Benicia State Recreation Area
1 State Park Rd, Benicia, CA 94510, United States

Review №1

Open and clean. Place isnt busy and is a great place to just relax, take a walk or go fishing.Its proximity to some stores make it easy to access some things you forgot for a picnic.

Review №2

Beautiful and not as crowded. $6 entry but well worth it. Prepare to walk. Nice beach area.

Review №3

Walk, hike, bike, fish, kayak, its all here, as well as bird watching. Great place to social distance with friends.

Review №4

Great spot for a quick trail run!

Review №5

3 stars cuz Costs too much ...Its beauty however ...pricelese

Review №6

Very peaceful and beautiful park with paved trails all the way through and breathtaking views of the strait. It’s definitely a trail for all levels and ages with very minimal hills. There is an amazing view of the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge at the end.

Review №7

Great easy walk... you can kick it up following some of the off the cement trails, but still an easy exercise.

Review №8

Beautiful views, easy hiking, riding and good fishing apparently.

Review №9

Fun great place for a walk with your family and friends

Review №10

Nice. Not too crowded. Cooler than inland. Some shore fishing. Cheap to get in. Friendly staff. No poison oak along paths we walked, though some was seen further back from the trail.

Review №11

Serene place with plenty of picnic table and nice view of the bay.

Review №12

A beautiful area for bbq and relaxing

Review №13

NO SHADE except for a few picnic areas. Would not recommend, especially on a hot/sunny day. The Bay Trail runs right along the same stretch of water and you can park just down the street in Benicia and save yourself $6.

Review №14

Beautiful place to get some fresh air. There are a few trails for hiking and riding bikes on the west side of the park near glen cove. The trails are fairly flat and feature less but loads of great views of the carquinez strait. Great spot for beginner off road cyclists. Its a big hit with fisherman as well.

Review №15

The native plant garden is lovely and educational

Review №16

The park is located in a beautiful setting - it aligns to Southamton Bay and Sandy Beach. There are fabulous walking and biking paths. The maintenance of the park could be improved upon.

Review №17

Only $6 per vehicle. Pet friendly and plenty of trails to walk around.

Review №18

Well suited for jogging and some limited hiking. Views of both Martinez and Carquinez bridges.

Review №19

Nice and quite campsite. Vanlife31 was here.

Review №20

Really nice trail by the water. 6 dollar entrance fee or you can park outside the park and walk in to avoid fee.

Review №21

Good place to go fishing either striper,sturgeon or salmon .

Review №22

Great walking or biking path with gorgeous views of the Bay

Review №23

Met up with some friends here with our 7 year old boys to get some outdoor time and picnic. Parking is cash only. Can get windy and we were warned to be aware of the tide when walking along the shoreline. Easy trail hiking and rocky beach play for kids - glad we came here!

Review №24

The walking/running/biking/hiking trails are nice. However, we all need to keep the park clean with responsibility. In this case, there are still irresponsible pet owners (see pics). I wish the park & city would strictly enforce the laws to keep the park/trails clean. Also, the 15MPH speed limit is ignored. Cars/trucks alike are going at least 25-30MPH easily. Again, the city/park should consider to enforce the speed limit. Perhaps; for starters, issue a few tickets for the irresponsible pet owners and speed drivers. Its a start, right? All in all, BSRA is a great park to enjoy.

Review №25

What a hidden gem. Beautiful location for family picnics, fishing and hiking.

Review №26

It is always a nice bike ride or run.

Review №27

Can be a total drive thru for people not up to hiking. Nice Rocky point...wide vistas. $6 entrance, $12 camping fees.

Review №28

Good for fishing. Nice path to walk. You do have to pay for parking. 2 or 3 dollars

Review №29

Cool fresh breeze. we enjoyed the day

Review №30

The views are beautiful! Nice paved trails for biking, jogging, or walking. I saw a few people painting the landscape on a beautiful Sunday. Day use parking is $6. Im unsure how much camping costs but it cant be that expensive.

Review №31

This Park is a great place to take a walk and relax. The view is very beautiful!

Review №32

This little park is a hidden gem. The shoreline trail has a lot of driftwood and sandstone. People have built many driftwood teepees. You can see the Carquinez bridges and Mt. Diablo. Salmon are caught here. Boulders fall down which make natural sculptures some families were grilling meat and having a great picnic. The park is close to 780 but is also quiet. Thumbs up to the Benicia residents for its cleanliness.

