Sarett Nature Center
2300 N Benton Center Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

Review №1

Beautiful park with really thoughtfully maintained trail system. The overlooks are stunning. There is a nature center with restrooms. Trails are mostly doable by any hiking level. Walking the entire park would likely take you around two and half hours. Entrance fee (in Nov 2020) is $3. This park is an absolute must. Would be fine for small children and older adults. My favorite route is taking the low land trail out and the upland trail back.

Review №2

Wonderful natural preserves and learning center with numerous well marked trails and significant upper and lower elevations but all very manageable for the whole family. Extensive lower trails built on wooden planks to navigate through wet areas and marshlands. Several high platforms to look out over tree tops and fields of tall grasses and cattail. Very nice playground for children and a plank balance-beam trail course nearby.

Review №3

Took our grandsons there for the second time. They love walking the trails and seeing all the turtles and frogs. Its great to be able to share this wonderful place with them. They are the third generation in our family going there. I hope they continue doing this with their families when they are older. And of course we enjoyed it as well. Great place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Relax and enjoy nature here.

Review №4

Really nice place to hike and enjoy the outdoors. I give four stars because the trail markers need to be better placed and more throughout the trails. Definitely a place you can visit throughout the year.

Review №5

Beautiful and serene. Always one of our favorite places to take out of town guests. Lots of trails to explore with scenic overlooks. Plus a playground and mini obstacle course for the kids.

Review №6

Peaceful. Quiet. Clean. Friendly staff. Great for kids and families. I will be back!

Review №7

Sarett has beautiful trails in many different distances, so families and kids of all ages can enjoy. They also have a small playground for the little ones. Ive been taking my kids to Sarett for years now, and the trails have grown with us very well. Get outside in nature at Sarett!

Review №8

Wonderful walkways, lots of choice for wandering upland or downhill.

Review №9

Great low-impact trails. Nature on a budget. Beware of crowds, but otherwise lovely.

Review №10

We visited the buttlerfly house. Such beautiful little creatures! So many different colors and species of butterflies.

Review №11

Pretty cool trails, my son loved them.

Review №12

Beautiful place to walk with multiple habitats. Lots of wildlife back here.

Review №13

A great place to hike, lots of different habitats and many miles of trails.

Review №14

The center was closed because of covid so we just did the trails. Tons of trails and all very easy. The close ones are great for the kids. There is a lot of trails that split and the signage isnt great. Definitely keep a copy of the maps.

Review №15

The butterfly garden is quite nice, small pond and waterfall. About a dozen species, around 300 or so butterflies. Staff is very helpful and very informative.

Review №16

Great place to learn about local nature and wildlife in Berrien County.Lots of displays, exhibits and animals.The bird feeder was a natural draw for Cardinals.Never saw so many in one place at the same time.

Review №17

Top 10 places to visit in Southwest Michigan! Great hikings and a nature center with lots of native wildlife.

Review №18

Fun place to spend a weekend day if you enjoy walking. Its worth the extra for the butterfly house

Review №19

Great place to walk on some very nice trails!

Review №20

Amazing place for a hike.

Review №21

We went through the butterfly house. Only one or two groups at a time seperated, redervation required. Trails are nice. Staff friendly. A gerat and safe outing. Not a lot of capacity but very nice.

Review №22

My kids love this place. We went as a group of all aged kids and adults, we loved the indoor exhibits and really loved the outdoor trails with wood lined paths, very cool!! We found hidden gems in the woods, obstacle course, high top viewing balcony

Review №23

Great butterfly exhibit, reptiles great walking trails although the lowest ones were flooded and muddy because of the high water levels everywhere.

Review №24

Great tranquil hikes. They have done a lot of work to keep the trails open!!

Review №25

Nice people wearing masks and keeping a safe distance.

Review №26

Very well maintained and extended walkways around the rivers, I remember coming once as a child and have been exploring more nature areas and it just seems like such a cute naturesque escape!

Review №27

I love this nature center. Absolutely wonderful bird watching. Today I saw 3 minks as well. It is well worth the drive from Cincinnati for me to just visit Sarett. I hope to be back soon!

Review №28

Very friendly staff, interesting hiking paths ( some on boardwalks). Could use you r here maps at intersections but the hikes r so lovely and short, I didnt care that I got lost.... Easy to find way out. Great winter hike!

Review №29

Beautiful nature preserve, lots of boardwalk trails through the marsh and paths through the woodlands and prairies. Family friendly.

Review №30

It was a neat place to watch the birds and black squirrels, plus see the butterfly garden.

Review №31

Lovely place to hike during the summer.

