Buffalo Iron Works
49 Illinois St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
Review №1

Josh, My wife and I would like to Thank you and your TEAM for taking care of us on Tuesday night. Your TEAM is very professional! Great job and thanks again. Your wings are outstanding. Looking forward to the next show or just a drink or two. Thanks Again.

Review №2

Awesome venue for any type show. Located in a nice neighborhood near downtown, hotels and restaurants.

Review №3

Great place to hang out at if you like a crowd. Good music as well. Drinks were good and average price.

Review №4

Been here for a few shows, always a good time. Can be a little crowded sometimes but you should expect that at a bar concert.

Review №5

We came down from Canada for the ottowa/sabres game today. We are so glad to have stopped at Iron Works. Our bartenders name was Jessica, she made us feel right at home! We really enjoyed her hospitality. Looking forward to coming down for another game in the near future!

Review №6

One of my favorite bars/restaurants/venue in Buffalo! It has so much to offer from live music to zip-lining! Bonus points for reusing and highlighting an important part of our city’s history!

Review №7

Great Intimate concert venue. Good sight lines and acoustics. Super friendly staff. Excellent Security.

Review №8

Great music venu or spot to grab a few drinks before a Sabres game! The service is awesome, Jess came over as soon as I was ready to quench my thirst! She did a great job and her communication skills were on point!!

Review №9

We came out for a well-attended Monday evening show at Buffalo Iron Works featuring the Finnish metal bluegrass band, Steve n Seagulls with ClusterPluck as the opener. The music from both bands had truly incredible energy. Drink and food prices were very reasonable. My son loved the hot wings.

Review №10

Great little place for live music, welcoming staff, lively, in the cobblestone district, looks dead, but, it gets better. If your shy of roughing it a bit, dont go. If your not, enjoy, its fab!

Review №11

Good people good music

Review №12

One of my favorite places in this world! From the talented musicians that come through town to the lasting friendships that started on the dance floor, this place is full of magic and love!!! Five stars!

Review №13

Really cool place with a huge stage for live music. The bar is huge and the patio is big too. The wall outside the patio had murals painted all by local artists featuring famous logos of the most prominent bands in history. It also includes a wing bar. Cover charge at front door unfortunately.

Review №14

Just stopped in for a shot before the Penguins abused the Sabres. Staff was quick, people were friendly. Looks like a cool place. Gonna check it out more next time in town!

Review №15

Went there for a concert and it was amazing. The drink that I had was way to expensive but so worth it. The people where so nice. I love the over look above everyone. It was amazing wish I lived closer so then I could go move. Total will go again

Review №16

Fun place to listen to music..Hayden Fogle Band

Review №17

Definitely recommend this place.. Food was great and our bartender- Jessica was friendly. She always made sure our drinks were full! I’ll be back soon!!

Review №18

Great venue. Little tight but can always go out the side to grab fresh air or smoke without having to go through the rentrie process

Review №19

Amazing venue and amazing pizza. You can hang out in the crowd and really get into the show, or sit back at the upper level seating and enjoy the show in peace.

Review №20

Great venue for love music! Cant wait to see another band here

Review №21

Friendly staff and great drinks. Great place before and after the Sabres game!

Review №22

This is delightful discotheque in the heart of Bufflo township. Superb room for a taser fight contests championships. The trampoline salesman will lie to you so back off and spray him with mace before he opens his mouth. The ceiling opens up so a helicopter can land when Limp Bizkit is to performing.

Review №23

Great place to see live music. Wings smell amazing.

Review №24

Fantastic live venue for live music. Will definitely come back

Review №25

Great music venue and slammin wings. Love the upstairs seating area to eat and watch Bumpin Uglies. Always worth the trip from Rochester.

Review №26

Great place to stop after an event at key Bank Center or a Bisons game

Review №27

One of the best rooms in town. Diverse calendar, great sound, great bar, and great staff!

Review №28

Went to hear live music on a Tuesday, was phenomenal. Buffalo, WHERE WERE YOU? Sad that more folks werent out and about. Great venue, plenty of seating, lots of room to dance if thats your thing. Sound was perfect, not super-booming. Could actually talk to my friends. Will look for more shows there in future.

Review №29

Iron works is always a good time. Love this venue, I feel like I always know at least a dozen people when I come to a show here.

Review №30

“Awoooo, wooo wooo whah whah!” What a cool place...

Review №31

FunkIdelic night... Good times... Great people

Review №32

Not sure if Im bias because I just watched the best band known in the universe, MOON HOOCH, there. Bar was nice tho and chill. They have delish water

Review №33

Nice venue to see live music.

Review №34

Went to a silent disco on new years eve and had a good time

Review №35

Went on valentines day to see abrupters and k man and the 45s. Great venue to see a show and Ive never had a bad time in Buffalo,NY

Review №36

This was my second year as a sponsor, looking forward to the growth of this concert series and the positive impact on the community it serves. Much love and respect from Mercury Salon

Review №37

Show was great. Nice environment. Was there for the lost dog,street band and Matt heckler show. Next time I go I gotta try the food!!! Wings looked and smelled amazing!

