P&L Paintball, Inc.
1221 Bedford St, Bridgewater, MA 02324, United States

Review №1

Been playing here for years and every year the fields are well maintained and different setups. Great staff. Always welcome you with a smile and make you feel like you are part of a large paintball family. Awesome up to date gear.

Review №2

The people working at PNL are all fans of the sport and it shows. I have always had a great time playing there. Really great refs and great employees at the shop!

Review №3

Place is lots of fun, they jave equipment you can buy like vest gloves masks and others. There is a 20 dollar card limit so i recommend you just bring cash. They have many playing fields to play in as well as game modes. You can bring your own equipment here as well as paint ball guns. If you dont have a gun you can get them here to upgrade its 15 dollars for a sniper barrel 7. Anyways go check it out its lots of fun!!

Review №4

This place is amazing for all kinds of paintballers experienced and new- but some people shot me and my friend multiple times when we had are hands up and wouldn’t stop, this is in the low impact with little kids and parents, I would recommend this to play with a private field and a private group of at least 10.

Review №5

Had a blast with a bunch of my friends. The prices were fair and they even gave you an extra 500 Paintballs if youre in the military or a veteran. You can rent everything you need and I even bought a set of gloves for $5. I recommend it.

Review №6

Stopped in to get some tanks refilled! Fast and prices are great, they also do repairs so going back tomorrow with my sons 2 older paint ball guns ! Highly recommend!

Review №7

We had a private group this past weekend.. It was a great time. Our ref was awesome. Showed us some great games. Can’t wait to do it again!!!

Review №8

Nice field layout. Awesome staff. Would totally come here again. Only complaint is the price for additional cases of paint. 100 bucks is excessive. But overall a beautiful experience. Thanks to PNL for being one of the top fields around.

Review №9

Awesome field! Take the town today was insane!! My son and I came down with team Xtreme and dominated! That storm at the end was crazy! Saw the tree down. Hope everyone is ok. See you next year!

Review №10

It was entertaining! I got shot in the head but it was dope!

Review №11

P and L is an awesome paintball park. They have a large fleet of rentals and multiple fields to play on. Scenario, woodsball, hyperball and more. High turnout allows for multiple groups and games to be played. 12 v 12 hyperball and woodsball was a blast. The staff were friendly and accommodating for all levels of players. I look forward to playing at P&L again in the future!

Review №12

It has been years since I lasted played at pnl and ubg but as usual had a blast gold staff good fields great weekend

Review №13

I recently booked a bachelor party at P&L and it could not have been better. We were greeted by the owner - Mike - and the person who helped with the reservation (sorry I forget his name...) who were welcoming and pretty hilarious. Appropriate for a paintball place...We had Aaron and Alex as our two referees for the day who kept things orderly but also allowed us to make up some of our own rules (as long as they were safe..) throughout the day.The number of different maps you can play was exceptional. We were surprised when Aaron kept taking us to different areas. We had 9 guys and were very impressed with the whole operation. Id highly recommend for anyone looking for something to do on a bachelor weekend or just a day out with a group of friends looking for something fun to do.Thanks for the great day!

Review №14

In my top 3 places to play in MA.absolutely cant go wrong here. Staff knows the game and are very knowledgeable about any problems your gear might have during the day..

Review №15

Staff is very welcoming and informative.. Second time back, look forward to the next go

Review №16

I havent paintballed here yet but I did stop by the shop to see what they offered. Its an awesome little shop with a variety of basic paintball gear. Pods, vests, jerseys, paintballs guns, etc.I went there for parts for some paintball guns and they knew exactly what I was looking for (and had everything I needed). The service was great and the associates were more than willing to help us out!

Review №17

Incredible. Friendly and safe and fun

Review №18

Excellent day. Took my 11 year old son for the first time and he had a blast.

Review №19

Had a phenomenal timeI have absolutely no complaintsWell worth your moneyWill be coming back

Review №20

The people here are very nice and will help you with pretty much whatever you need. Fun for the whole family, they have both family paintball which are smaller paintballs that hurt less and also normal competitive paintball. There are several different fields to make playing interesting. Rental paintball guns and equipment are available for those who do not have any as well as a shop to purchase anything you may need on the field. Overall I highly recommend this place if you want to play paintball

Review №21

Awesome place, my friend have been coming here for years, I got a gun and got back into it. Great staff, they make sure to separate new/younger parties from intermediate players. Paint is comparable to anywhere else you go, you need to buy field paint. This is for quality control, environmental purposes, and thats where money is made at the fields, not because they want to rip you off on expensive paint.Many fields, many refs, and everyone is there to help whether you’re brand new or have been playing for years.

Review №22

I met a group of twenty men from my church here...we had the most incredible time. The staff was great. A special thank you to our ref Jeff. He was super professional and such a great help. Even the food was great. We are looking forward to next time... and there will be a next time. God bless

Review №23

Super fun. My son turned 18 and had his party here. Only drawback is the parking. Felt like I was offroading.

