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(UPDATED REVIEW) Overall a great school with mostly caring and professional, but fun, teachers, they want whats best for their students and they express that through their actions. I am very much thankful for that school children such as myself need that model in our life, in the education setting, who is responsible and articulate. The students are overall disrespectful and mediocre at best, they arent passionate about both education, or art, they have no sense of being and absolutely no sportsmanship. I do not know these folks so I shouldnt judge them further from my years of impressions. They are petty and fight quite often, and when they do, all of the grade is blamed, the students find fighting and drama amusing and they dont realize how immature they are; I am tired of most of the students attending the school. In conclusion the school is pretty good, it gets the job, and then some, done. The school is clean and pretty, the adults are kind, but distant and cold to some extent; good clubs, not the best of kids but they all have potential, they sadly dont use it though. I see the adults try, but it is a lot of work and I can see them start to give up. This school is amazing and will always be important to me, it has wonderful alumni and a good staff and student base. Very diverse, claims to be open to LGBTQ+, religious freedom, etc. but isnt as good as it thinks it is. The teachers arent much of the problem though.Thank you for reading, if you wish to attend the school dont let me bog you down! Humans are negative by nature. There are plenty of amazing people here, as well as opportunities. I HIGHLY recommend it to you/your children or whomever, wonderful memories, expiriences, performances, etc. will be made here. I will miss it once it ends in a couple of years.For the schools staff and teachers, I would recommend asking the students what they want, let them lead more of the lessons and ask them what resources they need. You are doing fantastic! But some students are not recieving the same treatment or dont have the encouragement or energy to take opportunities.

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Ive Been At This School For About 5 Years now and I have nothing but good things to say about this school. I dont know if Ive ever seen teachers work so hard to get students to where they need to be. Definitely gonna miss coming here once my time is done here

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Fantastic teachers. Friendliest BPS student environment. Best school for the arts. If you or your kid is interested in the Arts, let them go here.EDIT: After graduating, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best schools in Buffalo. This school, due wholly to its amazing and caring staff, has went above to show that they truly care and, without a doubt, love their students. From the cafeteria workers to Mr. George; the janitorial staff and the security guards- every member of staff works to give this school its unique atmosphere. There are few schools like this one, and there is no school I would have rather gone to. Thank you, BAVPA, for your big, big part in shaping into the person I am today.

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I go to this school now and its like the teachers are OK but the little girls are too fast and grown like they need to stop and some are bullies but if you focus on your major youll find friends eventually like I did its also my 1st year here im vocal major AND MR. DAVIS IS STRICT HE WILL MAKE YOU DO A SOLO INFRONT OF EVERYONE SO BE PREPARED

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I went here and if you went there you would understand my rating. To the average person just coming in its a lot different then what its actually like there as a student. It might not be the same to someone there two years prior to 2017 but when I got there in 2015 it was not somewhere Id send my own child. That may sound harsh but its just what Ive acquired in my personal experience there.

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I went to B.A.V.P.A. when the was located on 333 Clinton Street... From 1988-1994... the experience and friends that I still have... Luciana Johnson& Carinne Medley....

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Its a good schoolbut a few improvements could be made

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Not to sound racist, but if youre white and want to be a vocal or theatre major, please dont waste your time. Im a trained actress, singer, and dancer and never once got a lead role. The directors of production picks prodomiently black shows in which you will never get a lead for, although type casting shouldnt be an issue in a public school. Teachers and classmates will automatically assume you have no talent because youre white no matter where you come from or how strong your talents are. Even then, you need to be a favorite to get a lead. The high school production director will cast his favorites before even having auditions, even if they cant sing, dance, or act.

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The teachers are mean but its fun as ever and amazing memories

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My daughter goes to school here and performances are always top notch!

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Fay did a dum now fay did a pay!MWAHAHA

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Its a good school if you keep your head up I like it tbh

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Can wait till school starts back love performing arts

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I go to this school and I love it.its a good school as long as your in a mahor you a visual art major

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Do not go to this school and waist your time! THIS SCHOOL was a waist of my time I just passed 6thgrade and these teachers are sometimes racist so dont come here

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A nice way to explain things

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Shout out to all da haters of my school.this scholl is one of the top three schools in BUFFALO NEW YORK.SO STOP HATING ON BUFFALO ACADEMY FOR THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS

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Excellent school.

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I enjoy the school

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Loving this school so much

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Want to enter school ssssoooo bad

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