Kleinhans Music Hall
3 Symphony Cir, Buffalo, NY 14201, United States

Review №1

I bought a 3 concert series for my wife and I at Christmas. A great escape from the hustle and bustle of life. You can hear and watch the orchestra and guests, or you can close your eyes and experience a thrill. I would definitely come back for more. Thank you professional musicians, conductors and guests for performances that are tops.

Review №2

This historic building is truly incredible... the architecture, the impressive shapes, curves and reflecting pool exterior, the very classy interior--somewhere between art deco and mid-century modern--and of course the impeccable acoustics. Any sound or music in this concert hall is amazing. Not only is the main hall beautiful and incredible, the Mary Seaton room and other areas of the building are phenomenal as well. Dont miss any opportunity you may have to go to an event here, or better yet, find a reason to go.

Review №3

Beautiful music/concert hall. Unique architecture & history. Beautiful grounds. Amazing acoustics inside mod interior. Parking lot is small & cost $ but street parking is free.

Review №4

Wonderful concert. Always great events. The BPO is fabulous.

Review №5

The building is beautiful, as if it itself is the showcase and not the music. Plenty of seating, although the nosebleed section isnt quite as desirable. And parking is rather difficult at times. Although I must say, sitting there for several hours at graduation in cap and gown was excruciating, the front row was terrifyingly hot. The A/C isnt the best depending on where you sit, so bring water.

Review №6

The staff was so kind and accommodating. I visited with my students from school 74 last Wednesday November 6,2019. Usually we are seated on the main floor,however this time was different and to my dismay I have severe arthritis in my knees and I was informed that our class this time would have to sit in the balcony! I asked sadly if there were elevators to get to the balcony and I was informed there was not. However what happened next really captured my heart the host of the event offered to seat me on the main floor where I would not have to climb the 20 stairs. As a Teacher Assistant it is important that I stay with my students at all times so I turned the offer down. He really went out his way to be of help to me and informed me that next year if we should come again these accommodations would be in place before our arrival. I just feel this was worth mentioning the KINDNESS of others!!! Kleinhans Music Hall Staff ROCKS!!!! THANK YOU FOR GOING THE EXTRA MILE.

Review №7

Wonderful music and a great time. Parking can be dicey but there doesnt seem to be a bad seat (sound-wise) in the house.

Review №8

Good and bad. My uncle played the music for Bryant and Stratton Graduation ceremony.Our key to the apartment got left under a program. Unfortunately we needed them that night after lockup. We had to wait to get those keys until a later date.Maybe there can be an emergency key service. There were about 5 or more sets of keys or fobs. I wonder how they got home.

Review №9

Beautiful venue for great music with spacious rooms for any occasion. Ive been there many times for many occasions and it always satisfies, sometimes spectacularly. I cant get over how friendly the staff always is even the police outside; big men with broad smiles holding traffic for we senior souls. I dont think of it as a destination site but its function as a concert hall has hosted many great concert performers who have been inspirational to me! Great venue, Home to Great performances.

Review №10

One of Buffalos true treasures. The building itself is beautiful. Shows are great here. Great seats throughout. Run like a well-oiled machine.

Review №11

I absolutely loved listening to the BPO here. Kleinhans has better acoustics than the Sydney Australia Music Hall

Review №12

The inside is beautiful! My boyfriend had his graduation here and it was awesome!

Review №13

Great event. Thank you Buffalo restaurants. Never been to Kleinhans, would love to see a show here. RIP AB

Review №14

Great program for the Buffalo Public Schools!

Review №15

I love Kleinhans! I love its history, amazing imaginative concerts, generous seating. Only one bone of rooms are crowded during intermissions. Plan ahead!

Review №16

Kleinhans is a wonderful place to see a show. The staff was friendly and helpful. The acoustics are perfect. There is not a bad seat in the house. I saw the Buffalo Philharmonic and was positively thrilled by the beautiful music. I overheard a lot of people after the show saying how much they enjoyed the performance. Definitely recommend the venue and the Philharmonic for an enjoyable time.

Review №17

Holiday Pops Concert was wonderful! We have such gems in the City of Buffalo!