Review №32

Beautiful buildings nice trails, awesome staff

Review №33

I used to visit here years ago when I loved in the area. Then I moved away for about 6 years and after returning, I notice they seem to have been adding lots of upgrades! The trails seem mostly the same, but now they have the butterfly house, a small playground area, a balance beam obstacle course, and more animal exhibits in the Nature Center. We plan to be back so we happily signed up for the family membership. We mostly come for the trails, which seem to have lots of carrier, especially if you visit in different seasons. Now that I have the membership, Im looking forward to the winter for cross country skiing!

Review №34

Our first visit here and certainly not our last!We brought our granddaughters and walked trails and saw the butterfly house and the Center! We will come back!

Review №35

This place was great. Our kids (4 and 2) could spend all day here,rain or shine. The outdoor area was particularly fun, with the obstacle course path to the tree top bridge. The price is very reasonable and the only negative I had was the extra charge for the butterfly exhibit, which is not huge, although in fairness, were from Indianapolis and our zoo had a very large butterfly exhibit, the extra charge is only a few bucks and I just considered it like a donation. Well definitely be back.

Review №36

The trail was wonderful! The butterfly house is beautiful. The only thing is the girl working the butterfly house could not care less about her job or the people visiting, but it was fun.

Review №37

I took 4 kids ages 3 - 8 and the trails were fun with a playground and a more challenging balance trail, the kids were able to be active for awhile as well as come in where it was cool for a break. The indoor creatures were cool - lots of turtles, snakes, spider, fish, and owl on display during a normal day. The butterfly area was also very pretty!

Review №38

Very easy to learn the trail would recommend

Review №39

Fantastic place for kids and adults that love nature! Exhibits are well organized. Hiking trails are are fun for all ages. Great play ground and obstacle course. Highly recommend.

Review №40

Great place to walk

Review №41

Fun time snowshoeing. Great trails; just not well marked

Review №42

What a great place! Really cool animal exhibits and hands on stuff inside. Plus, awesome diversity of trails and habitats outside. Kids playground and challenge course are so fun! We could have spent days here

Review №43

I love this placeTrails, butterflies and owls are awesome!! My Hubby and I had a great day...

Review №44

I love taking our grandsons there. They always have to have a map to lead me along the trails. They love the obstacle course too. Beautiful place and close by

Review №45

Beautiful trails.

Review №46

We learned how maple syrup is made and how the native Americans discovered it we loved it

Review №47

Great bird watching and nature trails

Review №48

Great trails.

Review №49

Nice trails and great price

Review №50

Employees were corgial, informative and present. The buildings were well maintained, with live animal exhibits from a range of species. Trails are beautiful. Nothing is more than a mile, but the design of the trails allows one to feel enveloped by nature without being more than 15 mins from the center. Most if the trails intersect allowing longer hikes in a couple different terrains. Great for all ages, though some of the trails may present some difficulties for those with difficulty in mobility. Many of the trails are on boardwalks. All in all a well rounded experience with knowledge, tranquility, and life.

Review №51

Went there on a field trip with my daughters first grade class. It was raining and still early spring so there wasnt really a ton to do. I know during the summer and fall months they have wonderful walking trails and a butterfly house. Ill check back with them later in the year and be will be able to enjoy it more

Review №52

Nice big nature center with a inside play/observation area. If you are not a member, $3 per adult, kids free. Has trails and playground outside. Pretty sure you dont have to pay to walk the trails(?)

Review №53

Great people great place really nice nature trails. An opportunity to experience a little bit of the outdoors and even pet a tarantula.

Review №54

Fantastic job they doing in education of our children about nature.

Review №55

Nice hike on varied trails.

Review №56

Jungle kim atea on trail and a short walk in the treetops

Review №57

Had a blast as usual.

Review №58

Great place too view wild life on the trails.

Review №59

Great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Very relaxing and educational at the same time. Definitely a great place for the whole family and school field trips.

Review №60

Family entertainment at an affordable price. Opt for outside. Get off your screens. Youll be glad you did.

Review №61

We went to a lecture on butterfly metamorphosis given by Ron Dudek. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker.After the PowerPoint presentation our admission included entry to the butterfly exhibit. Photos are included.The people were helpful and friendly.After the butterfly house we went into the permanent exhibit and saw the resident animals. Photos included.Sarett is close to the expressway, but the sign in front is hidden until you get right up on it. Hard to find.Dont forget to like reviews and photos you like. This helps the reviewer.

Review №62

Great for a long trail hike alone. park for the kids. And a serenity of sanctuary of silence

Review №63

Wouldn’t let us take our dogs in even though the day prior we brought them and saw 10 other people with their dogs. Screw this place

Review №64

Scary but fun

Review №65

We went to snowshoe the trails, but not enough snow and the trails where ice covered. Enjoyed the walk we able to getWe will go back in a warmer season. Very nice indoor exhibits.

