Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
4599 Splash Adventure Pkwy, Bessemer, AL 35022, United States

Review №1

One of the greatest secrets in Alabama. Nowhere else will you have the owner of a park this size, greet you as you enter and speak to you at length as you leave. The employees are friendly, they are extremely courteous and helpful. The food is of high quality, generous portions and the drinks are free!. There is a regular park with rides as well as a splash park, all for one reasonable price. You can spend the day and never tire of the variety of activities. There are three separate areas for the little ones and a generous sized park for the adventuresome. For us less adventurous, they have a Lazy River to gently meander around the water park.

Review №2

Lots of fun, wasnt terribly expensive. Free sodas, water and Gatorade included with admission. Bring water shoes or something similar my feet are cooked for sure. Its loads of fun for all ages. They have a water park and carnival rides. We will go again next time we are in town.

Review №3

Ive lived in Alabama 13 years and I have never gone until this weekend. I am so upset with myself that I had never been. We had such a great time Saturday that we went back on Monday! Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Amazing funnel cake! Everything was super clean. Exceeded my expectations. We will be back every summer going forward.

Review №4

Great place to go with a family and cool off during the summer. Bought the season pass and its already payed for itself. We usually hit the coasters for a little bit the go next door and cool off in the water. Also cant beat the fact they offer the drinks free to keep everyone hydrated. Food is usually fast as well and filling. Not a bad way to spend a few weekends every summer.

Review №5

We have no problems with them in the past, but this happened to us, and I wanted people to be aware so they dont accidentally make our mistake.We made the mistake of buying 2 season passes and letting a friend and her son borrow them. When they got there, the passes were confiscated.We drove up there, to try and explain that we had made a mistake. When we get there, they explain that those passes are like your drivers license, and we stole from them by letting someone borrow it.I asked what they do with the passes and I did not get a definite answer. And I asked if we can not use it, could they let us watch them destroy the card so no one else can use it. They said they dont destroy the cards.To add to our frustration, they pointed out on the back of the card was a tiny printed short story basically saying that they are privately owned and can do whatever they want with no refunds.I asked them even though it has our faces on it, it is our drivers license, and we paid for it, we cant get it back, or at least a refund?They told us no because we stole from the park and they were going to call the police if we didnt leave.So we lost 160 dollars for letting someone use something we bought. Had it actually been stolen, we could have likely had the exact same conversation, ending with them threatening to call the police.I do like the place, and we have had great moments there. But that seemed a little extreme, and could have been handled better.

Review №6

What can I say about Alabama Adventure except it was awesome! We had the best time! It was so great we stayed overnight to go back the next day and still didnt get enough! I think my daughter and I had more fun than the little ones We cant wait to get back!!

Review №7

It was absolutely fantastic! Loved the rides! loved the atmosphere! The free drinks were great! The locker/wristband system is fabulous! No more lost keys. The pizza was amazing! Id go back just for the pizza!

Review №8

I take my kids once a year to Alabama Splash Adventure. They creep up on the price every time but they also offer more fun things to do every year. I really like the free hypoallergenic sunscreen and free Pepsi drinks. They also have life guards posted practically everywhere and they take safety very seriously. When I take the family, we try to get there as close to opening time as possible and leave as they are closing, so as to really get our moneys worth. We will take the 1 hour trip every year until the kiddos dont wont to go anymore. Love this place!

Review №9

Great place although they may have made changes to the wave pool it does not make big waves. Clean and friendly place and the food was great. They are also being very careful during the pandemic and all drinks are free.

Review №10

We had a great time! The only disappointment was the wave pool. The sign said it would come on for 10 minutes, off for 10 minutes. It was more like on for 10 minutes, off for an hour!The Lazy River was one of the best Ive been too, my favorite!

Review №11

Management is completely dismissive of customer concerns, and has no concept of customer service. After an incident where my wife was nearly brought to tears by employees, including Dana Schwitek, I submitted a request through their website to speak to the general manager or someone in upper management. After receiving an email response from Dana, I reiterated that I was requesting to speak to someone else because I had already talked to her. She ignored that request, and several follow-up requests, over the course of more than a week, before finally responding that she handles all guest concerns, and someone else will respond if they feel it necessary.I just cannot imagine treating a customer that way. It must be nice to be married to the boss, and have no accountability in how you do your job.