Review №38

No quarter led zeppelin tribute band was great!!! Had a hard time trying to find parking but everything else was fine.

Review №39

Great music and met some great people!

Review №40

Such an amazing place to visit! Our first time and I loved it. The music was incredible. Great service.

Review №41

Went there to see rage and tool tribute bands. Good time, tool band was awesome.

Review №42

Fun wide open atmosphere. Plenty of activities and events throughout the year! Great location in the city. Good beer and food.

Review №43

Always a great venue for shows and they definitely dont skimp on the drinks. During the summer the doors are open and its a really cool vibe. Their new food set up is super tasty too. Get the fish tacos and loaded tots!

Review №44

The perfect music venue for any genre!

Review №45

Great venue, great act, great wings. Minimal seating, expect to stand for the show.

Review №46

Great place to have drinks n food before or after a Sabres game.

Review №47

I discovered this place about 5 years ago!!! The Intune events with Pierce were amazing for my friend and I so I started to come whenever I have the free time and a good band comes out... For one of the Intune events, we literally were there from 4 p.m. until 4 a.m. one time. The people there are always cool!!! There wasnt a time where I went and didnt talk to someone new, get to know them and just have a great time. The music is usually always great but if you see Funktional Flow are coming then GO!!! They are great. The food is good, drinks are as well. The bartenders are cool. Very chill spot for me and I recommend them to anyone new to the scene and want to have a nice night...

Review №48

The venue itself is pretty nice and a great place for small or local shows. However I was unimpressed with the staff that they had working the past 2 times that I have been there :/. In my most recent experience, I opened a tab earlier in the night and left my card behind the bar (which was fine). When it was time for me to close up my tab to have my debit card returned to me, the female bartender told me that she no longer had any cards behind the counter and that they gave them all back. Confused, I politely asked her if she could just quickly check to make sure because I didn’t get it back. She was very clearly intoxicated and argued with me, telling me that she gave it back to me when I obviously knew that that didn’t happen. She kept telling me to check my purse and that I probably just lost it...??? I walked away for a few moments and went back over and asked the male bartender if he still had my card and immediately he says “Yes, here ya go!”. So all of that commotion because the girl didn’t want to give me my debit card back for some odd reason. As someone who worked in the downtown buffalo hospitality industry for many years it was just disappointing. They should really look into getting some better trained/professional staff and a more efficient system! Still rooting for you!

Review №49

Quick helpful staff. Been here a handful of times to see shows and always have great bands. One of the best places to see live music in the area, possibly even the whole state.

Review №50

Unfortunately I missed the concert Monday , with Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia band. But on Wednesday came for a sabres game stopped in for a draft. Wings looked great. Fun place have music offen I hear. Cant wait to come back to see a show!

Review №51

I really enjoyed the concert and the beer selection was great! But they opened the garage door and left it open all night so it was freezing and all there was an overwhelming amount of cigarette smoke the whole time.

Review №52

Bartender was extremely nice and printed my Sabres tickets.

Review №53

Ironworks is a good place to see a band. They have good beer and wine selections. They are located in the Cobblestone district. We parked for free in the big lot on the other side of the block.

Review №54

Good selection & reasonable prices so close to the arena!

Review №55

Had the best time ever watching artificial hip!!! Greatest local band around

Review №56

Atmosphere is nice. Lots to do. Cool looking. Food was not bad.

Review №57

Great atmosphere, love the patio and balcony

Review №58

Great bar...great place to see a band

Review №59

Cool spot to hit up before concerts next door. Also books some great bands themselves.

Review №60

Always a fantastic time , they have great acts in there and a good beer selection

Review №61

Great entertainment! Good crowd. They need to find a way for more patrons to sit. Multi-level floor not very safe. Also thin spiral staircase sort of wonky. Typical bar bathrooms. Alleyway is convenient for smoking, vaping. Contact me. Ill make it work.

Review №62

Great night for the Cure vs the Smiths.

Review №63

Such an amazing venue! Always have a blast when going, staff is on point, bands are phenomenal and the sound is perfect. Best vibe around town!

Review №64

Great venue for a close, intimate concert setting!

Review №65

Last night was our first time at the Buffalo Iron Works, we saw Whitey Morgan play and the show was excellent, and ao were the entire staff at the Iron Works, there was a very big crowd but you never had to wait to long at the bar to be severed, the staff was great, very fast and friendly. We didnt have a chance to try any of the food, but everything that came out of the kitchen smelled great, so next time we will have to try some of there wings, all said and done, it was a great time!!!

Review №66

Really cool intimate setting!! Loved it

Review №67

Enjoyed a concert here while visiting Buffalo. Great place for drinks and wings.