Review №66

Beautiful property. Trails are well maintained. The treetop walkway is epic. Nice playground too.

Review №67

Great place for bird watching! Activities and wildlife specimens for the whole family to enjoy. Loads of trails and a kids playground/challenge area. Great way to connect the entire family to nature.

Review №68

Great place for hikes and animal watching.

Review №69

Nelson the animal guy had a great program

Review №70

The staff is extremely helpful and the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful. My wife and I went to cross-country ski on their miles of groomed trails, but there is something to do there year round. For non-members like us with our own ski equipment it was only $3 per person. Membership for the year is a reasonable $40 for one person and $50 for a family. Try out wont be disappointed.

Review №71

They trails are lovely and the wildlife beautiful

Review №72

Fun trails to walk. Adventurous. Need some repairs on wood trails

Review №73

We had a great time seeing all different exotic animals inside and walking trails with great views and a playground

Review №74

Peaceful walks here.

Review №75

Great for my 3.5 year old and 21 month old!Got to see some live animals, including the butterfly house and also some neat trails.Reasonable price too, we may get a yearly membership in the future.

Review №76

Wonderful placeMy sister had a 50 year anniversary celebration there yesterday. What a great place that my mother used to frequent. It was her place with nature. Staff was great.

Review №77

Nice place to take the family. Lots of turtles and cool stuff in the clubhouse.

Review №78

Great place to spend the day!

Review №79

Very cute, baby owls and turtles and snakes inside. There are nature trails and a great butterfly house that my 2 year old loved. 6 dollars for adult admission to the butterfly house, children are 2$. The docent(?) brought out new butterflies from the cryssalid room which was nice.

Review №80

This place was beautiful in the fall. Well maintained trails (and lots of them), and beautiful views of the Paw Paw River wetlands. The staff very very helpful and the facilities are great. So many wonderful birdwatching opportunities, as well. Ample free parking, $3 adult admission for non-members.

Review №81

Beautiful place to take your loved ones you can children right outside of st.joe Michigan they have an observation deck that goes how into the distance thats probably as tall as a building. They have a great area for the kids too play in a little park and many hiking trails.

Review №82

Been going since i was a kid now i take my own children its awesome

Review №83

Beautiful hilly terrain. Lots of great Vista points. Ponds. Even in the dead of winter its beautiful.

Review №84

I absolutely love this nature center. Great classes for kids and the trails are well kept. My family and I go multiple times a year and you always see something new every trip!

Review №85

The butterfly house is, of course, the main attraction. The whole place is one of the best private nature centers Ive been to. Its not quite a comprehensive as some larger publicly-funded nature cents, but its worth stopping in if youre in the Benton Harbor area. Nice trails for hiking, too.

Review №86

Fun trails! Overlook is really nice!

Review №87

Best family pass deal! Trails are beautiful

Review №88

First time there.Loved it.Will go back.Lots of walking trails.Most on boardwalks.

Review №89

Went for a nice hike in the summer, left early because of mosqitoes. Staff very friendly, they even had bug spray if you needed.

Review №90

Dropped off a gull with a broken wing for Lake Milton Raptor Center. I was able to contact the Raptor Center because Sarett told me about them and now full is in recovery. He wont be able to fly but he will go to a zoo to live with other special needs birds or be used as a teaching for kids to learn about raptors.

Review №91

Beautiful place. Nice property. Well maintained and highly recommended for any nature lover.

Review №92

Beautiful grounds and a great, interesting and fun center too! There are hands-on areas for children to explore and play, and lots of exhibits with live and preserved animals. Be sure to wear long pants and/or keep a close eye out for poison ivy which grows very close to walking paths!

Review №93

The treetop tower/bridge is really neat. Kids love the place too, and the price is very reasonable. Also had a butterfly house during the summer.

Review №94

Lizards, snakes, spiders, owls, bird sanctuary and trails with a playground and obstacles. The treetop trail was cool too!!

Review №95

Ive been coming here sense I was a child, brought my son here and made snow shoes! I do miss Charlie, he came from my high school science class taught by Mr. Bitenbender. I bet he still has the picture of our class holding Charlie!

Review №96

Beautiful inside and out, knowledgeable staff. Lots to see and do. Try the trails on the opposite side of the road. People miss out on those.

Review №97

Im from Michigan and when I am in town I enjoy taking a walk at the Nature Center. It didnt use to cost anything to walk the nature trails. Things have changed a lot.

Review №98

A lot to see and 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter had a blast...plan on revisiting soon

Review №99

Beautiful local park with plenty of places to roam and hike. Tons of birds and butterfly garden. Young or old you will want to visit over and over.

Review №100

Always a great time! Stunning scenery! Just a wonderful place...from the awesome events they host to the everyday experiences they offer, youll never leave disappointed!

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