Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events - Birmingham, AL
5960 Greenwood Pkwy, Bessemer, AL 35022, United States

Review №1

Highly recommend!! Covid policies and safety policies were on point!! They went above and beyond for my child who has a disability. He felt like a “real race-car driver.” This establishment is efficient and customer-focused. Great experience!!

Review №2

I hate to do 2 stars but your phone getting stolen will definitely put a damper on any racing fun! The staff was helpful in trying to find my phone, which was put into one of the provided storage lockers. After everyone frantically looking for it, one staff member found it in a back area that I never went to... Anyhow, it was found, but the whole thing soured our event. Our entire office had been looking forward to racing, because at 50 bucks a pop, our boss was kind enough to cover the $600+ bill. Even with throwing out that kind of money, we had to repeatedly wait for our races- four 10min races took 4 hours!!! This place will definitely fulfill your need for speed, as long as you can stand the wait. Without your phone. Cause you should leave all your belongings in the car. Happy driving!

Review №3

We had an awesome time! Ax throwing turned out to be very therapeutic! And our coach Austin was super sweet and very helpful! Will definitely be going back soon!

Review №4

Wonderful and customer-centered service! Shawn T, Michael B, Kyle B, Jack G, Kodie C, and Kodie T went out of their way to accommodate my son with a disability. Our kids are already asking to go back. They loved it! Facilities were clean and all of our party felt very safe there during a pandemic.

Review №5

Love this place. Karts are the fastest around, staff was super helpful and easy to work with. I race fairly often, but the standout experience was my 8 year old daughters first race. She was super nervous and they did their level beat to make her feel safe and comfortable,showing how the safety barriers worked, that they could bring the speed down remotely if it was too much. She is absolutely hooked and loves racing now!

Review №6

Tonight we took the boys for a night of fun. Well my 9 year old was crying after his first race, because it was his first time and the other kids passed him several times. Let me tell you that this place has the best staff. Thanks to Nick, Jordan, Willis, Jake and Scooter for making my son happy. They allowed him to race with his dad alone. NICK thanks for having a big heart and taking care of him while we race. So sweet. Thanks guys!

Review №7

We had a fantastic time! Racing on a Sunday was perfect timing to avoid large crowds. The staff explained everything thoroughly. They were keeping everything clean and Covid-safe. We will definitely be coming back for more racing. We were tired after 3 races. They lasted about about 10 minutes each. They also explained the hand-outs with scores so we knew how to improve e our times.

Review №8

My young boys love this place (junior kart racing). Weve been several times during Covid and have always felt safe. They do a great job following current protocols and if you go as soon as they open you practically have the place to yourself. They made our sons 8th bday special and even gave our 4 year old a push ride in a kart. We will be back. :)

Review №9

Fast go carts. Friendly staff. I highly recommend as a fun activity for the family. Beware, racing these carts is physically demanding.

Review №10

Such a fun experience! The only indoor racetrack close to Birmingham. You get such an adrenaline rush on the track. It’s a great place for adults to hang out. They have kid races too. And they also have axe throwing which I’ll have to try out next. We will definitely be back.

Review №11

Everyone was awesome. especially Zane. he was really encouraging when it came to the ax throwing. So much fun!

Review №12

I took my son and 5 of his friends (ages 15-16) to Autobahn for his 16th birthday. We raced in two go kart races and 1 hour of axe throwing. The carts were better than any other go karts we have ever driven. They were really fast and very well maintained. Safety was their primary focus and the staff did a great job of keeping it safe and fun. The boys also really enjoyed the axe throwing. This was the first time for axe throwing for all of them. Nick was our coach and did a great job teaching them the technique and keeping them safe. I highly recommend Autobahn for a fun exciting experience.

Review №13

We did online reservations which expedited the process. Our Axe & Go Cart Coach (Zane) was especially helpful and friendly. Best carts I’ve ever ridden and we didn’t leave smelling like exhaust since their electric. Well run, well kept facility. Our overall experience exceeded our expectations. We’ll be back.

Review №14

Go karts were awesome and axe throwing as well! Zane was a great coach at teaching us how to throw the axe! We had a blast. The staff is very helpful and nice!