Review №12

Great for people of all ages. There were plenty of things for both of my children to do, ages 5 and 1. We stayed from when they opened at 10:30 to closing at 6 and still weren’t ready to go. The pizza was wonderful and I still can’t get over the fact that there is free soft drinks. There is also free life jackets to use and sunscreen. We drove 2 hours to come and it was well worth the drive. Can’t wait to go back!

Review №13

The place is great. Clean and the people there are great too. We have bought Season pass for the last 3 year.

Review №14

A fantastic escape for the day for the family. The staff is extremely friendly and we enjoyed the free beverages. We will be coming back.

Review №15

It was a great experience!! No lines, no wait. Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and free drinks were readily available. The rides were awesome, and the staff was working so hard. We cant wait to come back again!

Review №16

Great value. The pizza was delicious! The number if tubes had been limited which forces social distancing in the tube rides. A great experience

Review №17

This park is terrible, they removed the medal roller coaster in the back and the water rappids as well as the log flume and ferris wheel. Is mainly just water not fair for everyone else you might as well go to six flags totally worth it than waisting your money here. Theres not enough dry rides for adults, is mainly kiddy rides for children i miss when it was Visionland

Review №18

I really enjoyed the place and so did my 3 teenagers! The place was clean with friendly staff. Drink were free and food was a tad bit expensive but tasted great!! This was our first time going but definitely not our last. It was just enough to really enjoy our day. a Cabana! Worth money spent. We did the regular one and it had a safe, fan and table w/ chairs and our view was of the wave pool. Money well spent!

Review №19

Looking for some family fun? The water park was so clean and ran very smoothly! The admission is worth the full day of fun. We where there from 10-5pm and never stopped, Except for lunch and FREE drinks of course.

Review №20

I have been trying to get in touch with someone from months about getting a refund on my ticket since I did not get to use it this year due to COVID. Finally, I was able to talk to someone on Facebook about my issue and the sales manager emailed me directly. I find it ridiculous how the company will not make any exceptions on refunds, especially during a pandemic. I figured they cared enough about their customers and their well-beings that giving a refund would not be an issue. Well that is wrong. The only thing they offered me was a ticket for next year. While this may sound like a good thing, the only problem is who knows how COVID will be next year. If anyone else has this issue let me know, so we can get something put together because MANY companies are making refund exceptions due to COVID.

Review №21

We had a great time. Staff was friendly and helpful. We will be back! I should have bought season passes.

Review №22

Due to covid-19 they have had to make some changes but still a great place to go and have some fun and relax a bit.

Review №23

I had fun! Relaxing!

Review №24

Wish they had more big rides. They just have one rollercoaster the rest fair rides. The water park was cool though!

Review №25

Didnt have many rides on the adventure side love the free drinks small park had fun

Review №26

Fun park, nice wooden coaster. Park could use a little touching up and a simplified online ticketing system. Other than that, nice staff!

Review №27

No problems. Great fun. The water slides will make you happy. The worst part is climbing all of the steps.

Review №28

The water and adventure part is awesome! More shade, and/or covered areas would make the afternoons much better. Also, lifeguards whom pay attention to more than the potential of swimmers. An awareness of children and running from parents would be much appreciated.

Review №29

This was our first visit to Alabama Splash Adventure and I must say the water park is amazing five star all the way more than expected however I think they could use a few more inner tubes on The Lazy River other than that I give it an A plus now the amusement park side I was not impressed with the rides were very limited and it seemed the rides that were there were geared at younger people as far as when you first walk in most of the shops were closed the gift shop has very limited supplies they didnt have a lot to choose from I was disappointed that the theater was closed and there were no dive shows I think Alabama Splash Adventure could make a huge Improvement on the amusement parks side and add a few more restaurants there arent many to choose from at other gift shops at other stores and I think it could be a wonderful place for the money theyre charging I think its a little high considering again the amusement park side really is just kind of an add-on other than that great time and hope to see great expansions and great additions in the future in this park

Review №30

Very affordable, clean , staff is absolutely amazing. We loved all the theme rides and absolutely loved the water park. We definitely will be back all the way from phenixcity, al. Next year we will be buying season passes. I have no complaints at all. Everything was just perfect.