Review №68

I love this place and all their staff!!

Review №69

Went last night to JGB and it was a disaster absolutely no room to move get to the bar let alone dance. They fill the place to the max seems so unsafe. Was wondering why the show did not sell out well its because they have no limits and if they do its about 100 people too many.People were puking out back no security no cleaning up it was disgusting floors all sticky and dont even ask about the bathroom just terrible. I purchased 3 tickets almost 80 bucks and had to leave midway through because of safety issues and that should never be the case at a venue and a first for me.UPDATE ON REVIEW....After talking to Josh Holtzman I added a star to the review. Fantastic guy and only wants the best for the bar. He made the situation right and showed legitimate concern.

Review №70

Great shows... Drinks were a fair price. I had a night out for about 20$ with cost of show and 2 mixed drinks. Most parking was pay at meter in some lots close by. Some lots are kind of spooky and dark so park in well light spots. Very close to Buffalo Canal Side.

Review №71

Great place for music, tough to hear when ordering drinks.

Review №72

Great Place for Drinks and Live music.

Review №73

Great service. Very friendly atmosphere. Valley Ambassador approved

Review №74

Great venue. Clean, friendly, fun.

Review №75

Awesome place, good vibes, cool bartenders, great food!!!

Review №76

I really like this place. Friendly staff, good service, and a chill vibe. My only complaint is its a bit of a walk to find parking as the garage across the street was closed, but not too bad if youre able bodied.

Review №77

Some nice shows. This room is not the best sounding place. To many hard surfaces,needs better work at sound board.

Review №78

Love this place. Great before and after an event. Friendly staff and pretty fast service. Great bands too!!

Review №79

Awesome newer, mid-sized venue in downtown Buffalo

Review №80

Saw Enter The Haggis here... Totally an Awesome time!!!!

Review №81

Excellent venue with different levels to watch the show. The little food shack had a great selection and I was soooo happy with the delicious vegan option I chose. Drinks and food are well priced too!

Review №82

I frequent this venue multiple times a month for shows. The staff is all great and when the weathers nice the garage doors are open for some fresh air! Love it here!

Review №83

Awesome music venue!

Review №84

They open to late for a show, you would think they would want to make money at the bar early..And when you leave, you can only go out the front, they lock the gates..You have to go around the building to get to the parking, which sucks in the rain..And, way to over priced for a beer.. $6.00???Last time Ill go there.

Review №85

Went and saw Nita Strauss, beyond amazing show, great venue. Had wings, cooked perfectly and service was fast!

Review №86

One of the best mid-sized venues in the wny area, staff is very friendly, great stage and sound system

Review №87

Iron Works is a local tavern that brings in Musicians from through out the wny area and afar, awesome bands, you never know if the band is someone you may like, unless you stop in, I would say this bar is will be recognized as the go to spot in Buffalo. Excellent music venue, kind of like the Mohawk, and Layfette tap room.

Review №88

Such a great place for music!

Review №89

This place is clean, has an open floor plan, and was a great pre-game environment. Had a great time

Review №90

This is an amazingly managed bar. After someone tried to pick a fight with me, Kareem the security manager was able to sort it out and allow me to have a nice time at this bar. The bartender Neil was phenomenal and moved fluently down the line helping customer with drinks and special requests. Thanks to Kareems kindness and Neils amazing customer service I will definitely be returning.

Review №91

Great local craft brewery, serving up countless local brews and drafts. Beautiful architecture and wonderful ambiance makes for a great place for a quick drink or a Saturday night out with friends. Highly recommend checking out Buffalo Iron Works!

Review №92

I come to this venue often when I visit Buffalo. They have a wide variety of music acts and unique dance parties. Its a nice crowd with a wide age range. Tap selection is adequate. There is enough variety to satisfy, but not so many choices as to overwhelm.

Review №93

Great time pre-concerting!!! Good beer selection and great service!!!

Review №94

Great food and drinks. Good music venue.

Review №95

Fun place with a great crowd and good drinks. Not overly expensive and really close to other bars and the casino.

Review №96

Good people giving live music to us here in Buffalo N.Y. Thank you Buffalo Iron Works good food good staff amazing venue Seckond Chaynce was here 6/30/2019 got to meet him

Review №97

Super chill venue!

Review №98

Great atmosphere. Fabulous sound and sight lines Friendly staff. Awesome concert venue. Will surely go again.

Review №99

Great service and good music

Review №100

Had a great time but they could use more tables and chairs on the upper deck

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:49 Illinois St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States
  • Site:http://buffaloironworks.com/
  • Phone:+1 716-200-1893
  • Concert hall
  • Live music venue
Working hours
  • Monday:7pm–12am
  • Tuesday:4pm–12am
  • Wednesday:7pm–12am
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:8pm–12am
  • Saturday:8pm–12am
  • Sunday:4pm–12am
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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