Review №18

Went here today for the first time for Martin Luther King Day Celebration and it was a Nice Historic Place & clean very spacious the ceremony was great alot of talented people in Buffalo New York very inspiring they represented the culture and Martin Luther King Jr well thumbs up to Kleinhans And Bessie Patterson will be back next year

Review №19

Christmas Pops was fantastic. Beautiful decorations, Philharmonic and chorus was outstanding! A great evening.

Review №20

Historical venue that offers a great variety in the performances they host. Ive been here several times since childhood to see the BPO as well as to sing in school choruses. It gets hot in here during the summer but the building is far bigger than it lets on. Any time I can see the BPO here is a treat.

Review №21

We enjoy the events at Kleinhans. Just saw the BPO performance of the Beatles. Well organized, great music and lots of fun. Looking forward to more in 2020.

Review №22

Second time here. Very nice concert hall

Review №23

Sharp place. Didnt check out the bar. Very spacious auditorium and there really isnt a bad seat in the house. Seats were comfortable and sounds quality was great. Parking was not a problem... Paid parking was very close so didnt have to walk much at all. Even traffic getting out was not bad.

Review №24

Visited Kleinhans for a Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert. Beautiful building- one of the architecture gems in Buffalo. Main Hall has perfect acoustics. Smaller Mary Seaton Room hosts smaller concerts, and pre- & post-concert entertainment and beverages. Simple decor- everything in calming beige & light-toned wood. Generous seating between main floor & balcony (seats are generally comfortable). Additionally, there is table seating for pre-concert dining and a bar at the lower level. Old-School Lounges are classy-styled restrooms (with vanity mirrors and seating in the ladies lounges). Staff friendly & helpful. Some paid parking available- fills in quickly, before your visit research street parking options (streets are one-way in that area), or there are park & ride shuttles available for some concerts. No ATM nearby- have some cash on hand (for parking, and some artists & performers sell merchandise in the lobby.) Always an enjoyable and relaxing place to visit!

Review №25

Its the best time. So much talent. Always a show stopper

Review №26

Stellar performances. Great acoustic space. World class orchestra.

Review №27

What a fantastic day! Best acoustics, Joann Falletta and BPO with My favorite actor Gerry M.️

Review №28

One of the most architecturally fabulous places, anywhere! Ideal acoustics for concerts. Stunningly beautiful. Designed by world-renowned Eliel Saarinen. Any seat is a good one for hearing concerts. A wonderful variety of styles of music are offered. You must see - and hear - this gem while youre in Buffalo-Niagara!

Review №29

The Doors and The BPO. I had a great time with my wife Linda. The music and lighting effects was fabulous. Thank you Kleinhans for a special night

Review №30

Mozarts Requiem. Oh my. The BPO with the Chorus. Mind boggling. Fantastic.

Review №31

A vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. One can watch friends in eloquent conversations at the hall and then sit down to listen and enjoy amazing live presentations by the BPO. I’ve always enjoyed every single event. Simply magnifique!

Review №32

The orchestra was amazing, the soloists were amazing, the atmosphere in the house, amazing. Loved the performance.

Review №33

Great place for a concert. The Philharmonic is amazing.

Review №34

BPO with Grateful Dead was so so disappointing. Less than 50% BPO and GD fakes were awful.

Review №35

Great facility and acoustics. Home of the fabulous BPO.

Review №36

This is a world class music hall with perfect acoustics. I love the newer seats giving guests more room! If only airlines would do that. We are so blessed to have such a great music hall with a world class philharmonic.I recommend paying a little extra to sit on the worth it for the great sound. That being said, there is not a bad seat in the house.Thanks for keeping the arts through music alive and well in Buffalo.

Review №37

I went here for a crisis services benefit. Everything was absolutely awesome. It was a celebration of Chef Anthony Bourdain 2 years anniversary in passing. Some of the best restaurants in our area really put on a culinary extravaganza.

Review №38

Great place, the staff does a great job. The sound is always great.Also each of my childrens graduations were here and it was as good as I figured it would be.

Review №39

Orchestra was amazing playing score to Home Alone! Hamburg High School Chior excellent singing chior parts to the movie too!

