The Rellik Tavern
726 1st St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States

Review №1

What a great place to hear live music and grab a drink. Great service, great vibe, overall chill place

Review №2

I enjoy everything about this place. The owner, the help, service, food, the music & sports watching by TV. Great atmosphere.

Review №3

Loved the Rellik Tavern. Awsome place for drinks and the back patio is awesome to hang out and good atmosphere. Great seating is awesome. Cant wait to go again. Oh!!! Good food too

Review №4

Great bar, incredible ambiance, the staff is very friendly and helpful. There are many cool paintings on the walls, the exposed brick wall gives the place a special look. They have a stage and live music is played often. I am not sure about schedules though, but I have been there twice and there were a band playing ok both occasions. They also have this thin fries that are to die for. If you are around and wants to go to a cool place, the Rellik Tavern is your place to go to.

Review №5

Very accommodating staff. Drinks were excellent. The food was curiously amazing!

Review №6

Great staff...and the newly renovated outdoor area is Awesome. Very comfortable with fantastic music.

Review №7

Covid has thjs place pretty quiet for a Thursday night. Glad its open and staff is working. Awesome chicken wings!!

Review №8

Always love the Rellik. Awesome food, staff and music. Outside patio has live acoustic duos.

Review №9

The music was great and our waitress was sweet. The rest of the staff was rude. My wife has MS and her gate is shuffled and demenor is a bit eager and loud. The 3 in charge people were on us the minute we came in. They said it was because we didnt have reservations. There was plenty if room. They sat us and told us we could stay till other partys came in. The msnager reminded me 3 times snd 2 of her staff remined me twice. Each time I pollitely said we would move as soon as needed. Each time though they were extremly rude. I know its covid and cleaning is needed behind each party. They however made us feel rushed and uncomfortable. They never cleaned our spot when we left and 2 new customers replaced us. We will never go there again.

Review №10

Fantastic ombiance. The food and cocktails were delicious. Owners were super nice.

Review №11

We loved our bartender Brittany! I came in with some friends and my boyfriend and we had the best time! Thanks guys! What am experience!

Review №12

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are fantastic and the crew is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we enjoy a cheerful evening. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №13

Always good vibes there. Their drinks and food are amazing. I’m not even a big drinker but the way they make drinks I may just turn into a casual alcoholic.

Review №14

Amazing atmosphere and great food. Love the staff and couches. The hot cocoa was delicious and went great with the yummy donut holes! You gotta try them. Live music at 9:30.

Review №15

Great excellent place to relax and unwine from the everyday pandemic norms of today...enjoy their delicious array dishes and abundant selection of drinks to satisfy anyones pallet. Check out the new back patio lounge area that is COVID compliant with Benicia. But help them keep everyone safe and compliant so we have a place to enjoy in the days to come, cheers!

Review №16

Great bar! Friendly staff, great cocktails, nice decor and good prices plus great live music. Highly recommend.

Review №17

If the bar is busy a long line forms at the the door. The door security person informs people as they line up due to fire code regulations people may enter when other patrons exit. This is perfectly fine. Unfortunately the hostess is willing to let random people cut the line.Thank you to the owner of the Rellik for responding to my review. I have visited the establishment on more than one occasion and am aware of the VIP and reservation tables. On this particular night as we waited in line in the doorway a patron who was inside with a table told the hostess to add 2 more people to his table and he gave her $10 as the entry fee for his 2 new added guest. When his 2 new guest showed up the hostess called out loudly the names of just 2 people. When the 2 people came to the front of the line there was a total of 4 people all together. The security doorman quickly reacted due to the bar already being at capacity and stopped the extra 2 people whose names were not called out. The hostess then waived the 2 extra people in who were not on the list. She then asked them for $10 more dollars. The security doorman shook his head and looked away. Adding 2 people last minute to a table and allowing random un-named extra guest to enter when I have already been waiting 45 minutes due to the room being at capacity is unfortunate on behalf of the hostess.

Review №18

We had the hail mary. Best bloody mary ever. Every appetizer the have on top of it. Its a full meal and a drink

Review №19

Alex was outstanding both in Customer service and overall attention to detail!

