Cazenovia Park
Warren Spahn Way, Buffalo, NY 14220, United States
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A gem of a park in the western New York area. An original olmstead park built in the 1800s you can enjoy what people have been enjoying since then.A beautiful creek runs through really is a picture perfect park great for walking running tennis or baseball/basketball..splash pad for the kids... you choose what you want.

Review №2

Well kept. Best of the City Courses. We will play there many times more!

Review №3

This is a nice park to take a walk. It has a casino and baseball diamonds. It runs along a creek and has a wooded area. It is centrally located in the heart of south buffalo.

Review №4

Very beautiful place to relax while the kids have fun.

Review №5

Lots of room to run and play. Three playsets and lots of swings with splash pad open in the summer.

Review №6

Lovely spot for a beautiful walk along the creek with nice playground, tennis courts, soccer field and community building.

Review №7

Beautiful park that features many events like the South Buffalo Farmers Market. Lots to do for the whole family.

Review №8

Went to the Farmers Market. Bought fresh veggies and cupcakes and pastry hearts from KupKates.

Review №9

Of course 5 stars my hometown golf course. and most people dont know its actually challenging

Review №10

Not bad, needs a little work on Tee Boxes .

Review №11

Open space to walk the dogs.. nice side walks and plenty of shaded areas to enjoy

Review №12

Childhood memoriesClean well landscapedWatch for usual potholes on side roads

Review №13

This is nice park, creek runs through it, golf course and most other courts and feilds. Hopefully they keep it up. Casino has seen better days.

Review №14

Well kept grounds. Creek is very clean also.

Review №15

They have done a great job of getting the park cleaned up, the splash pad for the kids is really cool, and theres a playground, too! Caz Park is a great place to go for an afternoon walk, or to meet up with neighbors and friends at the farmers market and other activities during the summer! All-in-all one of the nicer parks in South Buffalo.

Review №16

Lots of crackheads wandering around. A great time!

Review №17

Beautiful oasis of nature in the heart of South Buffalo.

Review №18

Be better if the mayor would open the splash pad and not just pander to his homies in the hood.

Review №19

Dottie loves squirrel hunting!

Review №20

Fun time with dog this morning near waterfalls. This park has much to offer but we concentrated on a walk along the creek.

Review №21

My kids r love that .this park is awssome

Review №22

A great little hidden jem of a park

Review №23

Amazing place to explore.

Review №24

A very nice scenic park. They have basically every sports field you can think of that are common in parks. They have a play ground and a permanent sprinkler/fountain where kids can play in the water. I always see a ton of families enjoying the part during the summer. The area has a bit of a bad reputation but as long as your not out super late Ive never seen or heard any trouble.

Review №25

Fun with Ducks and Geese, Splashpad fun but a little dirty

Review №26

Great place to sit and think and get some peace of mind!

Review №27

Relaxing while watching baseball being played or practicing.

Review №28

Love caz park, such well kept, and beautiful views

Review №29

Great small park that allows leashed dogs!

Review №30

Clean and well maintained.

Review №31

Great place to get in some physical activities

Review №32

Cazenovia Park is not like a traditional park, this place is for People who is in love with sports such as Soccer, Golf, and Baseball. The place just brings you to a space where you can fully embrace your love for those sports so if your looking for a park to explore and go for a little game then this is the one for you._PS it has a lake in the middle of it, with a okay view but nothing special.

Review №33

Nice 9 hole walking course. Friendly staff and players

Review №34

Its a city park woohoo

Review №35

A nice place to bring your family

Review №36

Its pretty there

Review №37

It is. Nice

Review №38

Its a beautiful Park Shady old trees

Review №39

Could spend the whole day there! Bring a picnic, swim gear and blanket and your all set for hours

Review №40

My Son Had Fun!

Review №41

To many people smoking weed around the kids in the splash pad. Employees didnt do anything about it.

Review №42

We had a really good time here. Attended the Labor Day Parade for the first time! FUN WOW!

