Town Ballroom
681 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
Review №1

Like this venue for its intimate setting and good security. $5 for a 12oz beer is a bit much, at least offer a 16oz draft. But no. Otherwise good. Pictures are from The Glorious Sons concert last night.

Review №2

Awesome place to see a show! Have seen several bands here and its always a fun time. Drinks are fairly priced, staff is friendly. Love the location and its always cool to meet new people from out of town at shows.

Review №3

The number one venue to see a concert in Buffalo, hands down. They are quick and efficient getting people in the doors. An excellent bar area outside the main spot where the bands play. They have 3 tiers of standing room and you always have a good view of the stage. Whenever I see one of my favourite bands is playing in Buffalo, I always hope that its at the Town Ballroom.

Review №4

I must have been in a hurry when I simply typed fun venue. I really like the place and if I still lived in Buffalo would frequent it a lot more often. Have to get home to Rochester now though

Review №5

Simply put this is a superb venue. We came in from a few hours away to see a show here. We ended up having an issue with our tickets and had to contact the venue. The staff was very friendly and went above most venues for us to make sure we could still see the show. Even with out the awesome box office staff everyone was great. From bartenders to security to the bathroom attendants everyone was friendly and helped with a great experience. There was a bar in the main area that was big enough to handle the crowd for a sold out show. There were two additional bars in the stage area, one cash only and one took cash/credit. There isnt a bad spot in the stage area to see the stage. It is multi leveled with stairs going down to the floor area so even if youre short you can get a view. The sound was really good and it was an over all fun experience. Will definitely make the drive back to see a show.

Review №6

We went here in January for a rock show. Doors opened 30 minutes later than what we printed on our ticket. Wasnt cold out so no big deal. Good beer selection for $5 pours. Cheaper than some other venues Ive been to. I like the way the venue is set up with the decline floors which is helpful for people that arent tall. I was to the left of the stage which was perfect.

Review №7

This is a great venue to see a live show. The room is relatively small so it feels more intimate than some larger spaces and the audience space is raised in tiers so everyone has a good view of the stage. Would definitely go again.Bar service in the front space of the theatre, the old lobby from when it was an actual theatre. The front bar takes cash or credit. There is a bar in the music space but its cash only.Sound can be a bit loud if you have old ears but the sound people did a good job. I did throw in a pair of earplugs just to make it a bit easier on myself.Decent womens bathrooms...didnt make it into the guys bathroom.

Review №8

Went to here to see Cody Jinks and had an exceptional time. The owner Arty and his security staff including Chris were friendly and extremely professional. The acoustics and view of the stage were great and everybody has a view of the performer. It is important to be aware that this is a standing room only venue except for the VIP section and a smaller handicapped seating area. I look forward to my next visit to Town Ballroom.

Review №9

This place may have some of the best acoustics Ive come across at an Upstate NY venue. I saw my favorite band here last week, and the sound was so clear with an insane amount of depth. The only reason Im giving four stars here is because several of the staff were particularly abrasive, and it threw me off a bit.

Review №10

Beautiful venue and the sound system is phenomenal. Im from Toronto, and my friend and I drove down to Buffalo just to see Hippo Campus play Sunday October 21, and my God I felt the energy and spirit in the room reverberating through the music. The bands engagement, music, venue and the sound system gave me positive vibes everywhere. I left the venue feeling on top of the world. It was an awesome concert. Highly recommend shows here!! Best live show experience, so far.

Review №11

Security did a great job moving through the line outside efficiently in frigid temperatures. Will call area was poorly laid out, people had to walk back across the others still in line after getting their tickets. Three employees at coat check (one to ask how many coats, one to take money, and one to take the coat) was odd. Bars were appropriately staffed for the crowd and bartenders were attentive and pleasant.

Review №12

AWESOME VENUE!! One of my absolute favs. Great place, friendly staff, awesome stage and layout. I love coming to this place for concerts.