Review №20

I had The Works spicy bloody Mary with Titos. Can I say WOW? There really was The Works on there! My husband tried a few of MANY choices of ales.This is a great place to hang! Youve really got to try this place out by yourself or with a group of friends...

Review №21

Good people. Open mic is great. Good food and good service. Crash Wilson is the bomb! Along with others at open mic.

Review №22

Their food is really good, and the lady at the bar makes really good drinks. Also, their couches are comfy.

Review №23

Great drink and food selection. Amazing staff. Very comfortable environment.

Review №24

Whether youre a belly up to the bar type or are partial to comfy chairs, this is a welcoming and well run spot.I visited this establishment during Benicias Peddlers Fair and the staff was astonishingly on point given the fact that tens of thousands of people were strolling up and down 1st Street.They were attentive and and prompt with service despite the fact that this must be their highest demand day of every year.Only one caveat: the live music was good quality but exceptionally loud. This may not be easily remedied but it would be great if possible.

Review №25

Fancy drinks, comfortable couches, & good music. Great place to hang out with friends.

Review №26

What a great night!! Service was amazing, live music was great!! We had so much fun!! Great place to go!!

Review №27

Two words. Goth night.This place is made for Goth Night on the last Thursday of every month. Get your black clothes and eyeliner on. Its time for some spooky fun. Be ready to dance. Plus... the food here is great!

Review №28

Facility was clean and staff was absolutely wonderful. The patrons were a bit unexpected. I tapped a lady on the arm when she didnt hear me say excuse me. Her response was not to move, but to saydont touch me. Really, then dont go to a busy bar/concert if you cant be touched. Crowd was about half friendly. Waitress Diana was above all expectations! Food was good, better than most bar food. I had a good ceasar salad. Bouncer spotted problems before they happened, even whiped up a floor spill.Fun night out with friends.Music by 5Oclock Somewhere was awesome! Worth my drive.

Review №29

I love going to Goth Night the last Thursday of the month. An excellent event put in by excellent people. Great music and vibe.

Review №30

Cold beer good people NICE

Review №31

Awesome place

Review №32

Good Whiskey and familiar faces

Review №33

Friendly local place for a drink and food. Specialty drinks are great, too.

Review №34

Great place. Wonderful food and drinks.

Review №35

This was my first time at this bar. Relaxed atmosphere. Seemed like it was a 30 and up kind of place. The bar area has plenty of seats. The couch area is very comfortable. Good selection of scotches. The bartenders are attentive. They are constantly looking around for people who needed a drink order. Theres a smoking area out back that is enclosed so its not cold. It is ventilated so the smoke does clear out easily.The only thing I didnt like was how loud it got when the live music started. I couldnt hear anyone talking. I had to tell to the person sitting next to me so they could hear me. Its not a very big room, the music problem could have been quieter and still been loud enough to fill the space.Other than that they checked off all the important stuff for me at a bar.

Review №36

Great drink menu and great bar/pub food. Karaoke and activities every night

Review №37

Good ambient, friendly and funny bartender. Food was good and chef was nice to let us know he had messed up one of the dishes and provided a substitute.

Review №38

Pretty cool. Live music. Gets a bit crowded though and drinks are expensive.

Review №39

Great food, craft beers, friendly staff. Whats not to love?

Review №40

Must try the Raven Claws! This place doesnt look like much outside but it is very refined inside. They have great beers that are not common other places

Review №41

Place is liveley and packed for holiday events and local benicia acts. Personally love the bartenders enthusiasm and knowledge. Atmosphere is special to a lounge type croud! But their inventory is impressive

Review №42

Fantastic food options:I had the Asian Tuna Crisps (excellent) and Irish Nachos. While I detest sweet potatoes, the Irish Nachos are such, but stressed, I couldn’t even finish them because I was full.The drinks:I had a wonderful Sazerac, made properly. I also had a fantastic Corpse Reviver No. 2. (It was my first. Also the bartender’s first). Definitely two drinks I will have again at this establishment before I leave.The company:Had wonderful conversation with some locals (transplants) and the owner (I think?). 10/10 would dine/drink again.

Review №43

Tuesday night trivia and open mic are a must do...great staff, food, drinks, atmosphere and music!

Review №44

Is everyone that works there accidentally beautiful!?