Review №43

I love it here.Well maintained Baseball diamonds and soccer areas. Maintained Basketball courts and tennis courts. Maintained childrens splashpad and swings and slides. Feed the geese and mallards. Take walk in the creek. Bathrooms available. Just a beautiful park. With the Golf Course across the street

Review №44

We were there from 11:00 am to 7:15pm and had a great time. The only problem we and others around us had, were all the dogs peeing and pooping all around us. There were times the barking was out of hand. Hoping next year the no dogs allowed ordinance will be held accountable. I would have loved to bring my dog but I called the day before and was told they didnt think they were allowed so I left her home.

Review №45

We love this park! A sprinkler patio for the kids to cool off on, a playground, plenty of space to run and play, parking, walk the dogs, play Frisbee, even toss a baseball, a summer food program at the park, they often have vendors selling crafts and such during the summer, as well as concerts. So glad we live within walking distance of this park, because the kids cant get enough of it!

Review №46

Great park. Had a good time.

Review №47

Ive always loved Caz Park because I came her as a child and now I bring my child and it has an extreme amount of potential to be better, it needs a facelift as far as Im could use a new playground, a restroom facility in close proximity to the playground, new picnic tables and maybe a few pavilions and an updated splash pad! Caz is in some need of some TLC, I still frequent Caz Park with my child but I wish there was some much needed updates!

Review №48

The nicest park for photoshopI went there before my girl promAnd picture came absolutely fine

Review №49

Loved it nice park

Review №50

Me and my wife love going to this park it give us a great memories and great moments

Review №51

Good for a Solid nine.......

Review №52

Beautiful scenery the wild life the people

Review №53

We had fun checking out all the ice jams. That was cool to watch. Its a nice park a lot of space. I wish with all the area they have they would enclose some spaces for a dog park leash area.

Review №54

My kids love it we go everyday over the summers hikes swimming foot ball Soccer tag the playground for the lil ones splash pad which all 4 of my kids ages 2 to 13 love it and have so much fun. You can feed ducks n see other birds n lil animals deer at dusk tennis basketball gosh theres alot be respectful n kind to eachother n have fun

Review №55

Splash pad was a lot of fun for the kids. However bring water shoes or something to make the kids not slip. The concrete was so slippery from water and slime almost that my son fell very many times.

Review №56

Very nice place for family picnics or bicycle riding. One of the better parks in south Buffalo.

Review №57

Great place for birding

Review №58

Great big park. Lovely for walks and playing with the kids at the swing set and jungle gyms. Great for local park

Review №59

Beautiful and peaceful.

Review №60

Always a great park spring summer and fall

Review №61

Definitely a park to visit if youre looking for a nice walk with a great view, or even a nice place to take your kid where the imagination can run wild. The parks have been there since I was a kid and never cease to be the best fun any kid could have. Theres loads of places to visit around there too, the baseball field, basket ball field, or even just going down by the creek. Especially the summer where you can go cool off in the fountains. Or even around march I believe where they have car shows to enjoy and even a decent sized carnival. Definitely a park that has tons to offer.

Review №62

One of the best places I have ever gone too and what a great spot to just unwind

Review №63

Love it. Beautiful in the spring with fresh greenery and. Ground flowers. Good for rock hunting.

Review №64

We are in this park a few times a week. Playground could use an upgrade but nice park to walk with the family.

Review №65

Love this park. Highly recommend

Review №66

Nice diring the day, friendly folks and lots of doggos!

Review №67

Enjoyable setting nice wondering bike trails.

