Buffalos Mohawk Place
47 E Mohawk St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
Review №1

Amazing dive venue, I’ve seen and played many great shows here! Houses mostly rock music or similar genres.All the staff have been friendly and amazing. My friend works the door and she is a tough as nails (don’t mess with her!) awesome person. The bartenders are always charismatic and attentive. Prices are decent.The sound is of good quality for bands on stage and off. I’ve been able to hear my own vocals which is usually hard at most venues, but whoever works sound is for the most part on point and easy to work with. As an audience member, I can hear all parts of the band. The side room for storing gear is a bit of a tight squeeze, but fellow musicians have been respectful and cooperative. I highly suggest playing here if you’re a band, or just coming to a show to experience a good night!

Review №2

Visited from Pittsburgh to attend the D.R.I. show 5/21/19. The band sounded great. The door guy was efficient and friendly. Bar staff served with a smile. Floors, were NOT sticky!

Review №3

Pretty cool place to catch a show. Beer runs $4 for a draught, not sure how much mixed drinks are. The place inside is sort of a narrow bar when you enter, then it opens up a bit. You head back just a bit further for the show / viewing area, which is small. Outside theres a parking garage right across the street. Max parking currently (3/7/20) is $4 Max. There are meters on Mohawk street as well, if youre lucky to snag one. Its a little tight inside if its a capacity show, but definitely worth it. Its old, but had a lot of character. Staff was nice as well. Will return for another show in the future.

Review №4

Great beer selection, very affordable, and it doesnt pretend to be anything that it isnt. An excellent place to go see Punk concerts in an intimate venue. It gets pretty packed!

Review №5

It might not look like much, but they have a fantastic stage and great entertainment. It is a long-standing icon of Buffalo.drinks are fairly reasonable too. There is usually a cover but its only $5. Play the band members! They put in practice to entertain for you!

Review №6

It was out first time see a show here, and it was great!!! Its a small and intimate place too see bands play live, you get right up to the stage, makes you feel like youre in the band!!!

Review №7

Bartenders are present. Beer is cold, and decently priced. Definitely would go back

Review №8

Great intimate venue with a really nice staff. Easily found and plenty of parking available. I will definitely go back!

Review №9

Great local bar and place to catch some bands and relax. Really enjoyed the atmosphere here and how laid back it was for the concert. Less people less drama

Review №10

Love this place. Not only seen a few mohawks but spotted an elusive wild mullet as well.

Review №11

Decent sound. Great location right next to parking garage. Bar staff was quick.

Review №12

If you love 90s alternative this is the place for you and live bands were awesome especially Hundred Plus Club

Review №13

Came out for Saved By The 90s (which btw is AMAZING!!!). Everyone from the front door security to the bartenders and the rest of the staff was super cool and nice. Even when I saw one guy who had too much to drink and was getting rowdy and got kicked out, the security was cordial while escorting him out lol. Perfect drinks (not too strong, not too weak) knowledgable bartenders. The venue itself is small and has a dive bar feel, but the sound system is very good and the back area where the stage is more spacious than it seems. All in all a great place.

Review №14

Great venue for shows. Nice crowd and good drinks

Review №15

A lot of fun & $3 drinks

Review №16

Cold beers. Good music. Thats Buffalo.

Review №17

Street Dogs,The New Darbuster,Bar stool preachers and the legendary Wolf Tickets(Buffalo,N.Y.)

Review №18

Nice place for gathering to watch new bands. Drinks were reasonably price and service was prompt.

Review №19

Still the best music venue in Buffalo! Love the dank, dark feel. It fits the place so well. A true Buffalo icon!

Review №20

Friendly staff. Reasonable price for drinks. The sound wasnt very good. Possibly because it was an electronic based band have trouble with that type of set up

Review №21

A snug little club with a great set up for bands. Great place to get performance experience even if it is pay to play. The night we went, there was a good crowd for the lineup of bands. Well-drinks are cheap and decent. Easy parking, easy access from Rt. 33

Review №22

Great small venue for underground artists. Everyone was friendly. It is VERY small so keep that in mind. Area in front of stage is approximately 30x60 or so. It can get crowded for more well known artists. Parking is easy as there is a public lot on the next corner.

Review №23

Thou it is a small place it is a nice place i have seen two concerts there now GREEN JELLO and TWIZTID and both was a blast !! the drinks where a little over prices for the size i thought little tiny cups for the price of $5.50 of a mix drink and yet a coke twice the cup size was the same price.. But all and all it was a very good place to go. Stage gets you up close to the act and gets you great pictures there was nice spacing for a pit and nice VIP area even know not very well watched as anyone walked up into the VIP sitting area so why pay extra for it and you can just walk into it at the concert.. So for the little thing i give it a very high four stars..

