Delaware Park
Meadow Dr, Buffalo, NY 14214, United States

Review №1

Very nice place for a walk or sports. There are several tennis courts and gold courses. Also a perfect place to walk your dog.

Review №2

Well maintained, very spacious, and a little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city. There are a couple reforestation areas that are specifically for nature to do its thing, and plenty of groomed areas for people to coexist nearby.Though events may be postponed for COVID-19, this is definitely a place you can come to enjoy your own 6ft radius of peace within chaos.

Review №3

The jewel of the north side, this park remains true to the master Olmstead that created it. Just a lovely place to sit by a quiet lake and enjoy a Buffalo summer.

Review №4

Love biking, running, and golfing at Delaware park. I ride my road bike an average of 35 miles every day and love working out at Delaware park. I love golfing and play several times each week. The coarse is very well maintained and but golf coarse workers can be a little bit rude and disrespectful. Other than that the park is great to go to with family. The zoo is right next to the park and you can see some of the animal exhibits. Beautiful sensory and good place to chill

Review №5

Very nice park. But because of covid 19 it is very busy many people are trying to get out of the house and exersize.

Review №6

Great scenery year. Easy to get to thanks to bring near the 198

Review №7

A very large park, designed by Olmsted back in the day when that was the thing to do. Its very beautiful and is adjacent to a couple of buffalos finest museums. If you havent gone to Shakespeare in the park here, you someday should, but also good for a stroll, golf, tennis, or many other recreational activities. You can even rent a paddle boat!

Review №8

Delaware park is beautiful and historical. Beautiful place to walk and enjoy the view. Is a safe place but never walk it alone.

Review №9

Beautiful multi use park. Water is beautiful and actives are plentiful. Uncles boating tennis basketball hoops and many beautiful walking trails

Review №10

Beautiful park. It has a long trail for bikes and runners. Very close to the park is a beautiful small lake called Hyot Lake. Must go there as well.

Review №11

I have been going to this park my entire life and will ALWAYS go there. I love it. Its safe, beautiful, and friendly to ALL walks of life.

Review №12

Took my 16 and 21 yr old for a ride on the flamingo boats. Beautiful day. 1/2 hour is enough in the heat, but a cooler day Id do an hour.

Review №13

Beautiful park with a great rose garden! My sister took a photo of my little daughter here & it was my grandmas absolute favorite. Its the only thing she wanted in her casket when she died

Review №14

Clean, calming and beautiful. Wonderful place for photography!

Review №15

Had a blast walking around the lake with the family and taking pics.

Review №16

Never have had a bad experience at the park. Could clean up the little playground by the zoo a bit better. But, overall pretty good

Review №17

Wonderful park in the heart of a bustling, great American city. Fun golf course as well, wide open layout. Can be quite challenging too. Enjoy a day in this tremendous, Olmsted park!

Review №18

Huge and beautiful park! It would be great if there was a driving tour I could download. I’m from out of town and unfortunately didn’t have enough time to take it all in.

Review №19

Great place to do just about anything. A local Buffalonian hot spot.

Review №20

With the history museum, bike trail, and well maintained garden along the water it is very calm and pretty.

Review №21

This place awesome! Very beautiful... very Buffalo...from Hoyt lake to the buffalo zoo... We come all the time and bring all the out of towners to show the best of Buffalo...

Review №22

Park in great shape. Good place to walk or just sit under a tree and breathe fresh air

Review №23

Beautiful grounds and trees.

Review №24

Relaxing and safe park to gather with friends and family. Full of events and activities during the summer . And awesome spot for sledding on the winter .

Review №25

Albright Knox area of Delaware park is the most peaceful. Just take your hammock and a good book !

Review №26

Great place for a pleasant bike ride or an idyllic walk with a view of the water. They offer small boats for rent, gardens to walk through, and all right beside an incredible museum.

Review №27

A beautiful park. A peaceful place to walk.

Review №28

Plenty of space to run and keep social distance. The surroundings are unique; the zoo, Hoyt lake, museums, golfers, the rose garden, and some beautiful homes. Its as easy to find a quiet space as it is to people watch.

Review №29

I love Delaware park. But my experience the other day was scary. I was with my one year old daughter walking on the path at the Japanese garden. On are way back closer to the museum, three young men came riding through the path. Two on dirt bikes one on a four wheeler. They were going about 35 mph or more right on the bike path. They came up so quick they barely had time to stop and only stopped a few feet in front of me after I ran and picked up my daughter. She was terrified, her little heart was pounding and needless to say I was not happy either. This was around 6 p.m. This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this but for safety reasons I thought it was worth mentioning.

Review №30

Visited this garden to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The garden was beautifully laid out and the lake besides it just added to the serenity of this lovely place.

Review №31

Very pretty just a lot of homeless and young street kids doing whatever...

Review №32

I love Delaware Park, I golf 3 or 4 time a week great golf course well taken care of

Review №33

Beautiful, big, and lots to do. Needs better sanitation. Lots of people leave garbage everywhere and you do fine the occasional used drug paraphernalia. A few garbage cans would go a long way.

