second to none. I highly recommend anyone to visit there and I will definately be back again. They have pierce arrow cars and memorabilia and also many others cars and signs. They have the frank lloyd wright filling station model aswell. A++

Review №79

Visited the Pierce Arrow museum while on a trip to Buffalo, and I am so glad I took the time see it. Great collection of classic automobiles, bicycles, and auto memorabilia. The Frank Lloyd Wright designed gas station inside is so well designed and functional.

Review №80

As we live in Western NY we have said that we wanted to go here for a number of years. We finally got there and were impressed with the amount of items on display. Not only are there cars and motorcycles but also bikes. The Frank Llyod Wright Filling Station is actually located in the building. We were disappointed that we could not walk through it. If you are a car buff and into early models you will definitely enjoy this place. I do think it would be lost on the younger generations as it is now.

Review №81

Great place to see the Pierce Arrow cars of a time gone past.

Review №82

Very very disappointed. my husband and son were looking forward to going there for several months now, when we got there they took our money no questions asked said come on and go into the back room lots of cars back there also. were walking to the museum and almost everything is roped off for some party that theyre having tomorrow night with sahlens. I only got to the back area where there was no rope off and just a couple of cars, a gentleman came back and told us we had to leave from that area because theyre getting ready for an important party the next day. I said that would have been good to know before you took our money that only one-third of the museum is open to the public today. And he said oh well. I was quite disappointed and went up front to find the museums director or manager, and of course go figure, it was the same guy that told me off. so I went back to that gentleman and told him how sorry I was and I couldnt complain to anybody higher up than him. He kind of giggled and smiled. I said but I will go and talk and write my reviews and he said to go ahead and write whatever you want to whoever you want. bad press is great press we enjoy it. I also pushed the fact that I was upset that they took our full amount for admission, but said nothing that we were going to have limited access to the museum. And he pretty much said oh well, I will never ever recommend that anybody goes there. I think its very sad that big money from donators like Sahlens trumps over small individual customer.

Review №83

Great dipiction of Buffalo NY history from a different perspective

Review №84

Negligent property owner. Owns a handful of decrepit buildings detracting from revitalizing neighborhoods; and a considerable number of vacant lots that are such because of being razed by him for no purpose.

Review №85

A special afternoon with the owner giving our group the VIP treatment.

Review №86

Love this place! Friendly staff great exhibits!

Review №87

Interesting. More other cars than Pierce Arrows. Very good on the early history of Pierce Arrow.

Review №88

Fantastic museum!! Theres a collection of classic bicycles thats just incredible as well as an amazing assortment of beautiful classic cars including a gorgeous Duesenberg, a couple of one-off Corvettes, a Playboy car (yes, a Playboy car- Hugh Hefner got the name Playboy from the car!) and many stunning Pierce Arrows, along with a bunch of other wonderful cars. Additionally, theres a row of classic motorcycles on display and a ton of car-related items (e.g. horns, lights, gauges, etc).Theres also a gas station on display that was built in 2014 inside the museum using Frank Lloyd Wrights original plans (he designed it in the 1920s, but one wasnt built at the time). Its a real sight to behold!The museum has a good collection of items for sale, including very nice shirts (I got a long sleeved, button down shirt with the Wright gas station logo on it).I highly recommend checking out this museum!! Its really worth the time.

Review №89

Cool place! Lots of vehicles & other items youve never seen before including the Jello wagon purchased from The Pickers! Frank Lloyd Wright gas station was pretty cool, too.

Review №90

Great place!! Friendly and informative staff! Love the copper gas station.

Review №91

Lots of artifacts from the early automobile industry ... Frank Lloyd Wright designed fueling station ...

Review №92

Awesome. Many Antique Autos, Motorcycles, License plates, pictures, Bicycles, gas pumps , t-shirts. Very interesting. Go, take Your camera. You will not be disappointed.

Review №93

10 Stars! Its an incredible showcase of amazing cars built in Buffalo, with thousands of automobile memorabilia. We were mesmerized. The new addition housing the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station is amazing, and this is a must see. Hours are seasonal, 11-4 Saturday and Sunday during the winter. Admission is $10 adults $5 16 and under. Bring your camera, and bring a kid so they know the history of our city.

Review №94

“A pleasant surprise!”Have to admit I won tickets to this museum but was pleasantly surprised how professional and informative it was. I wouldve paid the admission price in full if I knew how well run and well stocked this museum is. A little treasure of history right here in our downtown area. Dont miss it, the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station design

Review №95

Great collection of classic cars, primarily Pierce Arrow, but also Auburn and others.

Review №96

Another Buffalo gem. Great car and bicycle collection. Impressive Pierce, corvette, and Duesenberg examples. The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is an incredible bonus. Great for car buffs, FLW enthusiasts, and Buffalo history.

Review №97

3rd time visiting the museum and the exhibits just get better and more interesting. If youre any kind of Buffalo automotive history buff or transportation in general this is the place. The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is a sight to behold.

Review №98

Lots of neat vehicles & other memorabilia. The Frank Lloyd Wright gas station was nice as well!

Review №99

We were very surprised with how big this museum is and how much there is in it. There are so many different forms of transportation and its history like motorcycles and bicycles and cars. The Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station was just amazing also. We love this museum and we cant wait to go again when they expand.

Review №100

Nice family place to go in Buffalo. Free parking.

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