Review №33

Nice small park with some great views of the Carquinez straits. There are a lot of trails and seating. Great for families.

Review №34

Well my daughter is in Kumon, Karate, and Jujitsu, we bring our dog Godzilla out for a walk in the trails and he absolutely loves it by the time we get home this dog will sleep for the rest of the evening and until its time to go to bed obviously he sleeps in my bed.

Review №35

Beautiful park, long trail to bike. At the end of the paved area you can walk around the point on the beach. Trail is mostly flat.

Review №36

Home away from home. As a local Benician, I love our piece of the state park pie. This is the local place to calm my soul and feel blessed.

Review №37

So peaceful and absolutely beautiful, perfect place to take your family or just to go and free your mind

Review №38

Beautiful scenery.

Review №39

Only 3 spots for camping overnight,first come first serve, ranger was great,quiet and 5 min to city and one would never know

Review №40

Its a nice place for a walk or bike ride.

Review №41

The nature and views are beautiful

Review №42

Nice, easy trails. Some were overgrown, though. Clean bathrooms is a great added plus. Easy parking all over the park.

Review №43

Its a good place to get out of the house. Great views of the straight and trails. Good place for a picnic with a view.

Review №44

Nice Looooooooooooooong paved trail.

Review №45

Nice walk but very windy

Review №46

Great place to destress. Safe and beautiful waterfront park.

Review №47

Waterfront trails and right off the freeway. Not a lot of wildlife to be seen. Some birds is all really. Easy bike trail too. Pretty place.b

Review №48

Great place for a walk. Paid parking though.

Review №49

Beautiful place to get relaxed!Gorgeous landscape!

Review №50

Nice place not a very long or strenuous hike lots of people though if you are not into that

Review №51

The park needs to revise the 1 night camping rules to meet the peoples needs. It is a state park paid by the people it should meet the people requested. Thank you for your time and patience hopefully this does not get swept under the rug and thrown to the side.The park its self is awesome and fun with the size and water. The park help is very spot on with regulating the park rules and regulations.

Review №52

One of my favorite places to spend a mellow weekend. RV camping is only $12 a night; theres water, but no electrical or waste hookups, so you must have your own toilet. During the day, the 3 RV spots become group picnic areas, so campers have to move by 9am and can come back to claim a spot at 4pm. This means you cant really settle into a spot for the weekend, but there are plenty of great places to park your RV an enjoy the day elsewhere in the park. The whole place is always kept clean including the restrooms, there are tons of trash cans that get changed daily, this is just a great park overall. Highly recommend.

Review №53

Parking is limited and there is only one path. Payment options are cash only. Path is very exposed. Blackberries are abundant if you go at the right time. Decent views and picnic spots.

Review №54

Too many loony pedestrians who think the road is a walking trail. Guess what people, its a ROAD.

Review №55

Wonderful weather, great trails with tons of options, fantastic views

Review №56

There are nice trails

Review №57

Nice place to take the kids

Review №58

Beware of ticks! Other than that it’s a nice walk where you can see many different birds. If you look closely you can also find brackish water.

Review №59

Beautiful spot. Lots of fun exploring for my little ones. There were several folks fishing. Will definitely go back!

Review №60

Nice trails. Lovely views.

Review №61

This is such a gorgeous, relaxing walk to take my baby. I feel safe here and love being surrounded by nature.

Review №62

Awesome place to come to to relax and exercise. As well enjoy being around nature.

Review №63

We live very close to the Park and what a gem it is! Bike-friendly, dog-friendly, pedestrian-friendly. Beautiful views of the Strait and surrounding hills. So close to town and yet so natural and uncommercial. Go often and enjoy. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №64

This is a favorite place to go for my wife and I. From our condo in Benicia we can bike to it. Going to the end of park and back is exactly 10 miles round trip. Good place to picnic. There is a native plants garden walk. Fishing down by the water at end of park. You can drive in and park for a fee.

Review №65

Its a beauty!

Review №66

Home away from home

Review №67

This is a favorite place to go for my wife and I. From our condo in Benicia we can bike to it. Going to the end of park and back is exactly 10 miles round trip. Good place to picnic. There is a native plants garden walk. Fishing down by the water at end of park. You can drive in and park for a fee.

Review №68

Great place to walk , bike ride and see a beautiful bay !