Review №13

Great theater for live music. The stage is sunken in....makes for good sound /views...reasonable beers an lots of bars help as well

Review №14

Very nice venue to see a band. I would have given this a two star prior to talking to little Joe. He was very professional and explained things very well. Thank you Joe. Management needs to make it CLEAR to people what you can wear or bring into the venue. I understand that the outside security are only doing their job. But by management not making this clear, they are creating a conflict between customers and security. If I didnt have a conflict with security, I would have given 5 stars

Review №15

A great place to see a heavy metal show. Beer is a little pricey. But thats nothing new for a music venue.

Review №16

Great venue, typical crowded smoking area and the stage area has that musky ol beer smell so its feels like all the shows I used to go see at the dives when I was young. By no means is this place aesthetically comparable to a dive. Cant wait to go back

Review №17

Great venue. Good bar with fast service. Great place to see shows in a more intimate setting. Inside arranged so you can see the stage from pretty much anywhere.

Review №18

I had heard about this place for years, but this was my first time there. Great general-admission, standing-only venue for live music. Sound was great. Clean bathroom & fast bar. Id definitely go back there to see another show.

Review №19

Great place to see a show. Machine Head killed tonight!

Review №20

Nice location for a concert. The building was really nice inside and the areas to stand for viewings the stage were well places to allow room to see. Even offered an area for those who needed seating due to physical issues allowing access to see the stage. Only issue was finding parking near the building as downtown parking is hard to find.

Review №21

Great mid sized concert venue always packed with awesome touring bands. Highly recommended for out town guest and locals alike! The band X one night and the Get Up Kids two days later. It doesnt get better than this!

Review №22

Great venue where you can see the stage from anywhere. Small yet big. Lots of parking around the area since its right in downtown Buffalo.

Review №23

Always the best shows and best service all around, I’ve seen so many bands and artists here and have never been disappointed. Metric was by far my favorite show to see because it was intimate and i got to see an amazing band and artist in a somewhat smaller space but the list is endless. Tonight I saw K Flay and that has to be another highlight for me.

Review №24

What a place for music! Really great set up, easy for someone short to see the stage which is awesome. Clean bathrooms and Great bar too. Would go again!

Review №25

Great venue. Feel safe!

Review №26

Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table and Keep Flying show was awesome. Great venue for a concert! Always runs smoothly

Review №27

I love the historic Town Ballroom. What an amazing venue and treatment to our collective musical history!

Review №28

Great venue for music, but there is a serious shortage of seating, which probably is fine with the younger fans, but is tough on us old duffers. The staff is outstanding and helped us find a place to sit. Along with the Sportsmans Tavern and The Tralf, Buffalo holds their own with any other mid major- city when it comes to concert venues.

Review №29

Wonderful atmosphere. Intimate feeling with performances. Security can be pretty mean.

Review №30

Best venue in Buffalo to see a band!

Review №31

$2000 Grand Prize for the Halloween Contest is 100% fixed! Buy a $90 L.E.D Stick figure costume in a bag? Wheres the creativity? Why dont you guys do a real costume contest where the audience cheers for the best one!!! Anyone can buy this costume in a bag. No work went into this at all.

Review №32

Really cool place to see music. Great connection with the artists. Easy to get to. Spacious bar and line goes fast for restrooms.

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Review №34

Went to an Action Bronson concert here. Small venue but not a bad spot in the whole place.

Review №35

Geeat venue!! Just the right size for a more intimate experience. Geoff Tate was phenomenal in this setting!!

Review №36

I love this venue. The pit is awesome and you can get up close to the bands.

Review №37

My first visit was for a Dream Theater show - blew me away, then to now tonight to experience the Wild Knights, the venue, staff and everything is perfect!

Review №38

Fun time. Cool location. Sound was great. Recommend.

Review №39

Town Ballroom is one of the best venues in the Buffalo area. They have 2 bars, one in the lobby area, and one inside the performance area as well. They have non-alcoholics drinks like Pepsi too (Because Im the designated driver.) Anyhow, its a spacious venue that can accomodate about 400 people. The acoustics are fantastic, its near horseshoe design makes the acoustics perfect.Interestingly, in older times Frank Sinatra, Coltrane, etc. performed here. This was also one of Al Capones hangouts when he was in Buffalo too. Its a historic building as well. It came into its current state in 2005, when the building was restored and became the Town Ballroom.This is a fantastic venue, I would absolutely reccomend this place for people in search of live entertainment in Buffalo, NY.