Review №34

Beautiful space in the heart of North Buffalo. Well kept and peaceful.

Review №35

This park has always been a place of great memories, to bring family and relax. Even a place to get married. It is a huge park. Highly recommended on my list.

Review №36

Has very nice loops to get a long run in. Scenery is beautiful too.

Review №37

Its a beautiful park, love the paths, pretty big and very clean. Love it.

Review №38

Went here to fly a drone, and had a fabulous time! The only way this could be better is the landscaping. It looked a tad sloppy, but Im sure its due to the time of year. Plenty of people using this as a running spot, and going out on the water in boats. Will come again for sure!

Review №39

Beautiful in gall splendor. Great place to walk.

Review №40

One of the masterpieces designed by Frederick Law Mother Fing Olmsted. Theres a reason hes one of the most revered city planners in American history and its because he has a vision for tranquility and humanity, even when others want to crush the human spirit with bleak gray buildings and limited greenery. Large open spaces, beautiful trees, soft paths, and areas for sports are sorely needed in the country, and its a shame more places arent like here.

Review №41

Another hot spot for spending time with family or friends , beautiful scenery and lots of room to play and or exercise. Dog Walker and people watchers galore.

Review №42

Do NOT go while highDeleware park was made in collaboration with Frederick Law Olmstead. Deleware park was made in collaboration with Frederick Law Olmstead. Deleware park was made in collaboration with Frederick Law Olmstead. Deleware park was made in collaboration with Frederick Law Olmstead.

Review №43

Beautiful Olmsted designed park. Beautiful vistas. Rentable boats, plenty of room to breath and take in a bit of fresh air and beautiful trees.

Review №44

Along a busy road. I suppose there are worse places you could go for a stroll or a jog but there are also many many better.

Review №45

Beautiful to take a walk, relax, excise, paddle boatings and canoeing.

Review №46

Delaware Park is and always will be the best place to go for a walk, run, bike ride, playing catch with your kids, or just hanging out in the summer reading a good book. Ive been going to Delaware Park for 37 years! I love this Park! Always brings back good memories I had with my Father. I took my Son there to play catch or to fly a kite! I will always go to Delaware Park. I cant wait for the summer! ️ Lost some trees after that big wind storm last month. Very sad. Those trees were really old️ GO HAVE FUN AT DELAWARE PART THIS SUMMER!! I know I cant wait!

Review №47

Parking lot is limited and hard to find. There is a big lake and you can pay to boat there. Area is huge but most places have been closed due to COVID-19.

Review №48

Its close, scenic and love the flamingo water craft rentals at their lake.

Review №49

Absolutely beautiful park PLUS they ren flamingo paddle boats!! Terrace bar and restaurant are open outside only and the food is great. Across the street from Albright Knox and all their cool outdoor sculpture

Review №50

Frederick Law Olmsted designed park in the heart of Buffalo, NY. Take time to cycle around the zoo loop, then over to Hoyt Lake and the Rose Gardens. Forest Lawn Cemetery is also not to be missed.

Review №51

It was beautiful, the water felt so good. It was a beautiful experience. Love the park!

Review №52

Delaware Park is great for runs, biking, soccer games, golf, playtime at the park, etc. Wouldve been nice to have a service area for water or the bathrooms open at this time!

Review №53

I was married in Delaware Park, a little over 7 years ago,and we loved the spot we picked. We were under the stone bridge, with just a few close family and friends. There was no one else around and we felt like we were in our own little world for those few moments. There are so many quiet and secluded spots for walks and moments of reflection. Its a great area of taking walks/runs, walking dogs, bird watching, or just sitting in the shade and relaxing.

Review №54

I own my own Photography business, Seeloff Photography, and I shot a wedding here. We did formal photos and the view was amazing. Ive done several other sessions here as well. I love it!

Review №55

But its so peaceful early in the morning if you want to walk or run.

Review №56

Great place to walk, run. Beautifully designed.

Review №57

Walked around Hoyt Lake. Beautiful!!

Review №58

Beautiful, tranquil park. Love the gardens outside the Marcy casino. Right now tulips are in bloom then the roses will be the focal point.

Review №59

Great zoo. Affordable and a nice outing for the entire family

Review №60

Love it there its open n big n more 2 explore

Review №61

It is a pleasant place to conduct photo shoots and hangout in.

Review №62

Beautiful park and was kept very clean!

Review №63

Pretty scenery, crowded with people and the nonstop sound of highway traffic as the park is surrounded by an expressway. Makes it hard to be able to enjoy a peaceful walk thru nature to unhinge

Review №64

Great park for walking/running, roller blading, bike riding, playing tennis, exercising, golfing, you name it. You can ride your bike or walk right past the zoo and see buffalo from the path.

Review №65

Beautiful park to take the sun in.