Review №69

It can be a lil too busy sometimes. I wish this spot could be a getaway for all the c&nt$ in benicia but it is sometimes like a crowd of them there instead

Review №70

No real entertainment besides playing in the water, bird watching and watching the occasional ship pass thru. There are a ton of people walking down here and a couple small beach spots for dogs to play. Good fishing. Nice weather no matter the time of year.

Review №71

A very nice picnic area.

Review №72

Great little spot for a quiet hike

Review №73

We use the local boat launch near this park but the park is gorgeous, have a view to die for, lots of green grassy areas and a very nice sheltered beach (when the wind is not coming right at you). Just beautiful!

Review №74

Beautiful place, wonderful botanical garden, fishing spots, so many trails!

Review №75

Nice place for walking or ride your bike

Review №76

Love this place for have a walk or run. it is quiet, lovely and natural place

Review №77

Beautiful place...i wish i lived next door to this place, I would be here everyday.

Review №78

Cant beat the scenery, seperate bike path and people with pets path. Only slight dislike is not allowing to let pet run vast empty field. If owner is secured and knows his pets personality of being social with people, kids, and other dogs. Let his or her dog run freely as long as owner take ownership by watching his or ber pet. Freedom of movement...

Review №79

Bike trail, walking trail, wetlands trail... Great place to get out and walk and see the marsh wild life in Benicia

Review №80

We stayed en route to another city/campground. They have 3 sites available at a very reasonable cost. No bathrooms or showers.

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Review №82

Lots of trail options for people who want to go for a run or even a leisurely walk.There are also spots along the water where people can fish if they so choose. All in all it is a fairly quiet place to go if you want some time away

Review №83

Local walking, biking and fishing spot

Review №84

You better be prepared to a long hike. I didnt see any maps in the south regatta entrance nor in the benicia park.

Review №85

Nice view of the bay and good place to walk, run, bike... Can get windy but still a great place to visit

Review №86

Very nice quiet place to walk, jog, bicycle, picnic and even do a little fishing.

Review №87

Paved walkway with separate bike Lanes from K St. lot is marked in tenths of a mile. On the way back near the lot again, I think it has a marker showing 4.5 miles, if I remember correctly. It is flat and almost entirely unshaded until you get to the other side over by the headlands. It goes near wetlands, and there is a dirt trail loop closer to them. The headlands and point are close to the shipping Lanes of the Carquinez Strait, which has fast tidal currents when theyre running. The views can be beautiful, and on the other side of the strait are train tracks with quite a few freight and passenger trains. This area through the strait can be quite windy, especially on Summer afternoons. Parking as of 3/31/19 is $6. It appears some people park on the street nearby.

Review №88

I love to come here and walk

Review №89

Wonderful place to go for a walk and see a variety of birds or watch ships cone and go.

Review №90

Great views, great hiking and walking trails. Park benches and spaces a bit tore up.

Review №91

Now this is truly a beautiful spot to get away to go fish have a picnic site C or just relax

Review №92

Great place for a long walk! There are lots of trails, go up on the hill or down by the water. Dogs are allowed, always need to be on leash and under control. Theres a lovely native plant garden with a meandering trail and lots of benches. Remember to bring cash for parking ($6 as of April 2018).

Review №93

Lots of sea glass...very nice area

Review №94

Nice place to take a walk. Mostly flat, bike lane and pedestrian path in parts. Good for birding.

Review №95

Really great place to go and take a walk in the morning and look at birds

Review №96

Great area for exercise. Parking is $6, so be prepared.

Review №97

Nice place. Good for a quick walk, run or bike around.

Review №98

I have been riding my bike here for years. I love seeing the pheasants, fisherman, and other wildlife such as, Hawks, Eagles, Kites, Rabbits and Snakes. In the early morning the bay is like glass and there arent many cars. Enjoy!

Review №99

This place is a very good place for your physical fitness. You can either walk, run or bike around and the bike trail and the road we walk is perfect. Good place for picnics, group gathering or meditation. Fishing for those that have licence or night camps,looking across the bay from hill top or at the car park places is super. Thats why i like the place.

Review №100

Great place on the Southampton bay for a day hike, family picnic, birding and photography. As well as a popular fishing spot. The Botanical garden is compact, but has good selection of local and non native plants. Easy access from K Street in Benicia or Rose dr. Off of Columbus Parkways.

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