Review №24

Dive bar with a lot of character, perfect for hard hitting music.

Review №25

I first went to this bar 24 years ago - I went back (after 24 years!) A few months ago while visiting back home, and it was exactly the same: a cosy little bar to watch some really great live music (this time Ben Vaughn, who was fantastic) with a friendly and interesting Buffalo crowd. I like this bar because theres no attitude, just people having fun!

Review №26

Acoustics are phenomenal, bartenders are always friendly and I love that they are keeping such an iconic venue open and preserved

Review №27

Not a bad venue for concerts. I very much enjoyed the D.R.I. show and the sound quality for them and all the opening bands was outstanding. I would go again for sure

Review №28

Nice little venue, staff were mostly friendly, and drinks were reasonably priced. A little cramped, possibly underdecorated if you care about that sort of thing, but honestly its still got enough of a personality by itself. If youre just looking for a decent place for a drink or to see some local or touring indie bands, you could do alot worse than Mohawk Place.

Review №29

ALWAYS a great place with great music etc. Highly recommended!

Review №30

Pretty shoulder to shoulder, but always hosts great musicians and Its a fun time.

Review №31

Great atmosphere for personal live music

Review №32

Great venue Night Goat loves this venue

Review №33

Great place for a tall one, nice and chilly on a hot Buffalo night and great live music

Review №34

Was admitted to Still Bills Disco Hospital and came out a new man!Yes, its legendary. But you may have missed all that. Still the best place in town to see a band. Unless the band you like is filling the arena up...

Review №35

Pretty cool place to see a show. Very intement the stage area in the back of the establishment. Full bar. Guys room looked like a sticker box exploded in it! Green room was a bit creepy I met with the artists for the show I attended.

Review №36

Great venue and bar

Review №37

Such a great local venue. The sound system is awesome, drinks are cheap, and all styles of music are welcomed. One of my favorite spots!

Review №38

Best place for a punk show in buffalo, I leave with whiplash everytime

Review №39

Great bar with a great staff. They get some great bands in there.

Review №40

This venue was great! Id take this place over Town Ballroom any day

Review №41

Awesome place. Bartenders are attentive. The owner is welcoming into his cozy home like bar. Live music good dive atmosphere

Review №42

Definitely not a bad place to see a live show.

Review №43

Great live music venue!

Review №44

I have never had a bad time at the Mohawk Place. Sadly that changed last night before the Lecherous Nocturne show. Both vocalists of one of the opening bands were being refused entry due to not having their IDs on them, regardless of ensuring they were in the band and were not going to try to drink. All they wanted to do was play a well known venue in the city of Buffalo, instead they were faced to worry if they could even step up on stage or not. Aside from the security issue with the band, there were technical difficulties which seemed to anger the sound guy. Reasonable, but not the bands fault. Overall, I and hopefully this band will have a better future with The Mohawk Place, if not better and none at all.

Review №45

Best place for alternative people to see some sick bands. Good drink selection and not over priced.

Review №46

Looking for a dive bar? You found it.Looking for somewhere dark and ominous. You found it.Beer is so so.Bartenders have personality of the rags they use.

Review №47

Had a great time at the venue. Very nice staff. They got back to me right away on Facebook messenger and answered any question I had. Very professional and legendary establishment. Excited to go again.

Review №48

This music and bar venue is a Buffalo classic. There is a long pub style bar in front , where cabaret style performances happen and then a small stage in back where a schedule of bands, both local and touring, perform on a regular basis. Drink prices are reasonable. Staff is friendly. A brilliant venue for rock and roll.

Review №49

Great grungy place for music

Review №50

It was a small bar but great for a night out and they dont break your wallet either. The staff there were also great

Review №51

Great atmosphere! Nice vibe.

Review №52

Pretty decent place, very long hallway like venue, shows here have a up close feel. We had a good experience.

Review №53

I’ve actually never been but I can attest to the traffic and clientele that frequents the Mohawk Place. It is most always busy two to three week nights a week and Saturday evens often as well. The clients who play at the Mohawk Place are mostly under thirty and could be as young as 21. I would say if I could describe the vibe it would be - unhappily punk.

Review №54

Been a big fan of this place since I was a teenager and seeing local bands play. Still a great place to go for a show or event.

Review №55

Decent drink prices. The live sound quality is mediocre at times but its not unbearable. Good size, I like the raised area near stage right

Review №56

Gets crowded at times but a great venue. Great prices as well considering its location.

Review №57

My home away from home. Forever.