Review №45

Rellik has a great atmosphere, frequent live music, and well mixed drinks. A solid local hangout.

Review №46

Good drinks, nice atmosphere, band was great!

Review №47

Love the atmosphere and the food and drinks were perfect. Great service

Review №48

Awesome place with great food and great music!

Review №49

Excellent drinks, great food and the best staff!!

Review №50

Small but fun place to go in the evening!

Review №51

Didnt eat, just had cocktails & made new friends. Seems like a cool place to chill and day drink.

Review №52

I had bugs in my food. Whuuuut?! Ew. Then they responded to my review to say its fake??? This is totes a dirty business.

Review №53

Had a blast there and loved the atmosphere and the staff were super friendly and down to earth.

Review №54

Waitress was intoxicated. Food was decent. Bar is fairly large. Beer selection was decent as well.

Review №55

The Sunday Morning brunch chef is the best. His omletts are so perfectly cooked. He does it all.. He sets up the whole brunch area, Cooks, serves, preps, and cleans it up afterwards. Give him a tip directly... Otherwise he wont get it!!!!

Review №56

Great venue! The Red Elvises were amazing ️

Review №57

Had an gathering in the VIP room, and it was awesome. The whole place has a crow/raven theme, with beautiful artwork and decor. There was an amazing table that was actually a couple of huge replica books with glass over the top. They make the drinks strong and the food is quite good for pub food, although it can be a little on the pricy side (but not outrageous). The staff was also amazing and they have a live jazz band, with a guy (I dont know his name) who is crazy good on the piano (good jazz piano is hard to find).

Review №58

I came in today, about 6 people at the bar. Tried to engage with bartenders, only 2, each time they started a sentence with me, they immediately walked away. Easy to understand when its busy, but at the other end of the bar they had no problem having conversations with people. I felt very insignificant. And npt sure Ill ever come back after this experience. Finishing my drink now.

Review №59

Benicias finest lounge bar. Great bartenders and a favorite local hangout.

Review №60

I thought this was going to be a little hole in the wall place, and was surprised to see a beautiful classic looking bar with several lounge seating areas. The service was prompt and courteous, drinks made well balanced, but we have to talk about the food.AMAZING!We got a spread of menu items to try and everything was perfect and way beyond my expectations. Beautifully prepared and plated, the cooks turned a simple night out for drinks into a special occasion.

Review №61

Great selection of drinks and food. Not boring food either, great menu. Ill be going back.

Review №62

Went here after my daughters wedding, late at night. Great vibe, excellent band, and high quality, friendly service.

Review №63

The cocktails are good, but sometimes it depends which bartender you get - some of them get lazy with the recipe. The bands on Friday and Saturday nights are pretty good; it is nearly impossible to have a conversation indoors. Your options are retreat the smoking deck, which had the bare minimum fan required, or finish your drink and head out front if you want to talk. Couches and a VIP room can be reserved. The band is just as loud in the VIP room.

Review №64

Nice vibe and amazing staff...

Review №65

Great place to hang out and listen to live bands and have a few drinks. Heard the food is really good. Havent tried it yet.

Review №66

Great lounge spot with nice long bar that you can get a drink easily from. Great employees, they were all very nice and there’s music. The music was something different for me that hey play there but I thought was pretty nice for quick drink or to hang out there for a little

Review №67

Nice bar. Friendly staff and decent ambience. Music in the evening. Very good beer. Decent wine selection. Havent tried the mixed drinks or food but looks like good selection.

Review №68

This would be the bar for live entertainment. The staff treat everyone like family. The food is fabulous. The beer and spirits selection is spot on.

Review №69

Great service, friendly and rapid service with a very relaxing atmosphere.

Review №70

Live music!

Review №71

Slightly upscale, comfortable, friendly, safe bar. We love the Wednesday night live entertainment, but they frequently have things going other nights of the week also. Nice selection of tasty snacks, main courses, and desserts. Our favorites are the Irish Nachos, Margherita pizza, and Chicken and Waffles... Yum! Great selection of beers. Multiple tvs, so if youre a sports fan, you can watch the game. All around, a fun time.

Review №72

Total fun place and great service !

Review №73

Always fun, friendly and entertaining.