Review №40

Absolutely outstanding! What a Timeless classic and a privilege to hear such beautiful music.

Review №41

The parking situation seemed kind of...inconvenient from what I can recall at the last event I attended. Limited space, felt like there was nowhere to go. But the place itself is great. I have seen multiple orchestra concerts, I have performed with my high school orchestra, I saw a cool presentation by Ronin Donovan from National geographic. I will definitely come back at some point.

Review №42

Great place for graduation. Scenic Venue

Review №43

This past weekends BPO Mendelssohn concerto and Choir parts after each scene of Midsummer Nights Dream was superb. It made me visualize the composer likely mitigating his stressful dad by hee-hawing through most of the scene excerpts. Naturally the decent troupe from Irish Classical hee-hawed in response consuming most of play time, all on a well-lit shallow section of Stage Front. They made their exits and narrowly creaming the French hornist. Entire scenes monopolized by tradesmen buffooning while socially hip nobles got less than a minute each, fastforwarding their lines into gibberish. MND wasnt written as a how-to on rearing donkeys, by the way. Blame this popular but traditional composer who couldnt rebel in a sophisticated way.

Review №44

Ive driven from Rochester to see the BPO half a dozen times or more in the last decade. The music Hall is a great venue. The orchestra , Soundsystem, seating, facility space, and now adjuncts food and drinks space in the attached concert hall and lower-level restaurant all make for an enjoyable venue and night out. However, parking sucks. But thats not a fault that lies with this organization.

Review №45

Loved this place! Queen was phenomenal, the singer sounded and had Freddy Mercury down to a tee

Review №46

Comfortable and classy looking concert hall. Acoustically perfect.

Review №47

My daughter had her dance recital here and it was awesome, as it has been the last three years!! I was actually surprised at how well priced there little food and beverage bar is!! Love it!!

Review №48

We attended a Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert that included the Pink Floyd tribute band, The Machine. It was an outstanding concert at an excellent venue. The only issue was parking. You need to get there early!!

Review №49

Came here for a hanson and the buffalo Philharmonic orchestra concert. Excellent service, the audio was perfect!! Will definitely go again. The orchestra was incredible!!

Review №50

Great acoustics. Was there for a high school graduation ceremony and the band and choir was exceptional. Would recommend a BPO experience to anyone. I did years ago.

Review №51

I went on one of my daughters field trips, n i enjoyed it there

Review №52

Harmonious slpendor

Review №53

Great show. Planned ahead for parking based on the email form the venue. Well done! We felt we were valued patrons.

Review №54

Went for the tribute to Aretha Franklin. Great show

Review №55

Ive been to this place a few times and it never has any parking or walking space for its guests both before and after the events. Its a very nice looking hall it just cant support all the people who show up to fill the seats during intermissions or departure. The external atmosphere is very pleasant apart from the pond water being very dirty and the ambient sound around the music hall is not enjoyable. Uniformed police officers help with pedestrians trying to cross the busy street located at the business front.

Review №56

Incredible acoustics. Really great music hall!!!

Review №57

Popped up at the Music and Wine Festival and had a great time. Kleinhans is classy as ever.

Review №58

Great concert and nice dinner downstairs at Henrys.

Review №59

Cirque Fiesta was so exciting with the acrobatics and juggler!! The quick change act was my favorite part!! The BPO with entertainment too!! The Best!!

Review №60

What an incredible addition to the city the BPO is. If you have not been to Keinhans to see a concert, pops or classical, do yourself a favor, and experience it. You will not be sorry.

Review №61

Historic hall great architecure

Review №62

Blessed to have the BPO and kleinhans

Review №63

Kleinhans always a supreme venue for any event. Philharmonic orchestra a treasure for Buffalo and WNY.

Review №64

The music is world class and the venue has excellent acoustics.

Review №65

Cirque Fiesta: Philharmonic was wonderful, as always; conductor had fun demeanor: Cirque was fantastic!

Review №66

Buffalo symphony is one of the best!

Review №67

I just wish they had bathrooms on the same floor bc I was 8 months pregnant at the time and hauling but big butt down the stairs was obnoxious. I even asked and usher and he told me to go downstairs.

