Christies Cabaret Brunswick
1246 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212, United States

Review №1

Walk in with a frown walk out with an ear to ear grin type of place. Its cheaper than therapy. Dont buy the bad review! Excellent people run this place with hard working beautiful ladies.

Review №2

I love it here! Highly recommended ! We have been here for 11 years plus. My Girls work hard to make you happy!!! Come say hey to Nastsia ( the original Anastasia) and Alexandria!! Xoxo dont believe the b*******

Review №3

Expensive drinks, theyll water down your mixed drinks and short pour your shots. Dont really seem to care if you notice it not. Do your self a favor and go into Cleveland instead. Keep in mind many of the positive reviews for this place are by staff and friends of the staff.

Review №4

I loved when I came here. We went on a slow night and we got to talk to the dancers and what not. It was server appreciation day or something. So I got 1$ beers. You can order food and have it delivered here. I wish I could remember the girls names. They were so sweet and really pretty!

Review №5

Be careful here, some of the girls here will walk up to you and just straight take your money and leave, I went there to have fun not get robbed, and the bouncers will attack you without warning if you do somethin wrong, I was takin to the hospital one night cause one of them slammed me to the ground and I had to get staples in my head, another night one of them choked me out without warning while I was lookin around for my car keys that dropped somewhere, will be spending my money in a safer and a more trustworthy environment from now on

Review №6

I use to love this place. Now its more money for dances, and DO NOT go to the back room!! Its the same as getting a dance in front, but only for 3 songs and the songs are shorter. Its a huge scam.

Review №7

AMAZING AMAZING PLACE. Sexxxxy girls you wont leave unhappy. One of the best clubs

Review №8

It was a blast and the girls were classy they had great staff even the owner check on us to see if we were taken care of

Review №9

My buddy was thoroughly harassed by the pushy staff - was polite- & got slapped by one of the girls after saying nada & management just watched. If you want a crappy atmosphere, you should go here. Ghetto, even for Brunswick. New management spends all this money on remodeling and then hires idiots to run the place (essentially the strippers appear to run the place) - what a shame. Killed my buzz, and ruined my time - Thanks a lot & will NEVER go back

Review №10

ATTENTION!!! Cops are surrounding this place handing out DUIs like candy! U have been warned

Review №11

This place is awesome. If you have a bad time somewhere its because you are a bad time!

Review №12

Love dancing here . Love all my fellow entertainers

Review №13

Plumpin place

Review №14

The stripper tried taking my glasses and then the general manager didnt offer anything about it and applied we were making the whole thing up. SSTAY AWAY

Review №15

This place blows ass

Review №16

Great place

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:1246 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 330-220-1888
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Bar
  • Night club
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–2:30am
  • Tuesday:11am–2:30am
  • Wednesday:11am–2:30am
  • Thursday:11am–2:30am
  • Friday:11am–2:30am
  • Saturday:11am–2:30am
  • Sunday:4pm–2:30am
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