Review №74

Nice clean place, owner was friendly, drink was good and the fries were the bomb. Yummmmm. Will come back for sure. Owner helps keep the place safe for all who visit

Review №75

Stopped in for a quick drink on a rare date night. Loved the ambiance. Reminded me of SF with couches, a bar, area for a band. Locals were fun and introduced us to some exotic drinks.

Review №76

LOVE THIS PLACE! Visited here for the first time tonight and the food was amazing. The best fries West of the Mississippi! Service was fast and friendly and the atmosphere was super chill! The bartender Zeth was helpful and attentive. I would definitely recommend the ravens claw and the fries.

Review №77

Better owners than the previous

Review №78

Had a great time!

Review №79

Love the Relik, lucky to have such a nice bar, good food and live music on a regular basis. Always happy to come here.

Review №80

Chill place, nice atmosphere, people who work there are nice. Most of all feels pretty safe place to chill.

Review №81

Nice bar with tvs, bar seating and sofa seating. Cool atmosphere and nice staff. Pretty big menu of typical bar foods. My brother liked the beer choices. Just priced a little bit higher than Im used to.

Review №82

The atmosphere is great and the Chocolate Martinis are the BEST

Review №83

This is the bar that I only go to.! Its a very good bar too go to if you want too socialize or just watch TV screen of sports and relax for the day!

Review №84

Angsty little lounge bar with majority fried food in the menu but good selection of wine. Bar tender is always snobby, band is always geared toward baby boomers. Not suitable for the young hipster of benicia.

Review №85

Good beers and good music.

Review №86

Ok place. Good variety of drinks. Kinda old place. Wanted food but find out that they were fixing the kitchen so no food without any notification outside plus they made last call at 10:30 pm while the website says open until 2 am, because the place was slow

Review №87

This place had a great atmosphere and had wonderful live music being played by Doug Houser! Their cocktail, Sex on the Bay, tasted amazing. It reminded me of a drink I had in Hawaii. Definitely will come back again.

Review №88

Sooooo many awesome drinks and enticing conversation with staff. With a theme almost everyday and every night as wellDont missMimosa Sundays for sure.Ultra lounge= ultra awesome couches.Check this place out if youre an adult and in benicia.

Review №89

Great service, fun trivia nights, friendly bartenders.

Review №90

Ah The Rellik, this place is one of my favorite stops for great late night food and also delicious Sunday Brunch!! Seasoned fries, Irish nachos, Deep fried Green beans, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the wonderful selections of beer, wine and spirits. So many options it s hard to choose, fear not though if you find yourself in that situation the amazing bar-tenders will help widdle the options down for you. Also with something fun happening almost every night youll never be bored.

Review №91

Great staff, great options for food and beer. Limited on mixed drinks, but youre at a tap room, what do you expect. Food menu changes based on time youre there e.g. lunch menu vs regular menu

Review №92

Good beer selection, cool but comfortable vibe

Review №93

Friendly bar in Benicia. Will visit again!

Review №94

Great place. Staff is friendly, always good music and food.

Review №95

Classy joint with great food and music

Review №96

Friendly Environment, Great Music!

Review №97

Poker on Sunday is fun even though its not for money, but very competitive

Review №98

Really great place for a nightcap. They have large couches that are extremely comfy for a late night drink and snack. The service was great and they even had a couple college games playing.Have only been a couple times but think it will be my new spot.

Review №99

My favorite bar in Benicia hands down. You cant beat the bartenders here, they all actually know how to make a good drink, and the atmosphere is kind of upscale but comfortable. Their food is Also really good! Sometimes we just go to grab a quick bite. Also, they have couches. I mean, can you beat a nice bar that also has comfortable couches to sit on when youre drinking? I think not.

Review №100

Had a great time dancing with a live band. The food was good

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  • Address:726 1st St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 707-746-1137
  • Night club
  • Cocktail bar
  • Coffee shop
  • Live music venue
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Sports bar
  • Tapas restaurant
  • Wine bar
Working hours
  • Monday:4–10pm
  • Tuesday:12–10pm
  • Wednesday:10am–9pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:4–9pm
  • Saturday:4–9pm
  • Sunday:4–10pm
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy-hour food:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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