Review №15

We had a company outing to Autobahn in Bessemer on July 14 and had a fantastic time. From the moment we arrived, Jordan and his team took fantastic care of our employees. We had a ball racing the go carts, but maybe enjoyed the axe throwing and competition amongst the employees even more. Jordan was our guide the entire visit and made the outing very enjoyable. It was nice to take a break from all the issues going on in the world to have a morning a fun and team building at your facility.

Review №16

Came here for the axe throwing with my wife on our anniversary, and by the first few minutes my wife and I were seriously considering leaving. Setting up accounts on a broken system with less than helpful staff behind the counter was frustrating. However, the entire experience was saved by a kid named Austin that was our axe throwing instructor. He was informative and encouraging to the couples around us that just werent getting the hang of it. Give that kid a raise for the extra work hes putting in with customers, he deserves it.

Review №17

First time driving these types of go karts and throwing axes! Employees were very helpful. The overall experience was great! Will definitely be back!

Review №18

Nice facility and staff, good track layout but the karts could use some love. Several karts had terrible brakes and a not so optimized accelerator. Some karts have loose steering, wheel hop and what sounds like a unaligned or bent rear axle. I use to work at a indoor electric kart track and have some experience with these exact karts, it would be beneficial to repeat customers to set aside a row of well maintained karts for a better racing experience. Overall, I enjoyed my experience but Ive had better.

Review №19

Has to be a better way then have people stand outside for 45 mins to check in. This is crazy, seen at least 10 cars come in and go out because of the line. I know covid is going on but only having one person to handle business on your busiest nights is crazy. Unfortunately wont be returning again.

Review №20

It was overall a great experience. The staff is excellent! I wish you could have your choice of music to be played, but the racing was fun within itself. Definitely going again!!

Review №21

Super awesome great fun. Little pricey but with it to me. I enjoyed it stay was awesome! Electric karts were a little slow.

Review №22

This was just what the doctor ordered. Felt like I had been in the gym when I got through. Will definitely be going back.

Review №23

Such a fun way to celebrate my husbands birthday. I do feel I was going faster in some cars than other but such a blast. Definitely recommend this place!

Review №24

Had a great time. Staff was awesome. Very clean. Masks required, sanitizer every where. Would definitely recommend. Little pricey.

Review №25

We had a great time today!! Racing was fast and a blast! Axe throwing was a blast as well! Friendly staff...very helpful...would definitely do it again!!!

Review №26

Had a wonderful time racing and the guys on the track were very helpful and polite. Unfortunately, we had to wait roughly two hours for a single race after checking in around 6:30. The lady working the front desk was quite rude to several members of our group. Overall it was a lot of fun on the track, however waiting two hours for a 7 minute race was a little much on top of some of the worst customer service experience I’ve seen at the front desk.

Review №27

Great place! It is time trails so make sure to watch the flags to ensure you don’t interfere with other racers! If I was you would get the 3 or 5 race pass cause the first race is more of getting used to the go karts! Sort of strict on rules and slow your cars down with remote to enforce them and tell you what you are doing wrong! Twists and turns and a lot of fun for the whole family! Plan on going back and racing more whenever I get the chance! Not super expensive either!

Review №28

I had so much fun. I really enjoyed myself. The workers was so nice and respectful.

Review №29

We took a group of 15 yr olds & had a really fun time! Zane was a great Ax Throwing Coach — he made it a lot of fun & SAFE! Thank you Zane!!

Review №30

I had a blast wit the fellas. Were definitely goin back every week and i personally might join the League!

Review №31

My boyfriend and I came in for our one year anniversary and a blast! The staff was extremely helpful since it was our first time in! They’re keeping things super clean and safe from racing to COVID-19. Definitely a fun and family friendly place! We’ll be back!

Review №32

Autobahn is an AMAZING racecourse with tight corners, interesting straights, and unbelievably fast karts that can hit 50 MPH!!! Highly recommended for any speed junky looking for fun!