Review №40

This is a great venue! The different levels make it easy to see from any spot. The bars are well stocked and decently priced. I never have a bad experience at Town Ballroom!

Review №41

One of my favorite places to see a band. Small without being crowded. There isnt a bad place to view the stage in the house. Only downside is theres no seating anywhere.

Review №42

Fast bar service. Getting in was a pain. It took forever at will call. Sound amazing.

Review №43

Had a great time flogging molly was awesome

Review №44

Great people, great venue, great show. I had forgotten earplugs in my car, took a chance and asked a friendly bartender if they had any, and gave me a pair. My brother and I had a great time.

Review №45

Beyond awesome venue with great staff and amazing bar service!

Review №46

They have great shows but you end up leaving half way through because theres no where to sit down , if youre spending money to go out you want to chill with a few drinks and you really cant there

Review №47

This place has always been awesome, when Limp bizkit played here it was the best show Ive ever been too. As for these people complaining about high draft cost head to toronto that draft would be $10+ thats why I prefer to go over the boarder to shows, just cant bring my weed over the boarder...

Review №48

The best live music venue in Buffalo. There isnt a bad place to stand in the entire place.

Review №49

One of my favorite venues in buffalo. Always great sound, friendly bartenders, and security arent jerks unless you deserve it.

Review №50

For a smaller venue this was amaizing, for young and old alike... very good acoustics... but be prepaired... the smaller space makes it very loud.

Review №51

Great venue! Easy access to the bars, minimal lines, quick service, space feels intimate for shows.

Review №52

Great entertainment place....

Review №53

Great places to see a show. Acoustics are pretty good no matter where you are. Three tiers of where you can stand. Each tier is separated by a railling where drinks can be set

Review №54

Great place for concerts... Not a bad spot in the house... Security is a lil strict...

Review №55

I absolutely love this venue. Everyone is very kind and I genuinely dont think there is a single bad place to stand.

Review №56

Enjoyed the Geoff Tate show. Not a bad seat in the house!

Review №57

Round room offers excellent viewing to see a band. Good lineup of bands.

Review №58

Good sound and we were able to see the performers well no matter where we were. I enjoyed the balcony in the back great view.

Review №59

Great show with Judah and the Lion.

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Review №61

Great venue, easy parking. Up close with your favorite bands.

Review №62

A great venue with fantastic atmosphere. Not a bad spot in the house to watch a show. Will be back, again and again....

Review №63

My husband and I had an awesome night at the Town Ballroom. The Allman Betts Band was amazing!!Only hassle we had was with an outside security guard telling my husband he couldnt wear his wallet because it has a chain on it. To the owners: please add a section on your website of items that are not allowed in your business. My husband was not amused by security telling him just leave your wallet outside, maybe it will still be here when you leave. If it wasnt for Little Joe, who by the way is AWESOME!!!, we probably wouldnt return. 5 stars for Little Joe and Allman Betts!!!

Review №64

One of our favorite destinations to watch our favorite bands! Never a bad time.

Review №65

One of the best venues in Downtown Buffalo for concerts. Not as large as others but that is what makes the Town Ballroom what it is.

Review №66

Small space that makes you feel like you are right next to the bad. I love that its not just one floor where you cant see above tall people.

Review №67

Awesome venue cor an intimate concert. Mostly standing room.

Review №68

Security staff is friendly but they still get the job done. Bar staff was fast and efficient. Music sounded great and I love the layout of the ballroom.

Review №69

One of the best venues Ive ever been to. I wish every show I attended was here.

Review №70

Theres really no bad view in the place. Drinks are fairly priced, theres always lots of bartenders. Coat check is available. Small snacks are available. Usually tickets are fairly priced as well. Wide variety of acts. Heavy search at the door. There is a fairly large smoking section available outside throughout the show. The only slight challenge is parking, as the venue is located in downtown. However, there are multiple parking garages nearby if you dont feel comfortable on the street, as well as multiple hotels if you are deciding to stay close by.This venue has always been a great staple for our group of friends and I would reccomend the venue to anyone. Will return.

