Marathon Park
75-77 Crescent St, Bridgewater, MA 02324, United States
Marathon Park

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Softball fields were nice. Could have wetted them between games & would have made them much better (very windy, dusty day) Nice facilities.

Review №2

Always enjoy ourselves when we go to Marathon Park.

Review №3

A big spacious and entertaining playground for all ages.

Review №4

Great for my little one and 9 year old nephew. Entirely fenced in. Things to do for all ages. Would be 5 stars but some things need minor repair. Ill contribute the lack of maintenance to Covid related concerns or difficulties.

Review №5

My son loves this place, specially the area with the construction vehicle toys. Love that he can play with the sand, loading it to the vehicles.:) But if you search parks in google, this place will not appear on the list. I only found out about this place through a local mommy group in Facebook.

Review №6

Great place. Needs a water park and bathrooms

Review №7

It is a great Park and I think its cool that people bring ride-on toys there and leave them for kids to play with but weve got to figure out how to get rid of the broken ones because they just end up making the park look like its a mess and I find that a lot of the time the playground is packed thank goodness its so big and I really love that they have different age groups sections my son is a year-and-a-half so he is just getting familiar with a playground and its scary when big kids are running past him to go down the slide or just running around in general so I really liked that they have a small plastic jungle gym for him to explore with the smaller kids hes becoming more sure of himself in that part so hes starting to explore other areas its a great Park the little ones and big kids alike as long as you dont mind it being crowded.. we live right up the street so we go there often and Im very happy that they built it

Review №8

Always nice there. Need some trash barrels by picnic tables.

Review №9

Its a great park!

Review №10

Excellent park with plenty of play structures for kids of various sizes. Theres a 2-5 area and a 5-12 area in the park. But the kids can go back and forth. There are also lots of climbing structures, and you can walk the path that goes around the park (going around six times equals one mile). Theres also a shaded veranda area for families to sit and eat or relax. All-in-all we spent over two hours at the park. It was also nice that there are various bikes, scooters, and trikes around the park that people kindly donated. We will be back!

Review №11

Fully fenced in and perfect for parents who have kids running in all different directions. Three different sized play structures for kids of all ages and a sidewalk inside the fenced in area so you can get some laps in while the kiddos play.

Review №12

This playground is great! My 3 yr old nephew loved it. They have an area with picnic tables thats covered, so you can get out of the sun. Theres a sandbox, swings, slides, musical things, riding toys, things to walk-balance on, rock climbing walls, and the park is big. There is pleanty of parking.

Review №13

Wonderful time at Weymouths 1st Irish Heritage Day.

Review №14

Fantastic place for kids to run around. Donated to the then by very generous people. This has become one of the best places in Bridgewater to meet with other families and have a great time.

Review №15

Great park. Fully fenced, many different playing apparatuses for older and younger kiddos. Clean and fun!

Review №16

Exceptional playground/park in the Bridgewater area right off rt 104. The playground has distinct areas designed for three age groups plus a sand bix and pavillion with seating. Surrounding the fully fenced in area is a concrete sidewalk that can be walked. Everything felt very fun and safe (especially given its very close proximity to the police station). Everythi g is still new and in great condition with many types of slides, swings, and climbing apparati. Highly recommended.

Review №17

This is one of the better softball fields,childrens playground you can find. Well maintained fields ,the refreshment stand is a fairly new facility. The playgroundIs a kids dream come true.

Review №18

Nice park for all ages, limited shade on hot sunny days. Great for kids to challenge themselves (American Ninja warrior like) lots of rock climbing walls, monkey bars, decent slides. Great spot for younger kids, the toddler section needs a bit of repair- slide is closed and some of the musical section are missing pieces but kids make do. Noticed port-o pottys the last time we went. Kids enjoy every trip!

Review №19

Great place for kids to enjoy fun outdoors activitiesToys, trucks and much more

Review №20

Great playground, could use some maintenance but a wonderful experience overall

Review №21

Website did not provide information asked for.

Review №22

I feel like whoever built this place needs a measuring tape. The kids couldnt reach any of the stuff without help. Kind of a mess.

Review №23

4 kids one which was mine the rest were random people kids got hurt on the same toy in a two hour time. Not cool.