Review №31

Great family friendly park. My kids range from kindergartner to high schooler and everyone had plenty to do. Facilities were clean and the staff was friendly. The pizza is also very good.

Review №32

We wanted somewhere to go to cool off that was not over-crowded due to COVID-19.... I looked online and found Alabama Adventure. I booked a cabana so we had our own space if it was crowded and to rest etc.I had never been neither had the other t people i brought with me. The pictures and website makes it out to be a bigger and nicer park.The water park side... The slides had water dripping down on you in the line from everywhere because bolts were missing..The wave pool barely moved the water and half of the pool was roped off.On the amusement park side...two of the rides we rode on... The bars did not lock in place as they should have.Its is sad to say that we all were very disappointed. A big waste of money.

Review №33

The whole family had a blast!

Review №34

Had a great time. Loved the lazy river and water slides

Review №35

During our visit we were amazed how clean the place was when we arrived and how it stayed clean throughout the day thanks to the hardworking staff. We were also impressed in how friendly the staff was. Being a very hot July day, wearing masks, and constant cleaning did not put a damper on their attitudes. Add to all this I lose my wallet.....I leave a voicemail and send a message on Facebook informing them where I think I lost it. Less than 20 minutes later I get a reply from Facebook saying they will look for it. An hour later I get a call back letting me know the wallet was found and will be waiting for me in guest relations. Had a great day at the park and was able to sleep well knowing my wallet was safe and sound. If you are needing a day out of the house go to Splash Adventure!

Review №36

It was wonderful this was my family and i first time there in 10years and it was just as great as it was then my kids had so much fun they were sad when we had to leave

Review №37

We had a great time!It was the perfect mix of entertainment, food, drinks and people.

Review №38

We had fun for sure. But alabama adventure needs an upgrade.!

Review №39

Nice place! Spacious clean. Need more boutique style stores. At least one restaurant. Finger foods are good but not always in mind. More games besides laser tag. Staff was nice and pleasant. Liked the various water rides. Need more rides for handicapped and disabled.and seniors. Worth season passes for now.

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Review №41

Great Family Fun. Didnt get to rides part. But Waterpark was great.

Review №42

I had a total blast . Went there for my birthday and I got to ride a rollercoaster for the first time . The one they have there is quite the coster and the water park was awesome

Review №43

SO MUCH FUNNN. From the splash side. Wasnt massive, but had plenty to keep you entertained all day. We went during a decently not busy weekday. They provide free fountain drinks and small lockers are $10. All around super fun family trip. Looking into season passes for next year now. Im 23 and had just as much fun as my 4 year old. And that was even on the stuff built for him! Slides were all good. Wave pool could be a little wavier (but theres the beach for that lol), the bar and food a little overpriced. So maybe bring a lunch and cooler (but has to be eaten out of gate)Just the little things to know

Review №44

There new owners have done an amazing job with this facility. My ten year-old loves it. Shes a strong swimmer, and she can do all the rides. So, so worth a membership if you can go during less busy times in the summer. We went this past weekend for the fall festival weekends, and it was so much fun!!! I feel like a membership is totally worth it.

Review №45

I have lived in the Birmingham area my entire life and have never visited Alabama Adventure (previously Visionland) until today for our sons birthday. First off the staff working could not have been more helpful and accommodating! Secondly thru the years I have developed a some what bad attitude towards a place I had previously literally never visited. Towards that attitude the park was clean, well monitored and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Especially liked the must be appropriately dressed policy outside the water park section of the park. Upon entry we ran into the owner of the facility on her scooter and she was extremely appreciative of our first time business. Pizza was great although it took a bit of a wait to get our order. Although 2020 season passes were sold out during our visit today we will DEFINITELY purchase season passes for the 2021 season. Our children (and parents) throughly enjoyed our visit today. We WILL be back!! Mrs. Koch and team have done a great job with the park!

Review №46

Alabama splash is the best! My only wish is when I was riding there roller coaster, Rampage it broke down for 30 min. More then 5 times that day I was on it 2/5 times.. Other then that its the best!