Review №71

Great venue. Huge bar. Friendly staff. Huge floor.

Review №72

Very nice place! Had an excellent time watching They Might Be Giants. Had a great view, show was sold out but it still wasnt to packed. Nice bathrooms with fast moving lines. Employees were polite. Loved it, will be returning for other shows!

Review №73

Saw the Tea Party there Saturday night.Excellent venue.Multiple bars, plenty of bartenders, reasonable prices, freindly staff and security.Not a bad view in the place.Sound system excellent.Big enough to be exciting, small enough to be intimate.Ticket prices reasonable.Well run place.

Review №74

Great place for shows. Bartender Kris is awesome.

Review №75

Great venue with tons of artists. The size is perfect for viewing.

Review №76

TMBG. Definitely one of the best venues in Buffalo.

Review №77

Awesome layout, one of my favorite venues.

Review №78

If youve never heard of the suicide girls.. You should check them out! Great performance!

Review №79

This is one of the coolest places to see a concert

Review №80

Intimate with great sitelines. Security would not let in a point and shoot camera that I get into 75% of the venues I attend.

Review №81

Staff is friendly, drinks are fair. Just know there isnt a single place to sit down. Seems like that information should be made available before buying nonrefundable tickets.

Review №82

Super cool venue!! Definitely will be back

Review №83

Ive only been here once, for the Flogging Molly concert, but it was amazing. The security that checks you was courteous and not rude, the bathrooms were nice and clean, and they also have an attendant. I dont know if theres any place to sit down or if its standing only, but I didnt mind and I didnt feel crowded. The drink selection seemed alright, I dont know if they have different selections at each different bar though, I think theres three of them. Overall a very lovely place.

Review №84

Rockin venue....needs some seats!

Review №85

Always a great place for a show! Awesome sound and not a bad spot in the house to be able to see the performances. The drinks are reasonably priced and well. The only criticism I have with the Ballroom is that there are no places to sit at all except in the front bar area. When you go to a show that lasts over 4 hours with openers etc it gets a little difficult to stand that long.

Review №86

Went for ub40 concert. Great show, great views from all ballroom.

Review №87

Such a great time! Thank you.... Let people in 5 min early when its FREEZING Outside!.. :) I am gonna give you 5 stars in good faith! Keep up the good work!

Review №88

One of the best venues Ive ever been to. Intimate without being too small to move around.

Review №89

Awesome place to go see shows.

Review №90

Irish wake- wonderful venue, food and entertainment!

Review №91

Great venue! As a shorter person, I appreciate the many levels to this place. Although, no matter what concert or is it where it is, tall people are always directly in front of me. Ha!

Review №92

Cheap drinks, and an awesome, intimate venue for live music!

Review №93

Always love the venues here. SUCH A GREAT TIME!

Review №94

Great venue to see a show, first class, Buffalo knows how to party.

Review №95

People smoking blunts and joints which is ok. But hit a vape you get thrown out

Review №96

This man is a “Complainer” who keeps complaining about the food he ordered for tiny or unreasonable reasons and refusing the payment afterwards. For your interests, we strongly recommend you to keep this man from entering your restaurant.

Review №97

Very cool venue to stand in a theatre setting to watch live entertainment

Review №98

Great location, if you work downtown and know where to park. Just wish it wasnt cash only.

Review №99

Great venue. Lived in Buffalo but never grabbed a show until a few weeks ago when Johnny Marr was in town. Sounds great and was intimate.

Review №100

Great small venue. No seats, but no bad view in the house!

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  • Address:681 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 716-852-3900
  • Concert hall
  • Live music venue
  • Rock music club
Working hours
  • Monday:12–5pm
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:12–5pm
  • Friday:12–5pm
  • Saturday:12–5pm
  • Sunday:12–5pm
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:No
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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