Review №24

The website says $35 to rent equipment without paint, implying you can bring your own paint. You cant. Not only could I not bring my own paint, but since my friends didnt have equipment, and we now needed paint, we werent charged the $55 for equipment and a small box of paint, we were charged $75.Later in the day, my gun malfunctioned (not anyones fault), but then I asked if I could borrow one since I payed the same price as everyone else to go, and they said I had to pay another $35 to rent a gun. Needless to say I both was and am incredibly annoyed, will not be going back, and want the $110 I spent to NOT PLAY

Review №25

Great field for Airsoft and Paintball. Be mindful there is alot of paint everywhere so if you have gear you dont want to get dirty, dont wear it. Great time overall!

Review №26

If you love Paintball then this is your place to go to

Review №27

Been going for years and still the best outdoor paintballing experience Ive ever gad seven on seven today good runs i suggest do it

Review №28

Awesome place for a birthday party. Lots of fun and friendly knowledgeable staff

Review №29

This place was a blast. The staff was super fun and helpful. We will be back.

Review №30

Very friendly staff and great fields and rates. Definitely going to be a repeat customer!

Review №31

My ten-year-old has been to two parties here and has really enjoyed them.

Review №32

My 10 year old went for the first time for a birthday party . He loved it and had the best time and talked about it for days after

Review №33

Great fun. Had a blast. Recommend it, especially for bachelors parties or the like.

Review №34

Great staff... fun atmosphere. lots of people

Review №35

Great place to spend a day highly reccomend

Review №36

Bought a used etha 1 gun from them at skirmish during ion 2019. They told me that the gun was a used rental at thier place so i wasnt expecting a to great of a gun. I took it all apart and they obviously dont care about their rentals. The entire gun is coverd in gross stuff. I dont even know what it is. And the bolt assembly was dirty as F***. They take no care of their guns.

Review №37

Took my girl there for her b day!!! Best time ever!!! The staff are very knowledgeable, courteous, and just down right cool people. We cant wait for our return trip!!!

Review №38

Nice people.

Review №39

Had fantastic time here and I highly recommend coming here to go paintballing.

Review №40

Great place to play guy in the pro shop can fix just about anything for a good price too. Just wish they had more speedball

Review №41

Back in February was my first time going there and it was outstanding. The pro shop is awesome with decent prices and the fields are amazing. All the refs are very friendly and helpful. Im going tomorrow and all i have to say is Im pumped. I highly recommend this place.

Review №42

Great staff and good fields. Im here wayyy more than my wife would like. Or maybe not.

Review №43

Well organized and very fun!

Review №44

Very fun and super nice workers

Review №45

Ive been playing with PnL since the late 90s early 2000s . awesome fields , very friendly and helpful staff and in fact Im heading there now for help with one of my autocockers .

Review №46

Amazing field, great staff and refs, and very welcoming

Review №47

Great place to spend with friends and colleagues!

Review №48

Great fun for my sons 13th birthday party!!!

Review №49

Loved it

Review №50

The guy who set us up with paint was awesome. Our referee and guide was awesome. The guy who was in the shack with rental equipment was a dick. Didnt let me or my friends switch out masks that were dirty and had scratches. We simply asked and he had a punk attitude.

Review №51

Was awesome. Had a great time. Lots of different battle fields with lots of structures. Staff was helpfull and knowledgeable.

Review №52

Great fields but the refs can be lazy and rude some days

Review №53

Best fun we have had in a long time. Staff was very professional what a way to spend a daturday!

Review №54

There instructor are great. Theres alot of open space to run around and shoot your shot.

Review №55

Awesome time. The place has like 13+ fields to play in and you can play there for hours with no problem. The paint is a little pricy however, so be prepared to spend some money

Review №56

Had a blast. Rental mask totally fogs up which is super frustrating.. Also rental guns were acting up for our group. We still had a blast. Wear padded gloves!

Review №57

Update: Was thinking back to a teenage looking ref flipping out over my barrel guard slipping off outside the nets and angrily running full speed at me to grab my paint gun and put it on instead of handing it to me. Refs definitely have/had a potential to act like kids, as shown in another review here.Everyone runs around with full auto while the rented guns are lucky to get a paintball out for every trigger pull, rented masks fog up a TON and their antifog wipes are overpriced. Probably great of you have your own gear, but your not going to have much fun with rented gear.

Review №58

Great time with Josh as our referee for our private birthday party. Awsome fun

Review №59

If your a regular great, if not be prepared to get roped and shot through. Ghost town is in need of dire repair, most areas cordoned off. Staff is hit or miss if coming to this field new, although Happy is great.

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Review №61

Take it from me, its the best for birthday parties! My son has been having his parties there every year since he was 9 (with an accompanying parent/ adult). Now he is old enough for him and his friends to venture without parents. It absolutely never gets old. Guarantee fun rain or shine (better when it has rained) Boys will be boys! And most of all mom doesnt have to clean up. Haha.

