Berwyn Recreation Department
6501 31st St #3199, Berwyn, IL 60402, United States

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It was great! Drove right past the place.

Review №2

Nice outdoor pool with slides. My daughter really likes her swim lessons. We signed up for the next session.

Review №3

Low quality summer camp. Enrolled my child for the summer of 2019. My child has attended different summer camps, so we knew what to expect with the type of activities that are usually offered. The first day my child attended, my child informed me that the counselors were negligent and foul mouthed. My child told me the counselors swore at each other as well as the children. Also said the counselors spend more time on their phone rather than interacting with the camp members. My child said they were often given an attitude by the counselors when asking questions. This type of behavior has continued all throughout the time of enrollment. It is now July 24th and nothing has changed. When I first enrolled my child, I was informed of all the activities they would have the children do. The children are often left in the gym for several hours, then taken to the pool for several hours. Pretty much, youre on your own attitude carried all throughout the camp. I will not be enrolling my child at this center again. If you care about the quality of treatment for your child, I would not recommend this place. If you are looking for a cheap place to drop your kid off for the summer this is the place. No educational or moral value provided here.

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Hey four

Review №5

Great Senior luncheon. Had Alito of fun.

Review №6

Voting place tomorrow.

Review №7

This place is not safe for kids or anyone not confident in the water. Life guards are not paying attention nor are professional. This facility needs to have more safe habits and routines.

Review №8

Granddaughter Basketball Tournament 2019 Great praise so proud for all 6 teams they played their hearts out! Staff, Coaches and volunteers appreciate you all

Review №9

I came here for Summer camp, and all the counselors and other students cursed, and ect. I had a bad experience here

Review №10

Another great place to umpire a baseball/softball game!

Review №11

Very helpful staff and plenty of summer fun activities for kids

Review №12

They would not answer phone

Review №13

Sam the foreman is the best! He does a great job keeping parks a d ballparks looking great,,

Review №14

Great place nice and clean... lots of activities for the kiddo

Review №15

Best Rec center

Review №16

Nice friendly place, good people here.

Review №17

My kids n I luv this pool!!!! Its always clean no overcrowding, its great!! The best part is the water slide they have!!!! Always clean n staff r courteous, wat more can u ask for plus u can swim ur children, or just dangle ur legs for a bit if ur not to fond of jumping right in beside them.

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I probably will have to re-concider, of not just not concider them at all, to enroll my children in summer camp. The way the staff handles certain situations in regards to the children is extremely disappointing and upsetting. For 1, the amount of times each one of my children would come home talking about the same kid/s picking on them over and over again was numerous. As the staff members, if a child is telling you that he or she is being bullied, hit, punched, dont you think it is your job to let the parent know therefore the parent can correct their child and this doesnt happen again? Its like the staff dont do much about bullying situations. 2, as if the bullying amongst the children in the camp isnt enough and no-one does anything about it, you have the counselors telling your child how they are a really, really rude and mean kid (because of course the counselor cant even let me know why she feels that way about my kid so I can correct them at home, right?)or how if they lost your childs field trip money and they dont know where its at and your child asks them for their money because they didnt get theirs, the counselor just tells your child oh well!. Excuse me but really? Counselor Aaliyah! That is not the way to handle situations like these.

Review №19

It’s fun

Review №20

Great place to play ball!

Review №21

Extremely Disappointed in the Berwyn Rec my son joined the basketball team and from the start it was so unorganized when all the other teams had at least 6-8 practices before they had their first game my sons team only 2 His second game which was last Saturday they lost 5-28 two of the coaches were speaking to one another which my son was sitting next to them and one coach said “man this team sucks” and the other coach says “they can’t even play defense”. After the game Julian comes to me with his head down and you can tell something was wrong. I asked him and he said not now Mom....and as a mother when you know something is wrong so I asked again and he told me. Let’s rewind a week ahead these boys went to having no coach to then having 3 so I went up to the “Main Coach”one of the ones who was sitting next to Julian who was part of that conversation and asked about the comments.The main coach and now the other coach who was no where around shakes his hand in my face to let me know that wasn’t said.....yet he wasn’t sitting next to these men. Not one of those coaches cared and walked away when I asked a employee Dan to have someone to call me because how can someone who is helping these boys with basketball then put them down. I received a phone call Monday to let me know Julian was kicked off the team. My kids been going to the Rec for over 7 years not once did they ask the boys on the team if they heard anything or my son for that matter the man on the phone who called to let me know that Tony the owner said to come and get a refund I told him why was my son being punished for standing up for himself and letting me know the ignorant words that were said by these coaches and received no reason as to why.I spoke to the manager Maureen who wasn’t helpful at all either. Just so sad how these things happen and people stay quite when I had to let Julian know he was kicked off the team I couldn’t stay quite seeing my son face and the hurt because he knew it wasn’t right or fair.

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The viewing mezzanine is shut down and that really sucks the bushes and trees on the North side or out of control not nearly as nice as it used to be

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It works as a great way to spend the day. It didnt have a free swim deep end so not the best

Review №24

Good girls basketball league

Review №25

Ive coached baseball for the last three years and have had a good experience.

Review №26

Very good, excellent received !!!

Review №27

Great place for kids and adults

Review №28

Loved it

Review №29

Need a renovation

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Its fun

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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