Review №47

Great staff and a awesome place for everyone to have fun in the sun.

Review №48

Awesome wish they stayed open longer!

Review №49

Its just amazing if you never been hea its a must vist .. we traveled from atl just to come hear we had a ball going back in two weeks

Review №50

The facility is clean and the associates are friendly and exhibited good customer service.

Review №51

Love it love it we go every year

Review №52

GREAT family fun, food and rides for all ages!

Review №53

Very nice & clean place for the kids to have a fun time on a hot summer day.

Review №54

We took our youth group & had a wonderful time!

Review №55

The best place to get wet.

Review №56

Great Waterpark, reminds me of Deep River Waterpark back at home in Indiana

Review №57

I am currently blocked in. I can’t get my car out and the employees here do not care at all. I will not be back here and I’m sure the family that owns this place would not want their customers treated this way. I have been waiting for an hour and no one will help.

Review №58

Great. My family just love this wonderful place. 3 years of season passes. And we drive a hour and 15 mins from gadsden to go.

Review №59

I had a blast with my son and my grandchildren it was the perfect Fathers day and are planning on going back

Review №60

Great place to get wet and wild. This park is on the west side of the cut off. Over here on the west side of Alabama adventure you may find yourself on a journey to a whole new dimension for strange things tend to happen when the night skys come to life.. An experience quite like no other come to the west side and find your best side to tan an relax and find some summer something.. Lol Jackson gap is always widen it grips for those big ole hips on the adventure of a lifetime...

Review №61

Had a wonderful time and look forward to going back soon

Review №62

Very fun and safe place to take your child/ parking, drinks, floats, and sunscreen.

Review №63

It was fun just wished there was more rides or more things to do for people older than 9

Review №64

Very clean, friendly staff, great for the whole family! Oh and I love the freebies!

Review №65

This is our happy place. We have gotten season passes for 3 years now! We go weekly!

Review №66

Had a blast and didnt have a flat tire when we left!

Review №67

Great place to take the family for the day and very reasonable. Food a little on the high side.

Review №68

Had a gr8 time with the family ( kids took me for fathers day ).

Review №69

Clean park with a lot of good rides and attractions.

Review №70

Awesome time it started to thunder and lightning and we were given a raincheck. I thought that was very generous.

Review №71

Fun times with the family. Small venue and could use moe attractions.

Review №72

A great day of fun for the family. There have been some improvements since my initial visit to the Park. One being, they no longer charge for parking. Initially you could visit both the water park and amusement park for one price. Now however, there is a separate charge for visiting each park. Still a bargain for a day of family fun. I would recommend this Park.

Review №73

What an awesome day! Families with young kids and teens will love it! Moderately priced, free beverages and sunscreen stations plus, I bought my tickets online and we all received $10 in credit for FREE LUNCH! My six and eight year old loved the rides and kid pools and my teens had more to do than they could manage. Short lines on weekdays, safe, family friendly environment and lots of fun. We have gone every summer for the past 5 years and love it more every visit.

Review №74

This park has been fantastic this year! Free parking, free drinks, food is reasonably priced. The employees have been helpful and nice, and the restroom have been well maintained, as well as the rest of the park. I only wish there were more rides. I purchased a season pass this year and will be purchasing another one next year!

Review №75

I love the wave pool and the lifeguards aren’t super strict

Review №76

Fun, Fun,Fun! My family & I go every year, never had a bad experience good place to go for family, friends or events!

Review №77

This is a great place to go and have fun. I love it!

Review №78

A whole lot of fun for grown ups and kids of all ages a whole lot of amusement plus tubbing down big slides.

Review №79

First time here and had a blast! Love how we get free drinks! Sucks that the rampage wasnt running. Maybe next time.

Review №80

I liked this park a lot. The only thing I wish for is a new semi-big roller coaster but over all it’s a nice and fun place

Review №81

Unlimited fountain drinks was awesome! Lazy River was the best attraction!!!Loved the modern locker system.Fun, clean and family friendly!!!

Review №82

Our family loves this place.