Review №62

Place is great! A few problems with the equipment when we rented but they swapped out immediately. My only real compliant was when the were about half way through our 3 hour session the ref told us he was going to take a quick lunch. He came back 20 minutes later and we started again. This seemed like it was the culture here and I get it. Hes working and he is entitled to a break. I suppose I should be grateful he dint take 30 minutes. That said, I am the consumer and we ended up dropping about $800 here. They could have an additional guy that covers the lunches/breaks for each of the dedicated refs or grab lunch or break while we are waiting for a field. Average wait time between games was about 10- 15 minutes.

Review №63

Great field ! Could use a little upgrading / cleaning.

Review №64

Love this place, all the refs are very friendly, and funny, and the guy at the shack where you get all of the equipment you need, was very nice as well. The only thing bad about this place is the rental guns, they work fine usually, but the way they shoot is bad, they can easily go off to the left, or right, but besides that this place is great

Review №65

I have been coming here for years. I have a amazing time whenever I get time to go. Staff has always been nice if your nice to them. I hope I get to have more time to be able to go and play.

Review №66

Great time

Review №67

Great time tons of fun lots of space plenty of fields

Review №68

This place was a blast!! My husband and I drive 45 minutes just to play here.. Love the homemade soups. I just wish theyd fill some of the potholes.

Review №69

First time there loved it

Review №70

Been there a few times recently. Service from Greg and the staff has been great

Review №71

Great experience.

Review №72

Really good paintball place. Staff is absolutely hilarious. Broke? Its ok, rental weapons and gear is available and they wont put open rental with self equipped badasses. Relatively low-price compared to other paintball and airsoft areas Ive been to. Great location, great fields, great people.

Review №73

My son has been twice and has loved it both times. Another return trip will be done in the future.

Review №74

Fun Place To Go! We Arrived As They Were Closing And They Still Rushed And Allowed Us In To Play. Took 2 Stars Because There Was A Short White Guy That Started A Fight With One Of Our Party Guest (Which Also Happened To Be The Birthday Boy) About Having To Keep His Helmet On, But He Wasnt Our Guide He Just Walked Up As We Were Walking Out And Started Yelling. It Was Rude And Almost Became Physical. That Being Said, Adding A Star Because I Lost My Wallet And They Found It And Sent It Back To DC To Me.

Review №75

Organized and a whole lot of fun.

Review №76

It was so funny. The guide happy was awesome his name was happy. Perfect for first timers.

Review №77

Great paint balling place but the staff is incredibly rude

Review №78

Best paintball place ever

Review №79

Amazing out door paintball. Great fields to play on and not to pricy

Review №80

PnL was AWESOME!!!!!!! Had a great time and there were many amazing courses. I definitely recommend going.

Review №81

Awesome time, great refs that are very helpful, especially when you are with a group of kids, our crew of 12, 14, 15 yr Olds and myself (old dude). Watch for the poison ivy patches.

Review №82

The best paintball field in Mass. Ghost town are the best one. Highly recommended!!!

Review №83

Great paintball courses and very well organized, we had a great time

Review №84

Im a senior at brockton high, me and a group of other kids went paint balling for our senior skip day. After our 3rd game which was at about 1pm 3 kids took their mask of before they were behind the net and the refs took their gun away. One of the kids called the ref a bitxh and the ref threw a temper tantrum and said he wasnt going to ref our group anymore that we are done for the day. Now there was about 26 of us who all paid for the whole day and he just wasnt going allow us to play? Then the owner came over and I thought as a business man he would explain to his worker that we paid for a service and his job was to provide that service but instead he took the refs side and told us to pack our stuff and leave like what? Your employees can quit in the middle of his shift after we pay you well over 1000 dollars for the day and your going to tell us its your property you can kick us out if you want? The treatment of my friends and my self was absolutely disgusting. They refused to even give us a50% refund when they only let us play half the day. Never doing business there again. Total waste of money

Review №85

Had a blast there too much fun!

Review №86

One of my favorite fields. Lots of different arenas to play in.

Review №87

Great staff, best paintball in New England

Review №88

Prices are on the higher side, but its a fantastic experience with friendly employees.

Review №89

Great experience every time.

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Review №91

Really good

Review №92

Every thing went more than expected. we had an awesome time and i will vist again and again.

Review №93

Absolute blast! Fun war games

Review №94

Great place with fabulous employees.

Review №95

I love this place i only play here because its that awesome i bring my own gear and gun i would recommend buying a high end mask if you want to play paintball alot its expensive but dosent fog or scratch

Review №96

Descent course, uneven help from staff.

Review №97

Great staff, multiple outdoor fields, Ghost town!! I like when they have big games.

Review №98

Awesome place

Review №99

Like a video game brought to life. Except for the constantly fogging and scratched up face masks, I enjoyed myself thoroughly

Review №100

Great people down here both in the pro shop & down at the fields. Very friendly staff.

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