4000 Oxford Dr, Bethel Park, PA 15102, United States

Review №1

I usually love this store but today they were out of everything in fall decor. No pumpkins or hay bales. Didnt even have orange paint. And even with the 40% off, it was still expensive

Review №2

A great Micheals location, they dont specialize in any one craft in particular here, however they have a lil of just about everything you can think of! Id rather go here then any competitor because they always run sales and offer great coupons.

Review №3

Way too expensive but my kid loves to do crafts and we have gift cards

Review №4

Great deals!!! Get your present tags here! Right now they are on sale 50 for 5 bucks!!!

Review №5

So they have a decent variety of crafting items but their prices are higher than Pat Catans.

Review №6

Had a LOT of nice merchandise. BUT seriously lacking in the bead spacer with bails category.

Review №7

Michaels has more yarn than you can shake a stick at! On more than one occasion, Ive walked into Michaels for a quick stop n grab, & nine hours later the workers are (POLITELY!) ushering me to the door! Ha! My wife & daughters try to hide my keys from me, but I always find them. My wife will say, My God, Clyde! Cant you see what this is doing to our family?! But I just smile & tell them, Dont wait up! Do you like scrapbooking, bookscrapping, & discount decorations for holidays that have just passed? Well then, buddy, have I got just the place for you! (This place, I mean, if that wasnt clear.)

Review №8

Was disappointed that they did not have any pre made bows that were not holiday themed. The man I spoke with told methe person who used to make them doesnt work there anymore. So is that how we do business we dont train other people to do things we just disappoint customers.

Review №9

Love craft stores in general and feel they try to accommodate many different style crafts.

Review №10

Oct. 2020 - paint department completely depleted. Staff were cheerful and helpful.

Review №11

Michaels has so many beautiful silk flowers on sale. Cant beat 70% off. Its like a craters dream!!

Review №12

Employees are very nice, helped me find what I needed in less than 5 minutes.

Review №13

Awesome sales during holidays! Found exactly what I was looking for and walked out with more than expected and very happy! Great deal. One of the best.

Review №14

Ordered online and go to store only to wait for over 20 minutes to have order brought out. We thought they must have forgotten us so we called and an older lady with a very nag-like voice had the gull to not even apologize and STILL left us sitting out in the car wasting gas. Plus, their flowers and grapevine wreaths smell like mold. I have to disinfect everything with colloidal silver and put it out in the sun to get the mold smell out. Washington doesnt smell bad but theyre always out of stock. Probably because nobody wants to go to a moldy store with unprofessional managers and a long wait. Get it together, Bethel Park. You should be ashamed.

Review №15

This particular Michaels is my go to craft store. The store is always clean & well stocked. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable about all of the products, and always willing to assist you with anything you may need.

Review №16

I drew a picture for my wife and needed it framed. I went here and picked out a frame. The folks at the framing shop were great and did a wonderful job.

Review №17

This location seems to be a bit older and smaller but still offered a lot of merchandise. I did have to dig behind some empty boxes to find the item I was looking for but it was there unlike the other nearby locations where it was out of stock. The checkout experience was quick and a cashier was friendly.

Review №18

The website pointed me to the exact isle that I needed. This made my trip very easy!

Review №19

Store was very clean and everyone maintained social distance. We found everything we were looking for.

Review №20

Very friendly people & helpful to help you out !! They just need more employees because there was no one to help find anything.. I still give them a A+

Review №21

There are very few stores like Michaels left in our world...crafting, sewing, and all other forms of DIY are on the wane. Michaels caters to those who still want to it themselves, and for someone like me who has a daughter who likes to craft, do art projects, and hand makes all her cards for friends and family, this place is invaluable. If all you want to do is decorate your home, this is your place. If its a school project, you ought to try here first. If someone has inspired you on Pinterest to build something, chances are that one thing you need is at Michaels.

Review №22

Employees were super helpful and engaging

Review №23

Had what I needed at a great price!!

Review №24

This location has almost everything. They DO NOT cut fabric

Review №25

Wife loves this place. Great selection of craft items.