Review №83

Its been a few since we have been to Splash Adventure. I decided to surprise the kids and take them there since my youngest learned to swim this year. I noticed online that tickets were priced with a $10 credit towards anything in the park.We arrived at the park and proceeded to purchase our tickets. I was informed that deal was only if I purchased the tickets online or had a Pepsi or Coke can. I then had to step out of line then go online and purchase the tickets and then go back up to the window.We proceed into the park and find our normal seat. I was shocked to see the speed slide was not functioning and that slide is why we chose to go to this park and not the park on the other side of Bham. There was no disclaimer at the gate nor was there any notice on their website.We couldve spent far less going to the other park with basically the same rides this park has due to the tickets being half off on Tuesday.We get into the lazy river and we were quickly greeted with bandaids and tons of leaves floating by us. Around one of the exits for the lazy river theres a raised area which was filled with bandaids and other trash.Two very nice perks to the park was theyve now transitioned to free parking and they also have free Pepsi products.

Review №84

My 11yo loves it here!

Review №85

We had so much fun! Great place for families, so many options for young children! Free drinks, parking, and sunscreen. Plenty of seating and decent about of shade for an amusement park. Good food, well priced. Very well cared for park!

Review №86

Me and my family had a very good time, but I think it closed too early since its the summer it should be opened later and would be really pretty lit up at night.

Review №87

Greatest value around! We only visited the water park and had a very good time! Free sodas!Lines were small when we went so we were able to ride all the rides multiple time.It was a great day!

Review №88

There price to get in is different every time when go

Review №89

We had a great time!!! Great crew that works there!

Review №90

Fun and well worth your hard earned $$

Review №91

Great place. Good for toddlers as well as adults.

Review №92

Management is not taking care of people that are disrespectful and loud and cussing in front of children

Review №93

Great time, kids had blast

Review №94

If you purchase your tickets online prior to arriving then you $10 in park credit to use for food which is an awesome deal. Also there are free fountain Pepsi products all throughout the park which is a lifesaver with thirsty kids and can save you a fortune in buying drinks all day. The only thing I didnt like was that there was only one large roller coaster. If there would have been maybe 2 or 3 roller coasters to ride aside from the things to do in the water park, then Alabama Splash Adventure would be the most perfect place on the planet!

Review №95

We had an amazing day at this park. I cannot say enough good things about it: loved the free parking, the clean facilities, the nice changing rooms, the free fountain drink stations. The price to get in was reasonable and because we bought our tickets online, we got a ten dollar rebate per ticket that was good to use anywhere in the park. We were able to purchase our lunches with our rebate and had a little left over to go toward snacks. Most of the amusement park rides have been taken out over the years, but there are still a few left and my children had a great time over all. The roller coaster was up and running while we were there, but we did not get a chance to ride. There is literally something for EVERYONE here and I recommend it if youre in the area.

Review №96

Free Drinks, fun rides for little kids, nice employees. The splash side was crowded on the very hot day we went. There was a lovely area, though, with lots of chairs for parents, mostly shaded, where you could sit and watch your kids just go on these slides over and over. It was heaven after such a long hot day. This is a great place to take smaller children and a great time is to be had by everyone else as well. Clean, well-run, plenty of seats, ample life vests and changing facilities.

Review №97

The place can be classified into two sections.Splash Adventure: This is full of water rides, water falls, water waves, water slides, water maze.They provide locker with two size small and large. The larger locker cost $15 with unlimited time.Once finished all water games, we need to get dressed for the other part adventures like roller coaster, scrambler and so on..For kids, they have more stuffs to enjoy. They will also provide free sunscreen and free drinks (Coke, Pepsi and so on).Try go get coupons which will give either 5$ off in the general admission ticket or 10$ food deal.Weekends will be crowded so it may take a complete day to cover all adventures...Parking is free with ample enough space...A good one for the summer..

Review №98

Family friendly. Super deal for the price.

Review №99

Very nice staff’s at the gate. At the park the staff’s very friendly and helpful.

Review №100

Fun place for a hot summer day! Not too far from the city and fun and entertaining rides!

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  • Address:4599 Splash Adventure Pkwy, Bessemer, AL 35022, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 205-481-4750
  • Tourist attraction
  • Amusement park
  • Water park
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Wheelchair rental:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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