Review №33

Had a good time here zane is a great teacher with the axis and wonderful staff

Review №34

Dont do the whole online registration. What a waste of time! Two people walked in and were on the course before us and we had reservations. Intake process is jacked!Dont buy giftcards. Cant use giftcards to register online. Only at the counter. But they want you to register online. Ughh. The kids had fun but intake is a pain.

Review №35

We had a wonderful time on the Go-Kart track! Everyone was socially distanced and doing a great job. Come support a great local business!

Review №36

Great Family Fun night. The staff was great and very nice and helpful. I would recommend this place. Plus every one and the staff had mask on for everyones protection. The place was also very clean.

Review №37

Staff was great and very informative. They were very knowledgeable.

Review №38

This place is very family oriented. I had a wonderful time with my family. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to visit again.

Review №39

Zane was excellent with helping get the throw down with axes. Great help!

Review №40

Just left here! Friendly staff and had a blast! Try the axe throwing as well!

Review №41

Shawn and his team made it a great experience for me and the guys from the firehouse. Not only did they go above and beyond to make sure we were enjoying the experience, Shawn went in to great detail about the karts and how amazing they really are. He explained how they adapt to your driving in different ways. It was a great experience and we can’t wait to go back.

Review №42

We had a great time! The staff was friendly. The building well kept up. And as far as COVID goes, everything was safe. They had to ask some women to leave who were not following the mask guidelines. Great place.

Review №43

Friendly & helpful staff. Fun environment.

Review №44

We went during my bday weekend. My ride was free because of it. The staff was very friendly. So much fun, we will be back soon.

Review №45

The Staff was super amazing ! And the kids enjoyed themselves. This was our 1st time but believe me we will be back

Review №46

Outstanding place to spend a few hours! They treated us like family, and treated my little boy like he was Richard Petty. Well absolutely be back!

Review №47

Racing was great! We also enjoyed the axe throwing. The staff was very helpful and friendly!

Review №48

Mann I love this place the people are awesome very friendly very clean even with the pandemic going on also helpful I was comfortable I will revisit again and bring more people thanks you guys

Review №49

The go carts were a lot of fun!We enjoyed watching the other races while we waited our turn. Wait time was a little long, considering they weren’t very busy. The staff was helpful and explained everything we needed to know. Having food to eat while you watched and waited would have been even better. But..I definitely encourage trying it out!

Review №50

ENJOY every dime spent... Shaun was the best HOST EVER... Will be back next Monday

Review №51

Had an absolute blast my first time out. Will definitely go again. Most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Review №52

I loved it, they are sooo nice and always there to assist you. Super fun

Review №53

Great place to scratch that need for speed. I go every week. The staff is nice and will help you find that right line.

Review №54

Had a great time! Those karts are crazy fast and everything is very high tech. Safety is definitely a priority here and it’s great to see they’re doing everything they can to follow CDC guidelines during the reopening after COVID-19.

Review №55

It was absolutely amazing! We all had a wonderful time!

Review №56

It was very cool shoutout to Bri, Nick, Harrison, Kyle, Jordan, Jack, Jake

Review №57

A lot of fun, but too expensive for what you get. We purchased one of the multi race packages and spent $175 for 3 people. Finished all 3 races in maybe 1 hour. For that amount we could have gone to an amusement park and had all day.

Review №58

Zane and Jay made the experience worth wild. It was my fiancé birthday and eventho he won we all had a great time.

Review №59

I was looking for a fun indoor activity for my daughter to do on her 13th birthday. I found Autobahn, and she loved the idea. We took her and a friend, and they had a blast. The staff was very friendly. Prices are reasonable. My husband, who is 64, 285, even raced. The girls did the junior track, and my husband raced with the adults. He had so much fun hes already talked to a friend of his and his wife, and were going to go back for double date night.

Review №60

It was awesome! Had so much fun! If I had the chance, I would definitely go again!!

Review №61

It was AMAZING! my fiance took me today for our Valentines day. We were the only ones racing, they gave us a free race so we could have even more fun. The staff was super nice and friendly. Very clean and just a wonderful and fun experience!