Review №26

I went there to do my first vision. I did not know what to expect. But they explained everything step by. I was very happy with the results.

Review №27

Love this store! wish they had more ceramics for adults to paint.

Review №28

Sale prices are pretty decent to mask the insane markup of the regular prices. I spend way more of my life here then Id like due to my wifes crafting supply collecting hobby. If your like me, each trip is another descent into the 5th circle of hell.

Review №29

Typical of Michaels. Helpful staff. Low inventory already which was a bit of a surprise

Review №30

Ok place when you need holiday items.

Review №31

The cashier mary jane was very very helpful..!!!

Review №32

Very good place to look at all the time

Review №33

Good shop to get crafting items quickly. Best too use coupons whenever possible. Coupons r readily available. Topical prices r high without discounts.

Review №34

Very poor customer service. They did not honor coupon. Ordered online using a coupon for $15 off of $50. Website said item was in stock. 3 days later I got an email, they canceled my order, the item was no longer in stock online. Searched on michaels website and found item at store 40 minutes away. I ordered it and tried to use the same coupon from canceled order. Website wouldn’t let me so I emailed customer service. They will not let me use the coupon. They say I’ve already used it, but they canceled that order, so the coupon was never used. Michaels does not honor their coupons. Customer service has declined tremendously!

Review №35

For some reason, no one is ever on the floor to help and if they are theyre unhelpful. Only one cash register is open and other employees are just standing around helpless.

Review №36

Great store for craft supplies. I find this particular store to be less organized than others, but I usually can find what I’m looking for. Prices are reasonable especially with coupons I get through Michaels app.

Review №37

Best place for creative diy or anything

Review №38

Prices were nice during the holidays.

Review №39

Wonderful location and friendly staff greats handicap accessibility and they accept competitor coupons

Review №40

The one register girl was super rude to me when I was being very nice to her. I dont think Ill be coming again unless I really need something.

Review №41

Always fun to look, great seasonal choices

Review №42

I feel the prices have gone up a bit. Not so bad if you hit a sale, or have a coupon. Cashiers are helpful and friendly. Couldnt find a worker on the floor to help locate anything.. But it was close to closing time.

Review №43

Big selection, but prices were high. Hobby Lobby and Walmart have much better prices.

Review №44

Staff was amazing

Review №45

Very helpful staff

Review №46

Helpful staff and a nice variety of things.

Review №47

I am always doing something artistic and always at micheals love the place especially the clearance isle

Review №48

Good selection, but I personally think they are way over priced. Especially the floral arrangements.

Review №49

This location is always so clean and well stocked. Prices and sales are great and the employees are always helpful. Ive even done online ordering with store pick up and it was smooth and easy.

Review №50

Great deals on photo frames

Review №51

Michaels is a great place to find a lot of different crafting supplies. This Michaels is, however, a bit too small to be organized where cohesively.

Review №52

Michaels had all spring decor 50% off. There are some great deals to be had!

Review №53

Always has a great sale, their emails almoat always have a coupon! I shop here pretty often so its nice to get discounts. The staff here is pretty friendly. The only down side is that the lines are always long during the holidays, but I expect nothing less, doesnt stop me from shopping.

Review №54

Though check out lines were long when I got to the front 3 more registers opened and I was out in a jiffy. Also love that all aisles are very well labeled with what they have on the shelves. I was looking for glitter and sure enough, there it was on an aisle label. Great and good sales.

Review №55

Had what I was looking for at reasonable prices (sketch pad and pencils). Store was easy to find and content inside the store was also easy to find. Staff was friendly.

Review №56

Love their wilton selections.

Review №57

Typical craft store. Staff was very helpful since their website wasnt loading the coupons for the day and gave us the discount.

Review №58

As always, very happy!

Review №59

Got them leather workin things but could have more tbh. Whats a guy gotta do to get some 10 oz tooling leather around here.