Review №68

Great show! Krazy Fingers was awesome!

Review №69

Kleinhans is a true gem in the Buffalo area.It hosts world renowned concertmasters, musicians, and vocalists. The acoustics are amazing, allowing for a lovely experience from any seat in the house.Of note, parking lot is small. While there is street parking, I suggest an earlier arrival to better assure a spot in their lot.

Review №70

Kleinhans been there since I was a kid, air conditioning and good seating view. the plays and concerts are reasonable.

Review №71

There isnt a bad seat in the whole place and the sound is amazing

Review №72

Wonderful experience. Seeing the Buffalo Philharmonic in this space was phenomenal.

Review №73

Great venue for graduations

Review №74

Beautiful. Loved the performance

Review №75

What can be negatively said about Kleinhans? I say absolutely NOTHING. In addition to being the home of our much-beloved Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, they also host a TON of private concerts and events. Even weddings! If I ever found that one special woman (not going to happen at 49 years old now) I would want my wedding here. Perfect acoustics and great seating make this place a truly wonderful music venue. I had the great opportunity to listen to the BPO perform Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts classic Requiem Mass several years ago, and I was absolutely stunned as to how wonderful their perfomance was. The next time that they play ANY Mozart (Don Giovanni, in particular) I will be there will bells on, no matter what the ticket might cost.

Review №76

Everything about the holiday pops performance was magical. The orchestra, the electric conductor, the gorgeous and warm vocals the charming narrator... This definitely gave our Christmas that extra this year.

Review №77

The acoustics in this venue are wonderful. Even in the balcony, the view is lovely. It is an intimate setting.

Review №78

I enjoyed the ice cream cone. Not too sweet. I had the chocolate and vanilla.

Review №79

Very nice experience and everyone was very polite and helpful you just couldnt eat once you got to your seat you can only bring water in. The only thing I would say they need Improvement on as to have parking available for attendance and staff for that matter so you dont have to walk blocks to and from kleinhans Music Hall.

Review №80

A wonderful place to listen to any type of music!

Review №81

Unique hall with stellar acoustics. Had a great evening and look forward to the next concert.

Review №82

Kleinhans Music Hall is a great convenient area to bring together Unity creativity bonding relaxation just a good experience that can gather folks mind and create a better mind State for the future and the neighborhood me as a resident and citizen and the rest of the citizens and you know the community would love to experience you know to take us to and you know good or feelings and stuff like that so you know thats what we need and I appreciate it thanks

Review №83

Great venue. The Buffalo Philharmonic is always in tune.

Review №84

Beautiful architecture and acoustics...needs a facelift...update the seats and carpeting bring this building to 2019. The spirit and grandeur is wonderful.

Review №85

Was here for a High School graduation, parking is bit wacky but other than that, its great.

Review №86

Nice music performance, good people. Glad to be with nice audience.

Review №87

I was in the army and stationed at the AFEES station in the old Federal Bldg. on Main street close to the Anchor Bar in the late 60s and I spent many wonderful evenings at Kleinhans. They had a lot of country music shows with all of the popular entertainers of the day. It is a great facility and I still think of it often.

Review №88

A wonderful music venue!

Review №89

Excellent concert! Plus the acrobatics today were incredible!!

Review №90

Amazing show, wonderful dinner just a great time.

Review №91

Beautiful building, amazing acoustics, captivating orchestra.

Review №92

Always a wonder to attend events here. Prayers.

Review №93

Wonderful acoustics for a world class Philharmonic

Review №94

Great orchestra, wonderful conductor, superb acoustics. A marvelous experience. Very highly recommended.

Review №95

Beautiful place to hold celebrations. Perfect setting.

Review №96

It is a very unique place for elegant ...

Review №97

So big and amazing. Went to see Hanson with BPO; had a fantastic time!

Review №98

Great orchestra, wonderful conductor, superb acoustics. A marvelous experience. Good job

Review №99

Whats there to say the place and program could not be any better. Just love it

Review №100

I recently saw a comedy show here. It has very comfortable seating and amazing acoustics. It definitely is a world class concert venue.

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