Review №24

Love this playground: starting to need repair!

Review №25

Nicest kids park Ive ever seen

Review №26

Great place for the little ones

Review №27

Huge! My grandbabies had a blast !!! so many things for all ages to play. Its all fenced in which is a plus. Big sand box, picnic tables to have lunch. Its the perfect place to let your little ones to get outside and run some energy off! Very clean and everyone is friendly. Will return

Review №28

Great layout and atmosphere. Good variety of play activities. No bathrooms though. Be aware of that. Highly recommended!

Review №29

Kids love this place. Only one entrance for child safety. Open design allows parents to easily monitor their children. The parking lot can be a little hectic with children running through the lot focused on the plane area.

Review №30

Great place to take the kids!!

Review №31

This is a great park lots to do for ages 1 to maybe 10. As my 12 year olds are way to cool to enjoy a playground anymore. Its gated in so you dont worry about children wandering off or running into a road/ parking lot. I believe there are porter pottys on site usually but we dont use them yuck! Its right behind a police station so it gives you a sense of security in a way. people leave behind all kinds of toys for the playground. My child would stay all day if i didnt drag him away.

Review №32

This is an enclosed playground perfect for younger children. The littles have their own equipment and swings. There is also a big area for the older set. Picnic type tables in the shade and a bunch of donated toys for the sandbox area. There are also a few ride on toys. They have set up a portapotty just outside the gate.

Review №33

Absolutely gorgeous park but I am only giving it 3 stars because there aren’t any bathrooms!!! Other than that we love it here and everyone is always very friendly!!

Review №34

Awesome place to take kids of all ages. Beautiful fenced in play area in a nice neighborhood.

Review №35

Excellent play area. The grounds are split up into age appropriate areas. My granddaughter loved it there.

Review №36

They have all age groups available for toys and equipment. We had a great time. We brought a 9 year old and 11 year old and there was plenty for them to do.

Review №37

Great playground, fully fenced, 3 areas for different age groups from toddler to older children. Not much shade aside from picnic table area in center. Plenty of parking.

Review №38

Lots for all ages

Review №39

Great place to take the kiddos. Lots to climb on, slide down, & swing up high on. Always something to play with. Good fun.

Review №40

Hands down best park in the raynham/Bridgewater area

Review №41

Great park. Different sections for different ages. Sand pit with toys. Covered pavilion with tables and benches. No bathrooms though

Review №42

Very nice family spot

Review №43

Great park. No bathrooms. So clearly you cant stay awhile

Review №44

Great fun for the kids

Review №45

Excellent playground. The kids loved it there

Review №46

Best park for kids toys are avaliable and theres. Picnic area and its. Just a safe fun place righ behind the East Brigewater police station

Review №47

Great playground alot to do

Review №48

Its a nice safe clean park...

Review №49

Great playground, nicest and biggest in the area.

Review №50

Great place only problem no shade eccept under picnic tables and depending on time of day that is not shady.

Review №51

There are 3 separate play areas that will appeal to kids from 1 to 12 years old. I cant think of a kid who doesnt have fun here!

Review №52

Beautiful park

Review №53

Nice park. Goid folks

Review №54

Something for every stage of childhood. Love the accessibility of the climbing structure

Review №55

Great for young children

Review №56

Love it here!

Review №57

Lots of fun

Review №58

Beautiful. Safe. Clean. Only downside-- no bathrooms

Review №59

Love it here

Review №60

Excellent park. Its large and even when its crowded, it doesnt feel like it

Review №61

Great place for little to young kids.

Review №62

Great park and great equipment.

Review №63

Modern very nice playground

Review №64

Love this place!

Review №65

Love this park! Fenced in and sunny

Review №66

Good snack shack

Review №67

Beautiful park but almost all the trash barrels were over flowing

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Review №69

Yuuuuge space and variety!

Review №70

Park is fun

Review №71

Great playground!

Review №72

Nice place for families.

Review №73

Excellent playground

Review №74

The only thing this park needs is restrooms.

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Review №76

Nice playground

Review №77

Great playground.

Review №78

Great fun atmosphere

Review №79

Only complaint is they dont clear the trash barrels enough.

Review №80

There is a little something for every age group.

Review №81

Love it

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