Review №60

Michaels is a great place to find tools and materials for many types of arts and crafts. I usually am able to find what I need there. Today I went there today looking for real essential oils for aromatherapy--they dont have them. They do have candle and soapmaking supplies, but those oils were heavily cut with carrier oils and/or were prepared chemically--plant origins not identified.

Review №61

Lots of excellent craft supplies. While in store, had to phone store to ask where to find an item. I had been looking for a specific item for 15 minutes with no sales associates seen. That was a bit annoying to have to call to get assist.

Review №62

I love some of the cool stuff you can get hereUsually great decorations for all the holidays. If you need an odd size frame. They can make it for you, or they have ones you can make yourself at very reasonable costThey also offer awesome classes!

Review №63

Great place to get craft items and some crocheting/knitting yarn but mostly a lot of different types of craft items

Review №64

This store is well-stocked with all manner of craft/hobby supplies. The staff is friendly and the selection is huge.

Review №65

We get everything for our crafts fun place to shop

Review №66

Great store for crafting needs. Pricing is pretty good and always have coupons available. Also have free kids activities on the weekends.

Review №67

My mom loves this place.

Review №68

We went shopping to induce labor, but we did find some great scented candles in the walkway, and the children looked at the kids crafts. We decided to return later to start a few craft workshops. Nice store, very polite staff.

Review №69

Had a great price on yarn.

Review №70

Clean store and helpful staff

Review №71

Its a bit expensive for me, but the decor, projects, and supplies are great! The staff are always helpful and can answer almost any question you have.

Review №72

This is my store for my art supplies

Review №73

Really nice employees!

Review №74

Good selection of things they say their beat prices up to 10% difference. I would go again to this place.

Review №75

I can always find almost everything I need and the employees are really kind and helpful!

Review №76

Was ok not alot of help

Review №77

My kids enjoy their kids clubs on Saturdays and throughout the summer as well

Review №78

Love Michaels... the order online and pick up in store is a time and money saver!

Review №79

Always find great selections for every craft project.

Review №80

I was there at the wrong time after Thanksgiving. However, there was plenty of good products, items, holiday goodies. And it smelled good South Hill Village.

Review №81

Great spot for arts and crafts. Bought a picture frame that i knew they would have just because. Never been disappointed.

Review №82

This is your 1 stop shop for EVERY art and craft you are into and if you want something special framed?? They do it!! They have a rewards program and that gets you great coupons and discounts!!

Review №83

Great selection that always gives me ideas of more ways to be creative with my kids; though, prices always seem high.

Review №84

Good quality merchandise

Review №85

Love Michaels! They always have a nice selection. However they never have enough people working in the store and especially at the registers.

Review №86

Great! I never thought a store could have tiny jar charms but micheals does! They have everything from baking supplies to emoji poop charms

Review №87

Very nice craft store with good variety and low prices.

Review №88

Nice store, but didnt have the yarn I wanted.

Review №89

Always find something fun here!

Review №90

Prices vary on certain things. Kinda just upset that they bought Pat catans and closed them

Review №91

The custom framing employee was a great help for my framing needs, even though I was not looking for custom framing

Review №92

Great place for everything....if youre an artist , decorating your home or planning to start a small hand made Crafts business or if considering a new hobby

Review №93

Very poor management.VERY OVERPRICED. Arrogant district managers treat there employees badly low pay horrible Management employee relations.Ill never step foot in another Micheals arts and crafts in my life.Hobby Lobby the new chain coming to Pittsburgh is way better1000 times better

Review №94

Cool store for creative people. Most things here are far over priced!

Review №95

It has gotten cleaner and more organized. Its a smaller Michaels but still has a great selection.

Review №96

Good variety of items. Everything was will stocked. They lose a star for killing off Pat Catans.

Review №97

Doesnt seem to be many workers for the size of the store, but coustomer service was good

Review №98

Very nice and organized, different layout from other Michaels that Ive been to, better. My favorite.

Review №99

Go-to craft store and so much more! Great deals and coupons

Review №100

They had the items I needed in stock. They have anything you need for crafting.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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