Review №66

My favorite park. Very scenic

Review №67

The Japanese Gardens were well kept, even for late July. Very relaxing without the big cherry blossom crowds.

Review №68

Pretty big park, something for everyone and very beautiful, a lot of quiet places as well, fishing, walking, events, sports, tracks, you name it

Review №69

I got some really nice pictures there but thats all I went for

Review №70

Ive always enjoyed walking Delaware Park. Nothing bad about it.

Review №71

A beautiful Buffalo landmark. Designed by Olmsted, the same person who designed Central Park. Its is definitely a must and a beautiful place to walk, relax, and enjoy.

Review №72

Way too expensive for what they offer. Pool is freezing. Food was horrible

Review №73

The park is a great place for biking walking and running or sitting quietly in the shade. An added bonus is the public golf course and the zoo.

Review №74

I like trees Perfect park for chillaxing in hammock

Review №75

Delaware Park truly gives you a front row seat to the perfection of nature in all its glory. Its perfect for children and pets.

Review №76

Beautiful park in the heart of the city, something for everyone.

Review №77

I love Delaware park it has so much potential to be a really good golf course, if they could just put some money in to it.

Review №78

It is a very nice large open park with lots of places and playgrounds. People can play golf here. There are multiple basketball courts. The Buffalo zoo is also nearby. I visited Delaware park in March, which as you can see is not the liveliest time to visit it. The grass and trees were all golden color leaves and not much greenery as you see from other photos on maps. Better time to visit this park would be in summer or fall when the greenery is back and place looks more lively. There are no water bodies on this place, I dont know why many other people have included photos of it in their reviews, I was misguided by that.

Review №79

Gorgeousness. Love delaware worth the walk for family or pokemon!!

Review №80

Loved fishing & walking the trails

Review №81

We love this park lots of nature trails

Review №82

The history museum is a hidden gem. Fantastic WWI display. The Buffalo sports exhibit is inspiring as is the old buffalo shops display. Thats me in the old time photo studio. The museum grounds are well kept. Great place to take your kids.

Review №83

Beautiful Olmstead park, wonderful on a spring day!

Review №84

Very much enjoyed exploring the park! (I mean, I dont get why theres a Japanese garden in the middle of Buffalo, but its pretty )

Review №85

I love Delaware Park, I go to the side near the lake to hike everyday with my children. My 3 year old rides her bike the whole trail even up and down the gravel trails. It would be more helpful if they would make it more smooth for children with bikes. We do in all enjoy this park, although they do need inspect their playground better. I witnessed the swing break on a little girl and this probably couldve been avoided if they were properly inspected.

Review №86

Lovely place to walk picnic, bike, rent a boat, eat, or just enjoy the park.

Review №87

We went to the zoo, the grandchildren had a blast showing us everything they knew about the animals. The facility is very much family oriented by focusing everything for the eyes of the below 3 foot tall crowd while not forgetting the parents and grandparents need to see things on their level. Id recommend if you are looking for an inexpensive family outing, go here and enjoy your day.

Review №88

I love this park for being so scenic and spacious!! I love to come and work out, wether it’s a run, jog, some yoga, or Pilates I love being outdoors and having such a wonderful atmosphere!! There’s some really cute dogs that come here and that’s always a plus!!

Review №89

Actually this review is about the Buffalo zoo. If you want a great walk in the park, that would be enough. Our favourites always include tigers, lions and giraffes. This time the reptile house was best. All the animals were awake and moving. That made it easy for the 4 year old to find and enjoy. The volunteer in the playroom kept asking great questions and offering educational, fun answers. Which animal has the longest tail, tongue...The polar bear and sea lion were most entertaning.

Review №90

Nice place to take pictures, walk, relax, exercise, bike trails etc. Rowboat rental very affordable, + food near by. Right off of the 198 Elmwood Ave exit.

Review №91

A beautiful area! So much to see and do.

Review №92

It smells like a sewer but definitely a nice location.

Review №93

Green grass, tall trees, plenty of space and a gentle breeze.

Review №94

Good service and food. Spinach artichoke dip is amazing

Review №95

Had a great time riding the paddle boat in Hoyt lake.

Review №96

Plenty of places to do whatever honestly. Hammock, play football, basketball, bike, skateboard, fly a kite or even a drone. It is very extensive and offers a wide variety of scenery. You can go for a long run or a quick run, it doesnt matter youll always have fun.

Review №97

Delaware Park hosts many events that are awesome in Buffalo! I ran a 5k Saturday morning in support of a local non-profit and attended Shakespeare in the Park for The Tempest Sunday night. My husband and I attend both productions every season and last night was the most entertaining thus far.

Review №98

Like it better for walking now that vehicles are no longer allowed in.

Review №99

We like this park. Have been going for a decade. The street is excellent to jog or push a stroller around, the golf coarse is nice too. After 4 they had twilight golf, start on whatever hole you want and play til dark for $5!

Review №100

Great place to hang out with my Bae. Showing me his hometown

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