Review №58

Great place to see live music. Bartender was very attentive and handled the crowd well

Review №59

Great spot for touring and local alternative and indie rock bands! This is a spot every live music fan should visit whenever stopping in Buffalo. Way too many legendary shows to list! Stop in for a great beer and music almost any night of the week!

Review №60

An integral fiber in the fabric of the Buffalo music scene, particularly when it comes to showcasing up and coming artists. Small, a little dingy, and loud, but thats why we love it.

Review №61

Dive bar. Good events and a good selection of beer on tap. Went for a dance night and it was ok. Nothing they did wrong, just not many people showed up.

Review №62

Mohawk Place in Buffalo is legendary. From the days when the stage was slightly larger than a postage stamp (which is long ago, as indicated by the use of the term postage stamp) to the newly renovated venue with the large stage in the back, it is a must-play for local and out of town acts. Oh, and the staff is pretty cool, too.

Review №63

Not a good venue to listen to bands. Hard surfaces in the live music stage area leads to an overly loud and brash sound. They need some sound-absorbing materials on their walls!

Review №64

Saw my friends son in a band there, they should really expand that place. Standing and seating very limiter.

Review №65

One of my favorite music venues. Always have great shows and DJs! Also great drag shows and burlesque nights. If you wear battle jackets or fishnets, chances are youll like Mowhawk Place.

Review №66

Great beer selection, that are affordable. They get all kinds of shows from acoustic acts to meta bandsl, rock to hip hop and everything in between. Historic spot in Buffalo.

Review №67

Basically highschool battle of the bands with an alcohol option

Review №68

One of my all time favorite venues they sound is always on point the drinks are a great affordable price and the different bands and other performers they host always go above and beyond for the crowed definitely worth checking out one of the many events they hold inside during the year

Review №69

Small venues are the best.

Review №70

Iconic buffalo venue, tons of history. Awesome staff, bar and stage.

Review №71

Best music venue in Buffalo for small shows. Fair priced drinks, great acts... dont have an ill word to say.

Review №72

If anything this place is too awesome! Best bartenders in the *world* they make the best PBR cans *anywhere*! Only down side it might be too clean...

Review №73

A great venue with reasonably priced drinks, Mohawk Place usually hosts some of the best touring punk, hardcore, and metal bands.

Review №74

Great little Club ftmp promotes a lot of bands in there too great place

Review №75

Was there for a concert the music was good and the drinks were strong. No complaints here

Review №76

Mohawk is my favorite place to see music, because its punk rock and its affordable

Review №77

Kind of a cool venue but the bar was understaffed for the busy-ness of the event and it took 20 minutes to get a round of drinks. For busy nights you need to have more bartenders. We left after the first round because we didnt feel like waiting.

Review №78

Great bar, with great live music, must go destination!

Review №79

The music here always blows me away. Tonight it was Ishkabibble, a father-son duo on guitar and drums. No patter, no vocals, just an incredibly tight jazz, rock avalanche of sound.

Review №80

All my favorite concerts were here.

Review №81

Only remaining vestige of punk rock in America

Review №82

Mohawk place is a Buffalo institution. It smells funny, acoustics not that great.... But its mohawk place. Thats part of the experience. Like the corner bar our parents went to ( which is becoming more and more rare these days). Its vintage like vinyl records and Iroquois lager.

Review №83

Loved the Poetry Slam! Am definitely going again to hear some of WNYs best beat poets and spoken-word artists! Shout out to my friend A.L. Montgomery!

Review №84

Performed here several times, each time was great. Amazing place to showcase your band or performance.

Review №85

Nice small venue with good sound and great viewing for music.

Review №86

Whiskey Daredevils amazing!! Good selection of beers

Review №87

Great time. Great show.

Review №88

Great people and great time my go to place!!

Review №89

Best local music venue

Review №90

Beautiful venue, loud music, great entertainment, decent priced bar

Review №91

Live bands, punk rock, grunge if those are your Styles this is the place for and your friends to rock out to music. Have drinks and dance!!

Review №92

Great venue, great show.

Review №93

Alot of fun. Good people good vibes

Review №94

Do it with malice was amazing!!

Review №95

Great love it

Review №96

This is my absolute favorite place for a local show. Everyone is so friendly there and it has such a cozy feel to it!!! 5 stars!!

Review №97

Very nice bar, excellent music, great service. Definitely somewhere people should frequent often

Review №98

Great venue and awesome beer selection!! Have seen so many amazing shows here!! So glad it reopened

Review №99

The music sucks, the bouncer is a Mad rude, and getting the bar tenders attention is a task.

Review №100

Amazing show I will never forget

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  • Address:47 E Mohawk St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
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  • Phone:+1 716-312-9279
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:No
  • Bar on site:Yes
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