Review №62

Bri,Nick,Harrison,Kyle,Jordan,Jack and Jake did a phenomenal job highly recommend

Review №63

I have never drove go karts before but must say that Autobahn made my first time experience the Best! Plus it was my B-Day so that added to the excitement. When we first arrived the front desk employee greeted us within seconds, willing to help and very professional. The inside of the building is very well kept and the tempature was perfect inside the track area. I hate I do not remember names but our safety instructor was very informative and the staff is very patient with newcomers like myself. I love the head socks they provide, the helmets were in great condition as well as the karts and the track is also well kept. I love that they provide lockers to secure your belongings. I love that fact they give you a print out before you go of your drive information and they also send emails with your lap times, picture and ext. Lets just say, its money well spent. So worth It!

Review №64

Long wait times and management is very rude with my wife. I will not go back nor ever suggest any go

Review №65

Great place just make sure you reserve your spot easier to get around.

Review №66

We have been to Autobahn several times for corporate and family outings. The staff is very friendly and fun to work with every time. Whether you are a competitive go-cart racer, a casual driver or even a spectator you will have fun at Autobahn.

Review №67

I had a great time there,when I come back to town thats one of my first things to do when I get there!!!

Review №68

Great experience! Very clean facility, friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №69

The track was really fun ! That was the highlight of the night. They should not advertise arrive and drive if you can’t actually arrive and drive. We got there and waited outside for half an hour due to a reservation which is understandable as covid 19 is real. We got there at 6:30 and waited half an hour outside. We all checked in by 7:11pm and the lady at the front desk whose login is BOwen was rude. I asked if we could race separately and she said no because she had a reservation after us. She asked us if we minded waiting 35 minutes for the reservation prior to us to finish and we said we would wait cause it’s only about 30 minutes. That put us racing around 7:50pm. She then tells us we have to wait outside after checking in inside and we later find out she lied to us and put us after the group she said she would put us before so we ended up waiting almost an hour and a half just to race after checking in. Our race didn’t start until 8:30 ! That is a 2 hour wait for just 1 race per person !

Review №70

The kids absolutely loved it . Great staff !

Review №71

Lots of fun! The boys and girls of our mountain bike team had a great time. We were in the area for a race and did a team bonding night the night before the race. The kids had a blast. They wish we had this where we live in Atlanta.

Review №72

1.5 hr drive........ 1.5 hour wait for first race with 20-30 people in the building..... If some one comes in before you and order 20 races they race 20 race before you race your first 1.... And cars have to charge between each race per staff.... NEVER AGAIN

Review №73

Everyone was very kind as usual. Always been a great experience, and scratches my racing itch haha

Review №74

Very cool place. Love the fact that theyre electric not gas. Youll get a slight arm workout, but its worth it. Had a great time here.

Review №75

We were in town for a baseball tourney and were looking for some indoor fun.This place was “Covid” ready, with sanitizers and social distancing enforced. All employees were safety conscious and very helpful.

Review №76

Best time in a long time, but remember rubbing is racing

Review №77

Lots of fun racing karts at Autobaun. My son and I are pretty competitive posting lap times in the 19s. It’s a little pricey so not an every weekend outing. (Occasionally get kart that isn’t as fast as the others.). Karts are fast and the guys running the track do a great job. Very exciting racing. Lots of fun.

Review №78

Nick & Kyle were awesome with the Axe Throwing! The kart race was cool too!! Fun place!

Review №79

Always a fun time! Everything is nicely kept and clean. Great for the whole family!

Review №80

Great track! Great guys. Will definitely visit again the next time we are in town.

Review №81

The staff was absolutely wonderful! They were super friendly. It is a bit pricey (More so if its your first trip because you need a small membership fee) but in my opinion it is worth it. The guy at the front desk didnt try to up sell us but he did explain all the option/packages very well. The guy working the axe throwing was very good at instructing newbies. I look forward to going back, if for nothing more than to recieve a great customer experience. Which is scarce nowadays.

Review №82

We came out to enjoy on anniversary on June 13th at 7:30pm and it was closed. No information about the curfew on the website. Very disappointed...

Review №83

We raced and threw axes. Everyone had a lot of fun. Safety procedures were explained and followed thanks to the well- trained staff. They were pleasant, professional and helpful. It was a great way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Review №84

The staff were very helpful and very friendly. The karts were extremely fun. I would have never thought I would have such a good time. I definitely recommend it!