Review №68

Its type lit fam... knalm sayin

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Review №70

Nice sized park with plenty of sports fields, basketball courts, a decent playground and sprinkler pad in the summer for the kids!This park is visually pleasing, tons of beautiful huge shade trees and nice landscaping. There is also easy access down to the creek to see the ducks and turtles.One complaint I have about Cazenovia Park is the road that meanders through it. This road provides easy access from Abbott Rd to Seneca St, which makes it very busy! The lack of an actual parking lot leads to visitors of the park having to park on the side of this road on both sides. This poses a safety issue as pedestrians have a hard time crossing because of the high volume of traffic. There is a 10 mph speed limit but I have yet to see it enforced. I have witnessed police in patrol cars doing well over that!My other complaint is that the park has no restrooms available unless there are soccer games going on. We have had to walk back to our vehicle to change our sons diaper or leave the park completely because our daughter had to use the bathroom.Other than that, we really enjoy this little jewel in South Buffalo!

Review №71

Spent time with my granddaughter, she had a blast there.

Review №72

I love coming to the splash pad with my kids

Review №73

Caz Park is perfect for walking or bike riding when you want some exercise. I really enjoy bringing my 6 year old here to ride his bike. He can ride as fast as he can pedal, which gives him some freedom as opposed to riding down the street. I love that I dont have to run fast to stay up with him, since I can see him ahead within a reasonable distance.There are three playgrounds, all a few feet from each other but they arent very big. Also, four sets of swings are in this area. Last Summer my son, then 5 didnt care for the playgrounds too much. They are really geared more towards younger kids. By the play area there are picnic tables and benches. In the Summer the splash pad is open which is across from the playground. That part he still loves. Down the street is a basketball court and closer to Cazenovia Street youll baseball diamonds and soccer nets(theres two nets by Potters as well). The last two are usually occupied by teams, however.During the Summer, a farmers market is open every Sunday. I highly recommend checking it out. There are different festivals that take place in the warm weather as well.

Review №74

Family fun

Review №75

It was great! I loved looking at the river

Review №76

Attended the Irish festival, great venue, great time.

Review №77

Big and beautiful something for everyone to do and plenty of room.

Review №78

Great splash pads for kids..just needs to be scrubbed & painted..

Review №79

Beautiful park and splash pad

Review №80

Could be better if the city would keep it clean more like they do with there other parks.

Review №81

Its lovely they have things to do for kids young adult and any one. Its nice clean. You can walk exercise all the above.

Review №82

Absolutely beautiful park, very peaceful.

Review №83

People just need to learn to clean up their garbage or the city needs to step up and have it cleaned. Otherwise its great

Review №84

Very quiet and nice place for a walk!

Review №85

Nice park with too many teenagers and too many people walking big dogs through the park where the kids play

Review №86

Love this park!! Can we please talk about cleaning splash pad!!! It’s all mucky and gross.

Review №87

Very nice place to take a walk wit your family

Review №88

Great park. Nice and clean

Review №89

Chill park. Very simple but natural. Decent playground and splash pad for kids.

Review №90

Nice 9 hole course that is more challenging than it looks

Review №91

Just lovely!

Review №92

This course made some amazing improvements in the last 10 years. Its in great shape, there was a ranger put and play was moving ok. I enjoyed my round

Review №93

Just a basic park.

Review №94

Very pretty park with the Cazenovia creek running next to it. I went here to walk my dog, and the best part was walking near the creek because of all the smells and wildlife viewing. There is a nice sized playground area under shade with picnic tables, plenty of sports fields such as baseball and soccer, and lots of open space. A road does run between the park, although it did seem like a quiet one-its also good for parking along. There is some restoration being done to the buildings there currently, not sure when that will be finished. Great park for a day out.

Review №95

My doggy loves her walks here.

Review №96

This Park is awesome. Splash park area. Huge playground with tons of slides and ducks tons of them. A soccer field. Just make sure you have liquids and picnic blanket.

Review №97

Great place to go

Review №98

Great park. Between splash pad, playground and creek you cant go wrong. Love this place.

Review №99

Love this place my kids always have fun

Review №100

Has always been a very nice park. Places for children to play different games and swim. Areas to picnic near the children area. Top shelf basketball courts and tennis courts. Hiking areas along Cazanovia creek and a nine hole golf course that is a definite test.

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  • Good for kids:Yes
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