Review №85

It was my first visit, but we had a excellent time! The track was awesome. No complaints here! I would like to see you expand, maybe go even larger with some straights- purely for the sport of it!!!

Review №86

My family and I enjoyed this experience and we will be back!!!

Review №87

Pretty amazing experience. My good friend Michael that works there invited us and we had the best time. The staff was really helpful and productive. Always looking out for our safety and providing us with the top notch advice and guidance in the racing.

Review №88

Good times. Nice staff

Review №89

Autobahn offers a 3 hour unlimited racing package only 3 times per year, one of which just happened to be New Years Eve. After seeing this on their website I decided to take my wife and friend to Autobahn yesterday (New Years Eve). They gave us a time of 3 pm so we arrived at 2:50 with the expectation of racing by 3 as stated when I purchased the 3 hr package. After standing in line waiting to register for 25 minutes then having to spend another 4-6 minutes watching the safety video, we did not get out to the track until 3:20. Then we had to wait another 20 minutes until our race number was called. If that was not enough they (I will get to why not we in a moment) had to get out of the cart after they completed each race to wait for the next assigned race. If that was not enough the place closed at 6 pm. This was not even remotely close to what they had advertised. I dont see this as a problem with the place I visited but rather a corporate issue, but it was severely misleading as they only had time to run 3 races from the time we got there until they closed. It would have been cheaper to purchase a 3 race package instead of the unlimited 3 hour package.Now as for the WE. I was not able to race due to the fact that I did not fit into the cart. I am 65 and although I could sit in the cart I was not able to move my feet off of the pedals, which again is something they should state on their website or make some longer carts (the width of the cart was not an issue). I can not in good faith hold the Autobahn I was at responsible, as again I see this as a corporate issue. As a matter of fact the staff was awesome and tried to make things right by giving us some free race coupons which my wife and I gave to our friend since I am not able to fit in the cart. As a note, our fried did have a great time but doesnt make up for the misleading all you can race package. The 3 stars I gave were not for the Autobahn I was visiting but rather the operation of the company. The Autobahn facility I visited I would give 5 stars to. As a recommendation I would either remove this package or structure those 3 days for their intended purpose.

Review №90

Great experience! Hunter went above and beyond to make sure my family and I had a great time. We had out of town guests with us and they were really pleased with the staff and the experience that they had at Autobahn. 5 stars ️! Thanks! We’ll be back soon!

Review №91

Absolute blast, I guy who I think was a manager gave me and my friend a free race.

Review №92

Had a wonderful time at this place, we went on a Wednesday and had the track completely to ourselves. The staff was very helpful and even gave us a free race. I cannot recommend this place enough, they are wonderful.

Review №93

My team went to Autobahn for our Christmas gathering and had a great time. The customer service was excellent! I highly recommend Autobahn for a fun filled day with employees or family. We were able to come in and have a great time.

Review №94

My husband and I stopped in early one Friday afternoon on our way back to Fl where we live. We had a blast, it was just the two of us do to the time of day. Staff was extremely friendly, and even offered to take pictures for us! I cant wait to come back and bring our 4 teenagers! Definitely wished we have one local.

Review №95

Took my 9 yo son there as a Christmas present, but I am not sure who had more fun, me or my son. The staff were great, friendly, helpful. We will definitely return for more racing!

Review №96

Enjoy the race cars ️️

Review №97

Today we went for our 3rd time. We have a great time. We love the axe throwing and the coaching staff is wonderful. Today Kyle was our coach, he taught us a new game and an awesome double axe trick through. We enjoy bringing friends and family to have fun. Something for all; racing, throwing axes, or just visiting.

Review №98

Great time with the family. They have taken extreme caution to keep the place clean, required face masks and had plenty hand sanitizer.

Review №99

Great fun!! Loved the axe throwing. The guys were so nice.

Review №100

My family has an awesome day. At 8, there are many new opportunities for fun but this was my son’s favorite (next to roller coasters). The entire staff was fantastic. He happens to have autism so things can get complicated but this day was anything besides complicated. It was wonderful. Thanks!

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